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1:50 AM
so, expect any last minute candidates?
@Seth I think the likely suspects are all in already, with the exception of Jason C. Got anyone else in mind?
no, not particularly. They're all mods already (or running) :P
2:42 AM
Will the meta post with questions for the candidates be posted tomorrow?
@bjb568 It should be; it was posted pretty quickly last time.
Ok, I like questions!
2 hours later…
4:49 AM
5:02 AM
Good <time of day>
5:16 AM
who can cast vote in the elections? I mean the person with what reputations is eligible to cast vote?
@Saani 150 reputation is required to cast a vote :)
Thanks mate, that tells, i am eligible.. !!
Good morning guys
5:32 AM
hey @rekire
@rekire Howdy.
it's almost time to say good night for you isn't it?
5:51 AM
@rekire Yep. :) You're up early.
That's right. I'm on the way to work
2 hours later…
7:36 AM
No offense @Shog9 but the candidates this round (give or take 3-4 people) aren't (generally) as good as last time. I wonder why
8:34 AM
How do I vote a user?
You need to wait until tomorrow. Currently just the candidates can nominate himself/herself.
9:33 AM
hi, can anyone explaine is nomination phase we just talk about candidates and votes comes in second phase?
i just confused becose i get a bage last week that i visit election and can vode but see only comments with candidates and there is nothing about voting
That is right so far, the first phase contains just the nomination, in the second you can vote for the candidates to reduce the count for the third run where you really select the moderators
2 hours later…
11:22 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum the decent candidates seems to be disinterested
@Unihedron I tend to agree, I don't blame them. I'm disinterested myself and I don't think I'm even a decent candidate.
11:46 AM
hello SO
Might be this is a question of the timing? The ongoing fall is making the people lazier...
@Shreyas hi
Hi @Shreyas
1 hour later…
1:18 PM
Right, I added comments to my nomination to explain why I'm withdrawing but the whole nomination seems to have disappeared :-) So, for anyone wondering why, here's the reason. I found, with the questions people had asked and with some investigation, that I could probably achieve almost as much by just doing regular admin type work more often and without the pressing need to ensure I commit time every single day.
I mean I probably will still commit a fair amount of time but now I won't feel bad if I skive off at some point to answer an SO question that piques my interest. And the fact that there are plenty of other fine candidates, leads me to believe that SO will be in good (probably better) hands. So, that was just in case you're wondering.
Thanks to all who wished me well, and expecially thanks to those who showed I could contribute in other ways. Heck, I may toss my hat in the ring next time, who knows? Best wishes to all the candidates.
Now, back to your regular viewing.
Thank for for this insights.
1:37 PM
Good morning, y'all.
@paxdiablo Thanks for posting this; I was wondering where you went! :)
@EdCottrell out of my view welcome back ;)
1 hour later…
2:47 PM
@paxdiablo You don't need to commit time every single day. I don't.
All that's required is that you spend a "reasonable" amount of time moderating. If you can't make it for a day or two that's not a problem.
If you need a break of a week or more, then letting people know you'll be absent for a while is all you need to do. You won't get de-modded for that.
The only time people have been de-modded for absence is if it's been for months and there's no reason for them to be absent (i.e. they are still actively asking/answering questions).
bye guys I'm offline for now
3:07 PM
@rekire See you later
2 hours later…
5:09 PM
So - hopefully someone's going to have the primary vote monitor up and running soon-ish.... right!? :p
@JonClements I have my own ready to go if Jason C doesn't pull through with his
Mine will probably break if more than three people use it, but it's still something
I haven't seen Jason C here yet. Is he around in the tavern?
He did edit his meta post to say he was going to have it back up and running - but haven't seen him around (where I frequent anyway) in chat
@JonClements I haven't seen him anywhere
He didn't respond to my superping either
ooh, more candidates.
5:13 PM
Q: 2015 Election Live Vote Monitor

Jason CI will be reviving this for the November 2015 election as soon as I can! I wrote a live election activity monitor which you can use to see the current status and watch the votes live; it shows the cutoff line for the final phase as well. Image below is sample only, counts and ranks are outdate...

@JonClements It's making me nervous that he hasn't been around anywhere else
@Undo would you need some server resources to run it?
@JonClements I have that
... The cyclone I got is an Oneida Dust Deputy. It's grounding scheme seems to be a small hack: you attach a vertical strip of copper tape and each time clingy dust goes around it drops a little in the static-free vicinity of the tape, but there's still tons of static elsewhere. But Oneida makes the "Ultimate Dust Deputy", which achieves anti-static by just being made of an entirely different material. All these anti-static hoses I see are made of plastics mixed with carbon, etc. to increase conductivity. I have to work today but when I'm done I'll be doing SCIENCE!, but confidence is low. — Jason C 49 mins ago
Well I take that back.
Can you confirm that you'll have this up and running in two hours? — Undo 5 secs ago
@Undo that's errr fairly direct :p
@JonClements I know, but I really need to know whether I should push forward with getting mine running or if Jason has it covered
Because if he doesn't, I'd like to know... preferably now.
5:18 PM
How long would it take you to get set up - if more than 2hrs, you'd better start just in case? :p
(plus redundancy is good)
@JonClements Point. I'll get it running
I had a go last year, but tomcat/ASP - bah
I'm just throwing it together in Rails
I'm going to give it its own EC2 server because... EC2 is brutally cheap and why not
Oh... you're not just running it as is/was?
@JonClements Nah
I rewrote it in Rails
5:27 PM
Oh...a brand new wheel?!
5:38 PM
@Andy With this approach I'll be able to create pretty graphs, which is totally worth reinventing the wheel.
I approve of a shiny new wheel.
@Andy ahh... but - has the committee decide what colour it should be yet?
@codeMagic I was going along the lines of en.wikiquote.org/wiki/The_Hitchhiker%27s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy (Scroll down to heading "Chapter 32")
It's kind of nice working on a fresh server
I always think that and say to myself (I'm going to stick to a directory structure - and document changes - and use best practices) - then a year one, I'm still... why did I install so much rubbish that's not used... and why....
@JonClements They are waiting on an expert for color decisions
@Andy a favourite of mine - and oh how much sympathy I have with the "expert" :)
6:05 PM
Me too. Me too.
Can't help but think of anything besides that Monty Python scene when thinking of color :P
That's a classic, Andy. Love it
(I'm in the 'panic' stage right now)
@Undo I might have some beers in the cupboard - would that help? :p
(even if it stops the job getting done - as least you'll care less about it)
Can anyone here access soprimaries.erwaysoftware.com?
(want to verify DNS is working)
Yep - just get a header
6:09 PM
@JonClements And now you get last year's top 10?
Now... I think all that's left is to schedule that job to run every few seconds, and to watch it crumple under the weight of more than one person using it
We call that stress testing
How often did Jason's update?
I'd rather not get myself IP banned
I see a couple sleep(2000)s in his code
6:15 PM
5 seconds seems to ring a bell
@JonClements Sounds good
Sysadmin-ing as fast as humanly possible is really fun
@Undo I'm glad it's not in a critical project - oh no wait - it is!
@animuson package arrived today - loved it - cheers :p
Ooo - a last minute nomination :p
@Undo No. But maybe 6-8. — Jason C 3 mins ago
@JonClements ^ Good call
No pressure on ya at all then @Undo :p
Psssh. Don't let him off that easily. Demand more from him. More colorful graphs! Same deadline.
6:25 PM
@Undo Where's the feature request list? I have about 20 items that I need yesterday, and some preemptive changes to your graphs and general UI. I'd like to start submitting them now.
^ (kidding...)
I'm gonna have to take up coffee
aargh weird database errors
Umm... I'm going (just to keep you company) going to try and knock one up now as well :)
@JonClements You've got 90 minutes. Ready set go
Actually, I think I'm almost there
> ReferenceError: Can't find variable: jQuery
oh great
6:38 PM
And another candidate: JasonC
@Andy I don't see his nomination Nevermind, gotta reload the page
@Undo umm... except I've got some calls to make sighs
I'm still confused as to why there are so few candidates and so few people in this room. Every election before was PACKED.
@Seth I'm not sure either
I'm trying not to take it as a bad sign :/
7:00 PM
< 1 hour to primary time!
The vote monitor is theoretically back up. Will have to wait until primaries open to see if all the HTML lines up again.
(when the primaries start I'll point it at 7)
Q: 2015 Election Live Vote Monitor

Jason CTheoretically updated for the November 2015 election! I wrote a live election activity monitor which you can use to see the current status and watch the votes live; it shows the cutoff line for the final phase as well. Image below is sample only, counts and ranks are outdated and do not reflec...

There's also that cool userscript.
That poke wrote it's linked on the page.
Still seems to work.
I'll have to update the QA URLs.
@Seth last time we ran two elections in one year, it was 2011 - elections #1 and #2 (which were the third and fourth SO elections).
The participation for #2 was roughly half of #1
(and #3, ~6 months later, was even lower)
This is why we don't normally do 2/year
@Shog9 Correct me if I'm wrong, but I had the impression the last one (#6) was an all-time high?
7:05 PM
@EdCottrell I think it was pretty close
@Shog9 huh, very interesting. I wonder what the causes of that are.
@Undo Nice job.
elections are exhausting?
@EdCottrell Just barely missed: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/291045/189134
@EdCottrell Thanks :)
7:07 PM
@Andy Ah, thanks.
Brb, short conf. call.
@JasonC You have my respect for keeping your cool under my scrutinizing questions. Good luck!
Hello guys I'm back
Hi @rekire
@Undo good luck :)
7:14 PM
Same to you
anyone frm india?
Anyone from Germany?
7:57 PM
@Seth I'm a huge fan of scrutinizing questions, keep them coming, haha.
Two minutes to decide whether to throw my hat in the ring...
30 seconds-ish!
Here we go.
Good luck, everyone!
7:59 PM
@minitech Thanks! :)
@JeremyBanks Do it. Jeremy Banks II: The Remoderatoring
Taking bets on when Undo's page has been stress tested to collapse...
Omg omg did the vote monitor work let's see...
We're still 20 seconds out
We need links for these monitors pinned, please
8:00 PM
And so it has begun. Good luck, fellow candidates!
good luck to all :)
Bah. Fiddles with code.
@JasonC doesn't appear to work?
mine is not working either >:(
where is the nice script gone to hide the text to see just the votes?
8:01 PM
There we go
And I only got around to scraping the page adn setting up a websocket server, never the actual page...
@JonClements ^ Pin please?
@Undo huh?
8:02 PM
Oh, hah. Jeremy beat you to it
'welcome. ;)
@JasonC I think there was a shorter one. but thank you!
Server seems to be holding, but tail -f log/production.log is making me dizzy
and I'm out of the top 10^^
8:05 PM
I'm going to add graphs next. Just wait.
But I want to stare at it for a while first
Are you keeping a full history somewhere, @Undo?
@minitech Yep
2.2.2 :001 > VoteCount.count
   (6.6ms)  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `vote_counts`
 => 490
Could I borrow it later for a different graph?
@minitech Definitely
@Undo cool
8:08 PM
Thanks! \o/
@minitech No borrow my logs, they're better.
How about I borrow both of yours?
@JasonC What are you tracking?
@JasonC My company doesn't like your URL, but it like's @Undo's.
8:08 PM
Boys and their toys.... :p
@Undo Vote counts and time.
Friendly reminder that the StackExchange Election: Primary counter still works… ;)
  VoteCount Load (0.2ms)  SELECT  `vote_counts`.* FROM `vote_counts`  ORDER BY `vote_counts`.`id` DESC LIMIT 1
 => #<VoteCount id: 656, score: 39, user_id: 55, created_at: "2015-11-16 20:08:43", updated_at: "2015-11-16 20:08:43">
@JasonC ^ Me too :)
@Undo I'm more interested in the live vote monitor live chat star counts.
Uh oh, I think mine buckled >:(
Wait, nevermind
8:10 PM
Your accumulation counter doesn't persist across page refreshes. HA.
It must have gotten ratelimited by SE
@JasonC How often are you refreshing?
@undo candidate names are broken links
What happened to live vote counts and comments, anyway? SO gave up on web sockets?
@Undo 3 seconds
Hi all, confused. Where is the vote button?
8:11 PM
Its the upvote button
whoever wants to be a "moderator" should rather get some computer game in order to be able to enjoy any totalitarian tendencies. I've never needed a moderator! Moderation should only exist (by voting) to remove or label obvious spam. Anyway -- certain questions and the voting behavior exhibit, that (mob)-voting is not a reliable tool for getting quality of even truth. See e.g. the question "Does Java have pointers"...
@JasonC Are you loading the full page?
@ergonaut for now you can just up and down vote
or downvote button
^ right, I should have added that too
8:11 PM
got it. Thanks @rekire @codeMagic
@ergonaut This phase is used to narrow the list to the top ten candidates. You do that via up or down votes.
@Undo, if elected what is going to be your first course of action on getting things "easier" to understand?
I wish that I get it manage this year to get into the top 10
@ᴉʞuǝ I've already started - see meta.stackexchange.com/questions/269289/….
I'd start out by looking for places we can obviously simplify our wording
Having access to patterns - being able to see the problem from the front lines - would be a great advantage
@Undo Yeah
8:14 PM
Also, I believe there's a cultural aspect (beyond language) at play here. I want to look for ways we can fix that, by studying the interactions the problem users have.
Are you doing dedicated page loads for each client?
@JasonC No
Heck no :P
how do i redo the vote for undo?
Sounds good. You've got my support
@ᴉʞuǝ Thank you! Means a lot to me.
8:15 PM
Are you running anything else or maybe have a test server running doubling the requests?
@JasonC This is on a fresh server
It looks like it's doing fine, though
How do I vote ?
@orvi You go to the elections page and upvote on a candidate you want to make it through
Wait.. I can up vote everyone.. is that right?
@orvi Use the +/- arrows beside the candidates' posts
@ergonaut Right
8:16 PM
Yeah, you can upvote everybody. Or downvote everybody. Your votes are your choice.
@Undo, No problem. Also, vote counter won't load for me at all. I'm getting 'Connection Timed Out'
@Undo @JasonC Both your monitors seem to be cranking along nicely. Very nice work, both of you.
@ᴉʞuǝ You're talking about soprimaries.erwaysoftware.com?
That's odd
@EdCottrell I appreciate you being fair by complimenting us both but we all know mine is better.
8:17 PM
@ᴉʞuǝ What happens if you go directly to
There's a fair amount of load, but Apache should be able to handle it
The vote counter is working for me. No errors so far. Awesome work on that by the way
I get the page going to the IP address.
Has anyone suggested this voting scheme to the POTUS?
@Undo, issue was HTTPS everywhere trying to redirect me to a secure page.
@ᴉʞuǝ Ah, yeah. No HTTPS support.
8:18 PM
@JasonC Yours is... Nostalgic. :) Seriously, though, I'm glad you guys did that work so I didn't have to. My nerves can't stand the chaos of the actual voting page.
@minitech if you do the graph please also include if possible the negative scores I would be interested in seeing that too.
@Undo disabled the chrome extension and it works
@rekire That's hard to do, negative scores get shown as 0 unless you specifically expand them
well don't you grep that up and downvotes too?
@rekire They’re fetched separately, and rate limited to 1 per second, I believe.
(Or, at least, they were at one point. Maybe that’s different now!)
8:19 PM
that is properly true
Thanks a lot :)
@minitech Yes they're fetched separately.
It's hard to get them and not get rate limited.
@Undo, vote counter is pretty awesome, I'm curious why this isn't implemented into the site though?
@ᴉʞuǝ Check out poke's script it's as close as you can get stackapps.com/questions/4548/…
@ᴉʞuǝ Because Undo isn’t working for Stack Overflow?
8:22 PM
@JasonC you almost have a higher score then me^^
Okay, I’m going to make one with vote counts and a slower fetch.
@minitech You can save yourself some SO queries if you want I have an API that grabs what I already parsed.
@minitech that would be interesting details even if that values are not in sync
@minitech disorient.ddns.net/SOVoteMonitor/raw I can add user IDs to it to make it useful then you can just query the up/down counts.
I can make a JSON one too if you'd like.
Wait I'm dumb.
Questions are posted for candidates to answer
8:25 PM
@Andy thx
@JasonC It’s fine, thanks; I’m going to get them manually =P
Meh? The /vote-counts endpoint sometimes returns the upvote count with a leading + sign…
@poke Two digits means +
(or fewer)
@Undo, why does your red line move?
8:30 PM
but that makes no sense
@Andy Because I didn't do it right
Reloading the page resets it
(but destroys the cumulative total)
@poke Why not? It’s not a public API.
@bjb568 Fixed, thanks
@Undo Did you use string concatenation to resolve paths
@minitech Maybe :P
8:34 PM
@Undo "Because I didn't do it right Jason's is better"
three -'s to do strikethrough in chat :)
Of course I knew that.
I always end up editing messages through -strike- ~strike~ --strike-- ~~strike~~ strike
It's OK that's why I voted for Undo :P
You should edit your nomination post to just be a chat formatting guide.
Please make a big part of it “CTRL+K to format code”
8:42 PM
How about supporting fenced code blocks?
good luck, it would be nice to have a link to the meta post explaining how many votes you have in this phase, never mind, found it ;-)
I added my answers. Just hope my spelling it not too disastrous
What if we elect Undo as moderator, but Undo will undo our election? =)
@vp_arth I promise I won't!
If you don't elect me, though... no guarantees ;)
8:58 PM
Or SO goes back into beta.
well that wouldn't be too bad I would like to get the beta badge :P
@Undo Your slogan can be "A vote for Undo is an un-vote for the last person you voted for!"
hi all, I'm going to vote for our next moderator
Good morning everyone.
9:09 PM
is it right to vote for more than one or it is considered bad practice?
@skypjack In the primaries, vote as much as you like
@skypjack: Vote for as many as you wish
@slugster How's tomorrow morning looking? Sunny, I hope.
wow, the vote scores are turning out.. interesting.
well, thank you, done my duty
9:16 PM
@Undo: How often were you requesting in order to hit the rate limit?
@minitech I was pacing it at every 5 seconds, now every 6
@JasonC is apparently doing 3
I suspect it's just network gremlins, actually. On any page load failure I back off for a while.
Ah, okay. I’m doing 10 so probably no worries
The lowest down vote count has JasonC (40) while bjb568 has the most down votes (158)
9:18 PM
however this changes all over the time :D
Oh, looks like I hit a rate limit
@minitech Really?
@Andy I've just started work and its partially cloudy with a crappy wind. Provided it's fine for a Friday pub lunch then I'm happy :)
@Undo Yep. Might be stricter with vote counts.
9:19 PM
Ah, probably
@minitech Are you staggering your queries out or requesting everybody's together in one big bunch?
too bad that is more interesting then absolute values
You probably have to just cycle through the list of candidates and do one every couple of seconds.
@JasonC Staggering.
One vote count every 10 seconds
yeah that I was talking about too an hour ago
9:20 PM
1 every 10 seconds seems totally reasonable.
18th request returned an empty response
@JasonC yeah indeed
Maybe it has something to do with cookies instead
You're doing it through /posts/*/vote-counts?
@JasonC Yes.
Yep, my cookie was invalidated
9:25 PM
just another thing do you have the results from the last election? I forgot how many votes I got
I was just wondering the same thing, rekire
I found an old whatsapp message where I was writing +826 -277^^
here an old screenshot
@rekire You can actually still view them here: stackoverflow.com/election/6?tab=primary
oh no
@rekire Actually, n/m. Looks like they kept only the final 10 on that page.
9:34 PM
@EdCottrell yes I was just about to write that
@EdCottrell @rekire now what is interseting here is that Jeremy Banks was elected despite having the second lowest primaries score.
@Seth Yeah, primaries are just that. Plenty of room for movement in the real deal.
usually it follows the top 3-5 though.
interesting stuff
@Seth True.
9:39 PM
Hey there, one simple question, I got an alert asking to vote for some candidate, is as simple as upvote their presentation, right?
@EricMartinez Yep!
Ok, thanks! :D
in Java and Android era , Apr 16 at 11:25, by rekire
I mean I have already 1146 up and 351 down
that is the latest counting I found in the chat history
so I have to beat that haha
@EdCottrell you reached the 2k
Ed is doing really well
@rekire Just saw that.
@rekire I'm kind of blown away, honestly. :)
9:50 PM
feel free to ping me in 3 days when I reach the 1k :D
@Undo Not doing so bad yourself.
@EdCottrell Thanks :)
in JavaScript, Nov 9 at 20:41, by Nick
Erect me as moderator 2015 and I will work hard for you
guys good night I'll check the counters tomorrow again :)
Okay, fixed the cookie problem \o/
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