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4:25 AM
@Gajini See down right link
good morning to al
@Appu vote up requires 150 repu
i need 6 more
to get 150 :(
@Gajini You don't have ? o_O
haha no
@Gajini Wait will upvote your answer :P Done. Check now
4:29 AM
Good morning guys.. :)
good morning @MukeshRana
good morning to all
@Edge vgm.. :)
@Gajini Were you able to?
GM all!
4:36 AM
Arts and Crafts

Proposed Q&A site for professional/hobbyist practitioners of all crafts, including painting, drawing, textiles, papercraft, crochet, sewing, jewelry, sculpture, beadwork, wood carving, origami, miniatures, stamping, découpage, stained glass, paper mâché, pottery, ceramics

Currently in definition.

4:49 AM
@MukeshRana cany tell me how to write Hindi text in android suppose i have write Home
then ho w i will write
you simply want to have a single word in hindi or your whole app to be in multiple languages?
whole app
Multiple language
we are displaying text in Englisg i will give Obtion to set in Hindi then it should set all text in Hindi
is there any library for tha
so for that you have to use localisation in your app
lemme give you some sample programs
Ok ok
posted on April 16, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:08 AM
@MukeshRana thanx but one more thing i want to Know Suppose in my device setting there no Languge and input in Hindi then cant display in hindi in my app ?
Although i haven't made any app in HIndi yet but i don't think in that case it will work if your device doesn't support hindi language,you have to google it by your own @Edge
@iAnum pls post any good tutorial for db
hi @erum db is a big context. tutorial related to what in db?
queries with question
5:23 AM
Hello @ItachiUchiha
good morning guys
@Erum i cant find any useful stuff currently. May be this link can help u little stackoverflow.com/questions/29389474/…
About the election stuff I give up now I have no chances to get the tripple count of votes while the other get votes too^^
anum r u busy ?
r u ready to make quizapp for android ??
5:31 AM
u serious?
nops i m also going to make
just for learning
oh. U can take any help from me. u r always welcome :)
no no i m asking u to make your own
why what happend>?
lol nothing. may be some wrong english :P
i already have much work to do. u know na
5:34 AM
how many people did you personally reach? (I'm talking about the new profile)
who? me?
everybody here
Didn't get you @rekire
open your profile and past the people reached value out of the impact box on the right
can someone pls tell me i forgot my yahoo account password is there any software
5:41 AM
for this ?
for me its 7k only :P
@Erum what software? 0_o
5:41 AM
I have ~872k^^
Good morning all
vgm @Harish
~211k for me
@rekire New profile view is good
5:43 AM
@Harish yeah I like it much
@Hope heya
@ItachiUchiha hi man how are you
@ItachiUchiha yar i have a problem i need help
5:59 AM
can we make wordcomplete app in android
or may we need to use cocos 2d ?
@Erum there is a autocompleat textedit or something like that, however you need a content provider for that if I remember correctly
no no i want user to complete the word by giving some words to the user at correct places
and rest of the space will be empty which will be filled by user
same as hangmen
but i will not hangmen
but i will not hang the person the person will just complete the word
@Erum ah I see, I guess you have to do that by your own
@Hope I am good, please shoot.
6:08 AM
Good Morning Guys :)
@ItachiUchiha i think your busy now ??. i want android video live streaming to server
I'm working over many to many payment transaction via paypal I came across adaptive payment but its only a detail doc,I'm looking for some kinda of demo, which help me to achieve my goal.
Like a shopping cart.
@RobinHood pankaj sharma in androidindain did the same thing a few months back, ask him
@TheLittleNaruto vgm how many users did you reach?
@RobinHood I wonder if any doc will be available for Android integration publicly, if you have purchased their then their support team sure will assist you. In general, Payment Gateway providers don't give doc details publicly.
@rekire for what ?
6:15 AM
35 mins ago, by rekire
open your profile and past the people reached value out of the impact box on the right
155k people reached
What is yours ?
@ItachiUchiha ??
872k :O
That's a lot! @rekire
@Hope And who told you I can answer that? :P
6:17 AM
@TheLittleNaruto yes I'm proud about that value
And I am proud too ^^
only ~113K
@ItachiUchiha no one just my heart
@Hope oh how sweet^^
6:18 AM
@Hope I am not an android dev
it doesn't matter
but i accept your
any way have any idea about it
+ if you want a video streaming server look at Red5
It is the most famous media streaming server written in Java
@ita watch today's c&h video
i check it
@TheLittleNaruto what?
6:23 AM
@ItachiUchiha nvm! leave.
@TheLittleNaruto I actually went to him. Instead of guiding him how to vote, I only voted on his laptop :P Now I have seen his message as he said he replied to me.
@Appu hahaha
the reason why he was complaining yesterday :P
@Appu done my job
hey D:\NitinWorkSpace\Fabyuth\app>adb tcpip 5555
'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
6:29 AM
@Michel navigate to platform-tools directory which is in your sdk then execute the command.
@TheLittleNaruto :P
@rekire cv
:22716242 ??
@ItachiUchiha closed.
6:36 AM
@ItachiUchiha closed.
6:49 AM
You're doing a hard work to become a mod in next election. @ita
@TheLittleNaruto I have no such intentions. I am helping rekire though :P
haha Let's see
Hello Guys Good Afternoon :)
@rekire be my guest ^^
7:01 AM
oh, done.
@Gajini Thank you, why are you not coming to room since so long
@MahaveerMuttha Hello, long time no see
@Appu: hello Appu, how are you bro :) yeah can't come to SO because of work load.
@MahaveerMuttha I am good, good to see you. Have you casted your vote?
@Appu: Naah not, just was checking that only
@Appu: is it open now? and can you tell me how to
7:22 AM
they're in phase 2 voting now aren't they?
Oh, I didn't know
@MahaveerMuttha please see down right starred message by rekire. Please upvote to rekire and Unihedero if you can
@rekire Is it in phase 2 now?
@Appu yes since monday
@Appu Phase two is first voting phase. And thereafter phase 3 will start in which you'll be able to vote your 3 favorite mods candidates and In Phase 1, Candidate nominate themselves
@ItachiUchiha there ??
7:40 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Okay
8:10 AM
@Hope yeah
8:26 AM
hi! i'm working on fragment containing viewpager. bt 4 some strange reason, on tab change the viewpager.setOnPageChangeListener() is called. how can i stop calling .setOnPageChangeListener() on fragment change? can anyone help?
@ParthaChakraborty android?
yes @ItachiUchiha
@Appu ..
9:04 AM
hi guys
can u help me with this question
Q: Wrap text outside bezier curve in android

ShrutiI want to wrap text in the shape of bezier curve outside the curve in android. What I have tried : Path path = new Path(); path.addCircle(x, y, radius, Path.Direction.CW); myCanvas.drawTextOnPath(myText, path, offset, 0, myPaint); What I am trying to achieve : But this code draws text on cu...

9:18 AM
@Gajini Oh why two simultaneously?
@RobinHood Looks like they have samples available on github: github.com/paypal/PayPal-Android-SDK
I guess, these days you're not concentrating on work. :D
I checked this but this is not one what I want
what do you want then ?
I got something, let me work over it.
I will let you know if I fail :P
9:29 AM
why the f**k the people don't read documentation
9:39 AM
May be they don't have time or they are lazy or sometimes it is cumbersome to understand @Rahul
I am feeling low ;/
10:43 AM
@Appu yes
with one payroll
@Gajini That's very bad
hmm :(
@all hello
@ItachiUchiha hello
i it very hard for me to understand red5
do you have any idea i am searching from last 3 days about it
@rekire What do you think ? who has done that 1 upvote ?
11:14 AM
@ItachiUchiha ??
how to draw line in textview same as line intead of a letter
@TheLittleNaruto you?^^
@rekire ^^ ;)
@TheLittleNaruto thx again
@rekire Thanks Zone
11:21 AM
the upvotes on the nomination got very slow
yesterday to that time where surly 50 per minute now that are around 5 IMHO
I guess, that's a lot of votes already, we should close phase one now.
Martijn Pieters got finally 10k
I want now at least a score of 1k ^^
That would be great at least for you :)
11:25 AM
I mean I have already 1146 up and 351 down
12:05 PM
hi @NeetuShrivastava
how are u
I have implmented the google Analytics tracking in my app
but it is not working
What do you mean by not working ?
I install the app in device
tracking code will excute and it must me show in Google Analytics ac
but it is not
12:08 PM
I follow all the steps given by above link
That'll take time to reflect on Google Analytics console. at least 10 hours
where it is written
Do one thing Go to GA console and click on Real Time-> Overview
and keep using your app for 4-5 minutes. You'll be able to see 1 active user
Okay I doing it
how u come to knw that it will take 10 hours
12:13 PM
Because I am genius :D
to reflect the active user
ohhh nice to talk u @TheLittleNarutoGENIUS
Tea time brb :)
@Hope ???
hi guys can anyone can help me in random characters
lets say word is dummy
now i want to generate 10 characters that should include these above letters (unique) and some extra letters from a to z
but all 10 letters should be unique
12:44 PM
Q: Event tracking data - How long to show?

JacksonI have set up event tracking for the first time with Google analytics. My account is receiving normal traffic data but the test clicks I am doing are not showing??? Added ga.js tracking code to bottom of doc before closing : <script type="text/javascript"> var gaJsHost = (("https:" == documen...

@NeetuShrivastava Glad you found that :)
1:48 PM
nice try :D
Thanks :D
But I got so many downvotes, Community din't like it and which was obvious without any doubt. :)
yeah, however there is also an android guy already in the top10
not in top 3
He has participated for the 3rd time.
AFIK the top3 does not matter since you will get the chooise of the top10 in the next stage
Yes, That is true.
Let's see if he gets selected

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