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10:09 PM
Trivia - nominees by day for this and all previous elections:
(excludes nominations that were withdrawn or destroyed)
@Shog9 Where there really 60 nominations in the 1st election?
@Mysticial 55 in election #1
oh, one other caveat: election #1 was the third Stack Overflow election.
@Undo Goodluck! +1
The first two used other systems
@Reg Thank you!
10:20 PM
@Shog9 very interesting.
simple sort userscript for the election page by votes:
$('tbody:first').append($('tbody:first > tr').sort(function(a, b) {
   return parseInt($('.vote-count-post',b).text(),10) - parseInt($('.vote-count-post',a).text(),10);
SO candidates are lucky this year, they get to take office right before hats starts ;p
Oh great
I am a fan of the hats :)
(if you couldn't tell)
Hats have made people do irritating things last year
10:23 PM
Yes, there were a few interestingly chosen behaviors for hats last year.
@TravisJ really? I hardly noticed! xD
Especially curious was the take part in closing a question over 100 votes. Not sure why that was in there.
@Undo you mean like mob abby?
(ftr, hats have mad people do irritating things every time, although I do think last time was the worst)
@Seth Or the one time an answer got a bunch of bogus flags, and we concluded it was caused by hats
not sure I remember that happening..
10:25 PM
There was the checkmark stealing hat. That generated some concern.
@Shog9 kinda off-topic, but was there any talk internally about preventing posts on meta describing how to get each hat?
I kinda think that would be a good idea. Not stopping people from helping and/or telling others but preventing a giant meta thread.
@Seth that is extremely off-topic
yah, now that you mention it..
I'm also in The Tavern, or you can just post a question on meta...
was just going to open the Tavern ;)
should'a done that in the first place.
10:47 PM
I'm new in voting. how do I vote?
@Cjames: In the primary, you vote the same way you would on a question/answer, just by upvoting or downvoting.
You can vote on as many candidates as you like in this stage. In the final stage, you choose your top 3.
Ok thanks @Makoto
@Undo I just vote 1
Hey, you like hats? If elected I promise there will be lots of hats this year!
@Cjames: You really should vote for them all
But it's up to you.
10:50 PM
Yep thanks
11:31 PM
Go Undo!!!
11:42 PM
voting's easy this year. many candidates has broken grammar so I just downvote whenever I see such.
@Unihedron: I see what you did there
Even worse when SO is presented as StackOverflow...
Heh, I'm careful about putting that space between Stack and Overflow. The lack of a space annoys the crap out of some people.
11:56 PM
@HanletEsca├▒o Thank you! :)
I feel like people should be thankful when something annoys the crap out of them, though, because like, who wants to be full of crap?
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