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8:10 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
8:47 AM
feeds delted this lul
Jack, why did feeds deleted your message?
Is it fighting back?
I don't understand mate
9:44 AM
Mornin all
All quiet on the western front
10:09 AM
good morning
yes everything quiet on the western front
france has surrendered
why you make such a looong face
10:47 AM
very quiet this morning
11:05 AM
yes it is
it's nice
Fills me up with peace and happiness youtube.com/watch?v=kfVsfOSbJY0
and i still clicked
looks like it made the opposite effect
11:26 AM
Bill Gates the man who wants to kill us all with a covid vaccine is warning us not to take a covid vaccine
@mr5 my kurzgesagt calender arrived last week ♥
I want too
but not available here </3
I must admit, they did a good job on it
the cover is really shiny🤩
pics or didn't happen
11:32 AM
@mr5 that's only a few steps away from transhumanism, isn't it?
didnt realise you were all into kurzgesagt
been a while since ive tuned in tbh
they featured our Mt. Pinatubo. It's something
@mr5 when im home again
remind me on tuesday
I love some of these job applicants
11:34 AM
@Squirrelintraining wat. you're staying in the office till Monday?
@DAustin IMO their quality went down, cuz now it's almost always apocalyptic stuff
literally just had a guy apply for the job who lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are in the uk...
to entertain the masses
yeah. they posted almost weekly
but it's still high qzuality fotage
@mr5 yes
11:34 AM
Yeh i like the graphics, but sometimes the subjects can be a bit, meh
I think the interval before was per month
ironically it was motion graphics i studied at uni
@Squirrelintraining really? going to party inside the office huh?
@Squirrelintraining You too huh?
11:36 AM
actually no
that ping was supposed to go the top topic poist
it did
1 min ago, by DAustin
Yeh i like the graphics, but sometimes the subjects can be a bit, meh
Subjects are to much "panik mache"
Yeh sorry, didnt actually hover over it xD
Like gallileo turned out to be @Hans1984
oh well at least today should be a nice andlazy "Refactor Friday"
11:39 AM
huh ?
no,not there
I try to get some code cleanup in when I can on Fridays, otherwise the shit builds up and becomes a huge task months later
imagine buying a toy for your pet that is bigger than himself
11:41 AM
which isnt a problem, but remembering exactly what a method does months later can be trickier than doing it in the same week (for me)
plus its Friday, I dont want to work hard lol
besides im now HR apparently lol
HR is dumping loads of their work onto me with regrds to this job opening
Germans are planning to nuke the world. Of course, I base it in the video without understanding what it says.
so im the one making calls and organising the dates for interviews...
but i ont get the Porsche the HR manager drives... :(
@mr5 pssssh
dont tell em
surprise mfs
What is the video actually about?
Im not watching it
the title says
"What happens if you detonate all nuclear bombs at once"
11:52 AM
thats all you gonna get from me
you google translate it
I dont need to
I speak german
im superior
dont you forget
greta my japnese class isnt taken place because the teacher is sick
I bet she got the RONA
12:13 PM
@Hans1984 you got a weird japanese class name..
I was supposed to write "great"
Great, my japanese class doenst take place
my bad
@Hans1984 to late
12:33 PM
    .HasMany(e => e.Caves)
    .WithOne(e => e.Author)
    .HasForeignKey(e => e.AuthorId);
why this doesn't work for one-to-many relationship?
it does
you don't
You shouldn't have to specify it like that even
how then?
It breakes down to one side having a virtual ICollection<ThingThatIsPointngToMe> and toehr other side has a int PointngToId and a virtual PointingTo PointingTo
hoipe you can work with my juibberish
I'm actually following that shit
still wouldn't work
maybe I need to remove the "s"
ima eating now bye
12:42 PM
You need WithRequired()
@mr5, what is the relationship between user and author?
is it direct, or through the Caves collection?
@nyconing flashbacks to animated icon commentary channels
12:43 PM
@DAustin Author is an instance name. It's declared like this: User Author { get; set; }
@DAustin I tried the [Required] attribute but it wouldn't build.
I'm confused sorry So Author is a property of User, not Caves?
User (Author) can have many Caves
Cave can only have one User (Author)
So author and User are the same entity?
can you past the user class?
and the user class
thats the caves class :p
and what is the error you're receiving? "Cannot determine the principal end of the relationship?"
or it just wont build?
oops sorry. Check the link again.
hmm I forgot what it was. Let me put it again.
ah it was building but just making an error during my POST request:
"Errors": {
    "Author": [
        "The Author field is required."
oh I see
I'm only posting the authorId
would it be possible to forward that work to ASP?
I have the Id, the system could figure it out for me, no?
tbh you should only need to post the authorid, and have the backend pick up the author from the id
You'll need to create a DTO class
12:53 PM
yeah that's what I was thinking.
if its required, post that back and do some logic on the backend to pull the autor from the Id with .FindAsync(id) or something
I do have DTO class. But afaik, it's not meant for this.
Well I create PostDTOs for posting forms
so the user doesnt have direct access to the model and negates overposting attacks
then take that DTO and convert it to the true class on the backend
You can sort of do it directly, but if it wants the complete author class, thats sending a lot of unchanged info back over the wire
I think you should name it Command as oppose to DTOs?
for instance, this a DTO i use to post back from a form, it only contains the customerId, not the entire customer object
public class FrotcomCommissionPostDTO
        public int FComCustomerId { get; set; }

        public DateTime StartDate { get; set; }
        public DateTime EndDate { get; set; }
        public decimal Price { get; set; }
        public int[] Transactions { get; set; }
        public int[] HistoryOnly { get; set; }
12:58 PM
How did you setup the relationship?
then (after validation of course, the very first thing the method that is called does is get the FCOmCustomer entity the id is referring to:
FComCustomer fComCustomer = await _ctx.FComCustomers.FindAsync(commission.FComCustomerId);
Is that how usually it's done?
The DTO has no relationships, it should be as simple as the class can possibly be
the "correct" way would be to use a ViewModel, or model, and use Binding to post the data back
but that can get tricky like you'r efinding
i save myself headaches trying to deal with binding directly to the model by using a simplified DTO
sure it adds extra processing, but in theory that will be negated by the smaller amount of data being sent down the wire
either way i find it easier to just post to a DTO specifically designed for that form
then do further processing once I have it in C# rather than as a post request
hmm okay, let me try this again.
so you're saying, you're not configuring any relationship in the DbContext#OnModelCreating part?
oh i do on the actual models representing the db entities
but i use DTOs for transferring data, being called Data Transfer Objects after all ;)
DTOs stop your linq queries returning every property from an entity, only the properties you want. Think SELECT * FROM User vs SELECT Id, Name FROM User, reduces load on the SQL server and the amount of data being transferred. The downside is because its not the actual entity, you can't track changes and have to process those manually. Not an issue though as DTOs aren't for doing that
Sup peasents
1:45 PM
i am zoning in and out atm lol
thinking of making a turn-based strategy game in c#, anyone know a decent framework?
@DAustin c# is a framework pleb
im aware of unity, but not sure if that's overkill for the project
sorry i meant a graphics framework
in theory i could just do it using HTML canvas, but that seems a bit... half-arsed?
JS game engines work perfectly well if you're going for a 2D game.
They're a bit more irky if you're doing 3D
I could do it 2D, just would probably want to port it to 3D later, doesn't stop me designing the logic in 2D though I guess
it'll end up looking like an episode of blockbusters xD
Really, depends on aesthetics you're going for. And which art you have access to.
2D-engines can look very much top-down-style 3D, except you can't rotate the camera.
1:54 PM
art wise i'll be good for at first, will probably just stick with solid shapes
if i go 3D later though i'll need to get my maya on
never really done 3d modelling, ive worked in CAD before though so I doubt there's much difference in the basics?
Or, y'know, get someone else to make your art.
I could sure, but money's tight atm, besides itll take me months to get all the strategy logic and AI algorithms down
@DAustin how did you generate that link?
I clicked the share icon on the image result from google
1:56 PM
one of the options s to copy the link
Yeah, I'd just focus on the gameplay and worry about art later. 2D is far easier for a programmer to draw something for, so I'd do that. But whatever works for you.
the project is more to give me something to do once im outta this place
... Get a new job?
Making 2D games is fun fun fun
@Hozuki Aye sounds like a plan to me, will take a look at some js libraries so i dont have to waste time making a full gui
1:58 PM
@DAustin Look at phaser.io
cheers, will do, and ill be job hunting soon, need to wait a few more weeks into this ridiculous notice period im on
ive got 10 week left before i can actually leave xD
@Hozuki That does look pretty decent actually for my immediate needs, thanks :D
10 weeks?
for real?
did you already pass the resignation letter?
yeh, my notice is 12 weeks
so finding a job wile working here has been near-impossible
because they'll have to wait 3 months before i can start
Medi Madelen Gwosdz on October 30, 2020
Welcome to ISSUE #45 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week: why the meaning of 60Hz depends on whether you are a monitor or a lightbulb, how the community team smashed 631 tickets in just two weeks, and why what we…
though it doesn't help when i completely fuck up the interview like I did at Experian last year xD
2:09 PM
I don't know many companies that would dislike getting a decent developer, even if they have to wait a few months
@Hozuki Depends on the project and staff turnover rate I assume
i.e. if they're looking to replace someone who is on 1 month notice, waiting for me would leave them a man down for at least 2 months
Yeah, or they can keep looking for that needle in the haystack and leave them one man down for way, way, way longer.
Well i'm far from unique when it comes to the developer skills, im sure they have people just as good if not better applying for the same role
with shorter notices...
2:13 PM
Actually, haystack is the wrong analogy. They're looking for that one drop of water in the blazing desert.
Job market, at least here, isn't exactly titled towards employers.
either way the resignation wasn't primarily to get a new job, though i do want one, it was because this job has actually put me on medication from the stress lol
There are barely any developers of any skill level, let alone developers that are competent and skilled.
get this right, this afternoon we got an application in for my job from someone with a PHD lol
the guy is waaaaaaay overqualified for the position, which makes me wonder why he's applying
the stress was caused rather ironically by no decisions being made by the directors about moving forward with the systems
and we have to migrate by this summer, but they'rejust kicking the can down the road
It's like Titanic lol, I've warned them about this iceberg ahead for years now, but they didnt bother to change course, soo im jumping ship now before it hits and they send me below decks to fix it all lol
but being the assholes they are
theyve just moved the timeline forward so i have to do it before i leave anyway...
hence why im on the chat room a lot instead
not to mention they upped the salary for the job for the next guy, gee thanks guys, makes me feel really good xD
@DAustin having a PhD in your title is really intimidating.
Tip for your next job... do your work, make your hours, do the best you can... at your normal pace.
Don't overwork yourself. Don't stress out. Don't care too much. You're working to live, not living to work.
2:21 PM
@Hozuki A life lesson if I ever heard one
Haha, it does take a while to learn
Funniest bit about it all though? They still don't understand why the IT department has such a high turnover rate of staff compared to the other departments lol
Some people don't want to understand. It's why middle management is basically a meme to engineers :D
I've been here 5 and a half years, in that time, in a team of 3 people, we have had 4 managers, and 5 deisgners
the team has also dropped in size to 2 lol
That's quite a turn over.
Haha that reminds me
Let me search that image...
2:24 PM
yep, cus the directors piss the department off so much that people dont stick around
i rebuilt the entire ecommerce platforms 2 years ago now, mostly to correct some security problems and get us in line with GDPR regulations
, that project is still waiting to be signed off by the director xD
last time i spoke to him about it he didnt know what i was talking about and claimed id never mentioned anything, so i forwarded him the 4 emails (with his responses) when id been discussing it with him lol
and he wonders why people leave so quickly xD
@Hozuki lmao, that has actually happened
you know when i said the team went from 3 to 2?
This happens frequently haha :-D
@DAustin Yeah but do the same job!
lol, im printing this and pinning it up to the wall next to the "bonus" scheme they introduced lol
they came up with a bonus scheme a few years ago
they awarded a sales guy the bonus
and ever since no one has gotten one
What? A bonus scheme?
2:32 PM
so i have a copy of the letter pinned up on the notice board as a sort of "fuck you" to management when they come in to the office
us underlings think it was some sort of back hander for the sales guy that got it
Dumb shit lol
but beccause of the wording on the letter...
by not awarding anymore, they're basically saying no one is pulling their weight
and then they wonder why people stop working so hard xD
@Hozuki i like nice 1
aaaaaand its up on the wall xD
lets see how long it takes for them to notice and give me a bollocking xD
what they gonna do? sack me? lmao
theyll probably miss the point and complain i printed it in colour rather than greyscale
"Oh no! Our 4000$/month engineer spent $0,50 on something that made him happy this week!"
That's called a toxic environment lol
2:38 PM
@Hozuki Pretty much, cept im on on 2.5k/month :'(
In America? Or where do you live?
uk, so probably closer to $3k US
I sure hope you're not living in London or something
either way, not enough, but as discussed with the gf, the environment isnt worth any sort of money really, not unless it was 6 figures lol
That's almost minimum wage over there :D
2:40 PM
nah, out in the country,
its not bad, but its not great
Yeah that's decent enough then
the main issue salary wise is I caan earn more with less responsibilities elsewhere
And that's why your company has such a huge turnover rate :D
but getting out has been unsuccessful, so the decision was made to just leave first then find something after rather than put myself in hospital
they took my advice regarding salary on board
and have upped it for the next guy
Should've asked for a raise yourself too ;d
2:42 PM
i got one at the start of the year tbf
"Here's 50$ increase, be happy"?
bit more than that but i sure had to fight for it lol
it was hilarious watching the director sweat
he tried to screw me
so i handed him a print off of the wages excel spreadsheet i found on the storage server, not even password protected
and highlighted the last manager's salary
and just stared at him
raise approved!
what do you think of nullable DateModified?
Makes sense.
should it be set as well when it gets created?
2:49 PM
Nah, only when modified.
Or make it non-nullable and set upon creation
so it's either DateCreated == DateModified or DateModified == null to check if this is the only time this particular entry have been updated.
Yep. I tend to make a non-nullable and set it upon creation, but really, whichever you choose makes sense.
Is there any SQL engine in existence the have metadata of this two properties: DateCreated, DateModified? It's a very common thing and I think it has to be built in the engine already.
Not one that I know.
Would be a good addition I think.
For auditing and analytics purposes.
Alright, 3 remaining issues in my project and I'm ready to apply.
2:57 PM
For auditing, you also want the complete change history and who did it.
Trouble is it adds to filesize and computation time, so performance junkies wouldn't like it being added by default when it isnt always required
There are actually databases, I just remembered, that are completely versioned.
whats a fair day rate for .net developing on contract?
Quote from the director "If this all goes tits up and we don't find anyone by the time you leave, can we get you on contract to cover until we find the replacement?"
i mean if theycant find someone in 3 months then HR obivously needs a kicking
your current day rate * 2
or * 3
yeh my initial though was my day rate * 2.5 so sounds good to me
after all, if they come calling i know they'll be desperate xD
1 hour later…
4:14 PM
Hi Guys, looking for a better, more expressive variable name than: TriggerOnFilesCreatedDuringNetworkDropout. Any takers?
Jack, funfriday
have a nice weekend evrybody
im off
@M.A sounds specific
@Squirrelintraining yeah but nothing riding on it, just curious.
I find the art of variable naming more difficult than I should
@M.A by expressive do you mean shorter or more descriptive?
Does anyone know if there's any C# guidance on where to put boolean operators for a multi-line conditional?

private bool SomeCheckOperatorAtStart(Foo f)
return f.Thing == f.OtherThing
&& f.SomePropertery != SomeConstant
&& SomeOtherComplicatedCheck(f);

private bool SomeCheckOperaterAtEnd(Foo f)
return f.Thing == f.OtherThing &&
f.SomePropertery != SomeConstant &&
(Sorry, no idea how code formatting works on here... )
Does anyone know if there's any C# guidance on where to put boolean operators for a multi-line conditional? Beginning of a new line or end of previous line?
5:03 PM
@JeffB Don't know that there is any standard guidance on that.
If stylecop doesn't have an opinion on it, best you can do is keep consistency.
@JeffB Preferably shorter and more catchy. I changed it to CatchupAfterNetworkDropout on the user-facing side and kept it the same elsewhere.
@M.A Ooo, I like the new name!
5:31 PM
@JeffB What was it before?
It was TriggerOnFilesCreatedDuringNetworkDropout previously
ooo, thought you meant his username xD
right boy and girls, im off, have a good weekend xoxox
4 hours later…
9:21 PM
@JeffB The former is the .NET standard. The latter is the JS standard.
Personally, I prefer the former.
1 hour later…
10:29 PM
posted on October 27, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

I'm in a LOT of pain right now. It's hard to say that, especially considering that everyone experiences pain be it emotional or physical. I don't want to make unneeded comparisons or consider my pain as being more important than anyone else's. I'm not burned. I'm not dying of cancer. I am blessed. But I'm hurting. A lot. It's mine and it's now and it's not clear when it will stop. It's hard

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