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2:03 PM
you have resharper installed?
why wouldn't I?
One of the biggest probs with it is prop
Meh because it's easier to learn with out it >_<
Been 7 yrs since I used it tho so
It's changed a Bit I bet
Demoing a project to a client today :)
i deinstalled resharper cuz i fudged my hotkeys up althouzgh I told it "don't"
3 hours ago, by Captain Obvious
Bet you're happy you're not in the office
oh um actually yes I am
@mr5 that chess clip makes less and less sense the longer you watch it..
i mean there are multiple better ways of blocking the queen
2:16 PM
I'm bad at chess
in that case
fite me
2:21 PM
@Squirrelintraining why is code first so hard
and so tedious
it isn't once you're used to it.
It's faster than setting up via sql
creating schema in UI is faster
It's "easy-to-set-up" and "easy-to-fucc-up"
2:22 PM
@Squirrelintraining y so brainy time rn huh
@hollystyles not that agin
@mr5 y u talk so weird?
talk engrish!
I ne'er seen it b4
rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn m rn rm rn m rn
I lernd it from u
@Squirrelintraining actually, u remind of Cherdleys
> System.Text.Json.JsonException: A possible object cycle was detected which is not supported. This can either be due to a cycle or if the object depth is larger than the maximum allowed depth of 32.
fuck this code-first
nah go learn 2 code my hooman pleb
2:28 PM
Use Newtonsoft JSON library, problem solved...
Newtonsoft.Json doesn't have a maximum depth limit by default. For System.Text.Json there's a default limit of 64, and it's configurable by setting JsonSerializerOptions.MaxDepth.
@Squirrelintraining Cherdleys
@hollystyles haha that one
@mr5 wat is dis 😂
2:35 PM
@Squirrelintraining you're the 9th grader in that video
does anyone know a good place to build a team for indie game development
unpaid to start. :/
like basically to meet hobbyists who'd be interested
The pub?
Start allone
Make friends
Convince them
Make game
2:37 PM
9gag also features chat now
I don't live in an area with very many programmers. Discord? seems legit but lotsofpeople I meet on discord ditch projects tried that before.
@Remmie normal things
Start allone
Make friends
Convince them
If not, kidnap them
Make game
rofl. The thing is I do have some friends who can code, but most of them are way below my skill level and also not interested or able to help.
2:38 PM
1. Solo
2. Solo
3. Solo
4. ???
5. Profit!!!
you guys are so wholesome and sound I love it.
it's just really hard to finish a project solo or stay motivated, I have the capability. that's what bugs me. It's easier to get excited about progress and use that to fuel more progress if you have people.
how do you guys finish large scope solo projects?
I need people to help too
how do you keep coding when all there is, is crickets?
I can finish smaller projects easily but huge ones are harder.
But not everyone can/want to read research papers
you must be making something pretty interesting if it requires research paper reading.
cutting edge.
2:41 PM
@Remmie @Hozuki had soime greeat tips on staying motivated
my goal is to make a big enough game company and then to have enough assets to eventually branch out into functional general AI research.
He's also a fellow weeb
maybe he can give you a nice word or 3
@Remmie there are probably some discord servers you can find
I'm poor and all I have is my computer and my brain. and hands.
Yeah...one part of my project is about distributed database engine design
2:42 PM
is that to do with scalability too?
@Hans1984 please tell me the one lying down is squirrelintraining
efficient database search/caching is a hard problem.... really hard. I don't think I'd even be able to make something more efficient than sql.
is it meant to be resource efficient too ?
It must be
2:43 PM
freerey, I'd love to join discord servers but most of the coding help ones I've joined people can't even solve my intermediate coding problems.
I'm in this weird place now where I'm way above newbie status, but I'm not quite proffesional level yet.
oh hm.....
how old r u?
I try to do all the advanced things and jump right in, that's how I learn so much. Then I get stuck on particular parts and can't find help and have to rack my brain for days and then experiment then finally click one line of code change fixes everything.
I'm 33 years old.
maybe try going to a hack-a-thon?
at the moment I'm frustrated because I recently spend 5 days trying to figure out how to get the visual studio compiler to compile post-runtime code right?
I managed to do it using reflection and Microsoft.csharp
2:45 PM
@Remmie It's a marathon, not a sprint; spread out your work and don't go all-out and burn yourself out. Plan your work; don't be distracted by every new idea and minor problem, write them down and plan them for later. Make sure it's your own goal; coding to please someone other than yourself rarely works. Be your own customer.
In MsBuild?
Then I wanted to serialize methodinfo, and when I tried to deserialize it , I couldn't. I fixed it by changing the assembly name property pre-compile time.
That caused it to generate a dll file, and allowed me to deserialize it.
I was really annoyed at the co-dependency on a physical dll file that contained the methodinfo's sources.
I wanted to serialize the methodinfo into it's own self contained serialized binary that wasn't actually a dll or a compiled executable proper, but that could be read back as if it contained all the compiled assembly by itself.
And remember... it's okay to stop a hobby project. It's a hobby, after all.
I guess that's not possible in C# the way I wanted it to be.
True hozuki!
I've stopped alot of projects because of burn out
junavan I was using assembly reflection and Microsoft.Csharp in my actual code.
to compile a string array of C# code Post-Runtime
into binary
Get the assembly results, and try to serialize and deserialize them as normal C# objects, the methodinfo object is what I targetted.
later, I targetted the entire compiled assembly results and i still couldn't read it back (deserialize) without the dll manifested
-.-" even though the asm existed in memory during runtime and it should have just used in-memory assembly to deserialize instead of the dll file on the hard drive.
I had this idea in my head i'd be able to use it as a psuedo code obfuscation technique so I'd only have to compile some secret code in the system one time, and then deserialize it to get a runnable method back out.
it still works but I need to have a dll exist ... which can just be reverse engineered more easily if it exists manifested. but a serialized contextual item is a bit more of a pain to reverse.
@Hozuki One can always count on you roel ♥
2:50 PM
I dont' want to go full code obfuscation.
could you program my gynoids for me?
if you give me hardware, and software tools and a console and some compiler systems... perhaps.
though I'm not good at AI or visual problem solving domains...
Oct 26 at 12:52, by Freerey
user image
Your gynoid would likely have fucky movement if you let me program it.
2:51 PM
it's okay; they'll be gentle
can I get some people to peer review my design document?
Your design document for what?
@Remmie or you could just use a script and integrate it with your app to act like a plugin. Then you will have a dynamic code which you can serialize/deserialize wherever the sources are.
or to look at it so they can see my project scope and give advice.
mr5, that's true. I could.
and I'll likely be going that route instead.
this is my design document I wrote up in the summer for my main project.
when it comes to game-making I'm a little bit eccentric, have high standards for what the game engine should be able to do -- and as a result i've almost never finished a big project.
ew XNA
isn't that platform already retired?
2:54 PM
not MonoGame.
just XNA
Hi All,
Can anyone give me a hand with an AJAX call in an MVC project please?
MonoGame i s like, the opensource Child of XNA, some popular games were made in MonoGame too and you can even get Nintendo to let you port MonoGame projects to nintendo Switch
This album is so good, it derservres more credit:
Especially "The things we did" followed by "Lullaby of Creation"
Just good album design choices in term of music and such.
@Remmie Best advice I can give you... narrow the scope. By a metric ton. Make your game as simple as possible and without designing your own game engine for it. Even a "simple" game requires tremendous effort. Go for the absolutely MVP with a core gameloop that is fun, and make that. Iterate on that later.
2:55 PM
And chuck all the weather systems and generators and procedural generators out the window. Look at those later.
Roel's right you know?
Just look at mr5's game
even my MVP trash is taking me months to finish
If you try to go for that super-cool project in your head first try, you will not finish, that's a guarantee
Is this the JS room?
2:57 PM
@Vap0r this is the Lisp room
@Vap0r you 're a nm away from being booted!
it does kinda feel like I'll never finish it right now unless I can convince like atleast two other programmers to help me and join the team for free (no pay) , for the sake of the passion of seeing the game done.
@Squirrelintraining *you're
I mean the weather system mechanics and deep npc interactions alone will take me like 3+ years to finish if I push it... to the maximum.
without a team
2:59 PM
@mr5 my apologies
What's a nm?
I'm not mad, the squirrel is
@Vap0r Nanometer
nanometer I think
Can you express that in freedom units?
Also, I miss you dearly
3:00 PM
so you guys think I should shelf this massive project, and just focus on smaller scope things that are more feasible?
@Remmie Well, don't expect anyone to work with you for free. If you must spend money on the project, spend it on expertise you don't have... for us, that generally means art assets. Commission an artist to make your art when you're really close to finishing your core game loop.
An ounce of bullshit.
@mr5 of course
or 1/3412312 of an inch I'd makeit.
But don't pin me down on that.
3:00 PM
he couldnt hold his big mouth
I've had newbie coders offer to work on projects with me for free, or seeking it but then when I start trying to teach them more stuff they get overload or scared or run away
I don't think you can convert from ounces to inches
SHit mr5 is back
gotta run
@Remmie Make it as small as possible. Do think of a plan to continue improving the game after that, a little bit, but stick to the smallest possible incarnation of said game. After all.. if it's not fun at all, there's no point in improving it anyway.
3:01 PM
1oz = 1.8046875 cubic inches according to google. Huh
Also... steer away from RPGs and MMOs and multiplayer games for your first games.
Why should I use strong typing when C# has dynamic?
@Squirrelintraining did you just kick me in my nut?!?!?!
@mr5 Your nut is now mine 🐿
uhm for reference.
3:03 PM
the "advanced" level of most of my game engine stuff usually ends up manifested like this
Anyone here know anything about quantum programming? I have a question.
@Squirrelintraining give me back my nut or I keel you
I also don't see very much game code (from open source examples or from partially open source examples) where they do stuff like this and I'm kinda wondering why not?
@mr5 do your worst
@Vap0r probebly
3:06 PM
Ok so my question is: I don't get it?
@Remmie Games tend to be created to be sold... who'd open-source their game if that means goodbye-profit for all those long long hours?
what I mean is that I don't see a lot of games or even game design where dynamic actionable lists are generated on a per entity basis and then run based on conditions.
so you are referring to that. They actually use scripts for that.
Event-driven? That's pretty common but they tend to operate on entities generating an event that ends up in a handler queue
In DOTA2 for example, they are using Lua scripts for animations.
3:09 PM
in that game engine code I showed, it was supposed to be possible to give any action meant for any entity in the entire game
@Remmie The same can be done with a message queue.
, even bosses, to any other entity in the game, even entities that weren't designed to run those actions, the cross-compatibility was intentional to make it easy to modify enemies or objects or even add entirely new actionable pieces to the game engine without effecting the core code of a game entity or having to update each individual entity class based on typing to allow for it.
I don't see many design paradigms where programmers do this. usually all behavior is meant to be isolated to specific representations on a per entity type basis. I think my way of looking at the problem is a lot better if you want to keep stacking new types or even effects.
From what I've seen quantum programming is low level, setting up qubits, bits, entanglements, and logic gates. Is this all quantum programming? It seems like it would be tough to build anything of any type of complexity
hmm... for instance in minecraft if I wanted a spider to shoot arrows, it was a little trivial but also kind of hard. because the game doesn't use EntityActions that are cross compatible with just any other entity in the game.
there's no predesigned "shoot arrow" entity action if that makes sense.
Also, I've heard that quantum computers only excel at certain types of problems (no clue if that's still true), and I don't really understand what the benefit of a qubit is if I'm setting up what looks like a circuit.
3:12 PM
in my paradigm for this, actions an entity could perform are decoupled from it's typing in a collective pool that can shell out to any entity reguardless their type
@Vap0r one can use quantum pcs to do calculations that wouldn't be possible on normal pc
it's not that it's quicker it just uses less steps afaik
as far as I understand it quantum computing will be good for massive paralell compute operations.
and thus one can quickly break any encription because of it takes less steps
but not as good at traditional procedural operations?
also qubit = 4 states and not only just 2
a bit like dna
also should stfu now
3:13 PM
@Squirrelintraining so basically it seems like mathematical operations that can theoretically go to infinity or mathematical operations that enumerate to find a solution?
Any one know if the routing in an MVC project effects the URL that an AJAX call uses?
That's probably better than trying to suss out the details with my limited understanding lol. Thanks
@Squirrelintraining izz just 3 you metalhead fan
@Vap0r np
@mr5 go smurk on somebody your own size
3:16 PM
@Squirrelintraining big brain tym
What did happen to the JSers? Did they disband completely or go to a discord/slack channel?
WASM happened
damn i am having a hard deja-vu feeling right now
Hiding file content? maybe store it in NTFS alternate data stream
3:19 PM
p3k come bacc
@matty357 An HTTP request to an MVC web application is a request no-matter where it came from. So yes, yes it does.
that quantum vid is too much for me to just listen to omg
I need to come back
@mr5 lol
@mr5 how is WASM providing a clear advantage in most cases? I definitely see the benefits of it for something like browser game development
WASM WASI: Write Once, Run Everywhere
3:24 PM
I have an AJAX call posting data.
The url is 'ProductBatch/ProcessProductBarcodeString'

This works fine locally, but when released to the live environment the AJAX post can't find the URL, unless i put 'BatchScanningWebsite/ProductBatch/ProcessProductBarcodeString'
is there a way i should format the URL like './ProductBatch/ProcessProductBarcodeString'

Or is it because my Startup.cs only has;
name: "default",
pattern: "{controller=ProductBatch}/{action=Index}/{id?}");
@Vap0r security through obfuscation and the fact that statically type languages as C# is far more reliable.
or probably, I'm lying with the first one.
> security through obfuscation
@DKDhilip that's WORE not WASM
Isn't that considered a bad security practice in the security world?
> or probably, I'm lying with the first one.
@mr5 WASM can do this
3:26 PM
My bad didn't read lol
WASM: Write Again, Sour Man
Take a look at project like Wasmtime
llvm > wasm :D
Jack, kys
How does DB access work in WASM?
3:28 PM
the same way how it works in everything else
@Freerey just by looking at the thumbnail, my head is aching already.
Jesus christ guys I was told it was quiet in here these days
apparently, we got invaded by JSers
I've had to scroll to the top and press "Load older messages" twice to find out what the hell has been happening since I left barely an hour and a halfd ago
ew js
3:31 PM
TypeScript? :D
@Wietlol but I would have two main concerns. The first is that if I use an authentication string with a password a bad actor could reverse the compiled WASM and find it. The second is that if I use pass through authentication the request would come from the client's browser, rather than from the server, so they would have to be authenticated in a different manner
Its not a JS only and specific question I was asking.
damm my comments are so lit in starboard!
first of all, your database server should only accept requests from your other servers
I know what will get rid of them; type safety! compiling code! high performance! <1TB ram usage!
3:32 PM
nothing else is allowed to send messages to it
secondly, you dont put passwords or secret keys in the code
so it shouldnt be in the compiled wasm either
decompiling the wasm (or "simply" reading it directly) should never be able to give anyone information of what the passwords are
so, you have no concerns :D
Hey @mr5 it looks likw you were trying to serialise your entities
on top of that, sql queries might require some operations that are unavailable on the browser environment
WASM runs in the browser, right?
But our client want this by NOW!!! Just hardcode everything and call it a day!
@matty357 Where exactly is your AJAX code? If you are deploying your app as a child Application in your prod web-server then you will need to dynamically set that part of the URL for your AJAX code. If your AJAX call is in a script tag in a cshtml file for example you can use the MVC UrlHelper
3:35 PM
@Vap0r it can run on the browser, sure
Allow me to introduce you to this conversation argument about the issue
Because if WASM runs in the browser and my db server only supports connections from my other servers, then I wouldn't access my db like I do in my normal code. Because normally I would do direct access and have no problem
@hollystyles Thank you very much, that was the clarification I needed. The Ajax code is sitting in a .js file, so I assume you are correct and I need to add the website name to the beginning of the URL.
Oh god it sounds like you're about to provide an alternate use case for WASM. WASM never had a use case to start with
You could run WASM in server too
Without web browser
3:37 PM
oh god why
That just sounds like extra steps at that point? We already have a .NET environement
Like what are the benefits?
What no
Portability? Security?
That's just compiling your c or rust into wasm
3:38 PM
Portability I can buy
Security? How is it more secure lol
@CaptainObvious yeep. I'm stuck in code first atm.
Sandboxed by the runtime
Switch to newtonsoft.json if you're using system.text.json. And set ReferenceLoopHandling=Ignore in the JsonSerialiserSettings
> Sandboxed by the runtime
I've heard this before lol
#Then watch as it all magically works*
I made a joke the other day with a friend
3:40 PM
11 mins ago, by Captain Obvious
Jesus christ guys I was told it was quiet in here these days
we got a new weeb friend and then it picked up again
Oh...that's another use case
@Vap0r exactly
Embed in your app
Just like Lua
After Postman announced their new cweb client as if it was some groundbreaking technology which is somehow worse performing than the desktop one
"is this the JS room" lmao
3:41 PM
@Vap0r any device that is not your own should NEVER access your database directly
because you cannot control what requests they send
So I guess I'm not seeing how WASM is this JS killer
But it works, so...
I said "maybe they've compiled the original electron app for WASM so now they're running the js in chrome - in chrome!"
the advantage of WASM over JS is that WASM is a bytecode language
it can be much faster than an interpreted language can be
Not really
3:43 PM
@CaptainObvious the web client confuses the hell out of me.
It could be either interpreted or JITed
It's still got to be interpreted by the platform it's running on
Or AOT if the tool supported it
it still has to be read, but the information in bytecode languages are often massively easier to read
@CaptainObvious do I always need to make a backing object whenever I have a foreign key of the other model?
3:44 PM
Either compile the application on startup (delaying startup) or running like crap because it's JIT or interpreted)
What do you mean backing object?
It seems to me like WASM has it's use cases, but for the company I work for, there would be very little usefulness.
Our entire web application is basically a scheduling component, forms, and lists
It is useful for use case where you need to run user supplied code
Why on earth would you ever want to run untrusted code intentionally
I guess maybe like one of those online compilers
Google earth was a good use case
But WASM a JS killer. Puh-lease
Google earth in the browser runs like absolute ass
3:47 PM
iirc, WASM wasnt designed to be a high level language
In your browser maybe
you should compile your code to WASM, not write your programs in it
Performs pretty well on my browser
I mean sure it might "perform well"
Consider what it's doing though
3:48 PM
But it's probably chewing up all your CPU in the process
Blazor uses WASM
Well that's part of the point, ain't it?
It allows parallelization which I don't believe JS offers
Yeah that's like, the point.
Kotlin was my JS killer :D
3:51 PM
@CaptainObvious It's just a fraction of my usage :D
That's proper google earth looking at the same thing
@CaptainObvious how do I tell ASP to use Newtonsoft? I am not directly using System.Text.Json or so I believe.
@Wietlol kotlin is a java thing, no?
3:56 PM
4:11 PM
ASP Net Core is fucking unstable.
Every time I am trying to search for something, it will either run the first try then break at runtime or, the existing code from the suggested solution doesn't exist/work anymore
Could someone help me with a few questions regarding DateTimeOffset and using it in C# for writing data to a SQL Server table?
your game ?
it's from Google
oh okay
4:24 PM
dont flatter him hans
oh I see
FEirabend wie das duftet
seieng you loosers
have a nice day
4:45 PM
@CaptainObvious that worked. Thanks!
smells like poo
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@Vap0r It does. They're called web workers.
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