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12:52 AM
@CaptainObvious hey I didn't see your comment yesterday. fml!
but in which folder? there are system tables and external tables?
2 hours later…
2:29 AM
@SundarPichai @Avni
y u do dis
its actually fine to me
no problem for us with good eyesight though
2:51 AM
this is making me me watch One Piece.
I'm still at episode 19 gdi!
3 hours later…
6:15 AM
Good morning ladies.
7:10 AM
everytime I'm trying to learn Math
7:35 AM
using (var @lock = lockManager.AcquireLock("testing", TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5)))
    Console.WriteLine("Lock Acquired: KEY = {0}", @lock.Id);

    // TODO: Do something dangerous here

My version of distributed lock
7:51 AM
8:09 AM
When I see locks, I automatically assume the entire app is overcomplicated.
8:32 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
morning training
@mr5 Oh you need to create a database first. Just right click on the server and then Add Database, then you can create tables in the tables folder inside the new database
I think, that's all from memory, I tend to use HeidiSQL for most of my DB management needs
9:39 AM
Apparently Gollum is in my intellisense
@CaptainObvious this is kinda confusing for me. There's also SQL Server Management Studio. Should I use that instead of VS to structure my tables?
No you s hould use EntityFramework
should I use Docker for my first ever Web API?
No. Worry about docker when you got your first-ever Web API working as you intended.
@mr5 I use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). I seldom use Entity Framework in code-first mode, meaning that Entity Framework generates the tables. Instead I use model-first mode, and thus design the database in SSMS. Really, it just depends on what you prefer. I think code-first is nicer for relatively simple database structures.
2 hours later…
11:27 AM
@mr5 whyyyy
new lockdown in germany at november 4th
lockdown? as in covid lockdown?
yep but worse than before
maybe this is the end of the world
who knows
only shiba knows
one friend of mine legit thinks the end of times is coming soon
11:36 AM
like, as predicted in the bible
@Freerey maybe hes right
true the bible told us
the world has been through worse; we'll be fine
fishy shiba
unless the rivers turn red with blood and locusts fall from the skies, think we're good
11:37 AM
@Neil :D
the only thing that's turned red so far is the skies, and even that has stopped afaik
you legit have to be extremely privileged to seriously think the world is ending soon
I think it is in many people's best interest for the people of the world to panic
and those people are against science and reason
@Neil I was just talking to someone else about this, but I have a term for these people: religious nihilists
they want to die, but they want it to be God who kills them
nah, I don't mean religious nuts, I mean warmongers and generally people who benefit from chaos and bloodshed
there are plenty of religious nuts, and all you have to do to get them scared is talk about the end of days
11:49 AM
hey theres a bear a new animal to our channel
welcome bear ! @Jelle
people tend to be more conservative when they're scared, and extreme conservatism is just fascism in another word
it's no coincidence that a starving germany having to pay off the debts from wwI took strength in someone who thought to stand tall and strong and no longer pay those debts
12:15 PM
@Hozuki apparently, SSMS wasn't installed. Last time I checked, I did :/
should be "isn't" right?
how to give users mini heart attack: color the links red
@mr5 What?
I was trying to use SSMS but Windows couldn't find it. I actually installed it last time but I changed the destination path.
And the default installation path for this one is at C:\SQL2019 :/
That's SQL Server, not SSMS
They're different things. One is the database, one is the GUI to manage it
e.g. I don't have SQL Server installed at all, but I do have SSMS
oh crap
that's why the installer/downloader looks strange
1:06 PM
Hey all 0/
Got something maybe y'all could help out with
Need to come up with a test for applicants to check their c# and sql skills
not sure what the best way to do that would be
suggestions welcome/needed lol
let them define properties?
let him build snake on the console.
that would work also
build snake game using linked list
lol something easily achievable within an hour
i think snake might be a bit much considering we only really need someone who can manipulate data
1:15 PM
linq maybe?
im just wondering, would presenting examples of code and getting them to explain whats happening vs giving them a task and a copy of visual studio
option 1 is simpler, but might miss some fundamentals, option 2 might need to be set up in a certain way, i.e. do we set up the sql connection for them ahead of time, or include that as part of the test etc
the last test i remember doing for applicants was a simple "get this dataset out of the database where x = y"
what particular field in C# though? backend or frontend?
surprising how many applicants struggled with that lol
includes db?
basically the entire software stack is written in .net
with a sql server as the datastore
some legacy stuff is winforms with vb, but everything else is c#
so anyone replacing me, as a minimumm, needs to be able to maintain .net apps and sql server
a test in visual studio would work, but i dont think giving them blank project would be all that useful, they might get stuck on trying to connect to the db
which would be a fail i guess, but a bit harsh if its because they cant remember some generic biolerplate code that we all just google and copy/paste ourselves anyway lol
1:19 PM
or hand them the real project, break it, and let them fix it?
@mr5 now thats a good idea
fix it and add a new method
but make sure the db doesn't point to production or with any real credentials.
will show debugging and class heirarchies, which will be good enough forthe job tbf
@mr5 of course lol, a local SQLExpress install will do the job
I like that idea mr5
speaking of SQLExpress, how do I connect it with my Azure, basically connect it to other computer?
better than what i was thinking 10 mins ago lol
1:21 PM
I just actually downloaded it rn
yeah np
I dont know anything about azure sorry
still on legacy stuff over here, the cloud is just a myth lol
i only have 1 piece of knowledge with regards to azure, and that is 57% of it is apparently run on AWS behind the scenes lol
I'm pretty sure I suppose to enter it here but too lazy to Google search.
yeh no idea sorry
1:23 PM
yeah, I just asked my former colleague how to manage Azure and admitted he don't know any of it (he's a backend C# guy) lol
it looks like Azure is something new right?
its been around for a while, microsofts response to AWS
because if there's one thing MS does, its copy other people's good ideas
c# vs Java for instance lol
but its basically the same as Amazon Web Services, just not as good from what I've been told, learning one of the cloud techs like azure or aws is a must have though these days in development
which is why i struggle with finding a new job, im too far behind the tech trend atm
welp, I'm the guy who have a lot of time to explore new things. I legit went to AWS (cannot sign up until now), GCP (fucking slow!), and now Azure.
I could literally do my backend in PHP in less than 30 mins but I want to try new things.
should I name my database in PascalCasing also?
I would go for Pascal sure
and i can't get my head around aws
i need to sit down and read up on it
not heard of gcp?
Google Cloud Platform.
1:37 PM
That's my default go to.
yeh tbf whenever you hear about cloud its aws or azure, no one really talks about gcp, at least from what ive seen
it's quite popular for Android devs though
I want to build my own cloud platform from scratch :D
that's a lot of work
I can't even imagine how tedious it is to setup automatic VM re configuration, reading a lot of manuals, yada yada
Can it be called a cloud platform if i only have 1 physical server to run it all from though? xD
1:39 PM
... You need the computers at the ready to scale up and down ... and if you have them at the ready ... you're not getting the cost benefit.
Cloud really only works on a large scale
Maybe it's just bunch of scripts controlling Linux/KVM behind the scene lol
@DKDhilip LMAO
You can always cheat it with VM
true, no one would know really, until the cpu hits the bottleneck
Maybe fake the performance counter too?
1:42 PM
lol the amount of effort, you might as well get a second raspberrypi and offload the work :P
Ok so i'm coming up with some questions for the interview, these are the 5 i've chosen for the c# part, ill do some more for sql and front end tech later:

- What's the principle difference between a Struct & a Class?
- Describe the process of Boxing & Unboxing
- Describe the MVC Design Pattern
- What's the difference between a DTO and a ViewModel?
- IQueryable Vs IEnumerable (Use code example and ask about performance etc)
Feedback welcome
You're asking the questions to someone you want to hire?
Yeh, forgot one as well
What's a Enum?
nah i prefer Enum
1:47 PM
i likethe newer containers for the value types in C# String over string lol
That's overkill for an average programmers lol
purely because they'r ehighlighted better in VS lol
Do you really want to ask theoretical programming knowledge questions rather than having a conversation about more interesting things (e.g. patterns, frameworks, libraries, their preferences for which tools and why, how they solve complicated issues, etc)?
the following 3 were questions ive been asked: Whats an Enum/enum? Whats the diff between Struct & Class? Describe Boxing & Unboxing
Know how to read/write a database, plus some basic C# coding just good enough :D
1:49 PM
FWIW you'd fail me 'cuz I can't give you the text-book answer for boxing/unboxing.
Unfortunately the role here isn't about technology specifically etc, its a one man job, youve gotta maintain all the software and hardware, software written bby about 8 different programmers in the last 12 years
Boxing and Unboxing is the process of changing a Value Type into a reference type and back again
i.e. Casting a value to an object, and back again
Well, if you're happy with the guy that can give you the text-book answers you're looking for, but not actually know how to program, I applaud you.
lol chill this is just questions for the interview
Having errors? Fix it by wrapping the entire code with a try catch block! Problem solved!
im not testing someone on their coding and data access if they can't tell me when or why you should use an Enum
dont bring me problems, bring me solutions lol
1:52 PM
@Hozuki Ill be asking the theory in the first interview, so that's these questions, plus some more about database design and maybe some front end web stuff
Sadly, this is happening in real life projects
those that do well in the first interview will be invited to take the actual test
whcich will be based on Mr5's suggestion earlier
Test? You're taking a test?
im not taking it lol, im making a test for applicants to take
1:53 PM
Are you going to pay your candidates for their time?
lmao, you want a job or not?
this test is not for any commercial use
its to show me that your CV isnt just all bullshit
@DAustin ugh, I remember my first boss with those lines but in reverse: "bRiNg mE sOlUtIonS, nOt pRobLemS"
@mr5 Its a common management phrase, basically, "I don't want to deal with this, it's why I hired you"
@DAustin No, I don't. There are plenty of good jobs for developers where they don't have to jump through stupid hoops. Competent developers know this and won't waste their time on your questions and tests. They'll just get a better job. Which leaves you with the incompetent ones that are happy with any job.
Wow think i touched a nerve with Hozuki
1:55 PM
@DAustin Talk. To. The. Guy. It's VERY obvious when someone doesn't know jack-shit. Just talk about what they've been working on. Talk about their interests, their preferences. TALK.
yep. premadona..
every development job ive applied for in the last 2 years has had a technical test
@DAustin They were all sucky jobs.
@Hozuki this only applies for 1st world. It actually took me 7hrs for my code testing in my previous job and they didn't pay me for it.
its called Pre-Emplyment Screening
and doesn't just apply to development
1:56 PM
Oh yeah if you're in a shit-hole that approach might be necessary.
Where are you hiring?
@Hozuki welcoiem to it we can't talk usually
if you want to be a police officer, you need to take a drugs and fitness test before they hire you
IF, i was going to use your shit code from a 1 hour test in production, you would have an argument for payment
but its merely for you to prove to me that you can actually do what you say you can
That's why you have a trial period.
and if you dont wanna do a test for a dev job that's 1 less rival for a role I have to go up against, so feel free not to take the test ;)
yeh we have those too
Rival? You seem to be operating under the assumption there are more developers than jobs.
1:58 PM
but im not gonna give you a contract and pay you money before I know you can do the tasks
Hey @DAustin
my VR arrived on monday
Hey Hans
Im enjoying them a lot so far
1:58 PM
good stuff
DAustin is heading to managerial hmm
@mr5 im leaving a terrible job thats all, need to find someone to replace
had a little trouble with my head and stomache at the begining
but it is getting better
and it also depends a lot on the games
if the business had an actual team then hiring and firing on probation might work
1:59 PM
like you told me
@DAustin that's what a manager would say
but this is a solo role, there's no one here to teach you anything so you need to know how to do it
but anyway, seems like the test questions are already working if the respionse here is anything to go by
also, the most important thing, don't forget to test their Google searching skills
without Google, I'm just a wannabe
Well, good luck.
@Hans1984 Yeh it's the degrees of freedom, flight sims are really hard to handle because you have all 3 rotational axes to work with, makes ya head spin
@mr5 I dont mind them googling on the test, its how we all work lol
but i want to see the search history when theyre done
2:02 PM
I could handle starwars squadrons kinda well since im fixed in this cockpit
I wanna know too
@Hozuki cheers, already got 2 potentials to interview
let us know if they search porn during the interview
but then i tried Skyrim VR with free walking and I almost vomited
out of 5 applicants so far
2:03 PM
You do you. Hope it works out for your company.
@Hans1984 Make sure in the settings the motion is based of the controller and not the headset
Hozuki does not agree with your approach hmm
that made a huge difference
I did but that totally messed me up
2:04 PM
ah ok
but i can change it to "transport" instead of "free walking" and it states that it has higher comfort
@mr5 Well he's obviously underqualified, of course he's gonna get defensive
I think i ll do that
i mean he cant even describe boxing and unboxing, wouldnt stand a change in this role
Haha, underqualified. :-)
2:05 PM
right HR wants a chat bbl xoxox
well you said it not me
So dont act like you're shit hot pal, because you aint ;) xxx
eeepppiiiicc raaap battles of historyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
Ba-dum tishh
If you solely judge me on my ability to give you text-book answers, I'm a very, very, very bad software developer, that's for sure.
2:07 PM
@Squirrelintraining come here quick!
why did you guys stop
wers the fun at
@mr5 There's no point talking about the inherit disfunction of theoretical programming questions and unpaid coding tests for interview purposes work with someone that's convinced that the job they're offering is hot shit and their recruitment method will automatically attract the best developers.
2:27 PM
In his defense, it's just for screening though and there's a follow up tests. I think those are just some basic questions which are easily Googleable. I would go for the questions you suggested as well if I am really serious in hiring good developers.
@mr5 what wait but whyß
there's almost a show, we lack of audience fuel like you :3
What's the topic
p3k mimi riot
chokeslams squirrel
2:30 PM
@mr5 jokes on you, squirrels have gills
switches technique
@mr5 This type of screening is detrimental to attracting competent developers. With the huge selection of jobs on the job market, we can essentially cherry pick the job we'll go for. Why would you spend time (remembering and then) answering text-book questions, and then spend more time doing silly programming challenges, when you could just go to an interview where you talk with another competent developer about the shit you both find interesting and be hired on the spot?
proceeds with forbidden technique of Konoha
The ones it will attract are the ones you don't want to attract. But hey, if it works out for him, I'm all for it and I'm happy for him.
2:33 PM
pings daust...
@Squirrelintraining I bet you can't ping DAust...
@Squirrelintraining wait, where is this from?
mdfkin adventure time?
@Hozuki :D
and I feel like I shouldn't be creating my table using SSMS, because I always needed to search for the corresponding/equivalent data type in C#
@mr5 You can synchronize the models from the DB to C# classes
@Hozuki it's the code-first approach right?
that one from EF
No, that's model-first. You either
A) Write C# classes and generate DB from that (code-first). This happens during run-time.
B) Design a database and synchronize C# classes from that (model-first). This happens during design-time.
I think I would go for A, but since I'm so lazy rn, I'll try B atm and see where I end up.
thanks for the links!
2:39 PM
I think that code-first is indeed the best default approach.
yeah, code data types > SQL data types
If you ever come to a point where it's unfeasible to continue with code-first, just flip it around and sync your C# from the DB and then continue that way.
Sure, code-first is easier. And simpler to comprehend. But it also has down-sides, like how you can't easily use a lot of the power of a DB like complex constraints, triggers, sprocs and queues. BUT, you probably don't need them.
Manual DB <-> Object mapping FTW!
there's also a tool suggested by Wietlol days ago where I model my tables in code and it auto-generates the SQL scripts, kinda like cross db so it's portable. Does C# have that too?
@DKDhilip If you're well versed in databases, yep! ^^'
@mr5 Code-first does that for you.
2:42 PM
well, code-first is the wey
Hmm...I'm just get used to lightweight ORM like Dapper
I like linq2db since it's still linq, at least :)
hah! but we're lazy.
the reason SSMS is doing ANRs is because Windows didn't consider doing the IO on other thread.
Eep, massive lightning strike boom very close by.
really my friend?!
you can't even read the url?
2:47 PM
you're near with forest aren't you?
@Squirrelintraining lul
why tf lich king looks like that
Yeah. Forests everywhere.
he's green not violet
am I doing this correct? lol
@mr5 he's the muddafukking lich
dfuq are those default tables doing over der
nchar id
2:51 PM
iz string though?
so there's nchar and nvarchar
@mr5 I thought you were gonna use code-first
@Squirrelintraining p3k is sleeping
nchar(20) will lways use up 20 bnytes
nvarchar(20) would use up as much as is needed
@mr5 breiung him bacc >,<Ä
2:52 PM
I don't think the nvarchar comes with a huge penalty either
@Hozuki I'm too lazy rn =P
@Squirrelintraining n**bytes
Sometimes I just use ADO.NET directly...
@mr5 DB for your game?
@DKDhilip yes
I'm migrating my repo to RDB
wow only four minutes -- he's getting faster!
2:57 PM
Also, the client code is written in different language so I can't use ADO(bo).NET
ADO.NET or Dapper, pick one...I dislike EF so much
I prefer EF
for the lazy!
It's slooooooooooow
about to hit my quota of free tier
better migrate asap
Nah, just tell everyone to take it easy on the program usage ;)
3:01 PM
Prashanth Chandrasekar on October 28, 2020
Our CEO looks back on his first 12 months at Stack Overflow and shares his thoughts on what we’re planning for the future.
@mr5 is that related to your app?
only 10 people accessed the app so far and I can already feel the unreliability of my NoSQL design
No cache?
@Freerey yes
the library I'm using is suppose to handle the caching but I think it didn't do well with that thing
3:05 PM
@Feeds Quiet you!
I think I remember in my colleagues that their table have a default auto increment id column. How to?
I see how to configure it manually.
3:34 PM
izz working
3:54 PM
whew, meetings are fun! /s
gdi I keep getting this same stupid null reference error every time I try to count the number of items in a dictionary that was instantiated in my custom object
whats a good way of describing a solo role? i.e. there is no team
full stack
hmmm, won't work in this sentence but good point
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