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4:00 PM
screw it im not HR independent will do lol
@Hozuki lol never said the job was hot shit, its just shit, hence why im leaving, but as its a solo role, i need to ensure whoever takes over is capable of doing the job with no oversight. In a large company with plenty of developers around, that wouldn't matter because it would get caught in a probationary period, unfortunately there is no code review process here, as there is no one to review the code and say "Hey, this guy doesn't know jack!"
wow, just popped my head into the SQL room, ghost town xD
4:15 PM
yeah, having a hard time keeping up with the scrolling in this chatroom, geez, stop talking so much guys! ;)
lol but the arguments over syntax are what gets me hard
well unlike c#, sql is a bit trickier for simple questions
there are some tricky concepts like when you should use nested queries over joins sometimes and such
aye, well ive migrated away from the immense library of stored procs the dba from 2011 made
created a DAL in EF
so the nitty gritty isnt really required for the role, but they'll still need to dive in to debug bad data etc
knowing the difference between a primary key and a foreign key really isnt that big a deal when all you need to do is dial in an update a single record so its stops borking this old bit of software
No one wants to answer sql questions
Aha normalisation should be a decent one to quiz on? fairly basic concept
4:22 PM
I luve sql
SQL is like going in dry and and half limp
SQL is love
SQL is life
but without a database server the application wont do much
4:23 PM
SQL is powaaaaah
It's not Bad
be any means, it's not ASP Classic
@DAustin You know there is a push to just abuse the ram as a db in some corners
Or PHP 1
@Squirrelintraining lol well it seems that's what EF likes to do
I kinda like that idea, if it's never changing data, or changed daily
4:24 PM
and still php survived the test of time
It did it did
and so would have asp classic, anyone updated it
the guy who hired me, saw the job listing and got in touch last night, was a hilarious convo, but he was talking about how much he loved PHP with Laravel
@DAustin I've heard a guy talk about jsut storing to a cluster of m2 drives which was cheaper and even faste rhtan using a db
Might have changed the story a bit there.
But it went soemthing down thsoe liens
That sounds alright
apparently i need to look into it, but sounds like Laracel is just a DB thing like EF is to C#?
4:25 PM
Your cluster is m2 drives? be sure fast
@juanvan sii
I only went solid state on my home server to shut the damn thing up when it was idling the disk
Ya I would like that
I want my data to sit in cache and refresh once a day.
@DAustin simple solution usb3 with shuitdown when disk not used
4:26 PM
Be about 24gb of data
USB3 wasn't fast enough on the IO for my needs
didnt need NVMe, but did need SATA at least
Found a tool that auto generates my DbContext, Configurations, Controllers. It's much easier to work in EF
@mr5 which one? there's afew out there
Besides the DBToCode?
4:28 PM
@Squirrelintraining Besides a WD M.2 SATS chip was like £15
okay grills
seeing you
I model my tables in SSMS though
i'll be shuttong down now
have a nice day
@Squirrelintraining Tatty byes o/ xoxox
4:29 PM
see you on trees
4:42 PM
wow, my sql isnt great, i had no idea the _ operator was thing xD
You need to watch a quick recap?
nah SQL isn't my thing, just looking for a basic question to ask to pre-screen candidates
Normalisation is too complex for a quick answer
NF? Easier than cursors
yeh but tbf its not a dba role, it just has moments where you need to do something on the sql server, because the software here is terrible at validating
Ya but you never know who's going to be giving the interview.
Had an interview once for a dev job and the guy asked only SQL questions..
I use LINQ mostly at the time, so kinda buffed the time questions.
4:47 PM
oh ill be the one interviewing :(
because i dont have enough work to do on my way ou tthe door as it is lol
I scaffolded out the DB into EF ages ago, so CRUD operations can be done with Linq
Hello, let's say I have dot net core api running. Now I want to make a docker image for it. Now in my build machine (windwos) it has no docker installed. Actually docker is not installing for some reason & I could not resolve that. I have another pc which has ubuntu install and docker running. Can I use it for build that docker image ?
but there's still some legacy crap in there that might need dealing with, need to know they wont accidentally drop a database when querying for stuff lol
@bluetoothfx As far as im aware it should run on Docker anywhere, so yes?
last time i checked though it didnt even really need docker, thought you could just compile it out to run on linux as a container anyway
i mean, i did a Web API on a CENTOS install without docker, so im sure its doable
I am so frustrated that docker is not installing in windows. I have reinstalled windows for that and upgraded to its latest version and even for that it shows error.
not sure why you need to run it in docker on windows? application requirement?
4:51 PM
Docker makes it easier so you don't have to do the setup, docker runs the image in it's box
I need to build a docker image for that api
then just run it natively
Why tho? To deploy it?
You have a docker env to post it to?
itll be quicker anyways natively on windows
@juanvan please suggest me.
4:52 PM
Every thing is quicker when you just put the SQL in the controller XD
I have api now if I need to make an image which will run on docker...do I need docker in build machine ?
Doing some reading one sec
Never used docker
@juanvan Oh i love that, tbf i have done it once in my latest application, just in an instance where creating a method would have been overkill
@bluetoothfx Yeh think so, tbh ive not built anything out to run specifically on Docker
@bluetoothfx maybe this will help you understand
4:55 PM
Seeing as .Net core is cross platform anyways
It does a setup and how to make a container on the dev machine
5:07 PM
I think I can build images in linux machine
since dot net core will run on linux
Ya you can
5:23 PM
I may have figured out the solution to my Dictionary problem: SortedLists
does C# not have a "sorted" dictionary?
still a "null reference exception"
it doesn't have this problem with regular lists so wtf man
dictionaries can't allow null values can they?
I guess not -- which is dumb because Lists are perfectly fine with it and all I'm trying to do with the dictionary is see if the length is 0 or not
5:31 PM
I just had the same problem with a list now
wtf is going on
44 secs ago, by Hozuki
@Neil https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.collections.generic.sorteddictionary-2?view=netcore-3.1
what is the problem you're trying to solve exactly?
except it isn't
what I'm trying to do is create a list of objects with their own sublists for my program to call
Who needs a SQL database when you could just use something like RocksDB instead...
I was wanting to see if I could circumvent the issue where I enter the same item in twice and Hozuki suggested .TryAdd() for sorteddictionaries
now visual studio is just being slow so meh
I set public List<Pattern> patLst = new List<Pattern>(); in Waiver.cs, then I call this object in a method on my webpage where we first see if there are any objects in patLst, so if (waiver.patLst.Count > 0), but this returns a null reference exception.
5:40 PM
I would use a Set for that
so List<Pattern> patLst {get; set;}?
no, I mean a Set instance in Java
It won't let you add a duplicate, and you can define the quality in an instance that determines its uniqueness
If such a thing exists, sure
It does
5:41 PM
set instance in java?
ok I'll try sortedset here
yeah, a Set is just a List where uniqueness is enforced in java
life is pain
@Freerey lol, speaking of pain, hows your minecraft server coming along?
@DAustin haven't touched it much...I cleaned the computer itself, but I still wanna get a new fan before I go far
the connector is some weird 2-pin molex that I can't find a replacement or adapter for
Ah, you can count on apple to ignore standards and make their own
are there any 4-pin molex connectors lying about?
5:55 PM
sure but it won't work with this thing
I think it's molex but idfk
just thinking you could probably just plug into the 4-pin with a standard case fan?
wish I could remember the serial number
or are we talking cpu fan?
the cpu technically doesn't even have a fan
there's just a heatsink and a chassis fan blows air on it
figured out the list thing. there is a god.
6:16 PM
Oh yeah forgot Apple likes to do funky stuff like that
If you just pick up a noctua case fan, it'll come with a 4-pin molex adaptor
well mine did anyways
right im off home
have a good night all o/
6:56 PM
HEy all, In my ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC-based application, I canNot do the following with JavaScript @await Html.PartialAsync("UpldPopupContentTmpltPartial", new ViewDataDictionary(ViewData) { { "BookId", document.getElementById("HiddenSelectedUploadDataType").Value } });
I need to pass the partial view with a javascript value
2 hours later…
9:13 PM
@Neil the closest thing is HashSet
@ntohl Set is just the interface
everything that extends it is supposed to enforce it though
I don't know if I ever wanted to be more general in case of HashSet, when working with it
I mean using the interface, where the concrete HashSet type would not suffice
HashSet is just the simplest implementation of Set, but there's SortedSet and TreeSet
LinkedHashSet if insertion order is relevant, TreeSet if you want to provide your own order, etc.
but yeah, generally HashSet does the job in most cases
I don't often really care much beyond whether or not I've already seen an instance in the set or not
yeah. But like. I don't see a case at the moment, when I would use an interface, and set the DI framework from HashSet to TreeSet in some cases
because perhaps order is relevant
it's more efficient to order as you insert than it is to throw it all into a Set and then sort the resulting values
that difference isn't obvious for smaller numbers but still
Also LinkedHashSet is relevant when order is important.. maybe it isn't enough to know if an instance isn't in the list, but maybe you want to know in which order it was inserted
I've had to use both in different occasions, and not just to test the various implementations for the heck of it :)
9:31 PM
than I would go through the rebuild redeploy process most likely
still using the concrete types, and not the interface
what does this have to do with the interface?
all the implementations of Set follow the contract for Set
when would I use public MyClass (Set mySet) // ctor instead of public MyClass (LinkedHashSet mySet) // still ctor to change the underlying Set with DI or something?
I would go for the second case, and change the LinkedHashSet for other type, and rebuild that part
Well for instance you'd use LinkedHashSet if you want the order traversing the set to be the insertion order
or you'd use TreeSet if you want the order to be the "natural" order or one you specify yourself
if you just used HashSet, you can make no guarantees about the order you'll get the items of the set
but again, HashSet is fine if you don't care about order
10:02 PM
I would change the LinkedHashSet to TreeSet, or HashSet or any other. But not using the generic Set.
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