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12:54 AM
ERROR 80131506
wish me luck
I'm Squirrel now!
why not update
1:24 AM
good morning nerds
1:34 AM
good morning
1:57 AM
oh still not update
well it's okey
2:22 AM
@JBis Your scrollbars need to be dark ;)
hehe firefox doesn't allow unfortunately
2:59 AM
the new microsoft browser is the best
you mean the new google browser?
is that your way of saying its built on top of chromium?
the open source browser?
if yes then sure, you can call it the new google browser
that microsoft built
called microsoft edge
3:41 AM
the new microsoft's google browser
4:02 AM
The new Microsoft's Web borrower - EDGE! based on chromium, powered by Google open-source project
4:17 AM
@cubesnyc yes
I mean 99% of the new browser is google's
whatever you say
MS just created a new theme
always fun to hear some haters perspective
i'm not a hater, i'm very happy MS replaced their browser with a chromium powered one
thats good
bad to be a hater
microsofts new browser has like half the memory footprint for me
compared to chrome
4:24 AM
i doubt they optimized anything, compare it to bare chromium
i dont use bare chromium
i use chrome
do you use bare chromium?
i use firefox
sometimes chormium for testing
so compare it to firefox?
dont know what to tell you
1 hour later…
5:41 AM
Buenos dias
I was not running my api server
but the front end was still able to make hits to it?
how is it possible?
is this some magic google analytic does?
This...lacks so much context
what you mean xD
What kinda API server? Or was just the service/api offline and the server running? What should google analytics have to do with it?
Does analytics talk to your api?
Do you analyze analytics?
5:45 AM
my dot net web api
I have a web api app
self-hosted or IIS?
I think IIS
And was your server itself offline, or was IIS shut down, or was the website within IIS turned off?
I see this
on my iis express icon
I can see it in my View sites
So I just bit my lip trying to breakfast. 29 years of living just isn't enough experience I guess.
5:50 AM
I had stopped using the stop project button on IDE
I thought that would make it stop
I am so stupid
Not sure how IIS express works in that manner
I show you screen shot
@Squirrelkiller woh
I bit my tounge and inner cheek a lot
@Squirrelkiller Please explain
am I stupid?
I just asked this question to my boss
I would have thought IIS express continues running the site even when you stop debugging
5:53 AM
^ I didn't knew that. Cries
Anyway I use local IIS because exactly that: It is itself a full web server, so it always runs.
@Shad Oh I don't know either, it's just what I'd think. But I never used IIS express for longer. Always switched to local IIS.
Yup looks like it's running
this my my local IIS
I didn't know it continues to run : ' (
Pretty sure that is your iis express
5:54 AM
so am I stupid?
Why didn't I know about this?
Nah, you're learning
is your lip okay?
This is local IIS:
My lip just needs some time alone now lol
'I would have thought IIS express continues running the site even when you stop debugging'
I wish I had thought this too
I thought once I stop, it is stopped!
like you need to keep your application running (via IDE)
It does work this way when you run it self-hosted
6:00 AM
stupid question xD
thanks :)
dotnet core apps run self-hosted by default - when you start them, a console window opens. When you close the console window, they stop. netFx are hosted by IIS express by default. core can also be hosted by IIS (/Express) or other web serves like apache or nginx.
6:05 AM
this is not the order I remember
not my fault
6:25 AM
Okay I downloaded other web api app
and When I close it.. IIS Express immediatly stops it
Might be a setting somewhere
yeah, trying to look
6:47 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
So for breakfast I opened my Gorgonzola - bought last friday, expiration.date next friday.
There was a piece missing and mould on it.
Is your GF a mouse?
Sounds more like a cat usually
I left my comput0r running over night to do an import.
And it turns out i left the music running
So my headphones where blasting music the whole night long.
Also what kinda import needs a whole night nowadays?
6:56 AM
Entity Framework
And being lazy to wire up a Bulk Insert which can handle FKs
LPT: Use other people's PCs for that aka run it in the cloud so you don't have to use your own electricity.
@Squirrelkiller Also we haz our own klaut
And klaut no solution if target is localDB
Life Pro Tip
@Squirrelintraining Do it in the cloud then copypasta mdf
7:00 AM
Much ez with git
cloud: git clone repo, run import, git push new mdf
local: git pull new mdf
1 hour later…
8:28 AM
Jack, tumbleweed
Thats my boi
Also i think it's
Jack, c#
@CaptainSquirrel good to see that even after my 3 month absence your bot is still shit kieran
I am horrible at HR interviews, but I have just applied to another company. The hell with incompetent bosses
i hate meeting
8:31 AM
is not constructive at all
Some months ago they moved me from c# to pure SQL Server projects because they said "they thought I was burnt"
No, I was fed up with my boss
why not delete your boss?
click your boss and shift+del
Been in this company for 12+ years, 10 years with no pay raise
8:34 AM
Laggy jack
okay i got it C# avangers
I have applied for a job, someone with no experience in c# is getting paid the same I am at my current position
Good luck dude
8:36 AM
May 5 '16 at 15:17, by BoltClock
He told me "I could not ask much, got no experience, I asked for XX.000 €"... I answered "motherfucker, that is what I am being paid!"
But I am bad at job interviews
If I make it, I will need to make sure my MCP/MCSA is linked to my poersonal email address, there are some companies that try to detach those certification from their workers
@bradbury9 Sounds mean
Happened to a friend, with a SalesForce certification, he had to put an incident against SalesForce to get it back
8:58 AM
is there an article about design philosophy of C# property?
what would be the content of such an article?
^ already answered
I guess that is a perfect article
9:10 AM
@Chickenchaser is there a deeper question to it?
9:29 AM
how can I return the whole string and not only AC in my regex
Regex regex = new Regex(@"(?s)(?<!B.*?)AC");
I want to match strings with AC but not prepended by a B.
So you need to do a capturing group
(this is a capturing group)
and (?: this is a non-capturing group)
@bradbury9 could you tell my how to use the capturing group in this case? Because I already used brackets here.
@kame try regexr.com it's a great visual tool
9:36 AM
regexr has a great cheatsheet, but is a bit limited, once you get familiar with regex you could go regex101.com
@Squirrelintraining on regexr.com my regex is not allowed. :/ (?s)(?<!B.*?)AC
@bradbury9 Dis looks powafull
A bit overloaded but POWAAAVULL
@bradbury9 on regex101.com my regex is also not allowed. :/
@kame ^.*(?<!B)AC.*$
what you want is match the entire string, so surround by ^ ... $
what you want to match is (?<!B)AC (aka, AC but not prepended by B)
and it doesnt matter what surrounds that, so just wildcard everything (aka .* )
I also don't want to match XBXXXXACXXX
9:40 AM
(you would need to swap a flag if you want newlines to be included in those wildcards
^.*[^ B]AC.*$ doesn't seems to work
DBFAC is also accidently matched
in that case your leading wildcard .* should be replaced to accept everything except "B", so [^B]*
.* means "accept everything"
[^B]* means "accept everything except containing 'B'"
@kame Yeah, taht is why I suggested regex101
accept anything except "B"
followed by "AC"
followed by anything
@Wietlol you are great. :D Thank you. I searched an hour for this. :)
9:43 AM
You could ^([^B]*AC)$ regex101.com/r/IZ9nMJ/1
@kame if you want to learn how to make regexes yourself, you should try to find as many different data examples and just brute force your way through regex101
Some years ago I had to do some smart autocomplete features in a website using javascript autocomplete api, webmethods, and regexes
Boy, did I learn
9:50 AM
not to do it again?
why is it that, when I'm using a while loop, it doesn't work, while a goto works?
don't judge with the code. It's not done yet.
@mr5 Looks like usability check to avoid alerts inside loops
the specs is actually aiming at that purpose
try using a loop and not calling alert
create an annoying alert until the user quits the app
9:55 AM
You guys are rude
it's meant to be used for a breaking change only
calm down shiba is here
you know, like a security bug was found and users are required to update to the stable version
9:57 AM
Force quit after the alert
there's no such thing in iOS unfortunately
A: How to terminate a Xamarin application?

Akash AminIf you are using Xamarin.Forms create a Dependency Service. Interface public interface ICloseApplication { void closeApplication(); } Android : Using FinishAffinity() won't restart your activity. It will simply close the application. public class CloseApplication : ICloseApplication { ...

now I thought of force crashing the app instead
In IOs seems to be Thread.CurrentThread.Abort();
That solution works both in Android and IOS
I'm not sure if it will pass the iOS app review.
10:02 AM
You can try, it is far more usable
@mr5 what doesnt work?
@Wietlol the display popup does not appear
did you try while (false) { DoPopup() } ?
10:05 AM
in which case, I think I know why it didnt work
@Squirrelkiller netFx meaning dot net framework?
.NET FrameworkX
both of the apps are targetting dotnet core
and use IIS Express
Output type is of course console application :)
In Visual Studio where the Play-Button is, you can usually click the little arrow to switch between "IIS Express" and, usually, the project name (or "Project"). When you select the project name it should run self-hosted.
This is only default though, so if someone else made the project and deleted that option it won't be there of course.
10:24 AM
thanks for the info :)
but the one which IIS kills immediatly has of course tickmarked IIS Express as well
not the project
you should be a teacher
or a consultant
you are really good :')
so many amazing humans
@Wietlol okay!
10:46 AM
Q: Was there a backup plan in case the Shuttle toilet malfunctioned?

DrSheldonWhat was the plan in case the Space Shuttle toilet malfunctioned? How were the astronauts expected to then handle their waste? Did they carry Apollo-style fecal collection assemblies (poop bags)? Or did they just have extra fecal containment systems (diapers)?

@Wietlol I think you need to know this
why so?
maybe he thinks you would want to poop on a spaceship?
it's interesting :D
@Freerey r8 my w0rk
the app is called krita :D
I tried my best to be creative there
11:22 AM
gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8
I'm starting to realize I have a habit of speaking too techy when I'm writing fiction
11:41 AM
You write fiction?
and you thought monday was bad
but guess what tuesday turns out to be even worse
b r u h
11:45 AM
yet there's no camera reflection
how was nyconing able to turn into a bot? xD
she's a cyborg
11:48 AM
@Freerey beah
I was working on chapter 4 last night....which is so far the hardest just due to how much has changed between revisions
@Freerey you still have the energy to work on personal projects every after work?
one character there has been removed entirely and another character who wasn't gonna show up til ch7 has now been properly introduced here
@mr5 I don't have enough energy, but ye
but for real I can write 1k words a day if I'm drafting....the sad thing is I've been in the revision process for months
12:51 PM
cya tomorrow dudes
@Squirrelintraining Wow, you really have been away a long time.
@Squirrelkiller hmm?
I think Freerey's story has been a topic here quite a few times over the past...few months I think?
1:05 PM
Hello All,

Does any one use GitLab with a master and development branch?
If so, do you know how to exclude the .yml file from merges?
I use gitlab, but why would you try to not merge hte yml file?
With .gitignore it woul be completely gone from the repo, which is not the plan
can you .gitignore the .git folder though?
Different pipelines for different branches are controlled using the only and except operators in the gitlab-ci.yml
@mr5 You just have to believe in yourself!
1:10 PM
.gitignore I think only works for non-tracked files.

The .yml files defines the build and deploy, I need one for the Production environment and one for the Development environment. They push Docker Images to different repositories and trigger the deployment for the different environments.
oh right, so it runs the same .yml but detects which branch the commit was made and the pipeline triggered, therefore only running particular section of .yml against that branch?
@matty357 You'd make different deploy jobs: Turn the deploy job into a template that uses parameters, in your case the docker image name or tag. Then one job for master uses the template and passes the parameter for hte master image, and the develop job uses the template and passes the parameter for the devleop image.
Basically one job goes

  - master

While the other goes

  - develop # insert your dev branch name here, for us it's develop
We have yet another for feature branches like

    - /^feature\/.*$/
that's why I couldn't find how to ignore the .yml when merging from dev to production. Thanks very much, makes much more sense now.
Have fun, and remember: With great power comes great responsibility.
great PITA
so to speak
1:35 PM
Hey guys, if i do a ternary operation something like (pseudo code)
`Myvariable -1 < 0 ? 0 : Myvariable-1
how can i avoid having myvariable-1 repeated without having to save the result before the ternary operation?
is there a way to do this actually?
Cause it's faster to use the ternary if i don't have to save the result, but if i need to save the result then it's uselss to use it
myVariable < 1 ? 0 : myVariable-1
Check my maths, I've been in a long meeting
How is your code supposed t owork
for a ternary the part before ? needs to be a true/false statement
and i said that's pseudo code but you used it as actual code i'm trying
myVariable < 1 is a true/false statement
but i asked if there's a way to save it
Give myVariable is a number, that will tell you whether or not it is smaller than one
1:39 PM
in the ternary operation, not how to rearange my code to make it work
this pseudo code has nothing to do with what i'm trying to do
It's not actually pseudo code, it's a real ternary operation in C#
it's just an example
i don't think you understand lol
Then make your question more precise
I understood: "If I go myVar-1<0?0:myVar-1 it has to calculate myVar-1 twice, how to save it so it only calculates once?".
So I made it calculate myVar-1 only once.
All that beside such micro-optimizations usually not actually helping, since saving a few ms here and there makes no difference to the user.
SquirrelList.indexof(squirrzelKiller) < 0 ? 0: squirrellist.IndexOf(squirrelkiller)
there :)
how do you avoid repeating index of in that case
i just wonder that for my own knowledge
Ah I see. I like your list :)
1:43 PM
I don't think you can do it inline.
yeah i often need it for stuff like that but you cna't use it like that
shame then
(Unless really ugly with more parentheses maybe)
yeah nah i like clarity lol
Just do myVariable <= 0 ? 0 : --myVariable
2:06 PM
You....didn't read his further specification, didn't you?
@MarioR. Math.Max(list.IndexOf(o), 0);
@Squirrelkiller I don't rely pay attention to chat nowadays
2:27 PM
@Squirrelintraining neither, ill check every couple hours to see if theres something interesting happening
I'm have issues converting image bytes to pixels in a bitmap. Does anyone have any experience with bitmaps?
@Harry And tahts wehy chat is ded
2:49 PM
Holy shit
Is anyone here familiar with Creative Cloud's desktop app
When did it get such utter dogshit
I first opened the desktop application ALMOST AN HOUR AGO
to install Acrobat
Had to wait about 20 ish minutes for the fucking monsterous piee of shit to update
Because somehow a fucking web page (side note: STOP USING CEF FOR FUCKING EVERYTHING) takes 15 minutes to "update"
Despite the fact it takes so long to load when it even loads in the first place I don't have any reason to believe it's loading from local
@CaptainObvious if you're paying for that software that's not really acceptable.
Have a nice day of work gurls
seing u
It's fucking not
It's an absolute joke
It's at 70% now
@Squirrelintraining later
Looks like CC realted processes are atkaing up about 6% of my CPU
And about 5% of it is THE FUCKING CEF PROCESSES
Also also have you seen the new UI
This is the smallest the window will go on my screen. Full desktop screenshot for reference
In that space it gives me:
2:58 PM
>piee of shit
well is it pee or shit?
but srsly Adobe CC is a joke
just another way to get endless money in a world where people are starting to realize they don't need adobe anymore
2) Does *not* show the install status of applications currently being installed
3) Can't see other available applications without scrolling
4) A useless sidebar which contains pointless categorisation of applications, links at the bottom which actually open in another application and are barely relevant anyway, and the "All Apps" and "Updates" buttons which:
4a) All apps ^doesn't^ show all apps
4b) Updates is redundant as the updates show up on all apps anyway
WHen I look for an extension in C#, File.exists(Path+".*txt") does not work but Directory.GetFiles does.. any reason behind this?
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