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1:13 AM
I'm back
2 hours later…
2:53 AM
wassup all
@mr5 bro you there
2 hours later…
5:09 AM
Goood moorniiiiiing CeeeeShaaaaarp! How've you been? Anyone else starting to behave a bit more normally lately, actually meeting people in person and such?
5:37 AM
your good morning are so coo! <3
6:05 AM
sapnu puas
see i can do that too
sapnu puas
It's only monday, are y'all already high or still high from the weekend?
6:43 AM
7:18 AM
Still feels a little like sunday evening, ya know when you feel like your free time is ending and now you have to work
except I'm already "working" now technically, just not being very productive about it atm
Except I came in today and got hit in the face by around 20 automated E-mails about different things being down over the weekend. Instant no-more-weekend.
I am starting to have feelings for you guys...
I've come into work with my mailbox full because someone created a feedback loop where an automated response was automatically replied to :P
you all are so awesome <3
bet the guy responsible for that got hell
Just remember, I don't give programming advice on the first date @Shad
7:25 AM
Oh man I'd love programming advice on the first date
depends on whether or not it is good advice or bad advice
but bad advice is still better than no advice at all ;)
I'd hope to be hm...far enough into software development that I can notice bad advice and tlk about why it may or may not be good advice.
I'm not fully convinced that you'll ever be guaranteed to recognize good advice from bad until you are literally the best programmer
that's kind of the catch-22 of advice isn't it? you don't know if it's good advice unless you already know better
or at the least, you may think it's good advice but it isn't and vice versa
Do you guys think if everyone on the planet becomes a producer/entrepreneur
would it be a good thing or bad thing?
I mean, take example of youtube
with youtube we have different content creators now...And power has been taken/distributed from big satellite channels
or the telecommunication companies we can call online now
7:42 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
Good morning! :3
the system wouldn't be sustainable if everyone were a producer
go on...
90% of youtubers are simple viewers, not content creators
like say everyone decides to become a programmer
7:43 AM
so like what, farmers no longer farm, they program?
@Neil I mean the case, what if more than 10% start becoming content creators
and Robots farm :P
well someone has to farm like actual food
you mean farming can't be taken over by automation?
I am simply asking what if you decide to go buy a shoe
and there are 10000000 brands
many have to die right?
as you say, system wouldn't be sustainable
demand < supply
so humans will end up fighting?
the worst part about running a business is many people lie there
at least your program can't lie
ah ok, maybe I understand your question now
what happens when the singularity hits us?
7:48 AM
what happens when humans no longer have to work to survive and get by
because everything necessary is automated
nobody really knows :P
a big part of my question, yes
good question really
surely a lot of good will come from it
but also I'm sure a lot of bad will come from that as well
7:49 AM
before everyone is taken care of and doesn't have to work, you'll have people who are starving because they made their living by farming
there will be a transition period imho where there will be a lot of pushing and pulling.. some wanting to go forward with singularity and others who resist it
and ultimately, I think resistence is futile ;)
@hollystyles :o
I find it bewildering to think about the existence of computers in our universe...
as if comprehending life was hard in itself but still we got some answers
but this whole different space of information is so perplexing!
it seems to me logical that the new evolution of our species will be to be slowly integrated with AI enhancements
and they'll start off as suggestions, but as time passes, the enhancements and the "you" will slowly fade to the same thing
There's some crazy doctor implanting himself with electronics already.
did anyone tell him that sticking a CPU in your brain doesn't make you smarter?
7:57 AM
here i come to save the days!
hey, I wanna increase my brain's ram!
how about speeding up your brain's context switching ability?h
I think it would be more like having a smartphone in your brain
when you want to do a math computation, you get the answer immediately, as if you punched it into a calculator
if you want to search something in google, you already have that information readily available to go through in your mind
I remember Elon Musk talking about similar stuff
and perhaps more importantly, it would be a companion and give you its opinion on things
8:00 AM
so we need neuro-interface?
google trends xD
I think as of today, nobody really sees the need for it, but I think that's like asking the people of the year 1950s what they could possibly need a computer for
we have the technology in our hands
i saw the research about the freewill
maybe next thing is to put inside our body!
8:02 AM
brain already makes some signals before you notice your thinking
yeah I think I read/saw that too
it has already made the decision haha
all these concepts are really amazing....
future is cool
even if it becomes more apathetic to life forms
@Neil trust me, there are some people who think there is a need. Because that is something that will be giving them the edge over others.
and this process will continue to...as you said.. Singularity!
when i get tired of writing codes, because i already complete the design in my brain,
seriously need something like let there be code!
maybe ai can do in future
it will still be a gradual process
nobody is going to want to implant computer chips in their baby's brains tomorrow
not tomorrow, but neither do I think there will be gap of 50 years now
I have seen people using neutropics like crazy.
even if there is a slight chance that a computer chip could do something like that there are going to be people who would try it.
Humans are super curious.
8:20 AM
Next step will be cyber-Eyes for people who lost an eye that save to the cloud. Saving locally just isn't great in the long run, since ou memory technology degrades over time so after 20 years the memory chip in your brain may be useless.
8:36 AM
so, future is hololens
display device will be per-individual implanted device
8:49 AM
@Chickenchaser You would benefit from TDD, You have all the schema before coding, so it would be very easy to design the tests before coding
So...upgrading the project from 46 to 472 just changed all entries in the web.config from "...nnn />" to "...nnn/>". Wtf? How do I get my spaces back? How dares VS just removing all those spaces?
@Squirrelkiller lel :D
Press F to pay respecc
Supossedly both things are allowed, I do also like the like "...nn />" one
how do you frame up a question that is something likes this:
1. Host Machine: Windows/MacOS.
2. Remote a Virtual Machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop.
3. An Android Studio/Visual Studio is attempting to connect to the host's Android Emulator.
9:00 AM
throws a nut thu a clift and sees the squirrel jump
@Squirrelintraining Now make a VS extension so I can do it for netFx with a context click on my project plz
Also, isn't it weird that Microsoft is rephrasing a lot of software/services documentation that isn't their product?
@bradbury9 It's not about what is or isn't allowed. It's about not changing my fucking web.config for no reason, giving me 200 lines of changed code in git, but giving me no fucking overview on if it actually changed something significant in the web.config without manually comparing the whole fucking file.
@Squirrelkiller Go have your birthday!
throws a nut and watches the squirrel jump through a ring of fire on a bicycle
9:08 AM
Nah not yet. I need some rest between weekends of my girlfriend already jumping in circles because I'm getting 30.
@Hans1984 And it burns burns burns the burning ring of fire
@Squirrelkiller oh 30
Already? :D
In 4 month I will be 41
I mean, it should be easy to remember, since I'm the same age as your wifey :D
you young rodent
filthy rodent
9:10 AM
||votekick Hans
oh wait that was harry
@Squirrelkiller voted to kick @Hans
we have a young squirrel in the garden in front of the house
its not shy at all it doesnt even run away
unless you get real close
You should have seen the squirrels at my university
I think they were used to students feeding them, so they'd come right up to you
11 mins ago, by mr5
how do you frame up a question that is something likes this:
1. Host Machine: Windows/MacOS.
2. Remote a Virtual Machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop.
3. An Android Studio/Visual Studio is attempting to connect to the host's Android Emulator.
pls halp.
9:12 AM
@Neil wow :o
I need to make the question in a single sentence.
thats rare
usually they run away
@mr5 what is the question?
as soon as they spot a human a mile away
I can make one if you want, though you may not like it
If you were to have the following options to put on your birthday cake, which would you pick?
1. Host Machine: Windows/MacOS.
2. Remote a Virtual Machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop.
3. An Android Studio/Visual Studio is attempting to connect to the host's Android Emulator.
9:14 AM
@Neil the question is actually on #3. How can VS/AS connect to an emulator from the host machine but it's connected on a remote desktop.
@Squirrelkiller A quick search does look like it is not configurable XML at the end
ah no. the AS/VS is running from a VM but the host machine is from a remote
@mr5 if you're connected to a remote desktop, you can do anything you could do if you were on that machine
The emulator runs on a remote machine, and your local IDE wants to attach to that remote emulator?
the IDE can connect to the emulator locally, and for the IDE it is local
9:16 AM
Wait now the IDE is in a VM. This adds another level.
@Neil it's a VM. HAXM (virtualization software) tells me that it cannot be run from a nested VM so the emulator would be a lot slower.
it shouldn't matter
it could be a VM in a VM in a VM
though it needs all the proper permissions to do everything of course
@Squirrelkiller the Android emulator will run on the host machine aka the physical machine in front of the developer.
@Neil actually, I'm not even sure if the VM is running on a physical computer or it's also simulated by another VM
So you want to connect to a remote emulator
again, it shouldn't matter (there's a physical computer somewhere up there ;)
9:18 AM
It is a funny one, MS says to manuallo port forwarding
@bradbury9 hmm yeah sort of. but that Android emulator is not broadcasting its IP(?)
@bradbury9 test also need coding.
@bradbury9 Then why does it only happen on my machine :(
if our universe were in a simulation, the universe holding the computer simulating our world may also be in a simulation
The Android Emulator from the VM is crashing even at 16GB vRAM.
9:26 AM
we wouldn't know because it may take 10 years to simulate 10 seconds of our universe, but to us it will always feel like 10 seconds
I guess the Android Emulator really needs to be run from the host machine or from a non-virtualized env.
@Squirrelkiller I thought you where younger than waifu
to he honest, im from chicken planet
in be half of my species, hello human
9:36 AM
mhhh food
welcome to animal# room
licks lips
while(!chicken.IsDelecious) fry(chicken);
@Chickenchaser ohh
That makes so much sense!
9:49 AM
ummm chicken soup...
@Squirrelintraining I am! By like a month or something. Which reminds me I might have completely forgotten her birthday.
I'm not you though, so she isn't gonna be mad at least :D
@Squirrelkiller It's in oktober homeboy..
Oh shit then last months was my cousin.
Guess I'm older then.
C# animal kingdom attendance:
rodent: ✓
rat: ✓
kangaroo: ✓
chicken: ✓
tiger: ✓
cat: ✓
dog: ✓
anime: ✓
human: ✓
monkey: ✓
roach: ✓
9:57 AM
You forgot our @c0dem0nkey
Also I guess you could describe Wiet as a cat
im just lurking here
social distancing and stuff
hello lurking monkey
hey man
not high fiving you tho lol
flamenwerfer: ✓
@c0dem0nkey no, we dont do this anymore
we do this instead
elbow fiving
its quiet painful
10:02 AM
@Squirrelkiller WIts a bigcat
@c0dem0nkey o/
10:14 AM
 -   `-
(︹   ︹ )   )         )          )
(   Y    )         )         `-
  -`-` `  - `  --- `` `(         )
  |   /          `- `
does that look like a walrus?
cap or
10:34 AM
@mr5 .. yes
10:50 AM
How should I delete 2 tables A and B if both have foreign key references of each other?
Or you know, just disable the FK Contraint
(truncate wont work but delete from should work)
ALTER TABLE [A] DROP CONSTRAINT [mYDumbAssCircularCOnstraintThatGotThruCodeReviewSomehow]
sudo rm -rf /*
11:02 AM
Failed, file is in use {A}bort {R}etry {S}lap the nearest passer by
I've encountered a weird behavior of folder yesterday that I cannot delete it no matter what I do.
Reboot to safe mode
deleting from elevated cmd won't help. also from lsw Ubuntu
if I ls -al (basically print file permission) it only shows a bunch of question marks (?)
Does the string 'node_modules' exist on that path anywhere? possibly more than once :)
I've also learned a trick to delete a folder named with space only del "\\?\C:\absolute path" but still won't work.
@hollystyles haven't tried this yet.
@hollystyles no. it's a folder generated from Android Studio.
11:07 AM
why does Patrick's voice sound like that? ._.
so I can't clean|build
he sounds possessed lmao
which one?
"it's Friday Friday.."
11:08 AM
that sounds like a zerg from starcraft.
called synthesizers
the accent is from a korean male and I adjusted the rate, pitch to low
11:16 AM
you all so funny
I have feelings now
@nyconing watafaq?
it's a famous song
Shad you've never commented on the solutions </3
its very disturbing
but its j-pop so its no surprising at all
I altered table and set the value to null xD
thank you for all the solutions <3
11:21 AM
didn't know how to disable FK_constraint on PgAdmin
must be a way of course
the comment section says its a song that was made to cheer up ppl after the tsunami tragedy
All constraints have a name
Good programmers give their constraints a meaningfull name
Bad one let them be autogenerated
Know the name, disable the game
11:22 AM
nice advice :)
bet they didnt think things would be 10x worse in 2020
FYI - I don't set my contraint names.
@Hans1984 we need a v2 of that
you are so witty
@Squirrelintraining xD
11:23 AM
for corona depression
Pretty sure pgadmin has a pointy-clicky way to remove an FK
yeah I think the same
but the work got done
@mr5 Well go ahead delete Android Studio then
@Squirrelkiller oh yeah? But have you watched this video before?
@mr5 Well this is one giant mean-looking noscript logo. Habe you ever seen the noscirpt logo fullscreen? That shit is scary.
11:33 AM
wdym? it only loads a single file =(webm)
it legit took me a moment to realize where that dancing Patrick gif came from
"happy hopping moron day"
that was friday
why you even mention it
that was the best day of the week, today is the worst day of the week
total opposites
so what you're saying is you're a pessimist?
I am a realist
anyway what was that speak command again
something with a 3
p3k hans
p3k speak hans
11:39 AM
oh right
@Hans1984 Don't blame Monday for coincidentally occurring at the same time you're at your worst :)
cant be a coincident!
I guess patrrick doesnt speak anymore
I think this dumy isnt even here
I love Monday's, everyone else is so focused on their own doldrums they completely fail to notice I did fuck all all day :)
I love testing phase, nobody cares whether I took 20 minutes or two hours to test a certain module of our application :D
Which reminds me. I should use this time to write an automated test so next time it's less manual testing.
Me almost everytime: Hmm I should write an automated test. ... five minutes of keyboard bashing ... Fuck this architecture is all wrong tightly coupled and immposible to test! ... mmmm donuts!
11:48 AM
Can confirm: Fuck this shit ima build an e2e-test an be done with it.
Ah fuck we got too many e2e-tests already compared to unit and integratin tests, and I'm one of the people pushing better testing style here.
@v.7 isn't this from you?
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