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2:01 PM
access data source and delete it from there as what cptn obvs told u erliyer
I just...
o k a y
don't rely on the UI controls to manipulate your data.
it's a scam
what if the binding mode is not twoway? gg
I'm not manipulating da-- oh, forget it
well, if you assign a data source as a binding (as what I've read from your previous messages) in your gridview, then I assume that the number of rows of this gridview is dependent on the data source? no?
so if you deleting a row from a gridview, you are basically deleting an entry from the data source.
and I call that data manipulation using the UI control.
I originally didn't have a databind, but I put one on just to see what happens and it didn't work
I think I found the issue, anyway: whenever the delete button is clicked, the system keeps looping through the command, which causes the exception
2:10 PM
does the platform you are doing this have some rules on which thread to access the UI? maybe you're invoking that gridview.DeleteRow in a non-UI thread so the changes are not reflected?
> looping through a command
I'm just doing this on Visual Studio Windows ift hat's what you're talking about
sounds like a horrible framework
yeah idk why it's doing it, either
there's no loop, but rowdeleting keeps happening until it crashes
no, I mean in which framework/OS does your code run from?
from/into I'm not sure which word to use.
.NET 4.5
2:13 PM
ugh no
does it run in Windows?
in browser perhaps?
he protec
he attac
but most importantly
he slow as jac
yeah that looks like it's in Windows
then you're fucked up.
@Freerey I am curious to know which library or set of library you are using that invoking a command needs a loop.
so I can avoid it in the future.
Is this a DataGrid?
because mine is labelled like this in the XML
DataGrid Name="BoxDataGrid" ItemsSource="{Binding ItemRows}"
and in the code behind
//Box Table Delete Button
public void BtnDeleteRow_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
//Delete the row, only deleted from the ViewModel until submitted so we can revert the changes if required
if (BoxDataGrid.SelectedItem is ItemRow selectedRow)
gridview..and I found out it's bad practice to put a .DeleteRow inside a _DeletingRow event
2:20 PM
why u people uses code behind
because you have to interact with the ui from a different thread
unless you want a laggy af app
there's a ViewModel for it
...Read the comment line...
@CaptainSquirrel how is Jack still slow?
I'm going back to using a custom method to delete the row
2:22 PM
Well, we use Xamarin (mobile) and all the data manipulation are done in ViewModels
does it run on .net or something?
i know what Xamarin is ;)
the mobile part emphasizes that it's more slower
so it's not an excuse to say it would be slower to use ViewModel
Xamarin is not as efficient for compiling for android as Android Studio is btw
its not slower to use the view model of course, well maybe on the ns timescale but negligible
yeah it's slow af in Android
2:25 PM
next monday will be the starting of notice period
so I'm going to back off from using Xamarin for my next employment.
if im updating the UI, why shouldn't I use the UI thread to do that on?
@ntohl noice resign-mate :)
anyone knows a good remote work for me? (english speaking multi. I mean multi, that hungarian allowed)
@mr5 peace 😀
@DAustin putting the code in the ViewModel does not necessarily mean you are executing it from a different thread
wtf am I saying
2:26 PM
lol ty you confused the fuck outta me there
all the error messages i kept getting would state otherwise xD
what does "would state otherwise" means?
at least in code behind im guaranteed to not have a multithreading error over updating a row
the error messages i would get from trying to update the view from a different thread
multithreading would only happen if you explicitly wrap the invocation in a Task
would disagree with that statement
2:28 PM
have you managed to run your synchronous code on other thread?
which i do with background threads
yeah also, if you're using a framework that does a lot of abstraction, there might be some Task lurking you don't know.
but im only gonna bother sending the actual UoW off to another thread
background threads... ok
background worker* sorry
ok lets back up here lol we are talking about removing a row from a DataGrid in the view
not from the source data, just the view
2:32 PM
manipulating the data from a different thread while the UI controls are binded to it, in my experience doesn't really create any problem (limited to initialization).
i know
i manipulate the data after the user has completed their edits
but i use a DTO for that
because you should never trust your users
Depends if they have to pay you when they have a problem lol
now. What is the task you have to do? Or we are just curious if code behind is allowed?
what if the users pay you to trust them?
Can't buy trust
2:35 PM
im fine, it all works, i was posting tsaid working code for Freerey to compare as to why his wasnt working
then mr5 got a case of the coding snobbery on ;P
user: trust me for 5 seconds. I giff you $500.
dev: ok
user: jump from this cliff and you will be fine
@mr5 if you want to make your life harder than c++, go php
@mr5 if someone pays you to trust him, then that person is probably not trust worthy
@nyconing is it Go or PHP?
2:38 PM
lol, idk go lang
@Wietlol I didn't pay you to think!
@Wietlol what if it's her and not his?
You can buy ignorance, given the price is high enough for potential moral implications.
But you can't buy trust.
@mr5 then they are still probably not trust worthy
php even worst than js
2:39 PM
@mr5 good deal; the medical bills are only $120! :D
@Freerey == $6.689503e+198
@Freerey do you use semicolons outside programming?
I have never know when to use it.
in a list
well I mean I just did lol....and yes I use them a decent amount
2:43 PM
banana; apple; mango?
When you could have ended a sentence but didn't.
^^ that too
Mira blinked; her tie to Rélhum – and thus Mírre – had loosened in her sleep.
@Squirrelkiller Oh, like th;
When a full stop may be used, but you kinda wanna keep context a bit stronger.
2:44 PM
but they're very useful in a list where you need to use the word "and" a bit
try reading some 19th century English literature; it's full of that
I think William Faulkner is most guilty of having the most insanely long sentences ever
so it's not common nowadays?
@Squirrelkiller aye, its when the following sentence is directly affected by the preceding one
semicolons are still common, but they're not overused like they were back then
not really, because most people don't know how to use it
you'll pretty much only see it regularly on legal documentation where clarity is key
2:46 PM
chinese poem uses ;
ah poetry is a different matter
@Freerey ahh that hyphen too. I did try to use it in our literature class back in college because I just feel using it but not because I understand how to use it.
I overuse the em dash x-x
em dash
my bad :D
2:47 PM
lots of amateur writers seem to overuse it
@mr5 Hyphen is the word for it
basically I picked it up from Mark Twain and havent' been the same ever since
you were correct
hyphen is a word for it
google's entire js based development ecosystems uses dash
2:48 PM
ah good popint
I need to read Twain again sometime soon
dash is probably the most used word to describe it
last thing I read from him was Prince and the Pauper when I was 17
those auxiliary symbols are used for emotions only right?
wym by auxiliary?
2:50 PM
em/en dash, semi colon,
I describe - as "closed eye"
such as -_-
you reading then found a hyphen quickly blinks
no they're not used for emotions only
2:51 PM
when I used the em dash in that sentence, it was to shove in a detail that would have otherwise felt awkward
I didn't need to say Mira's tie to Mirre was loosened at the same time her tie to Relhum was loosened, but the em dashes allowed me to say that without being too intrusive
> don't forget the hyphen in light-hearted.
nowadays, em/en dash and semicolons can be replaced by emojis
much more emotion you can digest from it.
now I'm wondering if there's a popular book which uses emoji to indicate pauses
if there is, I don't want to know about it
no. it does not use emoji for pauses
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