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3:00 AM
Hmmmm, which better?
class A
    public void Method()
    private static void DoSomething(A _this){ /*...*/ }
class A
    public void Method()
    private void DoSomething(){ /*...*/ }
3:15 AM
@Flithor I like number 2
opps, some wrong code.
just DoSomething();
3:48 AM
@Freerey ahh that's one of the excuse I learned during wfh
morning fellas
4:16 AM
Evening \o
juan appeared at this time, unusual
4:31 AM
@Freerey did you draw this yourself?
4:52 AM
New course on PS was released
Getting it out of the way..
5:18 AM
Is there a simple way without using regex to convert "CamelCaseName" to "Camel Case Name"?
using regex.
5:45 AM
good morning amazing people
Good morning o/
I must ask the obvious question here
@TooFatManNoNeck Why not Regex?
@Squirrelkiller you don't feel life is running?
how you stay in control?
Oh life runs, but I run along
run squirrelkiller run!
> You overestimate how much you can do in a day, and underestimate how much you can do in a year.
Life's a marathon, not a sprint
5:51 AM
@Squirrelkiller should I tell my boss I am not comfortable with some work he has given me?
I am scared
Because you feel the task may be too hard for you? Or because he makes you do immoral stuff?
But in generel, you can always tell him
it is something new
Maybe your boss thinks you're far enough for a new challenge
need to use an external api
yes but I know who I am
5:59 AM
new framework? like MFC?
just some external api for sending mails
and stuff
Ask a colleague, they usually have tools already for stuff you haven't worked with yet
why though
http api?
5:59 AM
why are you scared of using it?
dang so many questions xD
some guy left
yes, external REST API
to automate emails
@mr5 because I have never
I only worked on some small modules on other project till now
I recommend Postman, just in case your colleagues don't have something else they give you
it should be the same as most REST APIs out there
yeah postman
if it didn't work there. go tell your boooos immediately
6:03 AM
okay gulps
thank you <3
@Shad Dont be afraid of testing/trying new things. You may like them!
6:21 AM
In Spain there is a food we call "Calamares en su tinta" that does not look tasty at all. It is translated as "Squid in its ink" and yes, when you get it on your table you find out a black dish.
The opinion among **all** foreign people that tasted it is unanimous:
1- They were forced to taste it
2- They did not want to taste it at all
3- They liked it a lot and are grateful to those who forced them to taste it
I'd definitely want to taste that lol
Then again, I love calamares in general
That ink with rice is awesome and sometimes it is server with some rice as companion
6:38 AM
@bradbury9 eyy it's a popular street food here. We usually put breadcrumbs on it (prolly to cover its color?)
@bradbury9 uhm it's different to what I thought lol
but I think it originated also in Spain
@bradbury9 Looks interesting indeed. I estimate my next vaction destination in spain to be somewhere around Barcelona, can I get Calamares en su tinto just anywhere?
tinta*, "tinto" is red wine
you could also ask look for "arroz negro", is is server in a paella
tinta for female tinto for male?
no, "tinto" is how red wine is called
It is true usually "a" means female and "o" means male. Like "chica" and "chico" that is translated as girl and boy. But there are words that dont have two genders
"Tinta" is female, but "Tinto" is not "male ink"
@mr5 Yup, that dish is also spanisk, we server it usually with lemon. I do like calamares in all their different recipes
6:56 AM
@Squirrelkiller Problem solved with Regex. Thank! :-)
Damn that was easier than I imagined
@Squirrelkiller Regex.Replace("CamelCaseName", @"(\B[A-Z])", " $1")
I thought "tinto" was just the short/colloquial form of vino tinto?
@TooFatManNoNeck Beautiful
Thank you!
Yeah, its usage is colloquial
7:03 AM
Does blanco count as whine too if I order like that?
Also why not vino rojo
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
@mr5 awww maska is mishka
I know that one
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
7:23 AM
good morning bro
are you older than me?
I am...25
Hi harry
you are a bug, Harry!
*not a wizard
morning shad
@Squirrelkiller Yes, "vino blanco" is another type of wine, usually server with fish
I have a weird question
how do people who are sick of C# switch languages
like I feel silly going out looking for jobs for like scala or something when I did a lot of C#
or better yet how do people even start programming on certain languages? is it only because of the universities? the first jobs?
They do migrate to vb.net, realize how disgusting it is, and come back to c#
better get an exorcist for that one rather than a developer
7:33 AM
Now more seriously, an easy migration would be Java. The syntax is very similar
yea obviously but its just not interesting at all
because its very similar
sure why not
8:15 AM
@Shad Harry is older than nobody
For he is a child
@bradbury9 *served
Indeed ;-)
But does the server understand when I order "blanco", or do I have to order vino blanco?
@Shad yes, yes I am
@misha130 my experience from my country is that they just look if you have at least prior experience, even a little. Well, I was a freelancer so I am forced to learn a lot of languages before.
8:19 AM
@Squirrelkiller The waiter would understand "tinto" no problem, and would likely understand "blanco", but it is normally referred as "vino blanco"
I dont get it @mr5
what do you mean by "least prior experience, even a little"
oh wrong grammar I guess
I mean experience only
even a little
why is everyone talking about whine in spanish
it's mostly a reply to this:
49 mins ago, by misha130
like I feel silly going out looking for jobs for like scala or something when I did a lot of C#
8:21 AM
I see
so freelancing is the way to do it
They asked about wine, I dont drink wine
but a full time contract is a lil on the nose
personally, that works for me.
probably a question of currency too
@HéctorÁlvarez Because they eat calamari in their ink
8:23 AM
@HéctorÁlvarez Squirrel said he/she may go to Barcelona
*their being the calamari's
hmmm yes, calamari are pretty common around here at least
One of Madrid's typical dishes a calamari sandwich
Calamari are part of why I love spanish food
My mom makes really great Paella by now
Wine is not good
Wine is great
8:29 AM
The only whine spain lacks is Retsina
I never get a headache from that
And I like it
I'm gonna ask a regex question here since the regex channel seems kinda dead and I'm using it in c# so I guess that counts
I got two capturing groups that match fine but I also wanna check if there's a match where the groups are reversed
which is the thing after the |
How can I know the connection string when I click on a db in pgadmin
You gotta build your own connection string with the data from the properties
I tried
it doesn't work :(
8:37 AM
tried how?
Pretty sure htere are online connecstring builders
Also SqlConnectionStringBuilder
good morning
@Lett1 I think you need to either use two seperate regex passes, or make 4 groups and check all of them
@Squirrelkiller Great now Freddy Mercury is sining my head - yi can't stop him now.
8:49 AM
made it work, there was port issue xD
an external API that needs an exclusive port other than 80?
no no
I haven't even began to work at it yet xD
currently working with local db in pgadmin to understand the flow first
9:06 AM
good luck @Shad you can do it!
I've heard postgresql is the fastest DB
only quality I know is, it is open source
it is written in 'C' !
amazing people
@mr5 I heard /dev/null is the fastest DB
loool. I'm going to sign my dismissal notice with my engraved employee of the year pen...
9:20 AM
@Wietlol plz explain. I've heard of that joke before but I'm still ignorant
@ntohl personally?
@mr5 yes
> when you write to MongoDB, you don't actually write anything. You staged your data to be written at a later time. If there's a problem writing your data, you're fucked. Does that sound like a good design to you? - If that's what they need to do to get those kick-ass benchmarks, then it's a great design.
the bear reaction. lol
@ntohl your company doesn't acknowledge resignation through email?
@mr5 well. We paper when the notice period begins, how much time I will have to go on vacation, how much days will be paid out, etc.. Also the cutback was generally in good "mood", so why not. The most important that I will have a signed paper about the reason is not my work's quality, but cutback.
@Shad localDB is an asshole!
9:33 AM
@ntohl how much is the usual backpay in your country?
Did connection string syntax change with .Net core 3.1/EF? An API using .Net 3.1 throws SQL logon exceptions with a service Id, but the same ID works just fine using .Net Core 2.1
@mr5 it depends on how much did you work for the company. I've been working here for 3 years, so I'm entitled for 1 month of backpay, and have 1 month + 5 day notice period. Which's half is going to be a free holiday (by the law), so I don't have to work 17 days approx, and get money for that.
Plus I have a lot of holidays left, which have to be split by the year. So for example if the cutback happens at the end of june, It's 50% of the year. So I and the company have to manage 50% of my holidays by taking it, or "check out" (pay in cash).
check out is double price
So now you can effectively work for double the money if you choose not to take the vacation
I can be forced to take the half of it (companies can manage half of your vacation)
also I'm going to handover a big project, so 2 weeks from now I must be here, so I give a shit about my fellow programmers
same. 2 weeks prior to my last day, I'll be making documentations as well and turnovers
but I'm not expecting my backpay to be any great amount.
9:53 AM
only after the vodkas are max 2 cl
resigned and right to the alcohol
good man
yeah these days I cant drink a lot
10:03 AM
😃 yeah. Nice tie-in
nowadays even a couple of beers do it
I want to share these kind of memes to my GF but she just doesn't find it funny :/
I drink approx 2 beers daily
I drink hard drink once a year
Depends on the beer for me
The stuff my gf is used to, I cna drink like water. Because it's colombian beer and it's actually closer to water than real beer.
Then there's north german beer form where I live, and I can drink quite a few of those.
10:07 AM
and then theres bavarian beer
But then there's bavarian beer I sometimes find around here. I'm drunk after 2-3 bottles there.
the ONLY real beer
Gustl ftw
10:07 AM
thank god im in bavaria
You know what Xcode is really good at? Pissing off people!
i cant wait till my 21st at the end of the month, i've got the whole week booked ff so i'll be hard drinking all the week
I really miss that since I left for Hamburg
Oh poor americans, get guns before you get alcohol
@Harry at your age you can still drink hard all the time
at my age you cant
unless your an alcoholic
A: To what extent are 'lost data' criticisms still valid of MongoDB?

Adam ComerfordNote on Context: This question was asked in 2012, but still sees traffic and votes to this day. The original answer was specifically to refute a particular post that was popular at the time of the question. Things have changed (and continue to change) massively since this answer was written. Mo...

10:08 AM
@Squirrelkiller im english
@Hans1984 Not with that attitude
@Harry You also only get to drink from 21?!
I drink heavy from time to time
but it used to be EVERY saturday from 18-28 yo
every single one
10:09 AM
@Hans1984 can relate, saturdays nights are what i live for
my watch doesnt go up to 28
so its years of age obviously
my watch dont go up to 24
these days i only get high from time to time
rarely drinking
its like back then if you got drunk your felt sick for one day, now you feel sick for 3 days atleast
it sucks
Harry is on different dimension
I mean Hans
getting old sucks
its no secret
10:13 AM
@Harry A huge hangover may not be the best way to enjoy birthday
@bradbury9 im 20, what the heck is a hangover
it's a movie
at my age that's all the word hangover means to me
never experienced it
do you not drink?
10:15 AM
When you come back home after all the drinking do drink water
Venice has a clock that goes up to 24. My brother said "That can't be a clock, it doesn't have 12 numbers!".
@bradbury9 yeah i do, always make sure i have a bottle, i think thats why i dont really get them tbf
I do, a lot during college days. But now, I only drink once a year.
One dude I play games with told me "OMG! huge hangover!" I said him to hidrate, he did, 10 minutes later he was amazed
ohh yeah. I think that's the reason I don't get hangover. I drink a lot of water and I almost always vomit every after session.
10:19 AM
yeah drinking water after drinking heavy is huge
even better drink water in between
but not if you only drink beer lol
beer is like water to me
maybe its because im bavarian
Can confirm: Flunkyball with water is way harder than with beer.
im like obelix just that i feel into a bowl of beer
I dont think anyone will get this reference
But they're french, so not only known in germany
also russian tv showed it
all russian tv was french
russian tv showed asterix and obelix ?
10:23 AM
yea of course
That is the part that confused you?
Why was russian tv all french?!
it was romanticized
back in the 70's i think
russians liked it because of the fat alcoholic guy
I dunno there is a weird story about it about importing tv
10:24 AM
we love all french tv
loved*, as in the old stuff
i even read the comic books as a kid
@Hans1984 I do get the reference
yes felt
@Hans1984 obelix the tormentor from Yu-Gi-Oh?
10:26 AM
come on
fall fell fallen
feel felt felt
i felt the fall
@mr5 that's obelisk
yeah haha
10:29 AM
this is the obelisk/obelix I have in mind:
close enough
hes big too
Anyone know if I can just paste a commit hash and directly display that commit in Team Explorer?
@Hans1984 Not as strong as Obelix though
@Squirrelkiller true. Noone is a strong as obelix !
I assume you are talking about GIT:
Team explorer -> Branches -> Select branch -> View history -> Enter Id into the search in the upper right
I hoped there's a way of doing it without going throught the branches view, as we have like 50 open feature branches. Copypasting from the Gitlab Merge Request would be way easier.
Also there are commits outside of branches
10:39 AM
Is GitHub costly compared to other Git repos?
TortoiseGit xD
lol. that's SVN
or not
@bradbury9 This doesn't give me the nice VS overview and compare features :P
There is not only TortoiseSVN but also TortoiseGit
10:41 AM
I do agree Team Explorer is very useful in its later versions
@mr5 Depends on what you want. For personal use, it's free, same as Gitlab and Bitbucket and whatever else is probably also free for personal use.
@Squirrelkiller for company use?
I have never been into a situation that I'm the one to look for product cost for a company.
Oh you're actually looking something up for a comany?
Than, AFAIK, the best bet is onPrem Gitlab. You just host gitlab yourself, and have all default features for free.
I'm just curious
A client I was working at some years ago used Gitlab, they were very happy with it
Dont remember if it was on premses or not
10:46 AM
what about GitHub?
it's the most advanced and decent repo I have used.
Pf they just got the hype factor
Gitlab got both free private repos and free CI runners before Github!
it's actually my observation
What does it do better?
10:48 AM
I have used GitExtensions, Source Tree, BitBucket, GitTea
so far, GitHub is the most organized and decent
source tree is a git client though, not a hoster
yeah lol
and git extensions too
well, two remaining to compare
Ah self hosted. Didn't know about GitTea.
of I forgot DevOps
DevOps sucks the most
Does it have CI/CD and runners?
10:52 AM
which one?
It can be configured
DevOps is nice for the ticket integration, but the CI/CD language sucks there.
Yes, GitTea
The default look of it was similar to GitHub previous look
Says ligthweight, doesn't say CI/CD on the overview
It's disabled by default
I didn't actually configure our GitTea but our sys admin. That's what he told me.
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