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2:00 PM
@Tumelo the response is structured data, as you can see from the WSDL. It has a number of properties, some of which are strings. If you want one of these strings as some presentation data to write into HTML, get that out of the response with response.Whatever. Otherwise, write something to produce the content you want
You can't just force it to a string, that doesn't make any sense
awa kins
2:01 PM
Force kins. ...no?
Just matched with an 18 year old on tinder... Jeeeze where are the 21-25 educated ones... please
i need to try tinder
@JakobMillah ...they're smart enough to not use Tinder?
2:03 PM
Tinder is great fun, but depressing as fuck when you have swiped through all and no match is "good enough"
@Squiggle They are all already taken dude..
@SteveG you need to try grindr
That's the probem
@KendallFrey never heard of it
grindr? Wonder if it's popular in sWE
2:03 PM
awa kins
I just checked what it was...
I was like "OHH Another app I can try"
@SteveG the joke is lost on you :(
Regrets were made...
@JakobMillah well, you could...
@JakobMillah hehe
2:04 PM
@KendallFrey i googled it, how u no bout that app?
everyone knows about it
aint nobody got time for that
@TomW Dude... There won't be a third leg stiff enough to stablizie this body during that encounter.. I am very sure about that..
@SteveG how u not
2:05 PM
lol i think it's pretty clear: I don't browse gay dating apps
@SteveG Then we are 2 mate.. I had no clue before I just checked it..
lol yea
I thought it was more about just having sex though..
oh i have no idea
2:06 PM
@SteveG neither do I. problem?
even if you did, no problem
just giving ya shit
If(you.knows(grindr)){you.sexuality = gay;}
you guys are all perfect for each other.
Amy.. Please...
Do you have a man @Amy? He's lucky
2:08 PM
@SteveG I was giving you shit, don't turn that on me
We need more programming women!!
no, i have a wife.
@juanvan which version of daemon tools did you say to get?
Even better @Amy!
2:08 PM
@Failsafe None!
@JakobMillah by that logic, no gays will know what tinder is
daemon tools? are you running windows xp?
windows 7
@KendallFrey Well, there's an exception for those like me who didn't know grindr..
Oh well... DIDN'T know :| I guess I'm gay..
2:09 PM
winiso doesnt work
im still trying to figure out if @Amy was joking about having a wife
That will probably make it easier finding someone.. Since finding a lady these days is pretty hard..
@SteveG no
well damn, who the hell am i going to marry now
well, not me
2:11 PM
@JakobMillah and @KendallFrey, obviously.
Kendall is way too rough for me!
don't worry, he's too rough for everybody
sometimes including himself
does anyone have any alternatives to old daemon tools thats lightweight and i don't have to register for
2:13 PM
@Failsafe Double click the damn ISO already
i dont want to burn to disc
i thought windows 7 could mount ISOs directly.
Fix your default action for ISOs
2:13 PM
i thought it could
They can. >_<'
maybe thats w8
it can
Vista even could.
right click the ISO and start picking random things in the context menu
2:14 PM
Wait, maybe not vista.
yeah i don't think vista
you cant mount an ISO @Failsafe hahaha
there's no native virtual mount
on my win7 copy
i've never had that
even at home
god i wish i would have brought my computer home so i could work from home, i don't feel like going out into this freezing cold + snow + drifting + tokyo, + money and drugs
oh wait, maybe you need to first download this: microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=38780
Tokyo ;o nice
and if you don't need that cd to work as cdrom to run a game something (god dammit is anybody still doing that?), you can simply open it by winrar or 7z
@tweray CD? That sounds like a relic of the ancient past.
2:21 PM
What's a CD?
dude, even dvd sounds like ancient past for me
i always like poweriso
i dont have a dvd drive anymore
i have no disk drives anywhere
Havn't had a dvd drive for about 5 years xD time flies by
My PC uses 5.25" floppies
2:23 PM
Flappy birds? In your PC?
believe it or not, 3.5 or 5.25 copy of windows now worth millions
you're right
i dont believe it
i have 3.1 on 3.5s, its worth about 5p
if they are origin copy with origin label on them, put them on ebay
oh, really?
2:25 PM
for 14 disks
far away from millions though
well, win95 doesn't count
even factory sealed only goes for £90
lol, stop slamming my face
I want millions
2:27 PM
technically that's like millions of thai baht lol
I want dem dollaz
i got a plan, let's buy all those copies and destroy until there's only one left, then we can mark it with some ridiculous price
or you could buy them all and not destroy them, and still set a ridiculous price
but i want to destroy them
Kendall.. Stop being so smart.
I can ride a bike with no handlebars!
no handlebars!
2:35 PM
yes, you see, jakob is my friend!
my msdn visio download wont install
Please.. I am everybody's friend!
Ask dem russians in CSGO. Everyone knows me
@SteveG I think it will be, once I do get it correctly. I think I'm going to make the project open source.
@Failsafe do you really need to mount the iso or just open some file in it?
hahahaha you still struggling with that ISO xD
2:40 PM
@tweray i already solved that problem
1. Just download the daemon tools lite:
2. Double click the ISO file
3. In "your computer", there should be a new drive
ohh, great :P
apparently my installed office products are incompatible with visio
@JakobMillah Yipes. Just yipes.
I don't know what to say xD
2:42 PM
the fix is to uninstall office
In other news, I am literally the only member of my team in the office today.
room topic changed to C#: Coctothorpe chat, aka the linq appreciation channel. I got 99 problems but Visio ain't one. csharpchat.com [.net] [asp.net] [asp.net-mvc] [asp.net-mvc] [c#] [entity-framework] [java-hate] [linq] [visual-studio] [wcf] [wpf]
maybe an older version of visio would work
@ShotgunNinja I got a good one. Can I change it?
room topic changed to C#: Coctothorpe chat. / Don't you wonder sometimes, 'bout sound and Visio / csharpchat.com [.net] [asp.net] [asp.net-mvc] [asp.net-mvc] [c#] [entity-framework] [java-hate] [linq] [visual-studio] [wcf] [wpf]
(unless you're sick of Bowie references by now)
RIP Bowie
2:47 PM
ground control to major tom, visio 2013 wont install
I find it hard to believe that Keith Richards and Ozzy Osborne both outlived Bowie.
they both still do hard drugs
@Squiggle Never.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan and this is why I like you
According to Ozzy's biography he has a rare genetic mutation that basically makes him really, really good at doing tons of drugs and not dying.
2:49 PM
Jeez, stock trading is weird.
Yes, well, but they're no Iggy Pop.
"It meant that because Porsche had not declared the proportion of VW shares it controlled, traders may have been indirectly and inadvertently borrowing shares from Porsche, selling them to Porsche, buying them back from Porsche and then returning them to Porsche."
@mikeTheLiar Yes it's the next stage of evolution
18 billion loss? wtf
gife moenyz
zomg new what-if! what-if.xkcd.com
2:52 PM
"logger.js will make you rich, famous and want for almost nothing"
@mikeTheLiar The human raise will ruin this planet anyway :P
Although you can see quite clearly the exact moment that Iggy Pop's drugs and booze started actually affecting him: extraordinary-thing.blogspot.co.il/2010/08/…
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan descent into cocaine
is there someone for helping me
2:55 PM
@Failsafe That's the point - he did cocaine by the bucketloads, and heroin before that, for decades before it started showing.
The man is a lean, mean, substance-abusing machine.
for helping you we might, but not without question @MarkusWerner
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan constantly working out helps probably
just :)
ehm i want convert this query sql in linq c#
ehm i have this string
SELECT DISTINCT MIN(imageNameCar) AS imageNameCar, Doors, Body, BodyName, ModelNum, ModelFrom,ModelTo,Species
GROUP BY Class_ID,MAKE_ID, ModelName, Doors, Body, BodyName, ModelNum, ModelFrom,ModelTo,Species
HAVING (Class_ID = 1) AND (MAKE_ID = '-1') AND (ModelName = '500') AND (Species = 'CAR') ORDER BY ModelFrom DESC
i'm blocked on it
Species = 'CAR' haha
2:57 PM
my collegue is mad
I didn't even notice ^^
i must convert this in linq
first i thought
var cars = (from db in contextDB where class_id == '1' && ....
@Squiggle its name is Ford Prefect
@mikeTheLiar I was thinking it was probably a werewagon
hey don't joke with me... i'm a newbie
and i wanna learn with you linq
2:58 PM
@MarkusWerner no worries, chap. Let's see what we can do :)
thanks @Squiggle
3:00 PM
@MarkusWerner your table is at dbContext.CarDB, right?
what is the type of imageNameCar? selecting MIN(imageNameCar) is ordering alphabetically or something?
3:04 PM
don't ask for its i don't know why it select distinct min(xxx)
yeah, it just looks weird
so you'd start with something ilke...
well, then you'd better think about if it's necessary, i don't see too many use case that you really need to do MIN() on a string, although it do allows you to
from car in dbContext.CarDB
group by (something) into g
where (some conditions)
uhm simplest
select (something from g)
3:06 PM
i'm stupid....
I use query syntax so little I'm not sure I could write a query if you put a gun to my head
yeah me too, but it's easier to grok if you come from SQL
I learned SQL before Linq but I still like query syntax more.
@MarkusWerner something like this maybe
using (Entity var = new Entity()){
var db = (from c in var.CarDB
group c by new {c.Class_ID, c.ModelName, c.Doors, c.Body, c.BodyName, c.ModelNum, c.ModelFrom, c.ModelTo, c.Species} into carGroup
where c.class_id == 1
where c.MAKE_ID == "-1"
where c.ModelName == "500"
where c.Species == "CAR"
orderby c.ModelFrom descending
select carGroup;

Once you understand lambdas they seem much more intuitive to me
3:08 PM
That's so weird.
be aware that the syntax isnt correct
i have no idea i just winged it
if you can write sql, you can write query syntax
i must use where xxx = yyy && ....
and not one over other
sorry my bad english
where c.field not exist context why?
Damn.. I just Googled my name on the intrawebs and looked at the images... Wtf
Freakin, my current cars shows up even
3:14 PM
Friends since younger age..
My sister..
My uncles wife..
that's why you don't put everything on social network, look at me, when you google my name you can't find anyth..... wait
not my regular name, but
<---- that name
@MarkusWerner where x && y is the same as

where x
where y
@JakobMillah You failed the obfuscation of identity.
they are both and statements
it's really personal preference
3:15 PM
@RoelvanUden I did.. Damn
But jeez. Twitter & Instagram are the biggest thieves..
@JakobMillah i don't use either of those
Just because I get followed by someone, they show up on google search o.O
At least I can stand for all the images.. But I am thinking about all those people that take naked photos and what not.. rip
@tweray Kevin?
#FackInterwebs I just got persecution mania from googling that..
RIP Putin will get me
3:32 PM
@RoelvanUden Has EF 6 and 7 improved performance by chance?
Or is it still monumentally slower than Dapper or even raw ADO.NET?
@Greg It has improved at 4.5.1+ EF6. It's still slower than dapper
SQL problems day 2:
its always going to be slower than dapper
Querying sys.databases doesn't seem to yield any useful information about whether I can open a connection
Sleeping for 10 seconds seems to do the trick.
But I don't want to sleep for 10 seconds after creating the DB, for reasons that should be obvious.
Any ideas?
@RoelvanUden Is it a lot slower now, before it was significantly slower.
3:46 PM
@KendallFrey is that with the same connection? I know you and Coderman were talking about opening a new connection yesterday
it's the same problem, is that what you meant?
@Greg Indeed. Linq2Db and dapper are still a lot faster, but at least you don't want to spoon your eyes out with EF6+ now.
@KendallFrey have you already looked at this? (DATABASEPROPERTYEX) msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms186823.aspx
"A database that has just come online is not necessarily ready to accept connections. To identify when a database can accept connections, query the collation_name column of sys.databases or the Collation property of DATABASEPROPERTYEX. The database can accept connections when the database collation returns a non-null value."
I meant are you just going a thread.sleep(10*1000) while keeping the connection active? I'm curious as to why that would work but continually querying sys.database doesn't
Or is the problem that the database meta-data isn't being updated?
^ caching problem?
3:51 PM
@Squiggle I assumed that since one of the suggestions the answer makes is wrong, that the other one is too. I'll see if I can try it though
@mikeTheLiar no, no connection active
So open connection, create database, close connection, sleep, open new connection? Is that accurate?
posted on January 12, 2016 by ericlippert

Many years ago I awoke in the dead of night in a cold sweat, with the certain knowledge that a close relative had suddenly died. […] In fact, the relative is alive and well […]. However, suppose the relative had in … Continue reading →

Im moving data from an old database to a new one, I had to take the old data and covert it into new objects. Now I want to save these converted objects to a database but maintain Ids (PK) while inserting. any way to do this?
@KendallFrey Why not try to Open(), try/catch, re-try?
Essentially polling but hey, you'll get connection as fast as possible
3:53 PM
@Michael you'll have to turn identity insert on. Not sure how to do that in EF
i'm not using EF for this actually
I think Roel is right. That might be the only option
is the game Squad good?
i heard good things about it
might pick the alpha up
@KendallFrey aye, and it's ugly.
3:54 PM
You can only set it for one table at a time IIRC
@RoelvanUden that sounded like a terrible idea in my head
I don't know if I agree with the try-catch but polling the database until it can accept a connection might be the easiest way to handle this particular problem
At least it's reliable :P
I'm looking but I'm not finding anything particularly helpful for finding out if a db can accept a connection, at least in ms sql
Welp, DATABASEPROPERTYEX was no help either
3:58 PM
Did you try the chat room on dba.se? They've been extremely helpful for me in the past
someone need to make a payment gateway that accepts multiple Credit cards for a sale
@juanvan like take $20 from card 1 and $15 from card 2

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