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12:01 PM
@Wietlol I started thinking of an API as a web library? You call an APIs actions from any web app the same way that you call a library's functions from any program. Is this a correct way to think of/understand an API?
an api is an application programming interface
it is how one application talks to another
sql is the api of an sql database
http is the api of a web service
@Hozuki Didn't hear about this movie. I'll watch a trailer first to get a feel of what it's about and if it's interesting.
twitter's web service's api is http with the models that they defined
libraries also have apis
some applications provide apis through shared files
@BlackPanther Yeah. I'd sort the results based on a fuzzy relevance and clearly label each result with a small header and logo (twitter/fb/whatever). And if you want users to be able to search just one provider, you might make that a dropdown inside the search box. But not sure if people actually would want to do that. Isn't the whole benefit to search everything at once? If I want to search on FB, Ill go to FB.
although, you probably only think of an api as the twitter example
12:06 PM
@Wietlol Maybe a select tag to provide a menu of social media sites to search, for example, all, Facebook, Twitter etc.
I would make it a list of checkboxes
you are basically dealing with combinations anyway
best to provide a ui tool that can do combinations
in some cases a tree is better than a list, but that is quite rare
in most cases where people think a tree is better, it is sometimes just better to have a group of lists of categories instead
but generally speaking, just a list of checkboxes is sufficient
@Wietlol I probably do not want to disconnect them in case they want to search again but apply the search to all social media sites. How do I persist the connection to the external social media websites so that when the user does another search they are still connected to the social media sites they signed into?
decouple the search from the connection
when searching, do not list all connections and loop over them, instead list all selected platforms that the user chose to search on
@Wietlol Interesting, sql the language is an API, I didn't think of it that way.
@Wietlol I've seen methods or maybe it was functions, described as an API, how are methods or functions APIs?
because they describe how you interact with their behavior
12:15 PM
@Wietlol Yes, this is a very good idea
@Wietlol You mean using a list of check boxes instead of the icons in Roel's illustration?
who said checkboxes may not be icons?
I'm still getting into this front end stuff :). I'll check out Mozilla's docs
@Wietlol This is how I am currently search just one social media site:
2 hours ago, by Black Panther
@Squirrelkiller Right now, I use the user credentials (and app credentials) with basic authentication to get a bearer token from the social media API, so the credentials are sent in a Post request. Then use the bearer token returned from the Post request in a GET request to issue a search. So essentially what you describe, yes.
@Wietlol The process for each social media site will be different, I assume. So I don't get looping over them, unless you mean loop over selected social media sites and use conditional statements to call helper methods for searching each social media site?
How often do you expect people wanting to disable connected services from being searched?
@BlackPanther you have a collection of connected platforms where you want to search on...
so, you loop
if the api is different, you use adapters
1:06 PM
Something like this?
Each button when clicked will redirect to a website that does OAuth2 for each social media site
@Hozuki Quite often. I expect that most people want to search one or two social media sites at the same time.
still no separation
@Wietlol adapters? What are those?
search is unrelated to authentication
you do the authentication on a different page
The search bar is above those icons
and when you search, you just have a list of all the platforms you are already connected to
and maybe also show the other platforms but then get redirected to the connected platforms page
@BlackPanther and you still can have icons as actual checkboxes
1:17 PM
@Wietlol So you mean that the checkboxes should be on a separate page?
@Wietlol connected platforms page? Is that a web page I need to create to show social media sites that are connected? Isn't that what @Hozuki was saying except that he says to change the color of the icon when a user connects to a social media site.
@BlackPanther authentication on a separate page
> have a separate page where you manage which sites are connected
@Wietlol Is this page just to display the status of connections to sites?
mostly, yes
So Latin was a dead language. I thought somewhere in the world it is still spoken.
@BlackPanther I'm not so sure. You'll have to experiment. I think the right way to go is using a search popper. Make search button expand with a popper that contains toggles for each connected provider.
Maybe even do a search for all providers, and only show the option to disable providers on the actual search listing
so they can filter back if they want to, but by default, it's not
1:32 PM
@Wietlol What's the reason for separating the search from the authentication? Doesn't it just create an extra step for the user? I preferred the index page to be the same as the search page, like when the url google.com goes straight to google's search page. If I separate the search from authentication then there would be an authentication page that the user needs to go to before performing a search, and the search page can no longer be the index page?
but google.com doesnt need you to authenticate in various platforms and allow you to forget all the connections you have made and go through weird hoops to make sure that everything is ok
and they still have the user settings on a different page...
@Hozuki Do you have a link to a search popper? I found this one popper.readthedocs.io/en/latest/sections/getting_started.html but I'm not sure if that's what you are talking about.
@mr5 Southern European languages (and French) are all descended from latin.
For Greece I'm not too sure if it is a descendent of latin.
@Hozuki Thanks. Did you link the wrong page? That page doesn't have anything on popper, but this one does material-ui.com/components/popper
Yeah, the popper is the underlying tech of a select in MUI
It's literally the thing that pops up
1:41 PM
Are you describing the HTML select element?
No, the material UI multi-select element
@Hozuki Oh, you mean using the material UI multi-select element as a replacement for the check boxes I am currently using?
Yeah. That's one idea. Another is just not giving an option until you actually search.
That's pretty cool. Their website is interactive so I just tried it.
How do I use the material UI multi-select element in an ASP.NET Core MVC view?
1:52 PM
Like that. You just search and if you get results from Twitter and don't want them, you just click to remove it from the listing.
No need for popups like this either.
And if you want to be truly explicit you can do this:
@Hozuki Yes, that's an alternative. In terms of speed, it would be best to remove twitter before doing the search so that the user can save some time.
@Hozuki What popups?
@BlackPanther The search should be pretty much instant. Why would he have to wait? :-)
@Hozuki So far it's not as I am making many requests to the same API because the API does not allow you to get all data, so my app gets the firs n data, then makes another request, and so forth until it gets all data.
I can probably optimize how data is fetched from the social media, but that should come later
I would imagine you'd launch a page request for every service in parallel, aggregate it, and then yield that result. That means the slowest service would be the problem. But FB/Twitter/etc usually yield results in <10ms
@BlackPanther "All data"?
@Hozuki If I separate the search from authentication, meaning that the search box and the check boxes are on different pages, would the UX still be the same?
2:01 PM
Yeah. You just need some kind of button to go to a page to connect services.
That depends on the overall layout to where it makes sense
@Hozuki Interesting. To launch all services in parallel, would I use Task.WhenAll(...)?
@BlackPanther Yes.
@Hozuki Yeah, like all tweets for a user, for example.
2:21 PM
@BlackPanther I don't think you can do that. If a twitter user sends 2 messages every day, and has been active for 5 years, there are 2*365*5=3650 tweets for that user. The twitter API will result a subset, let's say it returns 50 messages. That means there are 3650/50=73 pages, so 73 requests. Twitter API won't like those 73 requests. And neither would the browser like to render 3650 messages.
You should work with paging.
2:36 PM
\[**[kesarling](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] The officials docs for Identity says the following:
ASP.NET Core provides ASP.NET Core Identity as a Razor Class Library. Applications that include Identity can apply the scaffolder to selectively add the source code contained in the Identity Razor Class Library (RCL). You might want to generate source code so you can modify the code and change the behavior. For example, you could instruct the scaffolder to generate the code used in registration. Generated code takes precedence over the same code in the Identity RCL. To gain full control of
Especially the line Generated code takes precedence over the same code in the Identity RCL.
3:12 PM
Hey all, I'm trying to run MSBuild version 4.7.2558.0 from administrator dos commandline, and also supply the following arguments: .../blah blha/Microsoft.WebApplication.targets and .../blah blah/Microsoft.Web.Publishing.targets Could someone please respond by providing the exact command that will allow me run the aforementioned msbuild command?
3:32 PM
[kesarling] As it turns out, yes
@Wietlol how's ^^?
what is this page?
@Hozuki The ConnectWebsites button in the header in the web page pictured above takes the user to this page.
@Wietlol That is a page for connecting to websites. I have separated search from authentication.
Still have to do authentication actually.
@Wietlol It addresses this
3:47 PM
how about...
3:58 PM
@Hozuki Let me try
4:09 PM
hey guys, got a bit of an issue.
i have ,net framework microservice/client library that i'm moving to .net core. a lot of services depend on it, so i can't risk changing any endpoints.
I have 2 functions that have a similar stub, so:

[HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Anonymous, "get", Route = "v1/ExtractJob/{id}")] HttpRequest req, string id,
            ILogger log)
[HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Anonymous, "get", Route = "v1/ExtractJob/ListAll/{status?}")] HttpRequest req, string status = null)
the problem is.... every time i navigate to v1/ExtractJob/ListAll without specifying the status parameter (since it's optional), it hits the
route. can I somehow set the hierarchy of importance or force the router to make sure ID is indeed an
@Wietlol How's this?
you have to keep in mind what happens
when you check the checkbox, you are then asked to authenticate...
would you not think that a checkbox feels like the action would be much easier for the user?
Okay, checking the check box should authenticate the user, not clicking the button. So the button next to the checkbox is just to indicate whether the user is authenticated or not?
dont you mean the other way around?
also, there are 2 states for each connection
either it is connected or not
if it is not, you can connect to it
if it is, then you can forget the credentials
using buttons with text to describe the action is easier for the user to understand rather than an unlabeled checkbox
other than that one active button (forget/connect), you dont need any user interface
eather a label stating you are connected to facebook for example or button "connect to facebook"
4:21 PM
[Duck Ling] found an answer - webapi route constraints like : "v1/ExtractJob/{id:int}"
if your bearer token times out, you will need reconnect buttons also...
@Wietlol I'm going by what I am interpreting from your illustration. So is it clicking the button that checks the check box? In other words, in each row the button and check box are coupled?
@Wietlol Would I need JavaScript to create a button with two states?
makes airplane noises
there are no checkboxes
and these buttons are absolutely not very difficult to make
how much spoonfeeding do you need?
4:37 PM
@ntohl Thanks
@ntohl I'll keep this in mind, thanks
awkward, but functional i guess.
5:27 PM
Lori Colston on January 21, 2021
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8:40 PM
Hey all, Our .NET Team and our operations team had to go through a lot of trial and error to get the Jenkins server to build our ASP.NET web application solution which contains 17 projects.
However, the IT operations team was saying that the next step is to package or even publish said solution. I've been searching the internet (especially stackoverflow.com postings), to find a way to package or even publish our solution using commandline msbuild on our jenkins build server( and I would have to use msbuild or some other commandline program because installing Visual Studio 2010 on a build server is bad practice. )
So when I searched the internet, it seems that trying to use msbuild to package or even publish our solution is really a pain because we have to create custom targets in our .csproj files.
Does anyone know of any other options in order to make Jenkins just determine how to go about packaging or even publishing said application solution?
[Captain Obvious] Jenkins is absolute ass for csharp / dotnet workflows
[Captain Obvious] Like seriously the totally wasted their time
[Captain Obvious] I recommend either teamcity or Azure Devops for on-prem and cloud builds respectively
[Captain Obvious] They both have vice versa solutions but I haven't tried them so I can't comment
[Captain Obvious] They're also both free
[Captain Obvious] (to an extent, of course)
[Captain Obvious] Also you never have to install VS, you can just install the build tools
why is Jenkins such a pain for dotnet? Thanks for responding by the way
9:11 PM
[Captain Obvious] I have no idea. Probably due to the "i can do anything" approach that Jenkins was built with
[Captain Obvious] It's a huge pain in the arse to set up and you're a bit fucked if you have issues because Jenkins is relatively unpopular for dotnet so getting support is hard
9:29 PM
why would it be on jenkins though
i am sure it allows creating artifacts?
and if you want to make nugets so make nugets
if you want to msbuild publish then do so
9:42 PM
How do I get JQuery to show the text "Hello World" permanently after the button is clicked?
<p id="demo"></p>
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
$(document).ready(function() {
                let clicked = false;
            $(".buttonOne").click(function() {

                if (!clicked)
                    $("#demo").html("Hello, World!");


I click the button and "Hello, World!" flashes for a split second then disappears.
then there are probably other scripts that remove it
10:12 PM
Hello guys
What will be the equivalent lambda query for below linq query:
   var sumofNumbers = (from number in Enumerable.Range(1, 4)
                              group number by number % 2 into no
                             select no.Sum()).Max();
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11:42 PM
If only...
Dec 12 '12 at 13:52, by rudi_visser
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