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2:34 AM
they are overlaps for reasons, I think you can easily describe it
3:31 AM
@Wietlol it's hard as you can get. The only thing that comes to my mind to solve this is through vector machine.
I just added alternate images of f to the registry
I could also just have added that one as ff
btw, the text recognition works quite well now...
im actually impressed by the accuracy
what are you using?
so far, the only thing that bugged out is I vs l, which are both the same pixels
what I changed is that I loop over all possible characters
(from largest to smallest)
and see if the detected image starts with the image from the registry
if it finds any, then it proceeds to continue doing the same until the image is fully consumed
if it isnt fully consumed, the image is written to a file so I can add it to a unit test to verify that it can be read
after which I usually add the image to the registry
I think i have like 90% of the alphabet now and about 10 special characters and 7 digits
3:57 AM
Question: How to naming a new library project that works on a third party library?

XXX operation library
as long as there is no clashing in names, that is, the same namespace and the same non-partial class name. I'm not sure about the assembly name rules.
5:07 AM
posted on October 20, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

Back in 2017 I said "URLs are UI" and I stand by it. At the time, however, I was running this 18 year old blog using ASP.NET WebForms and the URL was, ahem, https://www.hanselman.com/blog/URLsAreUI.aspx The blog post got on Hacker News and folks were not impressed with my PascalCasing but were particularly offended by the .aspx extension shouting "this is the technology this blog is written

5:40 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
this is wrong in so many ways mr5....
I mean really really wrong.
@Squirrel.Downy FooLib
@Wietlol i don't get it
@Squirrelintraining only plebs think that way
6:03 AM
@mr5 LINQ can be written in Method syntax or query syntax
SO wich syntax you mean you analphabeticall little boy who loves the princess?
@Squirrelintraining method syntax
good music btw
the query syntax can kill itself
@mr5 best musicc
@mr5 funfact the query syntax feels weird but IS in fact better than the method syntax
when it comes to productivity
and efficiency
it's ugly though
yeah feels weird but is superior
we're talking about the uglibity of syntax here
6:26 AM
Well then yes, its unbeatable
espeacially for sql pros
like miself
6:41 AM
holy flying fuck
I found the meaning of life
@mr5 them captions..
also wadafaq
you can get sued for that in germanies
"Index of" partial_file_name ".mp4" "Last Modified"
Im getting hungies
p3k food please
Why is p3k gone again? :o
👏👏food please
@Squirrelintraining Sorry, I don't know that one.
6:46 AM
useles botler
> Twelve videos of mine were just claimed by Sony, and I'm unlikely to succeed in disputing them. If you'd like to support this kind of educational content, then thank you very much: patreon.com/hellofutureme
Feels daut man </3
1. Build a directory listing web crawler
2. Run it
3. Build a simple file search website
4. Put ads on every search pages
5. ???
6. Profit
7. Get sent to jail without crossing go.
7:13 AM
@Squirrelintraining there is no separation between the two characters
it is one big blob
the red line shows how they should have been separated, but that is now very difficult to do
7:36 AM
7:49 AM
ahoy mateys
8:25 AM
i aint falling for that
not today
@Neil This was all as I found it, agency work. I had 2 days to find and fix a needle in a haystack, I actually decompiled the jar at one point and had to walk away until my eyes stopped watering. In a nutshell (I have no idea how this pile of saucepans was allowed to come into being) 1/2
Some xml is compiled into an object graph of java classes, which is deserialized by another java program, then the .Net code uses a JNBridge generated dll to access this pile of classes and tip the data into some SQL Server tables. Why not just suck up the XML directly in Java or .Net one or the other. Just beggars belief. They have a table for generating primary keys! Literally select LastId + 1 (2/2)
@hollystyles I was mostly poking fun, but I can totally see why that would bother you
@Freerey I run a server for my gf, strange as that sounds lol
@Neil I know that was not lost on me :)
8:38 AM
also morning all
@hollystyles ok, just making sure you knew ;)
@hollystyles I love it when code manually generates the key with a LastId + 1, so silly lol
@DAustin Specially when it's concurrent without locks ;)
@hollystyles Absolutely! Mine legacy POS is in VB.net though, so a little easier to tack through than that nightmare you described lol
The most fun variation is the Purchase Order Number Generator, as it's actually a string: "PO + id.ToString()" so you have to do string manipulation and casting in and out lol then they wonder why it errors out every so often
Could be worse, you could be running a server for your exgirlfriend
8:50 AM
Yeah that'd be so much worse
@Cleptus lol nah she's dug her claws in, im stuck now lol
Dont mind though, in minecraft i can never be bothered to do actual mining, so I send her down into the depths to get me stuff xD
Win win
Well you know what they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend.
@mr5 @Wietlol Just made all those changes to that ridiculous Linq query from last night, its a lot more performant now so thanks for the help and the answer to the question is "Yes, those calls to .Any() were probably making additional db calls"
@Neil lol shame theyll be the only one i can afford for her :P
those multiple calls to FirstOrDefault are probably also not nice
Tbf they're fine, not sure if it just runs the command once and calls it up from memory on subsequent calls
TTFB on the largest dataset returns in 1.02s so I'm happy with that
Many codings to refactor into using the new abstraction layer before we migrate, so the primary thing is to get it working, then get it efficient
8:57 AM
How can a diamond be friendly?
@hollystyles Depends on your definition of friendly lol
So hard it cuts anything?
@Wietlol Any clues on how to get EF6 to output to console like EFCore does?
@DAustin I think you have to setup a handler or something. I just run SQL Trace myself.
output as in SQL queries it runs?
you can hook into the context.Database.Log
Linked it
Yeh, Ill do a bit of googling but wondered if someone knew an easy quick way
@hollystyles Cheers me dears, will have a gander in a bit, got a new runtime error lol
accidentally tried accessing a value from a collection lol
thought it was just a single class, not an IENumerable<T> whoops
9:16 AM
this is youtube in its prime
@hollystyles lol
Have you seen the sequal to this?
It's pretty good isn't it 😄
A must see!
lol oh thats the best one ive seen yet
9:24 AM
Here is the explanation as someone on YouTube pointed out:
> Here is the explanation as someone on reddit pointed out:
"It is a habit learned when the mother is still feeding them. The mother regurgitates food into the baby’s mouth and naturally does a bit of shaking to wrestle the food up. The baby learns this habit and shakes a bit back. As you raise a bird from the egg, you will find that even when full grown, the bird will still do this action with the fingers of the “mother figure” when the bird is hungry. All this being said... this little guy went a bit overboard and was probably frustrated that no food came from the cup."
I didn't realize u had 2k rep mr5
i thought they just liked to make sound
you going nuttzz
I think i've set up this logging wrong, either that or EF6 is generating a huge amount of queries
yeah. most came from my questions though 😂
9:25 AM
@DAustin as I said, FirstOrDefault is also not supposed to be called multiple times
I thought it's program had broke and it was in an infinite loop, coz birds aren't real.
how can birds be true if our eyes aren't real
@Wietlol Quit assuming stuff, its a different query im running
Contains a Grouping by Key
I was hoping it would just do a Left join but it seems to want to run each query individual and then group the result sets
if you want to optimize it further, go with raw SQL
@mr5 Yeh that's what we're trying to move away from
a lot of the business logic is done via stored procs
9:29 AM
what is the query this time?
but it makes debugging an absolute nightmare, not to mention mainaining changes
I should continue my sql lib...
but the design is so difficult
nvm it was my logging
stored procedures used to be the way to handle database calls
@Squirrelintraining Squirrel is sus!
9:32 AM
frankly it's just one more thing that has to change with the code imho
@Neil Dont get me wrong they're great when done well
But when you have no documentation lol...
and my SQL is not exactly the best
yeah, well, I mean conceptually the idea was to create a sort of facade to interface with
but yeah, SQL is a little outdated
nowadays, we make web services to act as that facade
or in my current case, a dll library
giving us the option of having different storage technologies and much more power over the behavior
9:34 AM
yeah, much better. My thoughts are, just make sure permissions are setup properly and the tables are there, and that's it
and if you are really hipster, you use graphql for it
nosql is looking better with each passing day
I dont "get" nosql filestores
whats the benefits/cons over something like sql?
i thought nosql meant a filestore, but i have no idea
9:36 AM
well... they are still databases
filestore might be something more like a document store
the benefits of nosql is that you can subdivide to multiple servers
thats what i meant yeah sorry
but there are other database types
the absence of integrity enforcement means you don't have to guarantee consistency, just that the data is present and will eventually be made consistent
gotcha, i read somewhere you have to create your joins ahead of time?
again, no idea lol
9:37 AM
you can't subdivide a traditional sql database on multiple servers unless you necessarily make all the servers do the same work
nosql not that great with the joins though..
but the idea is kind of to not have child tables, but rather store all the data you'd save in the child tables inside a single parent table
that would require repeating data in the case of sql server, but for nosql, it's like storing structured json
yeh thats what confused me, you kinda have to generate that data ahead of time?
that works... until you want to share the child
@Cleptus sus?
@DAustin not necessarily, you can create the parent and then add the children later
Jack, funfriday
9:40 AM
@Wietlol that whole aspect should generally be avoided
Funfriday everyone!
@Neil I disagree
not in computer science :D
what google has accomplished is amazing with nosql @mr5
I don't think nosql replaces sql, I never said that
at some point, you do want to have an entity, something that can be referred to and everyone refers to that same thing, if it changes, everyone should see that change
for example, I considered moving the authorization to a document db instead of relational
9:43 AM
the current nosql I'm using now is making me do more work than necessary. I probably underestimate my use case and nosql is not the right tool I should be using. But my experience with it is not really good.
if you try to use nosql like sql, you're gonna have a hard time
the idea is that you have a collection of policies
each policy has its own list of grants and revokes

I would have roles which reference those policies because multiple roles could use the same policy
the first is easiest represented by a document
the second is referencing which relational is better at
yep, sounds about right
(the relations also go further with users -> groups -> roles)
in the end, I didnt change to a document db because it was just annoying to deal with the references
if you want your database to guarantee consistency and constraints, then sql database is your thing
if your validation happens in code, then nosql might be more your thing
9:45 AM
if I really wanted more of a document, I'd make a blob column in sql and store the document in there
@Wietlol Those multiple calls to FirstOrDefault are ok, only calls once, turns out though its running each group as a separate query, hence the ridiculous amount of sql generated
it'd be useless to try and edit it via Datagrip or something, but the web api facade that was in front of it should be sufficient
Whatever, its quick enough I'll refactor it later/not at all
brb coffee
If I just stick with C#
what do you use now?
9:51 AM
pulls tongue
@Wietlol Kotlin
"Migrate to Relational Database"
what do you use now?
I assume you are not using Kotlin as your database
it's a NoSQL thing
I should have listened to the squirrels
9:56 AM
if you do want to connect to a database with kotlin, I can recommend to try out Jetbrains/Exposed
it is an sql database library specifically designed for kotlin
last time I checked, it did have a few... annoying parts, but it is what Wietbot has ran on so far
@Wietlol that looks like I would do more work again.
I prefer to setup a server then use retrofit to generate my client side APIs

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