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6 hours later…
7:03 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
What happend?!
Jack didn't shush the feeds oô
i am looking at worst ladders and i gotta say they all look pretty ok to me
7:27 AM
p3k mimimized
Jack ded, Star ded, James ded... something happened
Invalid command! Did you mean: hem, help, fry? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍
7:33 AM
Invalid command! Did you mean: xkcd#, c, pick? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍
( . Y . )
it works again tho
||xkcd# 979
Invalid command! Did you mean: xkcd#, c, pick? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍
7:35 AM
God Moorning
Mod Goorning
7:55 AM
@JamesBot lul
@Wietlol wait what why?
Someone deleted the tits are nice post
everyone is a bit too politically correct nowadays
I would invite anyone offended by that to watch some of George Carlin's standup routines
I think the point is to celebrate differences, not pretend they don't exist
8:04 AM
@Neil Ahhh
Damn I thought about that "old fuck" (direct quote of him refering to himself) just the other day
I saw this one the other day:
funny stuff, and he makes a point
Yeah a classic
Just "no rights, priviliges"
IIRC he died not to long after that talk sadly
yeah, the guy was a truly brilliant man
a philosopher of modern times I guess you could call him
Have you seen the interview where he talked about a different interview that he lead where he was so high on crak (?) that he could swear that his interview partner was answering the questions he was about to give to him?
Um, I need some Docker w/ WSL2 help. It's probably a stupid question. I run Docker on Windows and mount a volume in a container, like so /var/opt/mssql. Where the bloody fuck can I access that stuff inside WSL2?
8:19 AM
@Squirrelintraining heh no, do you think you could find that for me?
@Hozuki /mnt?
@mr5 No?
MYMACHINE:/mnt# ls
host version-pack
is the file located in the host machine and you're trying to find it in the same machine but through WSL?
Docker Desktop is using WSL2. I run a Docker image with a volume mounted to /var/opt/mssql. In my understanding, the WSL docker-desktop should then have a /var/opt/mssql with the data of that image, but I don't see it?
ahh no idea about that Docker Desktop.
8:26 AM
Mm fuck it I'll just bind a folder straight into the image and copy it inside the docker image
ultimate solution: cd / && find . -name "<file_name_you_are_looking_for>*"
@Neil puh dunno ':D
up until now, I still have no idea what kurbenetes and docker are for.
@mr5 is it just me or is it absolutely stupid that find won't let you specify the folder to start from?
hmm I think it can?
8:29 AM
I think I spent half an hour trying to figure that out once and never found a way
I mean, not a big deal to simply switch directories, but still
that . (dot) I think means "current directory"
maybe it was only on HP-UX that didn't allow it
you have experience working on that computer?
looks like it was from 1980s
I work for a bank, what do you think? :D
we're in the process of switching, to be fair
though a lot of very simple features like pressing up to recall previous commands, not available in HP-UX
frustrating really
you still work on a bank?
bank really hates to upgrade things
I just really wish cryptocurrencies succeeds and that old bank system to obliterate.
8:40 AM
tell me about it
just hate it :)
cuz it take advantage of people with little understanding of their system
once you get into that hole, you're fucked
esp. when you take a loan
There are some very smart technologies used for cryptocurrencies
Transparency is the key to ensure banks are honest
It shouldn't necessarily contain BitCoin, but only because bitcoin is a little unstable
yeah. smart wallets ftw!
banks can adapt crypto system, it's just a matter of marketing.
o/ kieran
wer is soleki?
8:54 AM
yeah, but I think we're just dabbling in that, nothing more
I think there would be a lot of unexpected problems switching to that sort of system
also what happens if you need a co-validator and the server is down? That means you can't accept payments either
I think it's the future, but it'll take time
Wow why are the mods in here so snowflakey
wtf is blue soleil
@CaptainObvious did you also call wietl0l a frat lion?
No I said that Newtonsoft is slow as boobs on monday
My tits comment was also deleted but i was not banned
9:04 AM
check the starboard
Mine wasn't even starred
i had 4 😭
Absolute wetwipes
i was on my way to holywood
I think it's autromated lee.
9:05 AM
careful with the b word, folks. There may be some people who might be offended that those exist
Does the automation job run like once a week or something 🤣
@mr5 permaban for you, sir!
@CaptainObvious LOL
It's likely not the mods
it's all the snowflakes that can't take a bad language word on the internet
9:19 AM
to quote SAO:AB
"Shut up, here i have power"
inb4 i get banned
9:45 AM
@CaptainSquirrel such a good bridge.
Have you seen the lates episode?
i don't think so
i stopped watching it tbh
@CaptainSquirrel hammer time!
@PatrickStar shut it you
@ sHuT It yOu
9:47 AM
1 hour later…
10:47 AM
quiet in here
so yesterday 'round noon my ISP decided my internet would go bork for the rest of the day
11:04 AM
I have a problem. This is my problem.
Its about software
11:20 AM
please ask the ask
Aug 28 '17 at 15:53, by mikeTheLiar
Don't ask if you can ask, it creates an infinite recursive loop. Just ask your question. If someone is around who can help, they will.
@Wietlol can you help me to beautify this ugly kotlin? gist.github.com/mr5z/fed1dcffad0e57db77bfe54dfc91e18a
combining forEach and for?
how about using
mapList.firstOrNull { it.id == item.id }
    ?.also { it.score = item.score }
I need to break inside the loop so I use for-loop
11:31 AM
@Squirrelkiller nice
@Wietlol that's ugly
    .filter { it.id == item.id }
    .onEach { it.score = item.score }
mapList.firstOrNull { it.id == item.id }
    ?.apply { score = item.score }
looks okay but weird syntax.
Imma try it. thanks!
11:47 AM
I'm installing my new work machine and I've opted to use Edge as main browser.
I wonder how I'll like it
I mean it's just a de-googlified chrome
With added bing
That's what I thought, but it feels different at least.
so... I am writing something to read text from screen in a pixel perfect rendering of the text
but there are a few cases that dont really work with my current approach
currently, I split the image on black (or empty) columns
however, when two characters are so close that there isnt an at-least-one-pixel wide gap, they are joined and treated as one character
a clear example of this appears to be the character "a"
Why are you expecting a gap between characters
11:59 AM
then sure separating them in columns is not a good way
in this case, I can assume that I just have to change the approach to be more... smarter
Well yeah
or find the contour of glyphs
Glyphs can be the full width of their character
also, there is the tt case...
12:01 PM
well don't write your own language for that, all you'd need to do is see if the horizontal length is too long to be considered a single character
then you'd do pattern matching in that case to determine the middle point
@Neil it isnt monospaced tho
yeah but a t character can only be a t character
upper W for example could easily be larger than ai
12:02 PM
identify the first character, and then you'll know where to chop it off
@Wietlol what software you use for this?
IntelliJ IDEA for displaying the images with grid
how would I approach it to identify the first character though?
currently, I compare the captured image to a hash map containing an image for each character
with a string of the text value
obviously, I could store this tt image and save it in the hash map with the value "tt"
Can you not just... get the text from the same place the screen got it from?
or create a vector machine and teach it how an 'a' looks like
@hollystyles no, sadly not
the downside of storing character pairs and triples is that the hash map would grow quite a lot and I can't really guarantee that I have all the combinations
@Neil how would I identify the "first" character?
12:06 PM
@Hozuki Why would you now use Firefox
Let me rephrase: Use Firefox!
@Wietlol a vertical-horizontal scan?
vertica... a what?
@Squirrelkiller Firefox has always been my go-to browser, but they're really dropping the ball. It's getting progressively worse on both desktop and mobile. Might as well look at what Microsoft is doing.
classic for(y) - for(x)
but then I still have tt, not t t
12:07 PM
Is it okay to ask?
This is a Zen koan.
I could check if it starts with the expected character
only comparing the width of the expected
but then there is the m and n case
where m starts with n
are you trying to make an OCR lib?
or with r
@kame Your earlier comment about having a problem with software made me laugh out loud. I have a problem with software literally everyday! In the night time it mostly just haunts my dreams.
@mr5 not really a lib, it is specifically for this use case
I tried OCR libs, but they mostly suck, it appears
12:09 PM
@hollystyles :D I knew.
I suppose a combination of the two might actually work
@Wietlol are you checking for literally any font or just one specific font?
the OCR libs couldn't handle the noise around the text... my own implementation first gets rid of the noise... so perhaps I could use an OCR after all
@hollystyles I think the amount of software problems is increasing exponentially.
@Neil one specific font... of which I do not know the name nor have the font file
12:11 PM
because one is an AI project that will take some time to work on, the other is literally just checking if two binary numbers are equal
the letter can be represented as a binary number of sorts. check each binary number with the values you're testing, respecting their proper widths
here's a logcat of my phone. I don't even have a TikTok on my phone wtf!?!
but how do I respect their proper widths?
they mean you have the song TikTok by Kesha
com.google.com.apps.tiktok? Wtf is that?
In my ASP.NET form field the comma of a decimal number is not recognised.The 1,00 is converted to 100. My system is using locale-de. - My htmlcs-file --> <input type="number" asp-for="Product.Price" class="form-control" /> - When I inspect the web element it says that it is still text. :/ I tried different things, but nothing is working.
12:14 PM
@Wietlol do you want to determine what character it is and their properties as seen on the screen?
Software is just a multiplyer, it allows us to be superhumanly-stupid instead of just plain-stupid :D
@Squirrelkiller it's an app where kids do zoomer things
just what character it is
I don't see how an OCR lib is not useful for this?
Well the app is tiktok, but why it its package com.google?
12:14 PM
yeah. that is fucking strange.
did Google bought tiktok? lol
@mr5 keeping in mind, I do not have the font definition
oracle owns tiktok now apparently
Google play says the actual package is com.zhiliaoapp.musically
also, I feel like using an OCR for this is like using a chainsaw to slice bread
@wietlol so you have decided to slice a chainsaw with wet-lettuce
12:17 PM
it is iceberg lettuce tho, so it should work
Super humans see...
AI what?
ByteDance (tiktok company) has a cooperation with oracle, oracle and walmart each bought minority shares.
Apparently the plan is to make a new company and have several american companies together hold the majority of shares in the USA.
@Squirrelkiller in playstore, it's com.ss.android.ugc.trill
I'm not sure what com.ss.android.ugc.trill is, but it's not the version available to me. The trill thingy is maybe the asian version, thus only available in Asia or something?
12:20 PM
@Wietlol I can't think of any. Just go with OCR.
I tried using tesseract... but it failed horribly
and to train it for my case, I needed a font file
I'm trying to convert the following algorithm (see picture above) to C#, I almost done it but I got lost in a few parts: what are the values of dilX, dilY, and dilZ, and what is dil[xyz]. Could someone help me? Here is the code pastebin.com/ZyJH9GJL
that's odd. having different identifier means having different accounts. afaik, it was owned by a single company?
AFAIK everyone can just put any identifier they want? It's just the package of the app, as known from java, right?
Both apps show tiktok as owner
no. when you publish it in playstore, it would be identified differently. if you want to monetize it, you would be monitoring different accounts.
the package ids are not even close.
maybe one of them is fake?
12:23 PM
@EnderLook I would need more context to understand what dil stands for. Or a german version, as I learned all my maths in german. No time for digging right now though.
The Morton Code allows to encode a 3D coordintae (X, Y, Z), in a single integer. It works by merging the bits of the three coordinates. For example, the code "abcdef" has x=ad, y=be and z=cf. I think that the dilX are the dilated mask of each axis
However this is not exactly a morton code, because it also encodes the depth tree by adding a mask 1 bit
Also, integers has 32 bits, but the 3d morton code works 3-bit multiples. So I am not sure about the exact value of dilX
More info is in cs.jhu.edu/~misha/ReadingSeminar/Papers/Lewiner10.pdf. Though it's quite dense :(
what are you going to do after you pack the 3 floats in an integer?
Store them, probably?
more likely but maybe he was trying to serialize many of it? then we could suggest another approach.
The morton code allows to store octants in a linear hashmap very efficiently. Also, that single number has a lot of advantages. Wiht it, you can calculate the parent node, the children nodes, the current node depth, size and position (everything with a single number!). However, in this exact algorirthm, the morton code of each node is used to calculate the vertex code of each octant's vertex, which is required to generate a graph that connects all octants with their neighbours
leaf2vert turns the Morton Code of an octant into the 8 codes of each vertex
Those vertex codes (and their depth) are stored in another hashmap
Which is then used to create a dual octree (octree + edges between octants)
However I don't understand the math notation of the picture
Don't know how to translate line 1 and 5 into C#
12:35 PM
is the reason you want to encode a whole graph in a single integer is for optimization?
do you also have an existing data structure before transforming them into this?
That single integer is very lightweight and I can calculate a lot of different data with it, it's very cool.
Also, it's used by the algorithm above to produce the edge graph (and a lot of other algorithms), so anyway I have no choice XD.
@mr5 Instead of having a conventional tree, where each node has a reference to its parent and children I have an array of octants, where each octant has a morton code
The morton code already says me the parent, children and current depth in the tree
Also, all the octants are stored in a single array (inside the dictionary) instead of heap allocate each instance by separate
It's compact and fast
(papers have proved that it's like 5 times faster in some aspects that a conventional tree)
Anyway, if you don't mind, the question wasn't about refactoring my data structure, but about converting the picture into actual C# :) And math/progamm papers aren't very readable for me
But does it make sense in your use case? Because if that happens once a minute, it wouldn't make sense to do this much work just to cut down from 50ms to 10ms.
@Squirrelkiller People use octrees to optimize collision detection in games. So the algorithm must be fast enough to execute per frame. However, I plan to use it for pathfinding-only (ATM).
@EnderLook from the image, it looks like dil(x,y,z) are shifted bits of a single value sequentially
Yes, but I'm not sure how to convert that (eg: dilX) 001001 (with overline on it) to plain C#. Also, I don't understand where came from dil[xyz]and what is its value.
12:46 PM
I'm no good at reading esoteric languages as Math also, so be wary of my opinion ^^
I'm not even sure why it's 6 bits only. An integer should have 32 bits.
to shift a value, you use << (left shift) and >> (right shift)
@Wietlol because you know how wide a "t" character should be..
The dilx/dily/dilz are repeating patterns: The bar above '010' for example means "you repeat 010 as long as you need it"
@Neil and?
So it can be 010, 010010, 010010010, 010010010010 and so forth
so I just have to iterate over all possible characters?
12:52 PM
you make that sound like we don't have access to tools and languages that allows us to automate the process and speed things up..
So dilX is 0b001_001_001_001_001_001_001_001_001_001? But that have 29 bits and an integer has 32 bits
well... a computer sure can do it faster than me, but can it do millions of characters per second?
while checking for hundreds of possible characters for each character?
Let me put it this way.. you need to identify various length strings lumped together in another string, how would you go about that? ['a', 'bc', 'def'] into 'defaaabc'?
doing maybe 100 million comparisons of boolean arrays?
well I'm guessing you should probably attempt to optimize that
again, my idea was to simplify it into a number
12:54 PM
warning if you ever plan to use Firestore : DON'T!
once you've found a pattern that's unique to one character, you can stop..
and my guess is that most characters can be identified within the first couple of lines
Firestore? what is that, the store for Kindle Fire?
@Neil im not sure how to do that nicely either actually...
Google Firebase Firestore ft. Kygo - What a Waste
@Wietlol well you could use a trie if you really wanted to optimize
12:58 PM
I suppose a lexer/parser would be able to do that job
but it's probably enough to just do a substring on the string for only as long as the length of the string you're matching, then compare
did anyone else ever have one of the original kindle fire tablets before they used android? lmao it's like why get a fire when you can get a real tablet or just a regular kindle?
'defaaabc'.substring(0, 'a'.length) == 'a' ?
'defaaabc'.substring(0, 'bc'.length) == 'bc' ? etc.
I suppose
beh, you understood what I meant
trie would be ideal though
it'd only have to check first letter to see that d is only available as rule 'def'
but if it weren't, you've got another 26 buckets one level down to check for the 'e'
you could do something similar for the binary for the characters
1:05 PM
'sup Roachboy
string.split() in php: explode()
string.join() in php: implode()
hahahahahaha laugh die me
that happens a lot.
in Android, they have "hint", universally known as "placeholder"
It's also placeholder in html
That confused the hell out of me, since I started out with android
where is p3k??
1:23 PM
he insulted me
there fore i killed him
Won't see me complaining
when he as was talking about the ugly barnacle, he wasn't talking about you
but I know you're self-conscious, being an ugly squirrel
careful now
that last thing to insult me died
You wouldn't want to become the next thing now would you
but I'm a person
people are things
robots are things
everything is a thing
1:28 PM
On the internet, everyone is a thing
Also yeah technically people are also things
there is no technically about it
we are all things
Same as humans are technically animals but we don't like that
after all, the only constant is his noodly appendage
...your noddly appendage is constant? You might wanna see a doctor about that.
no no, not mine
his noodly appendage
his lordship
1:30 PM
our one true savior
oh god, a follower of Noodliism
the only real god
that whole pastifarian thing started off as a deliberate parody of a religion, but I do honestly think there are some people who now believe it fully
I mean, since there are people that believe earth is a disc, why not that too?
1:32 PM
it figures someone who writes nothing but spaghetti code would follow the spaghetti monster
I think the whole flat-earth thing started as a joke too
I feel like I don't know C# rn!
I want to get only the base class properties, but when I do: BaseClass base = DerivedObj; of course, base is of type derived. but I want to extract the base class properties (that I only need for serialization) but what I have is the DerivedObj
well maybe not exactly a joke, but just to say that people should be critical thinkers and not just take things on fact.. the irony being that that's exactly what flat-earthers are
@mshwf Might want to write a custom serializer inside the base class
@mshwf a derived class must by definition have all the properties and methods of the base class
1:34 PM
Or via reflection of course
typeof(BaseClass).Properties (or something)
@Neil Yes I know, but it caused me a problem
I smell that smelly smell again
you know
that smelly that smells...smelly
Q: What is the XY problem?

GnomeWhat is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index

if the derived class is overriding data or something, then change what the derived class does
conceptually, it's not correct to want to make an instance of the base class necessarily behave consistently with the implementation of the base class
but on that note, you shouldn't change the behavior in the derived class in such a way that it is no longer acting properly as a "type of" base class
don't know if that makes any sense
@mshwf Let's find out what you actual problem is?
Because when you need to know which properties are from the base class and which ones from the child class, you probably have a structural problem.
Well you have a problem with your object-orientation.
1:41 PM
@mshwf you need to cast, and not declare the var as base type
I'll be a student again from tomorrow, so I can be dumb again now.
promotedValue = somethingDerive as BaseType
@mr5 You mean convert, and that just works if he built a converter. Casting is actually just changing the reference, not the object.
If you cast an integer to a long, it gets converted.
If you "cast" a string to object, you just change the reference. The object is still a string.
@Squirrelkiller .....again?
Tried to make my bachelors years ago. Didn't exactly get the one I wanted though, so I tried electrical engineering ("and information technology"), but it turned out the information technology part was slowly phased out of that so I stopped after two years and started by dev apprenticeship.
This time I got the spot in applied informatics
1:51 PM
What does that even mean
I'm in the process of building the first part of the structure for dynamic commands for Botler.
I did that in the derived class:
public BaseClass ToBaseObj()
return new BaseClass{...};
Is this OK?
That will work
you'd be copying everything though
it's hard to say if that's OK without really getting the full context here
1:59 PM
@mshwf How about we try finding your actual problem?
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