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5:45 AM
@human but how to contribute to the answer?
6:03 AM
Good morning
1 hour later…
7:10 AM
Good morning
Moin moin
7:30 AM
how i can pass values to this generic function im not understanding
public async Task<T> Get(Expression<Func<T, bool>> where)
return await dbSet.Where(where).FirstOrDefaultAsync<T>();
you dont pass values to it
 public async Task<IEnumerable<ExpensesModel>> ExpensesModelGetwithQuery(Guid Guid, params (long ?Id, string Name)[] ListOfParrams)

            return await base.GetMany(Query);
you pass a filter
how i can use
can i want to use this genric function
try a lambda expression?
7:32 AM
have you example how i can use it
give me please example
im not understanding
what are you not understanding?
 public async Task<IEnumerable<ExpensesModel>> ExpensesModelGetwithQuery(Guid Guid, params (long ?Id, string Name)[] ListOfParrams)

            return await base.GetMany(this.DbContext.tblExpensesModel.Where(x => x.ID == 000 && x.UniqueID == Guid));
now im doing like this
but getting error
which error?
7:38 AM
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error CS1503 Argument 1: cannot convert from 'System.Linq.IQueryable<Model.ExpensesModel>' to 'System.Linq.Expressions.Expression<System.Func<Model.ExpensesModel, bool>>'
do you know what that error means?
Oh crud
Shame me
I totally forgot to do this:
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
ohai SIT
yes conversion type isssue
Sorry guys do disapoint you </3
7:39 AM
Iqueryable to linq.expresson
@zubairz it means that this.DbContext.tblExpensesModel.Where(x => x.ID == 000 && x.UniqueID == Guid) is not something you can pass as an argument to base.GetMany(...)
yes then what i pass it
public async Task<T> Get(Expression<Func<T, bool>> where)
return await dbSet.Where(where).FirstOrDefaultAsync<T>();
I am not rooting for anyone really :D
Yeah if OG is playing gogogogo OG, if Liquid is playing GOGO Liquid, but I'm more in for the good games than "TEAM XYZ HAS TO WIN"
The game just now Secret vs. EG was just fan-fucking-tastic IMHO
@Wietlol this is my question what i pass
posted on August 15, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

I've blogged about ServiceStack before. It's an extraordinary open source project - an ecosystem of its own even - that is designed to be an alternative to the WCF, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web API frameworks. I enjoy it so much I even helped write its tagline "Thoughtfully architected, obscenely fast, thoroughly enjoyable web services for all" ServiceStack is an easy drop-in that simplifies

7:44 AM
so it accept
please @Wietlol help mme
A bit suprised that that worked actualyl
ahoy mateys o/
@zubairz I can recommend you to take a look at how lambda expressions work
that is what you need
8:01 AM
ahoy hoy
@Squirrelintraining SHAME!
8:20 AM
@Harry your football team bottom of the league yet?
we're third, cunt
we drew 3-3 last night
we were 3-1 down with a man sent off
scored for 3-2
another man sent off
scored again, 3-3 gg tyvm
8:28 AM
calm down roachy
some stupid b.tch was yonking here horn behind me and i couldnt pass because some truck was blocking our side of the road and on the other lane was incoming traffic
i was about to get out the car and slap the shit out of her
instead i gave her the middle finger
YOu gave her a finger?
i showed her the finger
how many fingers do you have currently
12 oc
Woot? 12?
8:31 AM
I just have 8 fingers totally
then you must be a simpson
how did you know that?
are you watching me?
8:32 AM
all day baby
Wow, it's amazing how many answers are **wrong** here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9065598/if-a-folder-does-not-exist-create-it

Full of race conditions.
no way... stop watching me... I wanna freedom.
a wild post appears
@Arphile fair enough
16 serial downvotes from me: imgur.com/a/bsQ5Oyg hah ;)
@ComFreek I dont think that is an issue tho
8:33 AM
@Wietlol Why?
what is the result of this race condition?
that they are racist
but we are not americans, so we dont give a shit
my legs i hurting for over a week
uh, possibly at that Q none, but at another Q it was if (file not exists) { create new (i.e. truncate it!) }
and that was definitely harmful
8:35 AM
yesterday in the evening i decided to eat some sweets ans drinmk some milk to forget about it
and what happened?
@ComFreek why?
i lost a part of my teeth chewing on the sweets
life can be cruel....
@Wietlol If the file gets created just before create new ..., it'll get truncated
hence lost
@Hans1984 take more sweets to make you feeling better...
if (file.notExists())
if that file was created in between those 2 milliseconds, you lose that file, yes
so what?
8:36 AM
and lose even more part of my teeth ?
losing file is harmful enough?
so i will have to see a dentist tomorrow
I think that sweets wasn't enough to make it better...
I lose 4 million files per day
losing files isnt harmful by itself
sure it is
8:37 AM
but it might be under very specific circumstances
These questions get thousands of views
If just one human looking at them has these specific circumstances (which aren't that specific imo), it's already harmful
im on pain killers now
hope this stuff gets better soon
@CaptainSquirrel IS THAT A NUT OR A BELL?
@ComFreek if that one humon looking at them has these specific corcumstances, he shouldnt be looking at them in the first place
8:51 AM
a nutbell
but do you have an approach that doesnt have a race condition?
Yes, I linked there
Let me copy
using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(File.Open(path, System.IO.FileMode.CreateNew, System.IO.FileAccess.Write)))
this only creates the file if it doesn't exist yet
=> no data can be lost
lets try that
good morning
> Unhandled Exception: System.IO.IOException: The file '...' already exists.
8:56 AM
the message says it all
> I want, if this folder does not exist, to first create it, and then save my file to this folder. If the folder already exists, then just save the file in it.
why is it a better solution?
the code does not correspond to this question
then it also is unrelated to the answers given to that question, no?
9:02 AM
It's related to another Q where the author wanted to create a file
watch out trump might want to buy your country next !
Anyway, if (mutable condition from outside) { do something } is still almost always wrong
only if it is wrong according to your situation
For me race conditions are almost always wrong. But I do not wish to argue about this. If race conditions are acceptable for you, then good -- but please document this in a potential answer.
if you want to save your stuff into a file, then you overwrite that file
9:04 AM
@Squirrelintraining ITS A BELL EMOJI
there is no loss of data
except that you chose to throw away the data in that file
as I said, I "lose" 4 million files on a daily basis
but it isnt a problem
these file I/O concurrency issues are only relevant in a very rare situation
and people writing code for those rare situations are smart enough to realize that
@Harry last i checked, anything but 1st is last
so you are bottom of the league
@CaptainSquirrel a nut moji
9:06 AM
There, have a peanut @Squirrelintraining
Murmaider Murmaider Murmaider Murmaider Murmaider Murmaider
Got you nuts?
Also this is better atm capt: twitch.tv/dota2ti
am unable to watch vidya
am at work
am doing a discomfort
@Hans1984 spicy
thats huge
trump tried to buy it
but danish said "no"
9:14 AM
Trump said I want to buy greenland
Denmark were like lol wut, first you invite yourself here and then you try to buy our assets?
No thanks mr orange fat tupee baboon
yeah he's nuts
Go eat some mcdonalds in your rented house
and then trump was like
"I wasn't going to denmark just to buy greenland"
"But also the trip is cancelled because i can't buy greenland"
it would be a huge asset for trump
i can understand why he tried
also its very close to the US
but it should belong to me instead
@CaptainSquirrel there are 24 teams in the league so no
make an offer to denmark
im sure they will accept yours
9:18 AM
the bottom of the league team is on -12 points and we have 8
@Hans1984 HE GOT NUTS?
Mar 12 '18 at 17:38, by Rudi Visser
Mmmmm, nutz
im not sure he has nuts
BUt haaans just said...
9:19 AM
he is nuts
@Harry But are you 1st tho
Well you're basically last
the top 6 are winners
all the top 6 can get promoted
kiss my ass
you dont have your rod license, stop fishing
@Squirrelintraining old saggy ones
@Harry no
what does a roach ass even look like ?
your face
@Harry everyone is a winner
9:24 AM
chill roachy ;)
take some painkillers like i did and everything will be fine
atleast for a while...
eventually they wear of
the wave crashes..
@Harry but last time we spoke about football, you said you would be top of the league
and by my calculations
3rd is not top
league position on the 5th of May is all that matters, watch this space
And i'll have you know, i do have a fishing license
Or at least i did 7+ years ago
So i'll keep dangling bait
i had a weapons license about 5 years ago doesn't mean i can break into RAF bases and start using their rifles again
I mean
you could
But you'd probably be shot before you got anywhere close
9:41 AM
@Hans1984 The best *_*
@Harry also, why did you have a weapon license?
Air Cadets?
9:59 AM
anyone listen to Radio 1?
what are they doing now?
nah theyve just got the best set i've ever heard on clara amfo's show
10:22 AM
10:38 AM
this is responsible for my loss of teeth
stay away from them
well then lose all of your teeth !
!!Should I sue them ?
@Hans1984 All signs point to yes
I'm not the biggest fan of daim
10:43 AM
My missus loves it
does she have any teeth left ?
She has better teeth than me
and yes
maybe she has shark teeth
and they re-grow
are you sure ?
10:45 AM
anyway it kinda sucks to have a 100€ surgery for a frkng 50c sweet
im kinda pissed
@Hans1984 looser, they are super tasty!
they are tasty you stupid rodent but yet they cost me part of my tooth
maybe you need squirrel teeth to enjoy them
11:04 AM
Brushing your teeth regularly might help too
very funny
i brush them alot
11:05 AM
what is that ?
I hoped for the link...just a sec
have you heard of overbrushing
That is the alot
the alot is better at everything
i looks friendly
11:06 AM
and dumb
and dangerous
and fluffy
Why even...?
Anyway, make sure to spread the hyperboleandahalf
ah, I see
well then
I brush them a lot
11:08 AM
@Hans1984 That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: woah
no,noone would want to see such a disgusting creature
@CaptainSquirrel yeah but 2 times a day shouldn't be too much
no, i dont consider taking it that far
it's just a part of my tooth after all..
gmorning devs
11:20 AM
@Hans1984 indeed, but you can still overbrush with just two sessions
yeah sometimes i put too much pressure on them
which hurts them
11:39 AM
That's probably part of the issue
11:55 AM
What do you guys think?
Service goes "hey, everyone in the list who fells responsible for this request, go do it"
Providers have "IsResponsible"
THere's exactly one responsible provider for each kind of request
pretty nice drawing for a squirrel
On draw.io, nobody knows I'm a squirrel
@Squirrelkiller I think it doesnt look like UML
Cuz it's not
It's freestyle use-whatever-comes-first-on-draw.io-toolbox
That's why I made a legend below

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