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1:40 AM
Don't be hating on xaml
2 hours later…
3:21 AM
mongodb: wth is upsert?
Hello @Wietlol
@nyconing Update if the row exists, insert otherwise
2 hours later…
5:39 AM
Okay!It make sense
6:34 AM
.Add(this, e => e.PropertyName)
Does anyone know how can I retrieve both the property name and property value from that expression?
@mr5 You can get the property name with something like this: stackoverflow.com/questions/31261955/…
To get the value, you need to compile the expression and invoke it on an instance
6:53 AM
alright. working on it
@Rob awesome! :)
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' squirrelerinos!
@AppleCiderYummy ohai
7:19 AM
Buenos dias
7:42 AM
@Squirrelkiller DotA 2 TI, it's live!
Ya I saw in whatsapp
Action all night^^
8:01 AM
And continues now :D
8:44 AM
o/ Hail!
!!Did you miss me ?
@Hans1984 Certainly not
ariving at work and server is not working
what agreat start to the day
thankfully i fixed it rather quick
9:20 AM
good job!
9:41 AM
thank you
10:39 AM
what happened guys?
yeah I dont know
this chat has been dead for days
its obviously all Harrys fault
I mean, it was weekend
where did he go ?
10:40 AM
public async Task<LoginSuggestionsModel> LoginSuggestionGet(Expression<Func<LoginSuggestionsModel, bool>> where)
return await _authenticationDbRepository.LoginSuggestionGet(where);
how i pass value to this function
  public async Task<LoginSuggestionsModel> LoginSuggestionGet(Expression<Func<LoginSuggestionsModel, bool>> where)
            return await _authenticationDbRepository.LoginSuggestionGet(where);
Also yesterday I had an all day meeting, so there goes like 30% of traffic
i have to pass value using this
await _authenticationService.LoginSuggestionGet(Exp);
all day meetings are exhausting
you cant even chat on SO or watch cat vids
@Squirrelkiller which planet u from m8?
10:44 AM
@Hans1984 too many tasks for us rn can't even make a conversation for at least 1min
11:39 AM
@zubairz excele You cannot pass an value to this function. But you can pass an expression which evaluates if an value matches.
Maybe something like LoginSuggestionGet(model => model.Username == "admin");
Btw: Better call your function "GetLoginSuggestion" instead of "LoginSuggestionGet", just sayin :)
11:59 AM
What's up @Hans1984 how are you doing?
Guys, don't the TI stream (@mr5) twitch.tv/dota2ti
Im fine, just had a little surprise to start the workday: server wasnt running
and I had to fix it asap
besides that im good
what about you ?
@Hans1984 sucks being a devops and dev, I can relate
I'm waiting to test if my report gets generated. It takes 10+ minutes to run for the stored procedure
I'm also thinking about starting putting on the stove my delicious mushroom soup I did yesterday for me and my kids to have lunch
12:02 PM
12:16 PM
@Amy drink more water
@rlemon are you a hydro homie
Hail Hydro! o/
but for real, have y'all heard about this water everyone is talking about?
it's pretty good guys.
What is it about
does it hydrate you better ?
it's about that wonderful water
I see
12:27 PM
I drink around 3-4L a day i should be well hydrated
12:47 PM
@rlemon! long time no see dude, how's your fish?
I keep trying to teach them to walk, but all they wanna do is swim and look stupid
damn... I accidentally made a huge performance gain on our test server
our webservice was much faster
@rlemon try teaching them to synchronize swim
but unfortunately, I had to roll it back
the change was that it didnt do anything any more
12:50 PM
a small filter on an enumerable filtered out everything
so no processing was done after that filter
filter was a slightly too abusive success check
1:03 PM
@rlemon why, when I can drink more ovaltine?
do you just take shooters of the powder?
>Ovaltine is a brand of milk flavoring product made with malt extract, sugar, and whey. Some flavors also have cocoa.
Sounds good, tbh
@mr5 Did you see that alst game just now?
@Squirrelkiller or you?
I have that big head squirrel feeder
you should get one
bunch of different designs
you smear peanut butter on the inside
In VS2017, in the Breakpoints window, is there any way to display what's actually on the line where the breakpoint is?
1:15 PM
Just double click the breakpoint?
@rlemon I love it 👍
Amazon has them for like $30
@Squirrelkiller so you know which one to click on
make great gag gifts
@Squirrelintraining Of course not, I'm at work!
1:20 PM
Good morning
Buenos tardes
@rlemon omg those are real
i thought it was shopped
it's very likely that picture is a marketing picture and is shopped
I just grabbed it from google, and it does look suspicious
but yea, they are legit products
I thought it was photoshopped at first
1:30 PM
nope, we got one for ourselves and one for the inlaws
but we don't have a tree in our yard. so it's somewhere in a box
@Squirrelkiller brah
2:24 PM
Ugh, Rider seems to have started adding controls to the webforms designer file automagically.
2:43 PM
They were going to send me an html formatted privacy policy to post to the website.
I opened the file and realized instantly that they formatted it in Word and saved it as HTML.
@Hypersapien it is technically HTML formated
In the same way that Winchester Mansion is technically a house.
Meg Risdal on August 20, 2019

Delivering improved, private feedback to post authors

Not putting users who curate content on the spot

Giving actionable, understandable information for the vast majority of public viewers

Better distinguishing the “Answer” and “Comment” actions (due to a high volume of helpful “Not an answer” flags indicating problems with the interface).

Ways to reduce the number of unhelpful comments that are likely to get removed in the first place.

Upfront guidance for first-time question-askers

Setting expectations for what happens after asking a question …

3:38 PM
I tried ordering two different computer desks from WayFair. Both times they waited until the fucking day it was supposed to be delivered to tell me that it was out of stock.
That sucks.
you know what else sucks? dehydration
drink water
4:02 PM
@Squirrelintraining TNC (my bet team) dropped to lower bracket and will face Liquid again. They beat them on the group stage but team Liquid consistently climbed up from lower bracket (historically)
It would have been the first time Ph would be at the top 6 now it's battle against the airport :(
@Squirrelintraining which team are you rooting for? I guess it's OG since they're close to being German I think?
4:35 PM
@rlemon what if I want to drink more ovaltine instead?
easy peasy
Yeah, get some of that NesQuik instead.
I'm gonna drink more ovaltine
4:52 PM
good [your local time wording] everyone
5:18 PM
Let the good times roll.
I'm starting to feel a bit dehydrated
Have you had enough ovaltine?
5:36 PM
@Amy do you drink the chocolate or just the malt milk?
how sick do you guys let yourselves get before deciding to take time off
depends on if I have stuff to do at work, really
but then I don't get sick much, my sick time tends to go to doctor appointments and stuff
Any amount of discomfort above baseline. If I think I might be infectious then doubly so.
what qualfies as baseline
5:47 PM
it's not like I'm gonna get anything done if I'm all sick and gross
wietlol numbers arent helping
sure they are, if you understand their value
Baseline is normal walking around feeling.
Whatever the thing you're working on is, it's probably not worth trading physical or mental health for. Take the time to take care of yourself.
I usually find weitlol obtuse, too, but I get the numbers
no sense in trying to suffer through it if you don't have to and your workplace lets you
5:51 PM
so i feel fairly shitty just walked to riteaid during lunch in the hot sun. im just kind of concerned with how it looks.nothing really needs to get done right now for me, im just a student assistant going over various training materials, and my regular boss who I'd go to for work is taking sick rn. that said i took all of last week off and i feel bad asking to go off early
Sounds like you can take a nap at your desk.
im kind of exposed and i feel like that just looks like im lazy
Yeah, I've been there
I think in your situation, I would pretend to look busy and try to sneak out early
but the right thing to do would be to go home and rest
i refuse to sneak out. I'd sooner ask a colleague and double check its alright then just leave.
again, my boss is out sick herself
I'd recommend just going to whoever is your next in line supervisor and mentioning you're under the weather.
5:54 PM
i mentioned it to him this morning when he saw me sniffling and asked if i was ok
Follow up on that, mention you thought you could hang but you are feeling less confident by the moment.
It helps if you say something like "I'm done with my work for the day, I'm heading home, see you tomorrow"
ty ill try it if you don't hear from me assume i went home and died on my bed (sleeping till dinner and then till work tmw)
I'm deploying emergency rescue kittens to your location.
lansing mi, phoenix building
i appreciate it
God I love kittens (see my profile picture)
6:05 PM
ETA 7 minutes.
Please remain at your current location and stay calm. Maybe panic just a little. Or as much as you like, really.
6:22 PM
Anyone else update to Rider 2019.2.1 today and find themselves unable to detect their dotnet core sdk for creating new projects?
Oh, it's a known issue for preview 8. That answers that.
6:56 PM
Working from home today and made the mistake of trying to put my new computer desk together during my lunch break.
Made the further mistake of trying to flip the long and short sides like the Amazon page claimed that you could.
Been listening to Bionicle music all day while combining two ASP forms; how's you guys?
@AlRey sounds like 🤮
nah it's okay...just tricky
i used to do asp classic, it was fun, till you have more than just a couple pages
then its big ball of mud spaghetti
7:15 PM
Error handling in VBScript is one of the least fun things I can think of. It does not lend itself well to debugging
I think I actually had tod o that for a college project .-.
And yeah...wasn't fun, but I didn't have a choice :P
you know what you do have a choice in?
water consumption
drink more water
I've already drank like 5 glasses ;P
7:45 PM
What's AOP ?
@Sakthivel idk but thanks to you I'm now reading another interesting subject
never knew i could be that helpful but thanks
Classic ASP. Ew. Haven't touched it in like 10 years.
7:59 PM
Aspect Oriented Programming
hi Dashie
have any of you used the 'new' SO CROKAGE?
it's limited to Java for now. Can't wait for something like this for others language too
8:20 PM
@Sakthivel probably aspect oriented programming

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