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1:05 PM
Yeah, I would just avoid emotional words
as if you were writing a history book about what your job was like
just tell it objectively
1:21 PM
Being late because you live far is bad excuse ;D
Being late because i live far and always got stuck in traffic regardless of the time that i left
and the point being
I'd be written up but other people wouldn't be even though they arrived after me
If I would be mean manager I would shout at you :D
So he was like biased?
There's also a difference between being a minute late & being 10-20-30 minutes late
Pretty sure aye @Raimonds
Yeah if you are that late people might think you were in whole the time
most jobs I've had, they don't really care if you arrive late. They really only care if you don't leave late afterwards
1:23 PM
I am at work hour early, just because I wan't to avoid school traffic
Today I arrived 2 hours earlier :(
thats a painful existence
Bough car, miscalculated time a lot
Before that I was like 20 minutes late everyday :D
But as long as I do my part of the work nobody really cares
the guy also used to shout at people for "not working" AKA texting back contractors on their phones because its their job, but he would sit there looking at houses and reading the news etc
Maybe he is really oldschool
1:26 PM
i spend some time looking at cars and stuff
My job is pain, I don;t get tasks assigned ....
only because they gave my work to the fng
There's a difference between taking a small break and looking at the news
and doing it all day
It almost seems I did something awful at some point
24/7 youtube, SO chat, googling random bs
0% workload
most of the code i do is stuff for me and not for work
1:27 PM
ffs It is hard to maintain my calm, I can sit on my ass at home
they make me do loads of manual testing
hate it
might as well just shoot me
If you have nothing to do at work
Automate it ;D
give yourself something to do
Learn something new
I don't but I don't want to do others ppl job as well :D
Ohh I did a lot....
1:28 PM
@Raimonds i actually have been doing that
I am at point where I don't even want to lean things anymore
yeah i tend to go on sololearn and look at more advanced concepts
Like I need to do something else, break from learning a bit
different languages even
I learned openGL :D
well tried, it's complex since C++ is not my fav language, but it made me like math again
My current thing is so chat I guess, listen to others and complain about my shit
1:31 PM
I think it would be cool to have a raytracing graphics card and try to write a graphics program for that
honestly, it probably just "reinterprets" openGL, but if it can raytrace some surfaces, it means conceivably you can do some amazing things with it if you use it properly
@Neil what I have seen so far I was only noted for being late after saying I got a new job...
@ntohl lol, how's that working out for them?
This is how to kill great future of .Net Core in native by MS
@Neil worst case was there were only ppl from our project on the level at 8 o clock
I'll never get employers which do this
1:36 PM
and I was always there at 8:30 just like others
very biased
8 hours worked
if they don't trust you, why are they paying you again?
the whole thing seems silly to me
it was the notice period
Maybe looking over the shoulders of employees would make sense if we were factory workers
the 3 months, which was mandatory from my part, because I quit
yeah... Just before that I had a project, where I was "very good", than it flipped 180
@CaptainSquirrel hey. have you figured out what's wrong in this?
1:38 PM
@ntohl yeah that's a red flag anytime you see that
Nah, i just replaced the borked function with the one that i wrote and it works
I'm a lousy bastard who is always late, and somehow our HR got knowledge of I was on an interview in my sickness leave...
Did you notice something @mr5?
the HH and hh?
wait what
oh fuk me
1:39 PM
I was treated like a traitor after that
god dammit
I've encountered that issue just a month ago
@ntohl what do they think them doing this is going to achieve, that you'll change your mind?
only way to stop a traitor from being a traitor is making them know they are a traitor and make them feel bad because of it
it will motivate them to stop being a traitor
The only thing doing something like that will achieve is that person will not give you even remotely close to their full ability
1:41 PM
Employment is a business contract, nothing more.
oh, the major solution for the traitor is to leave, obviously
@CaptainSquirrel I don't know, but in the end they got joker bad... Like don't inviting me to the christmas lunch
lol what
You think they would give a single solitary shit about laying you off if it came to that?
@ntohl how long ago was that?
1:43 PM
hey guys im having some issues with cshtml and css. according to this link I think this is supposed to center text under my image but not working rn. stackoverflow.com/questions/1225130/…
@CaptainSquirrel they said there will business secret info shared, so I'm not invited... Some days later the HR girl went to the guy next to check if he is able to come to the christmas lunch... He was an extern...
@Wietlol 2.5 years
relevant pastebin code pastebin.com/7puKV67b
lol wtf
> center align text with CSS
you ignorant fool
and where you work now feels a lot better?
1:44 PM
yes. It's better
@MikeTheLiar i tried that and justify already.
text-align: center;?
!!quote get css
Apr 11 '18 at 13:33, by Kendall Frey
@Squiggle pornhub has 123 results for "css", your argument is invalid
Apr 11 '18 at 13:37, by MikeTheLiar
@KendallFrey I bet at least one of them is "properly centered text, horizontally and vertically"
1:48 PM
@MikeTheLiar no doubt
what i'm currently doing bceause i dont think anybody checked pastebin
.img-with-text {
    text-align: center;
    width: 150px;
.img-with-text img {
    display: block;
    margin: 0 auto;
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="~/css/starter.css" />
    @foreach (var item in Model.Category)

              @* @("~/img/"+item.CategoryName+".jpg") *@
            <a asp-page="/SubCategories/index" asp-route-id="@item.CategoryName">
                <img src="@("/img/"+item.CategoryName+".jpg")" class="profile" height="150" width="150" />
                <text> @item.CategoryName </text>
            </a>    |

            <a asp-page="/SubCategories/index" asp-route-id="@item.CategoryName">select</a>
@Neil I don't think you will actually be able to use it, in my head it's like a checkbox
[x] Use RayTrace feature
@Raimonds you think they added the feature as a sort of blackbox feature?
that there's no way to call on it directly via drivers?
@SamuelWakeman could you create a mcve for us?
@SamuelWakeman it doesn't actually look like you are even using your .img-with-text class
1:51 PM
Maybe, though I'm still curious
Not really sure, I know what it does, but I had a guess it should be easy to implement, and no need to do some low level things
Like it just a way how you calculate light and shadows
Maybe some shader development is where it is implemented
like I want use this shader that has support for ray tracing
Just guessing, I know basics of openGL thats all :(
im stupid captain is right
it uses artificial intelligence to perform raytracing only on surfaces which are supposed to be reflective
new to css mb
!!tell sam quote get kieran
it would take too long to use raytracing on everything
all to true
all too true*
@SamuelWakeman are you still building amazon from scratch?
yeah dw about it
@SamuelWakeman I was thinking of your situation this weekend and I would like to tell you that I sympathize with you.
2:03 PM
illl keep this chatroom updated if i get the job. yall are a fun bunch
amazon or aws?
@Wietlol amazon as a b2b2c, I think
thats about right
so my images are displaying text correctly how do i make subsequent images go horizontal?
2:09 PM
Oh gosh sql is an asshole sometimes
how so
!!meme aliens sql
@CaptainSquirrel Sorry, I don't know that one.
well bois off to the interview
2:17 PM
Good luck, don't fuck it up too hard!
@SamuelWakeman good luck o7
@CaptainSquirrel lol wrong chat room
Does that only work in slack?
I don't think it even works there anymore, that bot isn't hosted I don't think
We had to add the /meme plugin
2:20 PM
Isn't there a way to delete/hide all VB templates in VS 2019?
I have a folder dedicated to ancient aliens guy reactions on my work pc but I don't have a bare SQL one
Closest I've got is SSIS
@mshwf just do what I do and go to the folder marked Visual Studio 2019
Click on it and then hit delete
well, this is an answer to a completely different question
isn't there a cleaner way to do like Tools>Extensions and Updates and then uninstall or disable the template?
@mshwf not if your question is regarding how to delete VB templates
2:27 PM
Tell me you are not trolling!
is this the folder to delete: Documents\Visual Studio 2019\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual Basic?
well it was supposed to be funny, actually
don't actually delete visual studio if you intend to use it still
@mshwf to answer your question, try cutting the folder and placing it somewhere else then restarting visual studio
if that's the folder, you won't see the templates anymore, but worst case scenario and VS doesn't start, just put the folder back
2:55 PM
ima off. see you fuys
posted on June 17, 2019 by ericlippert

Last time on FAIC we deduced the idea behind the “importance sampling” technique for determining the average value of a function from double to double — call it  f — when it is applied to samples from a possibly-non-normalized weighted distribution of … Continue reading →

I think I nailed my .netframework pipeline in gitlab
Is there an other way to initialize a list with 100 items?
WOhoooo YES I did it!
need to check transforms if they are fine this is a good something I am little bit proud of.
@Raimonds yes
3:31 PM
4 messages moved to Trash can
I think Linq had something like .Range() where it could generate you list of items
Not sure about exact naming but I would google for that first
Enumerable.Range(0, 10)
Will generate Enumerable from 0 to 9?
Enumerable.Range(1, 100).Select(i => -1).ToList() or something like that
I didn't test that code at all
or just ToList()
or new List() addRange(linq here)
oh you want all values to be -1?
3:33 PM
@mr5 don't be shitty
@Raimonds var list = Enumerable.Range(0, 100).ToList();
I'm testing my code but I think it should work
@Raimonds no, I need empty values
wait hold on
That's not what you said
What's an "empty" value in this case
Also my code works but it should be noted that it does the same thing as your original post behind the scenes
So it's less code but isn't any more efficient
If you want a list of uninitialized ints, new List<int>() does that
@MikeTheLiar Hi Mike, I just don't want to use Add() the whole time. I need myList[444] etc.
3:37 PM
Why dont u create array of known length?
@Raimonds A list with known length would be fine.
But maybe this is what array for.
I think list is dynamic
I was thinking of arrays - you can give a list a length I think but I don't know that the compiler/runtime will care
by it's length
I think we need to back up and clarify what the requirements are here
Do you want a prepopulated list of integers?
Or do you want a data structure of a fixed, known size
3:41 PM
To me it sounds like he want listof 100 items where they have no value, therefor by default "0" ...
If you wan't a list of type with fixed width to me it sounds like job for Array
best way how to write unit tests: change the expected value to what the function call actually returned
Anyone ever faced issue where you need to run msbuild.exe but your server needs VS on it?
What error are you getting @Raimonds
Non, I sorted all out
3:44 PM
You may just need to install a different msbuild
or msbuild tools
Basically this nuget package "MSBuild.Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.targets" solves my issue
I was goind same route, but only thing I could founds was more legacy solution for vs2010
The way to get MSBuild to work
3:46 PM
Keep adding packages until your errors go away
It was hard to find what package it wants since it it can't find one it will just ignore it
and output log is like 10 100 thousand lines of code
Now my msbuild create folder with publised web application with applied transforms based on my build profile file, I could potentially use ftp as a target or remote, but I am happy with result
In my head this was most difficult part wohooa I am going home. :D
4:06 PM
interview went ok. not perfect not bad
Did you tell them you're in the middle of building the next Amazon-killer?
i told them my boss had put me in charge of web development project that was fairly large and pretty hard for me and I didn't like this job because I had no team
which is all true
so. You basically said, you are unable to solve things by yourself
I hope that wasn't the HR guy/girl round, because they want to hear the opposite
thats not what isaid
word for word
it sounded fine. I said after that that I've been making progress every day by doing research and being a self starter but as an internship where you're looking for people to learn from it doesnt have anything to offer
Probably not the best choice of words.
4:15 PM
I like that
@ntohl if a job promises a team to work with and then they don't I'd say it's ok to mention it - learning from others is a great way to learn. Having that insight is good IMO
mentioning the opposite is worse, i.e. "I was in charge of a project with others and I didn't like it because I had a team" :D
4:40 PM
posted on June 17, 2019 by Phil Haack

Raise your hand if you enjoy merge conflicts. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that nobody has a hand up. If you do have your hand up - first, you look silly right now. I can’t see you. And second, you’re being contrarian. Nobody likes merge conflicts. They’re a hassle.

5:21 PM
hey guys if i want to create an image grid in cshtml what would be the best practice for css/cshtml?
@SamuelWakeman bootstrap
as in the default css that loads for me in the project?
@SamuelWakeman no, as a framework called bootstrap. mainly a bunch of css rules with some js to hold glue
is there a bootstrap for visual studio or is this the one i want
5:25 PM
are you using razor?
i think... im pretty sure
im not using mvc right now thats for sure
a small word of advice would be that if you want to do amazon, mvc design pattern would be useful to you
you can set your project to use bootstrap by adding an entry into your package file i think
5:49 PM
so i understand the concept but i haven't done too much web dev ingeneral. razor pagers were easier to start with
is it worth transitioning parts of my project?
when would i want to transition my project?
to mvc that is
the 'overhead' as the amount of crap required to start is higher but once you go trough the 'setup', it's easier afterward. I'm kind of sure you would need to transition everything but the adaptation would be minimum I think
sounds scary and hard
buddy, that's true of everything
you do work now to save yourself work later
it's a good trade
how's everyone doing today?
also to be fair, it's rare to setup a project and as Grace is sayin, it's a good trade. Don't be scared of things you dont know; embrace them
6:00 PM
do i have to amke a new project what does transitioning mean? I have like 4 models and they all have been scaffolded
with razor pages
scaffolding is an automated process, correct? You could do it by hand but I think you should start a new project; it will create a bunch of file and create a structure for you
@TomCrosman superb and yourself
@SamuelWakeman What are you using?
not to bad
drowning in azure AD authentication problems as always
6:04 PM
To bad or not to bad, that is the question
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind...
transitioning to Azure sure look like a b**** . What problem are you experiencing?
so i can get an azure authorization token when using an mvc controller
in .net core web app
I found the Microsoft docs describing how they use OAuth are really bloody bad at using terms consistently, or defining them clearly
but it requires the user to consent
my app has an api
so to get that authorization token
from the api, it comes from a different issuer
The names of parameters in OAuth don't sound meaningful anyway and then AAD lays another bunch of unclear terminology on top of it
6:09 PM
i don't think i've ever had more trouble with any in my career than active directory
AAD and OAuth are pretty good once you get used to them
but hoo boy, azure doesn't make it easy
i've honestly been working with it for 5 years
and as soon as i grasp it
they change uit
someone wanna tell me what the :: syntax means here?
Graph::GraphServiceClient graphClient = GetGraphServiceClient(new[] { Constants.ScopeUserRead });
Q: What is the purpose of :: in C#?

AndyMMI have seen double colons (::) in generated code. I was wondering what its purpose is?

"using GraphServiceClient from the Graph namespace..."
so just short hand for graph.graphservice client...?
with 2 characters, instead of 1...?
I think it's a little clearer, lets you know that Graph is a namespace and not a static class or something.
If you're concerned about wasting characters, you can cut back on the ellipses.
6:22 PM
so every tutorial i look at
that has you using postman
to get a token for AD
you have to provide postman with the app secret
that does not seem right.
That's what I do.
so if someone wants to use your api
a 3rd part
TIL :: exists
you give them your app secret?
you give them your app secret>?
No, they have their own app secret, and they use it to get a token for your app
6:24 PM
ah yes, and here is the problem
my application accesses microsoft graph
if they generate their own secret, then it's a different issuer and not all the same graph options!
graph permissions**
here is the best example i can give
and open the console, and type "tokenPlease()"
it will give you a token that you can use for pretty much anything
(assuming you are logged in)
i want whatever they are doing there
so, like, when you set up your app in AAD, you give it a set of permissions for what it can access
when someone else makes an AAD app after you
one of the things they can give it permission to access is your app
and use your app to do all the things your app lets them do
> Note that it is actually not needed for any aliased name space, but only for the global. If you use any other alias, you can use the regular c# dot syntax (i.e. SomeAliasedAssembly.Namespace.Class.etc...)
7:14 PM
I can see it as a way to indicate that you're accessing a namespace
since if I'd seen Graph.GraphServiceClient I'd have assumed Graph was a static class
I'm having a problem with identity i my project .net core mvc
I added the identity in my existing project, I made the migrations and everything is ok, but I can not access my views to test ling and resgiter
someon can help me?
8:06 PM
Could you be a bit more specific? I'm not sure what the problem is.
I am having a strange problem in MVC that I am only seeing on the IIS server. In debug it works just fine. I am trying to handle errors using the ApplicationError handler in Global.asax.cs. This works exactly as expected in the debug version of the application on my local machine and other's local machines. However, on the server, I am getting a routing error for some reason.

2019-06-17 14:58:51,066 [7] ERROR *.Global - The view 'Error' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched:
What's "in debug"? IIS Express?
@Sinjai Yes.
Not debug on the server.
Seductive profile pic btw
8:16 PM
IIS configuration is hierarchical, so the web.config of your site overrides the applicationhost.config, and the web.config of a particular application overrides that
I'm a bit distracted
so it could be applied in any one of those
I guess you probably know that
@Sinjai Flattered.
but it looks like it's still looking for an error page when you think you've removed that configuration, is that right?
@TomW Correct. The problem is that adding any customError tags causes weird errors in IIS express.
8:18 PM
is the problem that the error page logic is activating when you don't want it to, or that you do want it to but you can't see why it won't see where the page actually is?
@TomW Yes. It should not be doing any default error handling anymore.
@Grace Do you ever see that actually come into play though? I've never seen someone fully qualify with :: and I'm not even sure what that syntax would be.
The first time I've ever seen it was in that example up there- I had to look up the operator myself
I mean I didn't know :: existed in C# until today, so
@TomW It should be going straight to ApplicationError so I can see the exception and log it. However, it is throwing a new exception on top of that when it tries to go to an error page for some reason.
8:19 PM
I use :: but not in code, only pseudo code
Grace: Gotcha
Mike: y tho
It can't find the view, because it doesn't exist, and throws a new error.
But if a project has multiple things called GraphServiceClient, separated by namespace, I can see why you'd be using the Graph:: syntax
Like, "I think the root cause of this bug is SomeClass::SomeMethod"
It's a quickly understood shorthand among most of the meatbags I work with
Because, again, it makes it clear that you're looking at namespace Graph type GraphServiceClient
whereas if you did Graph.GraphServiceClient, Graph looks like a static class
8:21 PM
In the same way I use $someThing in a sentence
Quite frankly I find the ASP.Net error handling to be nebulous and poorly documented.
He speaks the true true
8:38 PM
Man, I don't know why, but every time I can't find a solution for a long time and then try to ask I find the answer.
you know its funny you say that I do that too.
I think what happens is its kind of like rubber ducking. as you start to explain your question you start to understand what to search and what your actual problem is better.
This is a well known phenomena
In order to ask a good question, you have to understand the problem well enough that you frequently discover the answer
This is why so many people ask for an MCVE, because the simple process of creating one will usually find you the answer to your question
Funny thing is, it was on a page I using a something I already searched. I just missed that one answer.
The exact error I was getting was starring me in the face.
SO, basically, I asked the right question. It turns out that some times I am unable to read.
my nick name in a discord call is "reading is hard"
Look, I am not saying not being able to read makes you dumb. I am saying that most people in history couldn't read until recent human history.

Basically, reading makes you a pioneer.
8:51 PM
so we're a genius generation i guess...
@SamuelWakeman how things are going?
10:07 PM
im about to submit my resignation letter to my company, would anyone like to screen share and walk me through configuring a web api for azure ad?
Do we get to mess with your resignation letter to make it funnier?
Azure AD has honestly ruined me
i can't tell what's my mistakes vs what configuration acccess i don't have
so much documenation for so many different similar things
on prem, cloud, v1, v2, .net, net core
im gonna losing my fucking mind
and whenever i get a configuration that seems like it should work, i get a vague error that when searched finds me unrelated issues
everything is registered correctly
the error is always
Bearer error="invalid_token", error_description="The audience is invalid"
10:39 PM
well, what audience are you using

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