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1:31 AM
hey what's up
2:09 AM
Why the android support library has stopped update? Did mircosoft deprecating xamarin.android?
And they are lazy to make progress
2:45 AM
microsoft has not deprecated xamarin.android
Q: .Net Core Azure Active Directory Authentication Problems (photos)

Tom CrosmanI tried to follow this tutorial: https://www.bruttin.com/2017/11/21/azure-api-postman.html What am I doing wrong? I'm using the default template of .net core web api 2.2 in visual studio 2019 and I want to use Azure AD to authenticate. To test the authentication I am using Postman, but I can't...

3:00 AM
Why are methods that aren't bound inside of a class bound to a class in the first place... i.e. rather than just running locally where they are
3:35 AM
hi @Rob
3:53 AM
it says an object reference is required for a non-static reference. why is this?
I think I just lost my phone
what's your number i'll call you
I'm from other country
4:50 AM
@nyconing do you code on VS for Mac?
i do
@mr5 are you good with async?
@ChristianMatthew when was your recent update?
i think it is on 30+ something
I'm not really good at async but I think I know the basics.
4:58 AM
Coding on mac is super inconvenient which slowing down my project output
oh i thought you meant vs code
i wouldn't code with VS on mac but I do with vs code
I'll stick to this version til they effin fix all the issues in Xamarin.Android
mac is extremely terminal friendly so coding with vs code is a breeze
why not use xamarin forms
5:00 AM
They just break the debugger. Fortunately, I don't do regular updates since the last 2 months
VS for Mac is good as long as you don't touch the Android part
then what is left lol
are you good with async nyconfig?
@nyconing sorry
just to ask are you a girl
he's a girl
lol nyconfig
5:06 AM
Im good with async, parallel and multithreading
Nyconfig hmmmmm
Task<int> eggTask = FryEggsAsync(2000);
	int eggs = await eggTask;
in these 2 lines of code they interact with each other in this manner
FryEggsAsync() has a return type of Task<int>
int eggs = await eggTask; expresses that upon awaiting for eggTask to complete it's return will actually be an int
and I should preface the first statement with expects a return type of Task<int> then what actually occurs during the final completion of the return
is that a correct understanding?
Yeah it looks fine
lastly, for this code
Task finished = await Task.WhenAny(allTasks);
if (finished == eggTask)
// why does the method execute first?
Console.Write("eggs are ready\r\n");
var eggs = await eggTask;
} else if (finished == baconTask)
Are you comparing the task instead of result?
is this saying the task is executed first the the await statement inside of the if statement awaits the task to finish to instantiate eggs?
yea that part is a little confusing
5:22 AM
that's my mom
not nice :(
@ChristianMatthew That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@ChristianMatthew Information on interacting with me can be found at this page
5:23 AM
Can you give full example?
ok this might be a better questoin
And I never comparing the task between task, not usre if its worked
what is that var eggs = await eggTask doing in there
it await the task to complete if it was not complete yet, or return the result immediately if it was completed.
so in these 3 lines of code...
	Task<int> eggTask = FryEggsAsync(2000);
	int eggs = await eggTask;
	Console.Write("eggs are ready\r\n");
i get that CW wont' be reached until eggTask is complete
but in this code
if (finished == eggTask)
// why does the method execute first?
Console.Write("eggs are ready\r\n");
var eggs = await eggTask;
} else if (finished == baconTask)
5:27 AM
simple, just await the Task right away. Only store the task if you are going to use Task.WhenAny (or the other variants)
int eggs = await FryEggsAsync(2000);
Console.Write("eggs are ready\r\n");
but it has to be complete
that's how it got into the if statement
it will be complete once you await on it.
5:28 AM
Wrote your whole line in paste.ofcode.org
it just seems completly bonkers code
i finsh the task, i remove the task, and then i try to await it???? huh
while (allTasks.Any()
You can use .IsCompleted instead
And also ContinueWith
that's not answering my question
5:36 AM
What is your question
this? -> why does the method execute first?
I saw the tutorial you're using... and that looks like quite a convoluted way to do things
WhenAny returns a Task<Task>, which should be your first clue :)
1. It was bad approach
2. and `FryEggsAsync` has lower delay compared to others
Put FryEggsAsync at 5000, your bacon will done first.
btw the coffee shall pour at the last
i wrote the code
i know what it does
the Task part was written by microsoft.
Then what is the problem, all the thing seems fine
@ChristianMatthew I think you want something to run your task in parallel?
5:44 AM
I get it. but i am not understanding why the put the i.e. var eggs = await eggTask back into the if statement
@mr5 no parallel is not desired but rather concurrent if that's what you meant
You meant line22?
var eggs = await eggTask;
there is no purpose of that any longer
the eggs variable was nt used at all
It is redundant
from what i can see
you can just wrote await eggTask;
5:46 AM
but there is still no purpose
await has already occured directly on the Task
or sorry on the finished method
and yes I am not using eggs for anything
before in the other example it served it's purpose as a blocking statement before it got to the CW
await on a completed task will not block
yea right... the task has already completed that is why it got into the if statement... you agree with that?
mean it doesnt wait at all, it just return the completed result immediatly
No, it completed while await Task.WhenAny is returning
lol which is what the if statement is set to
comparing the tasks dont make the task complete
the comparing just checked the which task is completed.
5:51 AM
comparing? not it is awaiting
@kame Information on interacting with me can be found at this page
Task finished = await Task.WhenAny(allTasks);
		if (finished == eggTask)
this means that eggTask is complete
5:52 AM
Task finished = await Task.WhenAny(allTasks);  // wait until one of the task is completed and return that completed task
if (finished == eggTask) // check if the completed task was egg task
yes which means it's complete
for eggTask
@ChristianMatthew you need to check for the result not the task itself
@mr5 sometimes I think you say things without thinking them out fully
5:54 AM
Yes, it's complete. It awaits it further down to get the result
The context I only grasp was the last two comments you posted
You can await a task multiple times
@ChristianMatthew Good Morning! :D
And you're assuming that the eggTask is already finished even awaiting on a list of task
How are you sure about that?
That's how .WhenAny works
It returns the first task which is completed
5:56 AM
so would you agree that the var eggs = await eggTask is unnecessary?
And you asked on it why does the method execute first? just because the eggtask has set the lower delay compared to other tasks
"It awaits it further down to get the result"
If you throw away the result of eggs, then yes, it's unnecessary
but if it is complete what would it ever do
It gives you the eggs
you're saying I could then use the result of the Task
ok fair enough but do I have to await it since it is already available
6:00 AM
@ChristianMatthew you're absolutely correct about that.
I'm lazy af
It's not available. You only have a Task<Egg>
The task has it, you don't
@mr5 lol it's ok sometimes i'm just like no please don't confuse me. When rob confuses me I know he's thinking about what he's saying
@Rob but i am not getting any errors. doesn't mean it's correct but it is not giving me errors
@ChristianMatthew You're not getting any errors because you're getting the eggs out of the task and doing nothing with it
You can remove that line
^ demo for concurrency I think you're looking for
6:03 AM
Unless you wanted to, for example, do something like Console.WriteLine(eggs.Temperature)
If you don't care about the result of the eggs, only that they're ready, you don't need to await the task
ahhhhhhhh You're right
			Console.Write("toast is finally ready :)\r\n");
			var toast = await toastTask;
		} else
now that makes sense
i did get an error without the await
@mr5 if you run this code in VS or linqpad... this is an awesome example of concurrency and asychrony
// when you are doing asynchronus programming with TAP... when you use async Task<T>
// you are unwrapping the method to be T and when you await you are unwrapping that to be whatever it is typed to...
// including the return.

static async Task Main(string[] args)
	Coffee cup = PourCoffeeAsync(100);
	Console.Write("coffee is ready\r\n");
	var eggTask = FryEggsAsync(3000);
	var baconTask = FryBaconAsync(4001);
	var toastTask = maketoastWithButterAndJamAsync(5001, 4001, 4001);

	var allTasks = new List<Task>{eggTask, baconTask, toastTask};
it's just everything i am reading is all TASK TASK TASK TASK
lol i am ok what is this Task stuff
@mr5 it literally tells you when you're running it that it is running asynchronously and the output explains the difference of concurrency or not
another quirk i run into a lot is nameof
I have a problem. I got a programming quiz for checking my programming level. I have a class and a test class with test methods. But there is no executable. How can I call methods from the class. Can I use the interactive window? Or should I add a new class with static void Main(string[] args) as executable?
@kame are you making fun of me
@kame You usually have a test runner which is an executable, and you run it against the DLLs from your tests
For example, nunit/xunit
@ChristianMatthew No why?
6:14 AM
lol i'm kidding you were helping me yesterday
Emm maybe they don't want you to run tests?
@Raimonds They want me to run the tests.
But this is new for me.
If its a .sln check what kind of nuget packages are installed, if tests is already there check what libraries it references, google from that point
Are you using dotnet core by chance?
@Rob I didn't know that this is the usual case
6:15 AM
Because if you are, it could be as simple as dotnet test in your solution directory
@Rob no dotnet core.
Also there is a test explorer window in VS
AFAIK, test methods are marked by attributes and some executables read your binary and executes the test methods for you.
@Raimonds I saw it and used it. But it is inconvinient for programming.
But we don't do unit testing so
6:16 AM
@kame what is inconvenient
VS, Google?
@Raimonds To run parts of your code with TestMethods
@Raimonds Until now I almost always used ConsoleApp and could step through my code with breakpoints
I personally can't justify that statement
Hello everyone
Thing is it is quite hard to step inside your code each time you make changes in your application over and over again
Not hard, tedious
6:20 AM
Good morning everyone
I'd rather spend that time on something else
@ratna Morning
@Raimonds Interessting. So you make changes in the code and then you look if your test methods are okay?
@ratna Good Morning
I run them to see if my small change won't break something I am not suspecting
In a large scale apps that is a life saver
morning @kame @Raimonds :)
I am not fan of unit tests, since I don't know how to do them properly, but I am getting there
6:22 AM
@Raimonds Therefore I consequently should use test methods? This would be huge change in my programming style.
Depends on scale
I see
if you are going big and you know it it is better to write tests along with the code
How I currently view it, each of your tasks should have success criteria, that criteria is basically your test cases
Something like
User should be locked after 3 attempts
User should have word "squirrel" in his login
like you can take it to stupid levels on requirments
ur tests should check all that for you
Now lets say you amend something like incoming requests to replace anything "squirrel" to "turtle" and you have no idea that you have that login requirement. Having unit tests will show that issue @kame
@Raimonds yes. Is there a diffenrence between Nunit-Framework and VS-QualityTool-UnitTestFramework?
Don't know, but I do believe they all try to solve same issue, so they should be somewhat similar. I heard NUnit is good, that is what I use if I try to write tests.
Attempt to make tests should make your code quality better as well
Because you will soon realise you need to decouple some things, maybe use dependency injection. After that you will realise that you can make CI/CD pipeline to run your builds automatically and deploy to server if all tests pass
6:32 AM
Good morning!
And in case you are using .net framework like I do now not .net core you will spend your next 3 days on figuring out how to make msbuild do webpublishing :D
@Squirrelkiller hey yo ~v~
@Raimonds I don't know about msbuild and webpublishing.
not now
I hear this now --> apolloinrealtime.org/11 :D
well if you use core it is "dotnet publish"
in case of framework it is "fuck you I won't obey you, my master is microsoft!"
@kame It's like watching movie about hackers where they type at insane speeds in 10 windows at same time. Not too realistic
real life hacker "what is my ip .com" :D
6:37 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' squirrelerinos!
Not much
Slowely going crazy
In two days I have a job interview. I am unemployed for almost 10 month now. :/
They'll most likely ask you why you've been unemployed for 10 months
6:48 AM
I know
What is your commercial experience ? @kame
I was on rehab
I prefer to say things how they are in job interviews
@Raimonds 2,5 years
maybe that is the reason I don't get those jobs
6:49 AM
@Raimonds I am to honest too.
@kame may we know?
2.5 in my opinion could be somewhere on bottom of middle tier developer
@mr5 the companies name?
@Raimonds Originally I am an engineer.
I myself have 6 years and senior devs with 2 years make me laugh :D
@kame you gained my respect :D
@Raimonds for what?
6:51 AM
@kame no. the reason why you rehab?
My uncle is engineer, gosh he is so smart, not in software but in that "engineering stuff"
Is off topic talk okay here?
We don't have anything better to discuss anyway
@kame Have we ever been on-topic, frankly?
6:52 AM
I treat this place as my working environment where you could ask for advice and talk to people if that is not obstacle for work
I nailed my gitlab pipeline now I ain't gonna work for week :D
I am 40 years old now. I experienced a lot of problems at the workplace. Some keywords. High intelligence, Asperger, Honestly, Strange behaviour.
I am too open for visual and auditive stimuli.
we programmers are a strange breed
I don't think I've met a programmer I would have said is "normal" in every sense of the word
Amm I believe I am intelligent as well so strange behaviour is a common thing I am referenced as,.
By the way, my mother tongue is not English. I am German :)
And I include myself in that
6:54 AM
I am Latvian :O
In two days I have a job interview at auticon.
The are specialised in employing autists. :D
@Neil u American?
@mr5 you say that like it's taboo
6:55 AM
@mr5 rehab because of burn-out, depression, anxiety. :( Last month I got my asperger diagnosis.
@kame I feel you. I think I also need one.
You can see it how I respond here =P
I think I need to google that thing, I might be slowly heading there
You need an asperger diagnosis?
@Neil no. I don't mean that. It's a serious question.
@mr5 well yeah, I just said I was
6:56 AM
I heard that many engineers and software developer could have Aspergers. It is like an invisible disease.
Nah I am not heading that way
However I don't like to communicate to people I try to avoid it if it is possible, but I just think they are bit fucked up thats all.
Autism is a very interesting topic.
I wish I could invest more time here rn but I'm at work
they think autism is just an extreme version of Aspergers
I have narcissistic rage
6:58 AM
there's a whole spectrum there, including people on the opposite side, who are generally irrational and very emotional
@Neil Now all this is called Autism Spectrum Disorder
I have a girlfriend
My daughter was diagnosed one
Oh shit she has a girlfriend? Good luck to her.
But I was sure doctors are wrong, as I found out there are issues but they are not related to ASD
6:59 AM
@Raimonds Autism is often inherietd.
@Squirrelkiller wat?

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