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12:19 AM
Morning O/
2 hours later…
1:56 AM
@milleniumbug lol. I did not notice the .m subdomain
Why did it redirect me to that page while I was browsing through my laptop 🤔
3 hours later…
4:47 AM
5:14 AM
bad news for Huawei users like me
I think if that ever happens, I'll switch to OnePlus
6:01 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
@mr5 Fun sunday over at yours eh?^^
@Squirrelkiller I can support this
6:27 AM
Morning guys
Gooood moorniiiiing CeeeeShaaarp! Have you seen Game of Thrones this morning? Because I have!
No I haven't
All the Squirrels in this group, did you name squirrel because squirrels are good at traversing trees and branches, and have good knowledge of kernels (Nuts) or just a coinicidence
I didn't have time, but I assume it was as bad as the rest of the season
6:30 AM
@Squirrelkiller I have but be careful, unspoken rule says no spoilers for at least a week of release
@anand_v.singh Cuz of our master, squiggle
a week for a trending series is too much
@HéctorÁlvarez I liked some parts of the ending being honest, it could have been better, but could have been worse as well
a week is only for movies, or those series that get released full seasons at once, I believe netflix does that?
@HéctorÁlvarez I am not sure but I think 1 week was for a movie and 2-3 days for a series
6:32 AM
yeah that sounds normal
6:44 AM
On a non GoT related note:
Has anyone seen Magi (on netflix)?
@Squirrelkiller I haven't seen the last episode..
And I'm afraid of what I might see ._.
It's building up like a shakespearean tragedy
Does anyone have a Stylish theme for Dark stackoverflow?
I tried a dark theme but it broke the CSS
Another theme is black background and colorful chat boxes
Oh and before I forget, here's the guy whose name I use to validate login forms: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pablo_Picasso
I use "stackoverflow dark"
Do you think 1 week is enough to watch the entire GoT?
Depends on how much time you can afford to spend watching it
6:57 AM
@mr5 my and my girlfriend did it in about two weeks, weekends and evenings
- season 8
You can certainly clear 1 season per day without much effort if you don't have a job.
@HéctorÁlvarez Uses tampermonkey rather than stylish, but this might be of interest: github.com/samliew/SO-mod-userscripts/blob/master/… - Haven't tested it myself however
@Default just for the season 8?
no, other way around :) 1-7 in two weeks
Haven't watch a single episode so I might try :)
6:59 AM
@mr5 You can get through season 8 in a day
Don't start with season 8 then. Gotta start from season 1 :)
Also do let me know when you reach the wedding :)
@Rob Thanks, I'll check it out.
the issue I had with watching so much GOT was that you start to miss details and whole sequences. It's so much information to process
@Neil Red wedding?
When I watched GoT the first time, I binged until season 4 I think
@HéctorÁlvarez Well all the weddings in Westeros are eventful affairs :)
After season 4, I had to watch it season by season like everyone else
And I'll admit there were moments were I didn't know what was being referred
I think it's normal.. I'd need to watch it from start to finish sometime
I use this one: https://stylishthemes.github.io/StackOverflow-Dark/
I've tweaked it a bit though since I installed it - SO changes now and then
7:03 AM
@Neil sure. I'm still planning when is the day I'll start watching it haha
my time on weekends is very occupied with my gaming hobbies
I think what I liked most about GoT was that the characters changed throughout
They weren't static whatsoever
I cried in episode 3 season 8 in the scene with alfi and bran. Anyone who's watched it knows what I'm referring to I think
Good morning.
@Default Dark Stackoverflow works well, might need a few tweaks though.
@Neil Yeah they are the return result; of the show.
@HéctorÁlvarez care to explain how to use?
7:09 AM
@HéctorÁlvarez can I share mine somehow?
I'm no css guru, so I kind of just stuck code in where I saw fit - i.e. no idea what I've changed
VS 2019 suggests me doing this
It looks like they copied it again from another language
I've seen it in Swift
@mr5 it has kind of grown in C# IMO
() => has been used for a while. they recently added _ for "unused"
C in C# stands for copying? :D
7:12 AM
lambdas was introduced in 2007 in C#. when did swift start using it?
The use of the _ discard is strange there, since you can simply ignore the return value. You only need it when a return value is expressly required, like in an out param or part of a value tuple.
C# was a play of C++, which in turn was a play off of C, which in turn was a play off of B, which in turn was a play off of BCPL which stood for Basic Combined Programming Language
@Squirrelintraining Install stylus, add a new manual style, copy this: raw.githubusercontent.com/StylishThemes/StackOverflow-Dark/…
Give it a name, save, done.
@Default I'm just kidding. I love C# compared to other languages
Sadly, Xamarin.Android til today is very slow
7:23 AM
@Neil It's all a combination of reminiscences of the reminiscence of the first abacus.
The computer, also known as abaception, is a contraption that contains several million abacuses and little people who manage them at lightning speed in order to calculate several hundred billion operations per second.
The only reason why your computer runs slower is because your micro-midgets are slacking.
That makes sense
@anand_v.singh Late response but still, if you check the starred pane, second entry, you'll see that... well, check it out.
@HéctorÁlvarez I guess they're the same micro-midgets which turn off the light when you close the refrigerator
Uh so you know the secret.
@mr5 why _ = ?
and why is that the beginning of a statement?
7:34 AM
When they move from your computer to the fridge, during the night, they sometimes make random cracking noises when they trip and fall down.
it must imply you have a variable named _ of which you care what the value is (or even use it in the first place)
@Wietlol Probably because the IDE thinks it's a good idea to state that this function returns something and you clearly discarded it instead of disregarding or missing up on this fact.
@Wietlol _ in C# is a discard variable.
@HéctorÁlvarez hence my confusion
@HéctorÁlvarez thank you hectorius
7:38 AM
@Wietlol cell.Post returns a boolean
@Wietlol LOL okay wait, there's more!
@Wietlol I guess it just tells the lint to discard its return value
I understand all the concepts except the part at "It ignores the thrown exception"
But why
@HéctorÁlvarez I saw the same in Reddit and asked the question here as well, but this was a recent post and I was trying to find out if this is an old joke or a new one since squirrels have been here before O joined
@HéctorÁlvarez A Task that isn't observed - like one that is returned from a PostAsync() function but not assigned to any variable and not awaited - will have its exceptions unhandled - you'll have to catch the UnobservedTaskException on the TaskScheduler to catch it.
The compiler warns you about that. But if you assign the Task to a variable, any variable, the compiler says "Ok, you know there's a Task here, you assigned it to something, it's up to you from now on", and removes the warning.
7:49 AM
Oh right so it's just suppressed, but the bomb is still there.
I mean, at run time it will still throw an unhandled exception
Thanks master tortoise
The _ discard is for explicit ignoring of a return value a la "yes there's a return value but I really don't need it".
New code style rule
I like that rule, unlike this trend to ignore the curly braces when there's only one instruction in the nested block.
I have a cconfusion regarding lazy loading which I have used in my code using Lazy class
Here is the question in case if someone would like to see :
Q: Confusion regarding correct use of lazy loading feature using lazy class

ILoveStackoverflowI have 1 long running process which has 2 steps like below: 1) Transformation 2) Versioning Management So once Step1 is completed, Step2 is executed. Now for 2nd step execution, I have done lazy loading for Versioning like below: public sealed class VariantProcessor { private readonly ...

8:07 AM
I do like
if(someParam == null) return;
or the like
WHen it's really jsut a return or return null or throw SomeException
I have to ask though, why doesn't VariantProcessor implement IVariantProcessor?
because IVariantProcessor contains 2 methods :
public interface IVariantProcessor
    void Process(Variant model);
    StatisticsModel Process(List<Subvariants> subvariants);
wow 3 squirrels now
its getting crazy
soon there will be a whole army of them
they will try to enslave us
and take over
8:16 AM
@ILoveStackoverflow Not sure what the question is. It looks like the Lazy bit is a tiny part of the whole code you posted, so it's not clear exactly what you're asking and whether it's not mostly just noise.
@HéctorÁlvarez i like doing that
You just pasted a lot of code, asking "is this code wrong", without actually saying what your problem is, what doesn't work, or why you suspect a problem.
@Hans1984 actually 4*
There is no problem but I just want ti know whether I have cocrrectly use Lazy loading or not
Peek was 5
8:18 AM
I might join one day
@ILoveStackoverflow Does it work?
@ILoveStackoverflow In Programming-Fu there is no right or wrong, only belief!
@Squirrelintraining oh no!
@HéctorÁlvarez "Spanish Squirrel?" and a profile picture with that mexican mustache?
like this
it was 3 5misn ago
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Yes ofcourse it does
cats unite!
Kiramm,Neil and even big cat wietlol
@ILoveStackoverflow So what's the problem? You're delaying the creation of an EntityVersion instance until after _transform() has completed. Does it make a difference? I don't know. I don't know if EntityVersion has a heavy constructor thta does a lot of work. If it doesn't, it won't make much difference.
is mr5 some kind of animal too ?
we will eat this mushroom
He spanish... so yeah
8:22 AM
it will make us bigger
just like i n mario land
sorry mushroom
@Squirrelintraining haha
EntityVersion has a constructor that is just initializing connection string property
@Squirrelintraining Saying "Spanish squirrel" and "Mexican mustache" in the same sentence is like saying "Australian squirrel" and "Mozart face"
But I can put a flamenco guitar on it
morning nerds o/
@Squirrelintraining Wut is he?
8:30 AM
@mr5 are you spanish?
@HéctorÁlvarez not anger (wut is german for anger),
@HéctorÁlvarez it's most definatelly not, you both speak spanish for one
@HéctorÁlvarez No soy español
@Hans1984 I'm Finn "the human"
OK that explains things and stuff
@mr5 human ?!?!? oO
alright ;)
@Hans1984 You haven't watched Adventure time I guess?
8:43 AM
Only one sentence: (Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant)[adventuretime.fandom.com/wiki/…
Please someone fix the damn parsing
Am I using the wrong syntax?
@HéctorÁlvarez heyy. I also suddenly forgot the correct syntax yesterday :D
@Hans1984 seriously?😠
@HéctorÁlvarez square brackets around the display text, round brackets around the link.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Damn, thanks.
^ best adventures ever :D
8:55 AM
wow thats a cool elephant
no, i actually think i saw episodes of this before
im just not very familiar with it
9:17 AM
@HéctorÁlvarez I think it's the other way around - [ text here ]( link here )
oh, that was already mentioned. don't mind me
9:37 AM
but we already mind you
its too late!
9:51 AM
!!Was it your hand doing it ?
@Hans1984 That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
Are you Hans Entertainment?
from time to time
does timeofday.hours treat midnight as 0000?
or 0?
Is there any place where I can request SO devs to add a functionality to the chat?
oh lol this f.t f.ck
no im not him
Do you understand german?
We need a button to report comments as heresy.
When reported, the nearest Space marine squad will beam in your home and purify you.
oc i do
im german
10:00 AM
Bloddy germans!
Check the spellin whe there is #hochdiehändewochenende on the screen
yeah too bad "Wochenende" just "ended"
this song is not realy fitting on a monday of all days
@HéctorÁlvarez i already used up all the fuel for it
10:02 AM
You mean "all ze fuel"
Then bring ze fuel too!
i dont mean that
I meant exactly what i wrote
@Hans1984 in the video dude :D
Look waht hans wrote
I'm not getting the punch line.
@HéctorÁlvarez Haaans, schätzle, bring ze fuel plis.
10:04 AM
the next person who says my name gets to be RO
of their own room by themselves
I'm not going to
You owe me a nut!
Congratulations @Squirrelintraining you get to win your own room
10:04 AM
Oh you snide weasel
however, i can also just do this
Good thing I wasn't interested.
throws coconut at squirrel
theres your nut
10:05 AM
Wait he was already RO?
We're run by squirrels here
this Feeds guy is out of Control!
someone stop him
We can't without ze flammenwerfer
10:06 AM
Why isn't my name italic anymore
KIERAAAANN what did you do?
Refresh you fool
its italic for me
My tail hovers tall over any refresh order!
fine, i'll force you to do it
aswell i like how our profilepictures intaract on the right hand side
10:11 AM
now he has to refresh to come back
your Name is not italian at all
Types: Fu
Recievs: - You are currently banned from participating in this room. - retry / edit / cancel
Thinks: Fu²
BTW this dark stackoverflow theme is pretty trash, over time I keep discovering new bugs
fooo juuu
10:14 AM
@HéctorÁlvarez wot
the dark chat or legit dark stack overflow
@CaptainSquirrel the theme I installed this morning, it breaks like hell
!!foo or fuu
@Hans1984 Input not matching /bar/. Help: User-taught command: baz //learn
10:15 AM
that answers not my question @HéctorÁlvarez!! :(
how could you do this to me
all she does is think about drinks
Everything is dark rum master, I'm addressing the theme directly, as in UI customizations.
wth is happening here
is there a squirrel riot
nuts everywhere
10:30 AM
too many squirrels
Wait what
I go eat lunch for an hour and my fellow Squirrel gets kicked?
Mar 12 '18 at 17:38, by Rudi Visser
Mmmmm, nutz
11:10 AM
May 5 '16 at 15:17, by BoltClock
oh no
@Hans1984 Look it's the ASCII representation of anisotropic filtering.
11:24 AM
Damn this is quite some boring Monday
What's up guys, why's everyone so busy
On monday
yeah its too quiet
very suspicious
I actually have work to do
for once
you mean like burrowing nuts in a garden
@Hans1984 That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
11:34 AM
@CaptainSquirrel I call you out for beeing a lier!
we will let caprica make the verdict
!!Captain Squirrel or Squirrel in training
@Hans1984 Both!
11:42 AM
11:55 AM
Hmmm I just got called by some Amazon dude, it must have malfunctioned because I hung the phone 3 seconds later and I had 15 missed calls
@HéctorÁlvarez might be worth checking for phone scams?
Seems odd otherwise
he seems to SPEED dial
I have the local amazon delivery guy saved to my phone
@CaptainSquirrel YOU DIDN'T
I got 4 calls from him and another 11 simultaneously from a separate phone that google says belong to amazon UK
DEJÀ VÚ! I've just been in this place before! dialing like mad
11:59 AM
maybe amazon has their own software for this sort of thing which is apparently malfunctioning
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