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12:08 AM
VR chat
@Patrick r u alive?
@Patrick r u ded?
Ughh, I think I forgot what it's that supposed to do.
Hey, have anyone ever tried to convert c++ libraries to c# by swig?
12:33 AM
Yes, it helps to compile other languages automatically.
1:01 AM
This is swig tutorial http://www.swig.org/exec.html
It perfectly converted between c++ and c# with swig except for wstring problem.
c++ libraries has wstring and c# doesn't have. so few libraries work abnormally.
That is my problem. :( I tried to find how I solve this.
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just convert wstring to byte[] problem solved
2 hours later…
2:38 AM
@Amy you mean hog rite
3 hours later…
5:41 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' squirrelerinos!
@Patrick r u still here
6:01 AM
Goood moorniiiiing CeeeeShaaaaarp!
MOrning ! :D
Hugs are great, people, keep on hugging!
yes, indeed
6:13 AM
Hugs really are great!
A great way to spread flees from filthy killerino
Hello everyone
quick question for you guys. If you construct a query via c# and use parameters and one of your parameters which is also a search criteria in your select statement has an apostrophe, shouldn't the fact that it's being used as a parameter solve it and not mess up your query?
Postgresql example : Select * from blah where name = 'McDonald's bla bla bla';
And because of the fact you have simple quotes, not double quotes, even though it's being passed as a parameter, it still escapes due to that apostrophe in the name.
Do oyu send it as parameter or do you concatenate strings to build that query?
nope, don't concat, it's a parameter
If you pass it as parameter to the db, it wont care. If you concatenate string, you have to escape it.
As parameter shouldnt be a problem
dont have to worrry about SQL injection then either
6:28 AM
and yet the damn thing is, that's why I'm confused :))
it's not something like where name = "textbox.text"
Then I'd say it's not a 'quick question' :P
Fair enough :D
nah, my query format is on the lines of : where name = @name
and i pass my parameter
where name = '' or 1 = 1; --
Do what killerino says
FFS this codebase
Worth a shot :)
6:31 AM
@Squirrelkiller seems legit
@AdiMohan passing it as a parameter also prevents injection problems later
so generally it's best practice that unless the value is fixed, you always pass it as a parameter
@Neil public static NpgsqlParameter GenerateTextParameter(string parameterName, string value)
=> new NpgsqlParameter(parameterName, NpgsqlTypes.NpgsqlDbType.Text) { Value = value };
always do pass it, be it text or numeric
my main issue is that damn single quote that appears in some names
"select * from students where name='" + "Bobby'; drop table students;"
and passing the name as a parameter doesn't seem to fix it
6:35 AM
it should..
wait, you're not constructing the parameter name as well are you?
it's something like this :
command.Parameters.Add(PosgresHelper.GenerateTextParameter("@name", name.Text));
hmm... it's a little Squirrel-ey in here :D
some Bobby tables humor.. nice
So, what have yall been working with lately?
@AdiMohan You shouldn't need to escape the value..
that should be done for you
any WebAsm c# projects going?
@Neil yeah but for some reason I just can't seem to escape this issue. Probably gonna try to rework it and if all else fails....dig deep and find a new and disgusting way to work around the issue, but i'm hoping it doesn't come to that just yet
6:43 AM
I suppose it also depends on the drivers being used
what issue? I thought you were just posing a question on whether parameters are escaped
apparently they aren't escaped for him
which is weird. that's sort of the point for being able to use parameters and not use sql injection
that's a little concerning.. this uses ADO.NET ?
@mr5 haha! what does random mean?
6:48 AM
@Patrick random
why doesn't it get one-boxed?
where can I see the values that will send through Ajax?
I try OnBegin
the parameter value for the function contains
I was hoping I would be able to find the data that would be sent as well here?
why is our link get one-boxed but Patrick won't?
6:52 AM
see? just link
oh I think I know
i don't care for now
but tell?
@Shad it's an asynchronous request. the data would probably be generated by a function. I also doubt they would store the response as a field.
something to do with imgur?
when I type this I do get data
Type: Function( jqXHR jqXHR, PlainObject settings )
your intention is to intercept and console write xhr requests?
something similar to what webdev tools do?
wait.. are you trying to create this as a client-side component or just need it as a tool? because you could just use your browser's web development inspector tool
I'm not asking rhetorical questions here.. haha
7:15 AM
is there a corresponding "data" property
for ajax?
I don't see here
what can I do to modify the data?
In C#, that wouldn't be possible
7:22 AM
Q: Modify posted input values on onbegin of ajax.beginform

Gaurav PandeyCan posted input values on onbegin of ajax.beginform be modified? I have to modify values of some of the input fields after the form is submitted. But even if I change the values through js, at server side in request.form I am getting the old values which were set initially at the time of form su...

this helped! :D
but it's modifying the input and not the output
when did I say output?
data is Data to be sent to the server
my bad
7:42 AM
Bamboozled once again by Newtonsoft Json breaking shit in 11 that worked in 10
(and it's also broken in 12)
and 13
But there isn't a 13
but there will be
looking at how many major releases newtonsoft does
most of our libraries are version 1
wait, that is not true, most of them are version 5 because all microsoft things are now at 5
7:56 AM
or when data is too large?
timeouts for my apps are 6 seconds
if data is too large, I did something wrong
6 seconds? pfft
should be 100ms
can I write if(arg is null)
instead of if(arg == null)
or is that some whacky smartass writing
Hi guys
My brain hurts an such
8:05 AM
I'm the guy from yesterday
I got some updates
oh shit
If I bother you just tell
8:07 AM
@Developer00 I just came out of a meeting, my brain is the only problem
@Developer00 worry not. izz joking :D
@Squirrelintraining I'm sorry
@mr5 who iz jokin felipino boi?
ur mum
8:08 AM
As I was saying
U no dare say dat
@patrick votekick mr5
I downloaded a couple examples of multiple image pickers online
None of them seem to work as tehy are supposed to with my gallery
check ur spleing pleb
I can pick just a single photo
I'm talking about the samples
@misha130 if(null == arg) prevents typo of if(arg = null). I like to make extension method
public static class Extensions

	public static bool IsNull<T>(this T obj){return (null == obj);}
8:14 AM
@Squirrelintraining you so funny
@Developer00 ah so you want the Multi Gallery Select
@Shad ohh shush
no u
Squirrel in training is the funniest ever!
@BlackSquirrel if (arg = null) wouldn't even compile though
8:15 AM
@BlackSquirrel if (arg = null) is not a boolean expression
what the hell invokes patrick?
this would only be valid in horrible languages
8:24 AM
2 messages moved to #!/bin/bash
?why you moving that to #!/bin/bash
I thought I moved it to bin room
now that room looks weird
how can I talk to caprica-six
8:31 AM
cap is kill
!!> console.log('R.I.P.')
@Squirrelintraining awww
@mr5 yes
lol all those squirrel drawings
8:34 AM
@Hans1984 'tis cousin craig
dont ge tme started...
but media plugin by james montemagno doesn't work really
well, it opens the gallery
haw for real?
who killed her?
but I can pick just a photo
her master
8:35 AM
I take revenge
who was her master?
Blastoise I choose you!
nah her master also gone
@nyconing My dad had one of those bird feeders
@Developer00 and you're defining something not working because it doesn't do multi select? Those were not even mentioned on the manual.
They keep trying to get the bird seed inside, and it gradually turned from getting the food inside to simply having fun
8:37 AM
@mr5 In the beta version there's a method called pickPhotosAsync
that should do it
@Neil Did that thing run by batteries?
@nyconing yep. they wore it down too
@Developer00 so stop calling something not working when it's not officially supported yet
@mr5 hammer time!
8:38 AM
damn you got me
strong squirrel might can able to take it down
@mr5 You're right
So, you have other solution to achieve that
achieve what?
8:41 AM
pick multiple images in xamarin
hmm. i cant help on xamarin.form
no problem
outer worlds ratings are out and they are looking good
8:45 AM
@Hans1984 lel
hi all
lol wth
nice hydro pump!
8:51 AM
its a turtle tank with water cannons
look how proud the turtle is
I want to visible or hide panels by their name,for example if i click laptop in treeview

var nodename = treeView1.SelectedNode.Name +"panel";
@nodename.Visible = true;
nodename=laptoppanel but how to visible it via their name
It's an odd request, but if you want you could iterate through treeview1.Nodes, and if the name matches you can make it not viisble
so how :/
i couldn't find it :(
8:58 AM
I've given you the concept, I'm not writing the code for you
Find your own path, my child
thank you master yoda :D
may the force be with you
thank master Captain
9:02 AM
hahahahhaha :D
also @DarthSucuk switch to WPF!
How come no1 gave that answer yet :o
Step 1) Read question about WinForm(s)
Step 2) Answer "use WPF instead"
Step 3) ...
Step 79) Profit!
also @DarthSucuk switch to React
How come no1 gave that answer yet :o
Cuz react sucks ballz deep 69
switch to buddhism
9:04 AM
only if you are a squirrel
reacting doesnt work for squirrels
React is for lions?
For real tho WPF bindings <3<3<3
Does better than for lions
I catch you all!
lions love reacting
9:04 AM
@CaptainObvious this dude has got style!
@Shad there is no flaming lion pokemon, you cant catch me
He's got classes
Entei! :P
My world was rocked when I discovered them
entei isnt a lion
they are called the elemental hounds
9:05 AM
or something
supper witty
I am immortal though
you an be a lion too
just walk on all four
and roar
you might get fired but hey
9:09 AM
supper funny ^
give it a try
My knee is injured can't do
fair enough
Can try walking like praying mantis
that would be even more hilarious
you need to color yourself green of course
9:18 AM
9:35 AM
is xamarin worth?
depends on who you ask
machine code best code
I'd say Xamarin is worth
I've never used it but my understanding of it and how it works is a definite positive to me
machine code is not cross platform
not with that attitude
And clearly we haven't gone deep enough
We must go to binary!
But isn't platform native language much better?
9:40 AM
I mean
@Wietlol I'd rather compile my code multiple times instead of the app suffering of slowness in every platform
to compile or no to compile
that is the question
I'm kinda starting to hate mobile development
It can't be so harsh
I hate mobile development
I mean
9:44 AM
because its user interface
I just have to choose a couple images
it can't be so difficult
oh it sure can be
it's a overused feature
my app stack is Kotlin React PhoneGap
No one came up with some easy to implement method
9:45 AM
works like a charm
Is phonegap worth?
I thought about it
but I'm not sure
I would swap phonegap with anything that I think works better
but Kotlin and React is what makes it worth
But I need it to be cross-platform
cause I'm the only one working on this code
otherwise I'd spend 2 years developing this app
its fully cross platform
Kotlin and react?
9:47 AM
Xamarin.Forms is fairly decent
Isn't kotlin just for android
I use almost the same code for websites as for any mobile device
@Developer00 not if you compile to js
Could you explain me how those language works
I still have to find a good tool to make it for desktop applications
@Developer00 what do you mean?
How does React work exactly
You just write normal js code?
9:49 AM
React works by making components
those components decide how they are rendered
this results in component based user interfaces
instead of document based user interfaces
Just write some damn HTML or use a real UII framework
(which html tradditionally is)
component based ui is much nicer to work with than document based ui tho
So it's like web development
but for an app
React works for web
React works for mobile
React should work for desktop, but I havent looked into it
Has it got many libs?
And what about phonegap
9:51 AM
phonegap allows you to run js websites for mobile
I tried some stuff
But it has very few plugins
Can I throw jquery into it
Or other libraries
Does it work offline? What about sql
@Wietlol thats not the right terminology
you shouldnt want jquery
a webview allows the running of websites as an app
nor sql
an app should be a view
all behavior should be on a server
the app has no sql libraries
phonegap has libraries to connect to device features
such as geo location provider, or an image gallery
So does Xamarin
Xamarin should head to UI simulation since native look isn't ideal now.
Xamarin's default UI on android looks native
And I believe the iOS one looks fairly native too

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