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1:01 PM
Here's a readable version of that code:
<body><script>function s(d){for(var j in d.items){var i=d.items[j];document.body.innerHTML+='<a href="'+i.link+'"><img src="'+i.media.m+'" title="'+i.title+'"></a>'}}</script><script src="http://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne?format=json&jsoncallback=s&tagmode=any&tags=rabbit"></script></body>
Morning cabbage.
OK, we'll just call the spoiler engine BETA, and express that we were looking forward to debugging it in production
@PM2Ring undeleted right before leaving; I leave OP in your hands;)
@AndrasDeak Ok. I'm convinced. FWIW, I'd already upvoted that answer by Shog9. :)
I also upvoted your answer; now they can't delete again
1:06 PM
be back later
Ahh, good, that one didn't work :)
Late lunch, rbrb
@AndrasDeak Ta.
I've made a much worse one, that I shall not be sharing.
I <3 php_ceo
1:21 PM
@Bio no,
You've been linked to sopython.com/chatroom before now I'm sure.
Please don't link your newly asked questions in the room.
@Bio You only asked the question 20 minutes ago. Have you perhaps read the room rules? ("Do not link your recent (< 1-2 days) questions in the room. ")
Please read the room rules.
Who knows rabbit/Terry with you around Fizzy? :0
1:24 PM
what is the problem? i canot understand
Please read the room rules, then you'll understand.
But in short, we don't allow people to link their new questions in the room.
ah ok
sorry so
If you would read the room rules, as you've been asked to do so repeatedly, you'd be in a better situation.
It not a matter
I am in a good situation
And yet if you continue to break the rules, you'll just be kicked out of the room.
So maybe you should read them, eh?
1:26 PM
garlic much?
I'd love some wild garlic about now.
I have no time now, maybe another time ;) I have to work it s betetr
@Ffisegydd Oh, dang, you missed it by a few months. It flowers in May. :)
Thank you anyway for your precious help
@RomanLuštrik Yeah I know, it's so lovely to smell as you walk through forests.
1:28 PM
In what form do you prefer it? Perhaps with olive oil in a "pesto"?
@RomanLuštrik Yeah definitely. Maybe in a salad too, or torn up on top of a meal.
Bear scats are funny in spring when they're green from wild garlic. :)
In fact, that's where it got its latin name from - Allium ursinum.
Is there a bad way to eat garlic?
From bear scats, presumably.
1:29 PM
Yes, when you accidentally overcook your reduction
More seriously though, burnt garlic is a terrible and wasteful thing.
I actually kind of like when it gets all brown and crispy.
It's okay if it caramelises nicely but burning it can ruin the flavour.
If you cook it slowly it's lovely, but adding it to a hot pan with no other ingredients can ruin it.
Yes, if you burn or are using a white sauce that you overcook.
I might make Chicken Kiev tonight.
Chicken Kiev is a good look
9 questions, all junk. :-D
I'm such a garlic fiend - but my wife doesn't care for it nearly as much as I do
1:33 PM
That sounds revolting Morgan, mostly because it's got mushrooms in it.
I would put it in almost everything
Mushrooms are the devils vegetable.
Eh, mushrooms!
@Ffisegydd They're not a veg - they're an organism \o/
Mushrooms are delicious, you shut your blasphemous mouth.
magic shrooms \o/
1:33 PM
I made wild salmon with lemon and paprika/garlic/cardamom baked asparagus last night. A+ would recommend.
I'm willing to literally fight over this.
1v1 me bro.
Literally. Let's meet somewhere quiet and dark so I can batter you.
Then deep fat fry you.
And serve you with your precious mushrooms.
Why it is indicated python room here?
1v1 chef throwdown against me irl brah
1:34 PM
@Bio legacy bug. we've asked to get it removed.
I will ikejima you.
and we never talk python : we talk mushroom and garlic
(Side bar: In the UK, "to batter" means both "to apply batter to in cooking" and also "to kick someones ass")
@Bio i'm sorry, did you have a question?
1:35 PM
And serve you with a beurre blanc.
quite literally, why is the intersection of my two sets that have nothing in common empty?
I will make scratchings from your hide and serve them as bar snacks.
I try to have help , but no one in interesting to help me. We talk abour rules but you dont talk python here
typically the complaint is as follows: "when i expected free help, i didn't get it. now you're just talking about off-topic stuff instead of focusing on what i want"
@Jim I have to confess I replied to one of those in a comment. stackoverflow.com/questions/38642501/…
1:36 PM
@Bio maybe if you'd read the rules you'd understand.
I will dehydrate you and make you into the JERKy that you are.
I cannot understand we have to talk python or food
But yeah, read the rules.
I'll cure you and serve you on "poutine", whatever that crap is.
@Ffisegydd Also in the US, though typically we use "battery", as in "could you please pass assault and battery the salt and butter?"
1:36 PM
another word apart rules? :)
@Bio yes. read the rules. i skimmed up and saw that you already were told to read them before you decided you had more important things to do
@tristan that's because Bio is in such a good position
They're mad that we won't answer the question they asked 40 minutes ago.
1:38 PM
@Ffisegydd My name is Poutine. Vladimir Poutine.
@MorganThrapp Oh, that question asked 41 minutes ago and answered 37 minutes ago?
@WayneWerner Bitte? do you know me?
@tristan Yup.
@PM2Ring I like the fact the error has nothing to do with pokemon-go.
1:39 PM
C'mon, that's not even the good one.
@Bio Wrong answer. If you wish to participate in a SO Chat room it's expected that you have read the rules and agree to abide by them.
@MorganThrapp Bro, come at me and we will throw down.
@tristan Once I finish with Fizzy.
(seriously, come to boston and we can go get some bbq, have beers, and throw down some cards)
1:40 PM
Yeah, no I would totally be down.
Why don't you both come to pycon uk?
I'm poor.
Yeah, I don't have a spare $700 for a round trip plane ticket.
Or a passport, for that matter.
Why haven't you moved to SF and gotten on that sexy VC/Y Combinator money yet?
Jul 25 at 9:00, by Antti Haapala
I could do London but not Backwater-Town-upon-Tiny-Brook
1:41 PM
IRL shit drove a bus into my attention span and schedule.
Yeah, I have very little interest in moving to SF.
@MorganThrapp a passport costs $700? wow
@AnttiHaapala Heh. Nah, it's only like $150.
$150, wow.
@AnttiHaapala Let me see what flights are like, what Finnish city will you fly from? Oslo? Stockholm? Copenhagen?
1:42 PM
what a rip-off
@Ffisegydd :D SOD off
I'd come over, but I decided my new schtick would be that I've never left the state.
I thought it was the flat earth thing?
It's both. I don't want to fall off the edge.
Maybe next one. I should have launched by then or have taken a "normal job"
1:47 PM
Let me know if you need some kind of letter to get into the country, I'd be happy to have you stripped and violated by airport security.
@Ffisegydd I just watched a fun episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents about that
Sorry, but tristan don't travel by plane.
@PM2Ring I read your comments to the deleting OP. Way too Canadian for my taste;)
lol found flights from helsinki to cardiff for 250 €
only need to stay in Dublin for 2 nights :D:D:D
@AndrasDeak :) I prefer to assume that he thought he was doing the Right Thing by deleting his question, so I just gently informed him that he wasn't.
1:53 PM
I happened to see a bulletin about an Autumn School to be held in Helsinki. It sounded like fun, just not along my expertise really
@AnttiHaapala Just fly to Birmingham, the trains are cheap enough and quick.
@PM2Ring of course. I'm not saying that my habit of using lethal force as a warning is the obvious way to do it;)
@Ffisegydd ah that looks passable
1 stop and 4 hours, 200 € with klm
If you can fly to Bristol then it's even closer.
9 hours one direction, 300 €
so "can" but then maybe not
there is programme, yes but I am missing the schedule really.
1:58 PM
Yeah I'm a bit annoyed the schedule isn't up yet.
There's some very good looking talks so far.
Monday is useless
nevertheless, I am not in Helsinki but in Oulu, would lose 2 days travelling mhmh.
2 hours more for train from birmingham airport to cardiff
@PM2Ring Oooooh. Now I see - the OP is trying to determine whether their game board contains a winning move
Just drive, only 35 hours.
Aww man I missed the Bio hazard
@PM2Ring I think half the upvotes for that answer were due to examples Documentation, and the other half were for the idea
@AndrasDeak Just some bear poop garlic
@WayneWerner I guess so. I didn't analyse the code very closely, but I assume it's something like that.
hai baes
@WayneWerner Yeah, the "examples Documentation" stuff makes it pretty clear what Jeff thinks of the whole idea.
o/ idjaw
2:08 PM
Hey, idjaw.
Which is what most of the rest of us think of the idea ;)
Reading about monads. Wat.
Anyone seen Lights Out yet? I just saw it last night, and I give it a solid 8.5/10. I don't normally care for horror, but it was REALLY good.
If Ripley took one look at SOD she'd say "Nuke the entire site from orbit—it's the only way to be sure"
monads mo problems
2:10 PM
@tristan mo nads, mo problems?
@idjaw and strife: youtube.com/watch?v=BorQ_ULcvss (nsfw, probably)
alright lovelies. time to go play taxi driver. have a good morning/day
@WayneWerner haha remember that
"The problem with monads is that truly understanding monads renders one completely incapable of explaining monads to anyone uninitiated. This seems to be the most fundamental property of the monad."
2:11 PM
peace Tristan
See yah, Tristan.
@tristan Bye Travis tristan.
@PM2Ring That seems fairly true. I think a large problem with monads, being only quasi-initiated myself, is that people are trying to explain the abstraction, rather than starting off with how the thing actually works
@Ffisegydd It is written that upon gaining the understanding of what constitutes a monad, you lose the ability to explain to anyone else what constitutes a monad.
Bah, just realised PM2 just said that.
Starting with Functors and Category Theory.
2:13 PM
I should read the whole conversation before replying to anything.
Hm. What is my computer even doing?
Where's the fun in that?
Lost. The Fun is Lost.
It is on, but seems to be completely unresponsive
Is it very old? Wondering if it's a teenager.
2:15 PM
I clipped my fingernails this morning but I got distracted and only did nine. Now typing is weird because one finger's weight is out of sync.
How heavy are your fingernails, man?!
@Kevin Did you mess up your own algorithm?
Lol at Kevin discerning the weight of fingernail clippings as he types. That's some ninja sensing.
@JRichardSnape I got it secondhand refurbished.... ooh, I can get into htop maybe now?
It's either the weight, or the difference in vibration that occurs when a long fingernail strikes a key versus when a short fingernail strikes a key. Different harmonics, I'm sure.
2:16 PM
A: What is the optimal Jewish toenail cutting algorithm?

KevinYou could generate all possible toenail cutting sequences with no restrictions, and then filter out all sequences that violate the jewish rule. Luckily, humans only have five toes per foot*, so there are only 5! = 120 unrestricted sequences. Python example: #seq is only valid when consecutive ...

I guess I could just avoid typing the letters e,d,c, and 3 all day...
Toenails, fingernails, same thing.
Ah. FF, I think
@Kevin isn't it just the negative time delay associated with an effectively longer finger?
totally came here just to star that xss comment
2:17 PM
@Ffisegydd I did think of that exact post after I realized my predicament. "why didn't I just cut them serially?"
conditions in list comprehensions include this as well:
Conditional expressions can also be combined together:

[x if x % 2 == 0 else (x*2 if x % 3 == 0 else None) for x in range(10)]
# Out: [0, None, 2, 6, 4, None, 6, None, 8, 18]
now that is useful...
There's some interesting discussions about monads on the xkcd coding forums. One of them starts here: forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?t=14661&start=8960#p4000061
Chaining conditional expressions is cool, but there's no reason for that information to be in the list comprehensions section specifically
2:19 PM
cool is as good a reason as any
There's nothing special about the context of list comps that makes them behave any differently than anywhere else.
I feel like they were going to discuss the conditional part in list comps like [a for b in c if d] but got confused
Holy crap - I never realized that humans could be polydactyl, too
of course, it's hereditary
shamans of old regularly had an irregular number of appendages
a clear sign of super powers, obviously
I kind of figured polydactyly could occur in any species that has digits or digit-like things.
I expect the basic genetic code for forming the shape of prenatal animals is pretty much the same for every animal
@AndrasDeak Shamans are scrubs. Druid for life.
2:23 PM
Hemingway Cats are pretty much the only polydactyl that I knew of
I would think so, yes. The combination of the bluntness of Murphy's law with the intricacies of cell growth
@Ffisegydd what did druids have? Irresistable urge to build stone pylons?
@AndrasDeak Turn into bears.
@WayneWerner I take it that you haven't read or seen The Princess Bride, then.
Warlock master race!
@Ffisegydd in order to poo green garlic?
2:25 PM
Pfft. Nablock.
Guardian Druid \o/
I miss early WotLK afflock.
Wasn't he recently in Batman vs Superman?
Juggling like 5 dots and a million cool downs.
WotLK was good times. I was a fresh faced Balance Druid then.
Hox genes (a subset of homeotic genes) are a group of related genes that control the body plan of an embryo along the cranio-caudal (head-tail) axis. After the embryonic segments have formed, the Hox proteins determine the type of segment structures (e.g. legs, antennae, and wings in fruit flies or the different types of vertebrae in humans) that will form on a given segment. Hox proteins thus confer segmental identity, but do not form the actual segments themselves. An analogy for the Hox genes can be made to the role of a play director that calls which scene the actors should carry out next....
2:26 PM
ICC was my first ever raid.
I'm really tempted to go back for Legion.
Oh man, you missed out. Kharazhan was the best.
Hello, I am here again
I am too, but I know I don't have the time to play it the way I would want.
I've ran Kharazhan loads as a higher level, such a good raid.
Searching acronym database for WotLK... None found. Possible near matches:
- The World God Only Knows
- The King of Red Lions
- Knights of the Old Republic
- The World Ends With You
Nope none of those make sense in context.
2:28 PM
@KevKev Wrath Of The Lich King.
I remember staying up WAY too late on a school night raiding Khara.
Used to love running Naxx too.
sorry for distrubing you :(
I'm just kidding; I don't have to go anywhere.
2:29 PM
ok cool!
@Ffisegydd Yeah, Naxx was great.
@PM2Ring I think I read about this before. I think I read that sciencemen messed with the gene in fruit flies and made arms grow where their eyes should be. There were pictures. At that point my squick meter went way into the red zone and I closed the browser and shut down my computer and hid under my bed.
I am new with python and seaborn, and mmy manager force me to work with them :(
@Kevin wait, is this the same thing where they grow an ear to the back of a mouse? (viewer discretion advised) or was that surgical?
so this is why i Put a lot of questions
2:30 PM
@PM2Ring Ah, well... that's a movie, of course -_-
I think I will go back, probably not raid though. I don't have the will to raid anymore.
I think I can be excused for repressing that particular memory.
Wrath dropped at a time when I had way too much time, so I was the top geared lock on my server for a hot minute. I remember being so happy when I finally broke 10k.
@Bio You have a good manager then ;)
no :(
2:31 PM
@Kevin You're excused.
@Bio invest your time in learning first.
As in "tutorial" and "do it yourself" and "experience"
I started with Balance but then went Bear Druid. So much fun. It was AMAZING in Pandaria. Some bosses I was top DPS. I also had the cloak so I could revive myself instantly.
SO is not a tutorial service. When you reach a point where you have specific questions that can be answered and you can use the answer; ask then.
But even if you keep asking questions: you have to read the room rules and abide by them.
Or, don't, and get kick/banned
well, sure ^
2:32 PM
Still your responsibility, though ;)
@Ffisegydd I quit during Cata, a couple weeks after firelands dropped. I just got burnt out.
I stopped playing start of Cata but started again during Firelands after I'd finished my Masters.
Went back to my old guild, started raiding, good times.
Plus my server just wasn't into raiding the same way I was, and I didn't feel like transferring.
I'm on an insanely busy server so always plenty going on
There was one top tier raiding guild, and I applied, but they were always full.
2:34 PM
We were never top tier, just did it for the craic.
I was on Perenolde.
Isn't PK a thing on these servers? I used to play Lineage II in my youth, but got put off by assholes
@AndrasDeak you mean player killing? Depends on the game.
Some of the servers had it, and some didn't.
I was on one that didn't. I was never into PvP.
I was always on a PvE realm, so you couldn't be ambushed, but there are PvP realms where you can attack people on the other faction.
2:36 PM
@Ffisegydd yup
I like PvP, but in battlegrounds and arenas.
oh right, pvp is the general term
that's great to have that distinction
are we talking about WoW?
I think so
2:40 PM
@idjaw Yup.
I just had to explain the magic of cake pops to my co-workers
it's a cake on a stick. What is there not to love. Look at how pretty it is:

@idjaw the stick. Cake balls can just go completely into your gaping cake hole
@WayneWerner GLADLY!
2:45 PM
@idjaw Those would be delicious, but they're chocolate cake. :/
you can do whatever flavour your heart desires
and all this reminds me of this fantastic skit
Let me know when they perfect pie on a stick
@Bio Generally speaking, it's a really good idea to have a solid foundation of core Python (and the principal standard libraries that ship with Python) before you attempt to master a complex 3rd party library. Having those core skills will make it a lot easier to understand the docs for the 3rd party library, since the writers of those docs will assume you have those skills. And having that solid foundation will make it easier to understand how best to use the features of that library.
@Antti new gem of our democratic system for you: we're going to have a referendum(ish thing?) about the immigration quota (because housing 150 refugees would obviously break our economy, obviously). The new voting law since 2014 is like this: if you're a Hungarian citizen with no address within the country (=you're a poor fellow who was forcefully separated from us after WWI, and given citizenship by Orban), you can vote for internal matters *by snail mail*.
If you have an address within the country but reside abroad (=you're an unfaithful swine for abandoning us), you can only vote on emba
@Bio what @PM2Ring said is particularly true with libraries like scikit and matplotlib/seaborn (which also assume you have knowledge, or at least understand concepts, in statistics, machine learning, AI, and the like)
2:53 PM
thank you
The A/C is finally fixed!!! Its not 90 degrees in here anymore :)
Fahrenheit, right?
@Bio We do actually answer Python questions in here, but they have to be the right type of question. And we expect you to do your own research before coming here. If you have a question that seems too trivial or too broad to ask on the main site it may be suitable to ask it here.
Or if you've asked a question on the main site but it hasn't been answered adequately after a couple of days then you may link it here. But bear in mind, if your question is too vague, or otherwise unsuitable for SO, then it's not suitable here, either.
@idjaw that's one of the best. Even better because all I had was the audio
2:59 PM
Ooh, I got an email offering me Stack Exchange swag. I'm going to go ahead and feel a smidgen of pride even though Puzzling doesn't have that much competition to get into the top 100.

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