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6:27 PM
Q: Residue field of point on an algebraic stack

Daniel Loughran$\DeclareMathOperator{\Spec}{Spec}$ Let $X$ be an algebraic stack. Is there is a well-defined notion of the residue field of a point $x \in |X|$? Attempts: Recall that a point on a stack is an equivalence class of morphisms $\Spec k \to X$ from fields $k$. The issue is that it is not clear that ...

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7:39 PM
Q: Minimal set of assumptions for set theory in order to do basic category

Tim CrombyConsider a normal first course on category theory (say up to and including the statement and proof) of the adjoint functor theorem AFT). What are the minimal assumptions for the definition of a set one needs to make in order that everything works? As far as I understand, up to and including the A...

7:57 PM
Q: A question on motivic zeta-function

John S.It's well-known that over $\mathbb F_q$ every smooth projective conic $C$ is isomorphic to a projective line. So the formula for the motivic zeta-function $Z_{mot}(C)$ is evident since $S^n\mathbb P^1 \simeq \mathbb P^n$. But what can one say when the finite field in the formulation of this quest...

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11:15 PM
Q: Can anything be said about the cohomology class defined by a section of a vector bundle if it is not of the expected dimension?

user2520938Let $E$ be a rank $n$ locally free sheaf on a smooth $n$ dimensional variety $X$, and $s\in H^0(X,E)$. If $\dim Z(s)=0$ (which is the expected dimension), then we can understand the cohomology class of $Z(s)$ as a chern class of $E$. Can anything be said about this class if $\dim Z(s)>0$?


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