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1:51 AM
Q: noSQL database structure for dynamic data

DennisI am currently prototyping with Flutter and want to use Google Firestore to store my data. Part of my data is structured like a Google form. It could contain a title, text passages, new lines, formatting (bold, italic, ...) and also images, input fields, radio buttons, labels, etc. on different p...

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9:39 AM
Q: Pass a user defined table to a SqlCommand (which doesn't execute a stored procedure)

OfirDI'm trying to use a user-defined table with a simple SqlCommand (which doesn't execute a stored procedure). I get the message Must declare the scalar variable, although the parameter is already defined. Code (assume accountIds is defined elsewhere, so that dtAccountIds has some values): var sqlCo...

10:09 AM
Q: Simultaneous assignment indexing different list elements in Python

Sopeade Lanlehin>>arr = [4, 2, 1, 3] >>arr[0], arr[arr[0]-1] = arr[arr[0]-1], arr[0] >>arr Result I expect >>[3, 2, 1, 4] Result I get >>[3, 2, 4, 3] Basically I'm trying to swap the #4 and #3 (In my actual problem, the index wont be 0, but rather an iterator "i" . So I cant just do arr[0], arr[3] = arr[3], arr...

10:33 AM
Q: trying to store variable in a text file in python

severi hirvonennumber = open("var.txt", "r") num = number.setting_data.readlines() number.close() while True: employee_file = open("employess.txt", "w") employee_file.write("\nbot #" + str(num)) employee_file.close() number = open("var.txt", "w") num = int(num) num += 1 employee_fil...

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1:27 PM
Q: Calculating standard errors for groups with heteroskedasticity

steveI'm attempting to calculate the standard error (SE) of several experimental groups for the purpose of making a plot. However, the data do not satisfy homogeneity of variances- the difference in variance of fitness between treatments is quite large and cannot be solved by the transformations I've ...

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3:15 PM
Q: How to use xinetd to pipe over TCP into standard input of another program

YejusApologies if my wording is a little hard to understand -- I am fairly new to all this. I have a program called fx2pipe on a Pi Zero that communicates with a certain electronic device. The instructions for said device are compiled by a Windows program on another machine, and I want to send those i...

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4:57 PM
Q: Do powers of the shift operator applied to a non-zero vector always yield a total set?

Matthias LudewigLet $S$ be the (say, left) shift operator on $\ell^2(\mathbb{Z})$. For a non-zero vector $x \in \ell^2(\mathbb{Z})$, consider the set $$X = \{ S^n v \mid n \in \mathbb{Z} \}.$$ Is this always a total set, i.e., is its span dense in $\ell^2(\mathbb{Z})$?

5:55 PM
6:39 PM
Q: Connectedness of Invertible elements in a non- commutative C*- algebra

User93709The Gelfand Naimark Segal theorem says that any complex C* algebra $A$ is isometrically isomorphic to a C* sub-algebra of bounded operators on a Hilbert space. Here we see that the set of all Invertible elements are connected in $B(H)$ for a Hilbert space $H$. I wanted to ask if there is a catego...

Q: access indexed data in a loop using R

deanLets say I have 5 databases, named data1-data5. I basically want to create a loop that prints the first 10 rows of the data. In my naïve mind, the code should look something like this: for (i in 1:5){ print(head(data[i])) } That does not work. What's the proper way to do this? How do I define ...

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9:33 PM
Q: Creating a log-transformed histogram of multiclass continuous data with ggplot2 and R

Al KoholicI'm working on a research model using R that is calculating anomaly scores (RMSE values) for three distinct groups within a large dataset. The anomaly scores are a continuous data type and are quite small, ranging from approximately 1e-04 to 1e-07 across a population of approximately 1 million ob...

9:57 PM
Q: Finite CW complex with finite non-abelian fundamental group and higher homologies zero

piper1967I want to build a finite CW complex such that $\pi_1$ is non-abelian and $H_i$ are zero for $i\geq 2.$ From Hatcher for a given group G, one can create an example of a 2-complex $X_G$ with $\pi_1(X_G)=G.$ I also checked from Mayer-Vietoris that if $G$ is cyclic such complex won't have any higher ...

10:39 PM
Q: Can Java generics be parameterized with values instead of types?

SebastianAssume I want to define types that are similar in structure, but differ in a parameter that could be an integer or could be something else. Is it possible in Java to define a family of classes parameterized by an integer or even an arbitrary object? Consider the following pseudocode (which does n...


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