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12:33 AM
Q: Weak Mordell-Weil for EC using Chevalley-Weil theorem

cartesioI am reading the book Applications of Diophantine Approximation to Integral Points and Transcendence by Zannier and Corvaja and, after their proof of the Chevalley-Weil theorem, in Example 3.8 they suggest that it is possible to prove the weak Mordell-Weil theorem using Chevalley-Weil. Honestly, ...

12:51 AM
Q: Splitting a group into two subsets closed under multiplication

nimGiven a group $G$, find subsets $A,B$ such that $G=A\sqcup B$ and $A$ and $B$ are closed under multiplication: $x,y\in A$ (corr. $x,y\in B$) implies $xy\in A$ (corr. $xy\in B$). For example, if $G$ is finite then all splitting are trivial: if $1\in A$ then $A=G$ and $B=\emptyset$. If $G=\mathbb{Z...

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3:09 AM
Q: Cohomology of Shimura varieties and coherent sheaves on the stack of Langlands parameters

Anton HiladoIn Zhu's Coherent sheaves on the stack of Langlands parameters theorem 4.7.1 relates the cohomology of the moduli stack of shtukas to global sections of a certain sheaf on the stack of global Langlands parameters: This is a generalization of a construction in section 6 of Lafforgue-Zhu's D├ęcompo...


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