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12:01 AM
Because, frankly, it seems that's a more-fool-you situation if you know the state, and age, of tkinter. There doesn't seem to be much point in bemoaning an old technology and expecting some new development that'll turn it on its head
Indeed :)
That doesn't answer my first question, though. Is it perhaps time to use a different framework?
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4:27 AM
Dear All,
good morning
is there anyone to help me on my question on python with xlwings please?
Below is my question.
5:02 AM
@roganjosh Nah, I wasn't necessarily looking for anything, I was searching for some error info and came across that page. Made a mistake of reading it since it looked like the website was not poorly designed but I only realized I shouldn't have later.
5:36 AM
@roganjosh I think an IPO is high unlikely now that Stack Overflow has been acquired by Prosus, a division of Naspers, for $1.8 billion. See meta.stackoverflow.com/q/408138/4014959 & meta.stackexchange.com/q/366568/334566 The acquisition was finalised on the 2nd of August last year.
5:47 AM
@KarolZlot In the wake of the Monica incident, some Stack Exchange members decided to create an open-source, community-driven alternative. See codidact.org codidact.com It looks nice, but it doesn't get a lot of traffic yet. But it's still new and growing. Stack Exchange doesn't mind, there's even ads for Codidact on some Stack Exchange sites.
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7:24 AM
@SundarG FWIW adding a comment to the question is pointless, it will only be seen by people who are already viewing the question (or have clicked Follow)
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9:13 AM
@PM2Ring Very good point. I'd already completely forgotten about that!
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10:20 AM
How do you access a parent property/var directly from it's parent
@Plain_Dude_Sleeping_Alone Hi, take a look into formatting in chat before posting code
@DelriusEuphoria. Okay.
What he said, just with "please"
Oh yea, I did have "please" in my mind, but I'm in class and got lost in it, my bad :)
11:08 AM
Many people's problems seem to go away once we tell them to read the formatting guide...
Afterall, that's where the magic lies..
Though I am curious about the answer, is there a way to access it? Perhaps is static variable the solution?
static is not intended to be accessibility
The question doesn't make any sense. They're trying to access an instance variable without an instance
I played around the code a bit and came up with this
#parent class
class Animal:
    voice = ''
    def __init__ (self, voice):
        Animal.voice = voice
#Child class
class Dog(Animal):
    def __init__(self):

But its no longer instance variable, so..
@Aran-Fey, that's the point of polymorphism you inherit the class properties, unless it's private
class Dog(Animal):

    def __init__(self, voice):
     Animal.__init__(self,voice); #or.. super().__init__(self,voice)

    def printParentVar(self):
        print(self.b); # b is parent constant
11:21 AM
What does "parent constant" mean? Where did you create self.b?
I did that.. anyway it my very first hour using python. It seems cool.
I don't get the question here. Dog is an Animal. It can just print(self.voice).
It's a constant initialized in Parent constructor
Then what's the problem? print(self.b) will work just fine
There are no constants or parents or statics or whatnot to consider here.
11:22 AM
Well, that was exactly my question. How to do it/
class Dog(Animal):
    def printParentVar(self):
How to access parent's vars.
I've left in your naming, but note that it is not printing a "parent var". It's printing its own attribute.
It seems you have an overcomplicated model of how classes work – try to ditch it. :P
class Animal:

    def __init__ (self, voice):
        self.b = 8; #parent specific var
What do you mean by "parent specific var"?
11:25 AM
It's a constant that's specific to parent
On a sidenote, you don't need the ; to mark the end of a statement.
@Plain_Dude_Sleeping_Alone What makes you think it is specific to the parent?
Don't know.
No Idea.
Are we on the same page that a Dog is an Animal?
What programming language did you come from where accessing attributes defined in a parent class was any different from accessing any other attribute? You are seriously overthinking this
Well, perhaps.
I was maintaining somebody codes. And it just hits a huge of straight codes within a function. Thus I need somekind of modularity here. Problem is I've never coded in Python before :D
11:36 AM
You might not need classes. You might need functions and modules.
It's kinda cute language expressively. Remind me of Matlab
MATLAB and OOP... *shudder*
not that I've seen much of it, but I'm happy that way
You'll be happy to hear that foo()()()()() is syntactically valid Python ;)
Does it call the function multiple times..?
Oh yea, it calls the return object..?
11:42 AM
unless you do def foo(): return foo in which case both
Ok. guys see ya. Thanks for the help here.
*If there are any
See ya 0/
have a nice day
you too :D
12:14 PM
@AndrasDeak don't you mean "MATLAB... shudder" ;-)
12:27 PM
"MATLAB and OOP" is a special kind of shudder
@hugovdberg works for me, but that would be getting personal :P
12:47 PM
Cbg folks
I have an ubuntu 20.04 and a rogue dhcp ipv6 server running. How do I find it? I checked /etc/netplan, /etc/network and /etc/NetworkManager, nothing in there. Other places that come to your mind? I know there are a dozen of these Network tools which do kinda similar things and sometimes also overwrite themselves and it's in general a huge mess.
1:19 PM
Perhaps you can find the server's process id, and then use that to find its file path. I have no idea if either of these are possible.
Feel like it's been a while. Hope everyone is well. You all look great. Haven't aged a bit!
Welcome welcome
If you can replicate the problem from within a virtual machine, maybe you can identify precisely when the server process opens the port for listening. Having snapshots of the system in its pre-listening state and post-listening state might be useful
Hello everyone,

Is it possible to create a virtual environment with a version of python which is not installed on the machine we are using?
I bet a virtual machine could do it.
I'm noticing a trend. I think I'll recommend virtual machines for all problems I encounter today
1:39 PM
Why do venvs make everyone lose their common sense? Of course you can't make a pythonX venv if you don't have pythonX
Thanks for the kind answer.

I am wondering to which extent it can't mimic a docker's behavior for instance. In a docker file, you can specify the python version you want and it is downloaded and installed.
You are saying it is not done similarly there?
By the way, I am referring to the use of virtualenv, not venv. The latter has proven to not work towards this goal to me
No, it's not. You need the version installed locally. Of course, Docker is always a potential alternative, for some situations.
But it seems to work on a linux machine I am using. I have check the version of python available, install a virtualenv created on my laptop and now I am able to use the version of python I had on my laptop also on the linux machine
When I do a 'which python' from the linux machine, I see 'my' version of python
My question is more a 'how' then. Do you think it has been downloaded? (it has a connection to internet)
How do you "install" a virtualenv?
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V?
The venv contains a python executable. So if you copy the venv to another PC, you also copy the python executable.
For that to work, you'd have to be running Linux on your laptop as well. You can't create a virtualenv on a Windows box and have it run successfully on Linux or Mac.
1:52 PM
Laptop is a Mac
Thanks guys, I think I have the answer to the 'how'
1 hour later…
3:16 PM
I have a question: How to read SE answer in Python?
You mean "how do I webscrape StackExchange answers with python"?
I'm fairly sure SE doesn't even have any sort of scraping protection. Do you have a specific problem or do you just need to figure out web scraping in general?
I need to learn how to webscrape SE answers.
Alright, if you don't have a specific question I'm just gonna wish you good luck and leave it at that
3:23 PM
Doesn't SE have an API?
readSEanswer("https://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/273407/rhyming-dictionary") returns this
Can someone do this?
I can do it. For a hundred dollars per hour.
@Kevin ?
Sorry, I didn't mean to be ambiguous. by "dollars" I mean USD.
Umm, are you sure you posted the right link? I doubt SE returns the source code for a kivy app...
3:38 PM
@Aran-Fey Oops, I mean both answers and questions
That's actually what's in the Q&A
If it's answers and questions, that will be 115 USD per hour
Change of requirements fee, all very standard
Oh, that's the question/answer body? So... the code works, then? I am so lost
I'm so lost I might as well be Zoro from One Piece
I'm assuming that when he says "readSEanswer(...) returns [whatever]", he means, "I need someone to write me code that adheres to this interface: a function named readSEanswer returns a string like [whatever]"
Rather than "I have already written a function readSEanswer, and it works just the way I want it to"
Looking for code mercenaries
3:43 PM
I asked here, because i'm banned for asking questions to SO for 5 days.
@Kevin Ah, that makes sense. But unfortunately that's still not a specific problem; that's just a different way to say "I need to read a webscraping tutorial"
Yeah. (or they can pay me)
Kevin goes self-employed?
@Kevin Wait, would you read the tutorial for them?
I can imagine this being a great audio series for kids!
Do the lil' ones still have walkmans these days?
It's 95 USD per hour for me to read a tutorial, 150 USD if you want to listen and/or record it
IIRC there's a fairly steady demand for walkmans as a vintage novelty. A bit like how many music enthusiasts prefer vinyl records over digital
3:55 PM
audio books are fairly popular I think. Walmans (walkmen?) not so much though
One compelling feature of magnetic casette: it circumvents virtually 100% of DRM control mechanisms for any audio you can put through your computer speaker
4:24 PM
@Kevin only meant for human ears :D
print(f'{jsonobj['data']['priceUsd']}') # why this is wrong?
I don't see anything wrong with it. Except that the f-string seems fairly pointless
...you know what, never mind. My stupid human brain did too good of a job parsing that code. The problem is that you're trying to use ' characters inside a string delimited with the very same ' characters
It would be interesting if f strings were smart enough to ignore quote marks inside curly bracket sections. Maybe the lexer isn't up to the task though.
Just like you can't write 'foo['bar']' without getting a SyntaxError, you also can't write f'foo['bar']' without getting a SyntaxError
This should be fairly easy for the new PEG parser, TBH.
4:35 PM
print(jsonobj['data']['priceUsd']) # this one doesnt throw error but I need to use the value in a string msg
Then use str(...)
Use double-quotes.
...even the simplest questions/statements can be interpreted 2 different ways, huh
If you need to convert that value to a string, use str(). If you want to use that value in an f-string, use double quotes. If none of these answers interpreted your question correctly, press 3 and a real human will speak with you shortly.
thanks for making me chuckle @Aran-Fey and have a nice evening @room6
4:44 PM
i feel like a village idiot
did someone call for the village idiot... I'm here! :)
still having server issues it seems, so if anyone else could do a traceroute (again) and let me know what their last hop is (again) to it'd be most appreciated
Pretty sure it's still the same IP as last time (, and then 8 (so far) timeouts after that
5:13 PM
getting little meaningful support from the provider... keep throwing me "how is your server configured" and I keep saying - it's nothing to do with the server configuration if it can't be reached! ~*argh*
Hmm, how do you tell the difference between "I can't reach the server" and "The server receives and ignores my connection request"?
because you'd be able to trace to the actual ip
Is that how that works? Ok then
I've got IP whitelisting and some things setup for iptables, but meh, the server just isn't accessible full stop
@Aran-Fey same provider but different server that appears to work: what'd you get if you do ?
Had me worried for a sec, but after 3 timeouts it made it to from
6:06 PM
All work no package_data makes MisterMiyagi a dull boy.
6:45 PM
Is there a way to revert an edit before it's been reviewed in the queue? I accidentally made an edit that changed core aspects of the question
or should I just overwrite it
7:08 PM
I'm not sure, but you could go to edit history and revert to original, that might be your new edit
that really needs to be a feature
1 hour later…
8:16 PM
Lots of my old bug reports/feature requests are getting responses this year. Is 2022 the year of developers taking care of their backlog?
*checks calendar* What year is it again? Oh, it is 2022. Phew.
Ride the January wave
Is "I'll work my way through all those open issues" the "got to get my body in good shape" for nerds?
As in new year's resolutions.
round is a shape
festively plump
8:37 PM
Actually, I don't think this can be called "taking care of" the backlog. There was activity, yes, but progress? Not so much
sounds like a "yes"

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