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2:12 AM
So we have a Python script that uses argparser to accept a file path and in Jenkins we have a secret file parameter in the configuration
Now the problem is that Jenkins prefixes the secret file path with the name of the job
So if the job is called "My Jenkins Job" ... Houston, we have a problem
By the time this gets passed to Python it'll fail because it's interpreted as separate unrecognized arguments
if [[ ! -z "${FILE_PROP}" ]]; then
	ARGS="--my-arg \"$FILE_PROP\" $ARGS"
Later in the script we call a command to run our installed module with the args
mymodule --arg1 $ARG1_PROP --arg2 $ARG2_PROP $ARGS
So to summarize we check the existence of a secret param concatenate it to a string and expand that string in a command. Even with the escaped quotes to wrap it, still no luck
In fact, I get the following args:
1. "My
2. Jenkins
3. Job/path/to/secret/file.txt"
Bash literally kills me, incoherent/inconsistent not to mention verbose syntax and different versions change results dramatically, any ideas?
2 hours later…
4:34 AM
anyone know if on windows "c:\Nul" always exists and is always empty? would be convenient if true... Path(r"c:\Nul").exists() seems to return true on all my machines, but .iterdir() raises filenotfound: 'c:\Nul'
basically I'm looking either for a folder guaranteed to not exist, or guaranteed to be empty (without having to create it myself)
5:00 AM
Hi all
How can I insert a value in specific location of 2d array?
For example:
arr = [[]]
arr[5][4] = 0
[[], [], [], [], [], [[], [], [], [], 0]]
repl.ethanhs.me => CPython 3.11 dev REPL running entirely in your browser thanks to CLANG, LLVM, and emscripten - thought you all might like this.
5:25 AM
@MRS1367 Are you trying to emulate a sparse array, where the rows and columns (lists) are only created as needed? Generally this is done with something closer to a dict where the key is a tuple of the array location: {(5, 4): 0}
you can then return a particular value for "empty" cells by either using a collections.defaultdict or calling dict.get() with a default parameter
5:46 AM
@MalikBrahimi You should be able to do this using a bash array instead of an escaped strings, as in this example here.
Do I add @ to the first part or the second?
i.e. ARGS="--my-arg \"$FILE_PROP\" ${ARGS[@]}"
You need the [@] to insert the old content again.
mymodule --arg1 $ARG1_PROP --arg2 $ARG2_PROP ${ARGS[@]}
I think it should be ARGS=("--my-arg" \"$FILE_PROP\" "${ARGS[@]}"), not sure about the escaped quotes inside it. Note the parentheses, they are the important sauce.
Ideally, you change the entire thing to an array, not just that part.
Yup ok got it, let me give it a try. At the end of the day it might just come down to Jenkins BS lol
Every shell seems to operate differently
5:53 AM
Yeah. If you can, use a Python script instead of a bash script. ;)
It'll be more verbose but also much less brittle.
6:13 AM
Yup didn't work
Might just have to change argparser to accept nargs="+" which is kind of stupid but ya
2 hours later…
7:59 AM
@Aaron Yes
8:21 AM
@Aaron There are several special filenames that exist on every windows machine for historical reasons: howtogeek.com/fyi/…
Therefore C:\NUL exists, but so does C:\Temp\NUL or {any existing drive}:\{any}\{existing}\{directory}\NUL
1 hour later…
9:31 AM
@KarolZlot cheers!
hey guys, how can i fix these Django migrations, the problem is that there are few new migrations that area already migrated?
[X] 0012_product_is_joined
[X] 0013_merge_20211123_1531
[X] 0014_merge_0013_merge_20211123_1531_0013_product_variants
[X] 0015_product_barcodes
[X] 0016_product_all_category_ids
[X] 0017_auto_20211203_1348
[X] 0018_auto_20211206_0819
[X] 0019_auto_20211210_0830
[X] 0020_product_comment_count
[X] 0021_icon
[X] 0022_auto_20211213_1512
[X] 0021_product_joined_set_rejections
what did you just paste there?
10:01 AM
A markdown checkbox list.
although that's missing leading hyphens
3 hours later…
1:16 PM
That's the output of showmigrations
I'm confused how later migrations can be applied before earlier ones, my django doesn't allow that and tells me pervious migrations have not been applied
1:39 PM
Perhaps in some cases it can tell that two migrations make changes to independent columns, so it doesn't matter what order you run them in.
If migration A creates a column fullname based on the contents of firstname and lastname*, and migration B creates a column maypurchaseliquor based on the contents of age, then running A-then-B is the same as running B-then-A
(*yes yes, not everyone has a first and last name, I read that article too)
docs.djangoproject.com/en/4.0/topics/migrations/#dependencies makes it sound like this is possible. That said, it's unclear to me if a migration file created by Django will have a dependencies list as optimized as one made by a human. I don't think it's NP hard or anything, but you never know.
@DziuGas Try migrating 0021_product_joined_set_rejections again. See docs.djangoproject.com/en/4.0/topics/migrations/…
2:01 PM
man djangos templating language should give itself a name instead of having to google every time djangos templating language
also I wish it were simply jinja2
2:20 PM
You can use jinja2 in django I think
yeah but it's not the default
plus it's a pain as most django apps expect Django's templating language - so you have to jump through a few hoops if you want jinja for your stuff but not break other stuff
but I'd be interested in your opinion. how questions on se can even have this and not get downvoted to oblivion is beyond me. Then again quality is constantly dropping
How can questions have migrations that don't execute in chronological order? I don't see that very often, myself
3:00 PM
Hey folks... would any of you mind doing a traceroute to and let me know if it completes? I'm having some problems and I don't think it's just me...
fra1-edge1.digitalocean.com ( is the last hop for me
thank you
Mine's still going, but it's not looking good. ping says 100% packet loss
I also have fra1-edge1.digitalocean.com in my list, but there's also after that and then it's only timeout errors from there
thanks - appreciate it folks - knew it wasn't just me sighs
2 hours later…
4:40 PM
wow adding a let to a variable in js made it auto change the type from str to bool which made later comparisons fail silently. What a lovely language
@Hakaishin wrong room?
cmon don't be a stickler, if people can ask us to traceroute, I can vent a line about js
[I radiate with vague guilt about my numerous off-topic messages]
and we love em <3
I'd normally be lenient about off-topic messages, but pointless complaining about other languages is rarely constructive or interesting, and Hakaishin himself seems to be very conscious about obnoxious behaviour.
4:49 PM
@AndrasDeak Motivational message and reminder to praise the BPFL?
JS's scoping rules are relatively similar to Python's, so I'm curious if the curious behavior could be replicated here.
Ever since I learned about that esolang that is 100% correct JS, I would venture to guess "no".
At least I hope so.
@Hakaishin having == and === always makes me do a double take...
@MisterMiyagi wow, just wow :D
@JonClements they should add ==== for comparing how the weather was when the two objects were instantiated
@MisterMiyagi extremely impressed and horrified at the same time... :p
4:54 PM
it was used to write malware thedailywtf.com/articles/bidding-on-security
Maybe let's not throw rocks from within our glass house, as long as Python evaluates + (not not []) to 0. Same principle as the +!![] construct in Miyagi's link, but more verbose. There but for the grace of human readable unary negation and plus, go we
I'm more upset that Boolean([]) gives true, myself
@Hakaishin I'd be keen to see an MCVE, if it's not too much trouble.
Bimonthy reminder that fulfilling my whims has the lowest possible priority, and may safely be ignored in nearly all cases
2 hours later…
6:46 PM
Can anyone help me fix my generic mailmerge function please?
def Merge(Plate, Table):
    """This function takes a template .docx, Plate and list of lists, Table
    and does a mail merge for each record where the first row/header is the
    field names and the first column is the name of the output file"""

    from mailmerge import MailMerge
    from locale import setlocale, LC_ALL

    setlocale(LC_ALL, 'English_United Kingdom.1252')
    Fields = Table.pop(0)[1:]  # [1:] to avoid file name field

    for Rec in Table:
        Doc = MailMerge(Plate)
        Props = ()  # Properties
I think the line that doesnt work is:
Props = Props + (exec("%s = '%s'" % (Fields[i], Entry)),)
Well yeah, exec doesn't return anything
(And neither do assignments)
What's this whole mess supposed to be doing?
Props = ()  # Properties
for i, Entry in enumerate(Rec[1:]):  # [1:] to avoid name field
    Props = Props + (exec("%s = '%s'" % (Fields[i], Entry)),)
You want Props to be a tuple of... what?
a tuple of the fields the we need for the mailmerge
A "field" being what exactly?
The name of a placeholder variable in the document? Or the value for a placeholder in the document? Or both? Or something else?
So an example in a working project I have is:
Doc.merge(CUSTOMER_NAME = line[0], FIRST_NAME = line[1], SURNAME = line[2])
So the tuple is setting field names to values of the placeholders
So you want to pass keyword arguments into Doc.merge, ok. Something like Doc.merge(**dict(zip(Fields, Rec[1:]))) then
7:00 PM
Yes that works - Thanks!

You said my whole function is a mess. Is there any way you would suggest to improve it?
No, I said those 3 lines are a mess
But yes, you should apply some PEP8 styling. The CamelCase variable names are triggering me
Ahh, good to know it's just those three lines and yes, I know, I just hate reaching for the underscore while touch typing and find the underscores less readable/attractive but I've been on the edge of using snake_case a few times. Thanks very much for your help Aran
7:58 PM
"If anyone has any examples of good Python source code, please share!" - posted 19 days ago, 0 replies. Seems about right.
I believe that it is possible to make clone of Stack Overflow and over time attract users to use it. Content can be copied from SO because of CC license.
I wonder why nobody did it so far...
I ask myself that question about a lot of things... sphinx, pip, git, etc...
8:29 PM
Because the resources needed to run an SO clone are crazy?
8:41 PM
Only if a lot of people visit it though, right? At which point it pays for itself?
there are always clone sites but eventually search engines figure that they shouldn't send traffic to copy sites so everybody forgets about them
@Aran-Fey I can't work out whether this is tongue-in-cheek?
It's not. Ads are a thing, right?
The whole saga of SO over the last few years has been about trying to drive actual profit from all the site visits
...point taken
8:47 PM
Ads are a thing. Your smurf sees them; I don't. The costs of the machine powering SO (not just the servers/data centres, but the developers, the community team etc. are not insignificant)
In the UK, I would be able to see the filings of most companies from Companies House. Not sure if we can do with a US company
This is really old, but I think they're trying to get it into a position for an IPO. That's why they're not cracking down on the crap questions by new users, because that's who gives them ad revenue. They're dancing a line to prioritise that revenue stream while trying to maintain at least some decent content generators
Maybe it's time to start taking donations, like wikipedia does
I think that model is lost at this point because Wiki managed to keep the quality high. I think they're too far along. Still, it would be super-interesting to see how that model would play out if they enacted it 10 years ago
It's not even a sunk cost fallacy at this point, because quality is just so eroded, I'm not sure people would want to donate - the people who would want to donate are probably the ones working extra time to just try keep the site clean now
Yet another reason to start a clone!
Devil's advocate - if you took 1 learning from SO about what has gone wrong and what you could change in the clone, what would it be?
Also, it's worth noting that Wikipedia maintains a great site but on a skeleton crew, and they don't make any real profit, hence the constant campaigns. So you get quality, but it takes heart from the devs to actually keep going
9:04 PM
For me, it's that "high quality" and "people who need help with their problems" are incompatible. People with problems just don't generate high quality content. Which is why you need 2 sections: A museum for the well-written books, surrounded by a crowded marketplace where people try to sell their cheap tabloids. (And no, you can't get rid of the marketplace. It attracts tourists and helps the book authors figure out which topics they should write about.)
I feel like it's been a while since my last weird analogy
I think that roughly aligns with the totally failed Documentation approach?
You can't have a museum in our industry because that implies that you can't be agile; you're just curating old answers that rapidly get out of sync with new releases/languages/technologies
@roganjosh Hmm, you have a point there. I suppose the difference would be that the library only accepts your book once you've established yourself as an author. How exactly that would work, I'm not sure
It's true that the museum probably won't be able to keep up with every new development, but... does it have to? It's still a useful thing to have
Thing is - I can usually find the "museum" in the existing setup and so can you. So, at least for now, the swamping of the tags with helpdesk-like questions doesn't stop me making use of SO, and the high-volume-low-rep users get to proliferate their garbage. For now, the equilibrium holds
It also requires an increasing engagement of mental faculties to find the poor answers creeping into the old ones, but the old guard usually cares enough about that to kill the encroachment of rubbish on the most prominent Q&A
9:19 PM
It's certainly possible to find useful content on SO, but it's getting harder by the day. How often have you thought "This question has to be duplicate" but couldn't find a suitable dupe target? And if you pay attention to how much garbo you constantly wade through, it's pretty shocking
And on the other side of the problem, a lot of newbies get unsatisfactory "answers" to their questions because some people are a bit overzealous when it comes to closing as duplicate
Completely agree with your points there. Your "This question has to be duplicate" thought, though, would be related to questions on things you're not trying to search for yourself?
So the "balance", as you call it, is that everyone can benefit from SO to some degree, but at the same time everyone's unhappy
Err, depressing evaluation, but I guess I can't argue with it. It's functional for now, at least. It's not me or you that put SO in this vice
@roganjosh Well no, I'm not trying to find it for myself. But the poor sucker who asked the question (hopefully) tried to find it for themselves. And failed.
Yeah. They will ultimately suffer and it will be as a result of the business model that was chosen. 90% of all my learning came from SO (directed by the fact I had high-intensity projects and no experience, so I appreciated the resource). I used to recommend people sitting on the main feed to learn more about python, but I don't any more
9:27 PM
I saw this situation multiple times: new user ask for help, get down voted and then never shows up again on SO.
I think current point algorithms doesn't take into account how people feel when they get down voted.
That's why I hung out in chat all the time when I basically knew nothing (inb4 I still have noob misunderstandings). I still would, and do, recommend colleagues to just keep this tab open and glance every now and then at the least. I stopped recommending the python tag to newcomers years ago
It definitely pays off to hang out somewhere you can see other people solve problems. Be it SO or a coding challenge website.
@KarolZlot Is it bad that my first thought was "Good!" ? (Trick question, the answer is "yesn't")
@Aran-Fey Sure new people are noobs, so they can't contribute much at the beginning but over time they get experience and it's a loss for SO that they are not part of it.
Many different solutions for this are possible, but I will give 1 example: Show lower than 0 votes as 0 (or remove down votes entirely). Put all new users in sandbox / tutorial mode so they first learn how to ask for questions. They get precise feedback instead of downvotes and links to long articles about asking for questions. To sum it up: human make decisions based on emotions and current SO seems like it is designed for rationally thinking beings like robots / computers
9:50 PM
Giving every newbie precise feedback about their question would require an army of reviewers. That doesn't seem realistic to me. Plus, I don't think it's a good idea to have a high barrier to entry for new users; they'll just go somewhere else
@Aran-Fey I literally only read this last message in the discussion, but SO experimented with that, and it crashed and burned real bad
it was the "mentorship" project, allowing volunteers to pre-review questions in chat
I was amazed they even tried it!
Walking back, I had a few thoughts @Aran-Fey. Not long ago, you remarked on how I'd asked you twice whether you thought my moderation was sound here. Given the context of this discussion, hopefully you can see why I did that (not paranoia). I'm also trying to dance a line that keeps a good population of both knowledgeable people and newcomers without either side being overwhelmed
When you put it that way, it seems like a much tougher job than I imagined up until now
every single time someone does something annoying I have to carefully weigh whether a) the annoying likely affects other users, and b) if yes, whether the induced annoyance extrapolates to something tolerable in the mid-term future
a) is already tricky because it's not very difficult to annoy me
10:00 PM
The honest truth is that I can't always tell, when a room regular is in a back-and-forth with a new user, if the regular is just being stretched too far, so occasionally I'll make a call on my best judgement. In some cases I'm wrong, and the regular will think that I've been heavy-handed because they were actually engaged. Not a whole lot I can do but try improve my barometer
@KarolZlot you can raise those examples on meta, then have rene duple-close those suggestions to something already raised and shot down before. Fastest way to see what the consensus was ;)
Alternatively, raise it on MSE and let Glorfindel do the same
@roganjosh I would recommend to err on the side of doing nothing. We're all adults here, and if I don't stand up to someone annoying me, I only have myself to blame
@Aran-Fey it's not really all that simple. If 10 out of 10 expert regulars think "I'm annoyed, but whatever", eventually they will probably stop being active because they are silently annoyed.
Sure, and you're easier to read than other regulars.
Still, I believe it is possible to make it so it works, and results depend on implementation details... I have feeling that SO team for some reason is not able to do it well enough...
10:03 PM
@KarolZlot I'm sure they are open to hitherto unsuggested suggestions
@roganjosh In other words, I'm bad at hiding my annoyance? :D
@AndrasDeak From what I see they are not. I read meta sometimes, for example recently about closing "Jobs", they don't care that users are against closing it
Then it's settled I guess.
@Aran-Fey If you don't express it and it's palpable, then I can only try put words to it but try avoid any direct confrontation and stick to the facts. I don't think there's any harm in blunt feedback to someone as long as it's objective and not crushing
Narrator: "Aran-Fey had nonchalantly forced roganjosh into a mental game of minesweeper"
10:07 PM
@Aran-Fey I mean it's not that hard when you say things like chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/6?m=53798875#53798875 . Which incidentally makes me wonder why you keep feeding users like that, but as you said we're all adults.
If you can express it in a civil way, then I won't step in
(And that's not suggesting, at all, that you haven't. I'm using the general "you" here)
I don't think I've seen Aran-Fey ever be non-civil
perhaps one day we can break him
You guys have no idea how relieved I am right now that it's difficult to convey emotions over the internet.
Yeah, my phrasing was poor. I managed to get my clarification in just in time :P
@roganjosh it was clear to me for what it's worth
10:14 PM
Custom made? :P
Yeah. Surprisingly, the hardest part was finding the template image.
...ok, maybe that's not so surprising if all I had to do was add some text. But still
good thing you didn't need outlined text
GIMP, another entry on my "why hasn't anyone made a better version of this yet?" list
imagemagick might be more useful for that legacy.imagemagick.org/Usage/annotating
I used that to timestamp photos a posteriori
10:22 PM
Oof, using a command-line tool to add text to an image? Getting the size and coordinates right sounds like a nightmare
I see GIMP recommended as a great free alternative to Photoshop in a popular image that circulates on Twitter, which also lists RawTherapee as a replacement for Lightroom, and I'm just so grateful that Adobe exists
I love proprietary software
It's not even hard to do in GIMP, it's just that you have to convert the text to a raster image to do it. So you have to make sure the layout/font/size/whatever is final before you do it
Why won't my virtual environment use my project packages?
@Aran-Fey the use case was timestamping family photos for a photobook, so there were only a couple of aspect ratios, similar output sizes, and we didn't care too much about details as long as it was readable and not huge. I think I scaled the font size with the lower dimension of each image or something like that.
@vaultah It certainly has its advantages, yeah
10:25 PM
- config (package)
- enrichment (package)
- resources
- scraping
- scripts

A script inside "scripts" won't see the "enrichment" package when using venv in terminal, but it works when pressing "Play" in PyCharm.
@vaultah well it is a "free alternative" alright. "Great" might be stretching it...
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'enrichment'
@Warcaith is the package installed in the venv?
And is pycharm using the same venv?
How do I make the venv install the project packages?
They are only existing in this project
Well are they installable packages?
10:26 PM
Your project contains multiple packages? Are you sure that's a good idea?
Why not put all the code inside a shared parent package?
I'm not even sure I understand the project layout here, but I don't know much about packaging anyway so I'll step back
The reason for this is that the main package is "enrichment". The scripts inside the "scripts" folder should execute the "enrichment" logic in different ways.
But well, yeah, I could probably make them under the same parent directory
Do you have a pyproject.toml or setup.py at all?
Nope, I thought I did not need one. Should I use one and install it to my venv?
On 2nd thought, I'm not even sure if it would help. I've never made a project with multiple packages before
10:30 PM
Uuuh I think I have one
Hmm, it kind of worked.. 1 sec
setup.py on the top level, packages=['pkg1', 'pkg2', 'pkg3'] in setup(), works fine
The easy solution is a project layout like this:
├── .git/
├── root_package/
│   ├── __init__.py
│   ├── config/
│   └── enrichment/
├── script1.py
└── script2.py
$ tree -L 1
├── pkg1
├── pkg2
├── pkg3
├── pythranrc
├── README.md
└── setup.py
I can install all 3 packages with pip install . and be able to import pkg1 from wherever
Everything you want to import goes inside root_package. The scripts you want to execute go in the same directory as root_package. That way, they'll be able to import root_package without any additional setup.
10:35 PM
(which is not to say this is idiomatic; as I said I don't know much about packaging)
Why can a project even have multiple packages? What's that good for?
my probably common use case is "why not?" :P
Well, my "scraping" directory consist of many "scrapy" projects
That's one of the reasons I used this hiearchy
But I could probably put everything under one folder
My stuff are various things I use for research, grouped in two topical packages and a third one that's just called myutils with all sorts of helpers. They are not coupled enough to be one package, but they are interdependent so separating them would be pointless too. I develop it for myself, I just need them all to be installable. This was the simplest setup for me.
You installed all 3?
10:41 PM
it's the same thing as if I had superproject.pkg1 etc. and import the same things from one level deeper
Interesting. I would've just added them to my PYTHONPATH
nah, I don't like messing with that
but I only have to install one thing, the containing "package"(?) of a different name
I do pip install foo and I get to do import pkg1 etc.
Actually that's not correct because it's pip install .. But I can do pip uninstall foo and remove all three.
Aran-Fey, I changed the heierachy to the following:

- enrichment
- config
- scrapy
- scripts
- awesomescript.py

The "awesomescript.py" cant still use anything inside "enrichment" package. Why is that?
Admittedly I never had to think about this because I've always ever been my only user, and will be.
I have a crazy setup where my PYTHONPATH contains the directory with all my projects, and then every project has this exact __init__.py in its root directory to make it importable
10:46 PM
Heh, does it feel idiomatic?
No, but I know what I want and this is the easiest way to achieve it (:
@Warcaith What does the import look like? Just import enrichment?
Also, does enrichment have an __init__.py?
import enrichment.builders
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'enrichment'
import enrichment.builders
That's weird. How did you execute the script? Was an IDE involved?
I don't get why it works when I press "Start", but when I run it in terminal, it does not work at all.
I use PyCharm
But yeah, it's weird.
If you run this in a terminal (not a terminal in your IDE), it doesn't work?
10:50 PM
I'll check
This is a no-setup setup. The only way it can not work is if your IDE messes with it, which they like to do. If you run this from a normal terminal, it has to work
Is no-setup setup similar to no-makeup makeup?
No idea, you'll have to ask a girl
Ideally one who won't respond with "No idea, you'll have to ask a programmer"
My venv in terminal won't stop to use the local site-packages I have on my computer
I... don't know what that means, or why it matters
10:59 PM
Haha sorry, I'm tired
I was too afraid to ask
A venv doesn't make a copy of your site-packages, does it?
you can tell it to copy your system-wide packages
that's definitely not the default
Nope, but shouldn't the venv be isolated from the system-wide packages?
Because right now it uses my system-wide packages and ignores what has been installed on the venv
Even after I activate the environment
11:01 PM
That's unlikely, so it sounds like something is off: 1. it's not actually activated, 2. it's not that what is activated, 3. you told it to include your system packages, 4. whatever I don't think of yet
I'm inside (venv), but it still tried to use packages from this directory:

Ah, I confused "site-packages" with "stdlib"
Windows? Even worse
Does "I'm inside (venv)" mean "I've cd'd into the venv directory" or "The venv is activated"?
it's starting to look like that a prepared batch script that creates a new venv, activates it, and then runs pip freeze would be educational
11:07 PM
Well, I've got to get some sleep, so good luck
rbrb Aran
11:42 PM
I came across this on the internet. Reading it I feel like its all a lie, can't really say if it is sarcasm either..
Ah, I assume it is just false information, the codes written seem poor too. But it is written in confidence, that I ended up believing it for a minute
The text barely makes any sense so I have no idea why you assumed it would be a good resource.
the code snippets also seem utterly and blatantly broken
it said "it has the most advanced library methods" and then I knew it was all a lie :/
nothing gets past you, I see
laurel :P
11:58 PM
@DelriusEuphoria So what is it that you want?
Are you expecting some break-through development in tkinter?

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