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^ the answer the interviewer was looking for was obviously threading (adding concurrency in IO bound context). but I don't think we should reward these zero-effort dumps with answers.
12:34 AM
I like the functools.lru_cache answer. that actually just gave me a great idea to fix a problem in a module i'm working on
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2 hours later…
3:57 AM
uh-oh, just used my first walrus (:3= coo coo ca chooo
@wim I am here and you are here and we are all together...
You should change your name to The Eggman.
in regex [.-] that's supposed to match . and - but why i couldn't match the * if i put it with it [.-*] ?
4:22 AM
maybe the x-y is thinking a range
try [*.-] instead
thanks @wim so regex is care about the sort of input, yes?
I dunno just a guess, think when you do like [a-z0-9] patterns
it's not matching only a, z, and -
you are correct.
Just realized frontend dev can actually be fun
I was trying to do the hard work myself before I remembered that Flask exists
Leaving me to concentrate on making slightly less garish color schemes
4:35 AM
Q: pandas reset_index after groupby.value_counts()

muonI am trying to groupby a column and compute value counts on another column. import pandas as pd dftest = pd.DataFrame({'A':[1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2], 'Amt':[20,20,20,30,30,30,30,40, 40,10, 10, 40,40,40]}) print(dftest) dftest looks like A Amt 0 1 20 1 1 20 2 ...

I would rather smear hand sanitizer on my eyeballs than wade through 18 posts.
pandas more like i'd rather explain why its called a lambda
ah bruv i linked the wrong one :( can't read
4:55 AM
where was googles april fools joke this year? they didn't even bother? lame
all is busy with corona, no time for fools
pfff, this time is when you need a bit of a laugh the most.
inews.co.uk/news/… seems to confirm that Google skipped the tradition this year
you know that many countries discussing to announce the name of each single person infected with corona, whether recovered or no. in order to let people aware of dealing with.
5:17 AM
i guess other countries don't hold privacy concerns in the same regard eu and us does
in case if Herd immunity strategy applied, so they will not respect privacy
is the motivation behind this that some cultures expect less honesty from individuals?
The public benefit is more important than the individual, There is a type of human being who deliberately harms others. And that, as we saw in some of the widespread videos of Chinese who deliberately transmit infection
I haven't heard of those video... what's this about?
5:34 AM
something like that
i personally don't think it would be necessary to publish people's names. Might cause more harm than good.
that video of the person at the counter - I didn't see them take their mask off. and it looked like they walked away from the opening in the window after coughing
so it didn't seem like a deliberate attempt to infect the people there
well there's more over of that videos, like in metro and elevator. take a look in YouTube
even if their names were published, that wouldn't stop them from coughing on door handles and elevator buttons
Yes, sure i agree.
well, we have to cut-off the topic here as it's will be off-topic for the room and not to get a warning by Moderators :P since it's going to take a long
would be nice if there were a side channel to this forum for side discussions
5:57 AM
hi, anyone knowing kivy here?
@Mr.Dark Please see the room rules. If you have a question, just ask.
ok sorry
isin't there option for on_hover or on_mouseover for actionbar actionbutton in kivy?
Perhaps you need to implement something like this. All in all a cursory search indicates that you should use mouse_pos.
Was wondering if anyone here had worked on code related to something called edge devices? I was wondering if i needed to learn anything special, been asked to deploy a CNN on a video "edge device". Only thing is, don't really know much about the device itself, i'd imagine there's space constraints
6:14 AM
in the general case I don't think it means anything more than "a computer you won't have any other access to" (tough definitely ad libbing here)
@Todd do you know that you can start a new room and invite users?
6:35 AM
there's a good number of general-chat rooms already though
6:47 AM
I see, so i should be able to get away with just treating it as a place where i can execute python code?
@ParitoshSingh I was taught edge devices are low powered IoT devices. They don’t have processing enough to train a network but I guess you can deploy a model. But it can also mean something else. Going with what my uni told me
@ParitoshSingh without more details it's hard to say yes or no, I guess part of the problem is how to deploy updates etc if you need to, and how screwed you are if you don't take care of this and discover a security issue
Thanks for the inputs, much appreciated. Yeah i am still waiting on more details myself as of now, but wanted to at least get a sense of what i was getting myself into
7:24 AM
8:02 AM
Pretty certain this meta post was triggered by events here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/345909/…
Darn, forgetting my manners
@wim they explicitly skipped April Fools.
Didn’t think the world would be in the mood for pranks this year.
@MartijnPieters cbg, thanks
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη are you just concerned for potential abuse? I don't see the vulnerability
Cv-pls requests have been working for years with no issues, and the markdown ensures you get a tag on the given site...
i really not mean cv-pls itself. i mean the enclosed redirection behind. i wonder why there's no notification that you are being redirected to another place than stack sites.
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη as Martijn and I said: tags can't send you elsewhere
And don't click tags if you don't want to see tag info
8:09 AM
I have to remove an object from a set, from mainsite I learned that .discard() should do the job.For that I tested it with simple input where elements are integers, it was working, but with some other object it is not working, here is an example:
for i in visited:
	print(i.loc, end=", ")
for i in visited:
	print(i.loc, end=", ")
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη that is not the tag part. That’s linking in general. Any link anywhere can take you any place. It’s up to you to check.
@AjayMishra does your node implement __eq__?
I think we already talked about this
Yes, wait I am sending that.
Sorry. :(
That was stupid.
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη you might want to look up the rick-rolling meme for an excellent example of what people have done with links, over the years.
@AjayMishra it's alright :)
8:12 AM
In fact, that would have to be mandatory background research if you wanted to discuss linking policies.
@MartijnPieters got it, i see that i were unable to explain it in correct way. i mean the link redirection such when i telling you check that site , wondering why i not get a notification like many other sites telling you that you are transferred to x site.
That’s not part of links on Stack Overflow, anywhere.
I would find that way too annoying. Just learn how you can check URLs before clicking. Like right-clicking the link or using long-press on mobile or looking at the browser status bar when hovering.
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη I usually set my browser to show the url of links when hovering over them. Frankly, I find the "you are leaving random place X for random place Y" notifications annoying.
Actually i know how to inspect the element and see the url behind or even by hover the mouse. i thought if it's can be under user settings, such as show redirection url before transffered or disable it. just a guess
No-one? Really? I put a great big example of the aforementioned meme in my chat comments and I don’t even get a I see what you did there response? I’m disappointed in you all!
8:19 AM
Sorry, I don't click unrelated youtube links :P
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη you certainly did not make that clear in your meta post. You gave no background info, made it about the cv-pls tag instead, which is a convention unique to Stack Overflow chat rooms. Most people that read Meta don’t even know what those tags are about.
yes it's my mistake, i didn't described well.
@AndrasDeak the biggest reason I hate YouTube links: zero context on what the link leads to. Not even a hint in the link text itself.
Yeah :( I do recognize the end of your link though
You have it memorised too then ;-) The Q-W count is strong in you.
8:23 AM
I think I saw someone intentionally link another copy once...
Anywho. Time for my daily permitted airing.
Have fun :)
9:10 AM
@MartijnPieters Rick rolling kinda got ruined by youtube advertisements for me. Having a 10 second spot in Swiss German kinda takes the edge off it.
no adblock? gasp
what is a foolproof way to check if existing code is in python 2? I have been searching for the print statement
if the code that exists doesn't use a feature that differs between 2 and 3, then you might not be able to. So you'd just have to think of all other differences as well
thats what I have been thinking, there is some framework that has print() andprint so I dont really know what was the version they wrote it on
see if there's a future import statement, or imap, or xrange. Or many others
9:17 AM
searched for __future__
xrange and imap seems good, thanks for poinitng that out
I'd recommend looking at the imports. The stdlib layout changed much more than syntax.
anything that stands out in particular? I could try running it but I dont know the starting point, they just said make the code run and I saw print statement and hence my question :/
depends on what the domain of the code is.
its some wrapper around OpenStack CLI's and other API's
subtle hint: .decode on strings
9:19 AM
e.g. if people were doing a lot of meta programming, I'd say "look for __metaclass__" - which probably covers less than 0.001% of python code out there
.decode is on python3 as well? I do it for b-strings
@TheNamesAlc yes, "b-strings" are not strings
at least on proper python
I will see if I can find some article, I have to go to a huge deal to convince these people not to use this
article that states the difference, the only ones I remember are print and __future__
if it runs on python 3 it's at least polyglot
i mean it has print so thats definitely a no right?
9:22 AM
@TheNamesAlc that's a terribly shallow stance, and misleading. That would not have explained the 2 vs 3 divide
@TheNamesAlc print function or print statement?
@TheNamesAlc print(a, b, c) was perfectly valid in Py2
yeah, python 2 has a print too, the key is what comes after.
print redirection, now that would be a smoking atom bomb
if it's written without braces, that's your only guide
If it has a print statement then it's python 2. If it has a print function then it's python 3 or python 2 with __future__ or python 2 with superfluous parentheses
9:23 AM
print statement ` print "\n====================="`
thats python 2
OK, that's as clear as it gets
@TheNamesAlc And you can tell people that since it's python 2 then there could be a lot of subtle unicode-related bugs. Replacing the print statements alone will not make it working.
@MisterMiyagi I searched for the print_functionimport nothing was found so
it's not called print_function is it?
@TheNamesAlc if it's using a print statement then it won't have a print_function import...
@ParitoshSingh from __future__ import print_function
9:24 AM
oh, i see what that meant now, oops
@TheNamesAlc many people used print + parentheses without the future import. The print statement doesn't have a problem with parentheses. When using print for debugging only, the slightly ugly output isn't a problem.
yeah I checked that before I asked it here, wanted to make sure I was not jumping into conclusions
@MisterMiyagi I didnt know that
print 'asdf' is definitive python 2. print('asdf') is inconclusive.
my hunch is that it is a lot easier to deduce that some code is python3-only than python2-only
I will have to install python2 and check the print + parentheses thing to understand this better
or some online repl
9:28 AM
the latter sounds a lot more sane :)
hm, is saner a word?
@TheNamesAlc how are you supposed to make it run if you don't know the starting point?
they told me to run a particular file, that acts as the entry point but before that I needed to install the dependencies, when I was looking at the internal docs I found out they were asking me to cd into Python2.7, but I saw print() so I was confused
ah. as AD pointed out, print() works in both 2 and 3
@ParitoshSingh yeah
@ParitoshSingh "works". It only works with a __future__ import
i did a search for that, no results
9:32 AM
print('asdf') is the same. print('asdf', 'ghij') is different. print('asdf', end=' ') only works on the one
@TheNamesAlc what are you looking for again? You already know it's python 2.
@AndrasDeak with the superfluous brackets, without the future import too, yeah?
I meant before I asked here, was just reiterating in case he missed out
@ParitoshSingh see my subsequent message ;)
yep yep ^.^
9:40 AM
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη always retag please with
I can't dupe hammer until you do
to put python tag before the cv-pls?
order is irrelevant, just do it before I hammer :P
In general, if you see a new python question without the generic tag it's best to add it
how do you see a question without the tag?
9:42 AM
ah you meant tag it in the post.
@TheNamesAlc with the link?
I mean I sometimes check for questions in python tag
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη yes...
unsurprisingly my dupe hammer is unaffected by messages sent in chat...
btw, he have python-3.x as a tag
:P you should have one next
stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/python thats how i check, so untagges questions are found elsewhere?
9:43 AM
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη yes, but I don't have a gold badge with it
@TheNamesAlc yes, at stackoverflow.com/questions
that a lot to look at, thanks for the assist, will see ways to convince my team to move to python 3
they have the "if it is not broke then why fix it" mind
@TheNamesAlc questions should always have the main , tag, and only have version-specific tags when the question relates to version-specific features
that's not fair for people who have main Python tag to not be able to control python-x
There's a request to have hierarchical tags on SO...there are far more pressing and easier problems that are not fixed, so that's how things are.
It's an easy solution to retag mistagged questions when you see one
will do from now on :P no worries about that. it's new info for me
9:55 AM
this is what PM was trying to say:
22 hours ago, by PM 2Ring
OTOH, it's a Good Idea to add the generic tag to such questions, since most of the gold badgers don't have a python-3.x badge. (There's not much point adding it now that it's closed).
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη does your work involve scraping or with requests? I see you answering more questions related to that, just curious
@TheNamesAlc Yes, both :P
@AndrasDeak Hmm, you my best translator then :P
10:52 AM
what's the quickest way to sort a set of dates than lambada ?
{'15.01.2020', '30.01.2020', '28.02.2020', '02.01.2020', '10.01.2020', '22.01.2020', '31.01.2020', '08.01.2020', '19.02.2020', '30.03.2020', '16.01.2020', '14.02.2020', '27.01.2020'}
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη the more elegant way is probably converting to datetimes, the less elegant is splitting items on '.' and reversing each.
@AndrasDeak i will convert to datetime, that's better i see. thank you
The thing is that you have to assume a given format either way...
1 hour later…
12:05 PM
urgh... just had a silent error in a 693 line bash script.
must resist urge to rewrite the world in Python...
it starts with set -e already?
bash scripts with more than 50 loc should be banned, anyway. Maybe 100 if there is good documentation inside.
so I have a python program using time.sleep() -> 30 minutes and ever increasing...
the problem is my program exits without throwing any error.
also my error log is clean
do segmentation fault get logged by python?
also is there any alternate way to check out my program without staring at it for long hours and waiting for it to fail
@Arne I like bash, but never written something that big!
nobody should
12:15 PM
@MisterMiyagi also at time's I have resorted to using bash cmds inside python....
@Aqua4 why do you think your code might segfault?
@AndrasDeak all of my bash scripts were used for something fancy or lets say they did not solve any scenario
@Aqua4 back when I worked on openstack we had this disgusting horror, which 1) taught be bash 2) taught me what I said above
@AndrasDeak well I have noticed it crash with Headless Selenium & pyttsx3 with espeak client on linux when i combined with pyperclip
How are you running it? Some terminal? If it raised an exception would you see it?
hope you don't have except: pass anywhere
FYI you are double posting
12:20 PM
@Arne read the first 300 lines. such a sweet piece of code. also got to know that one can write functions in bash
@Arne can we not create a utils.bash and import required functions from there?
sure can. just write the functiions and source the script
if not, how do you simplify bash?
@Arne Sadly, no. It's an externally provided script which gets hacked on by everybody, but I'm the only one with cleaning duties. set -e would probably lead to an endless cycle of hurt.
12:25 PM
@AndrasDeak everywhere! its supposed to be eternally running so few functions can crash which will be stored into .log file . but the program is not allowed to die
@AndrasDeak yes i would see all the exceptions and they also get logged
So you don't have no-op except blocks?
you're contradicting yourself
except as e:
something like this
OK, that's markedly different from except: pass
12:28 PM
sorry i did not understand you first time
BRB after my demo
unfortunately I don't know any of the libs you're using so I can't opine concerning the likelihood of a segfault
But even if I knew them it would be hard to debug code we can't see..
perhaps you can run the code in a debugger...although I'm not sure even that handles segfaults gracefully
Python segfaults will at least go to stderr, they're rather visible
also, extremely rare
yeah, a bug is much more likely
@AndrasDeak i tried running that module in ipython and it just exited
debugger is pdb right?
It's one example, yes. I like pudb. But ipython should not "just exit", so something fishy is going on.
You don't have sys.exit anywhere, right? Hopefully neither does any library you're using...
Added both
Guys, one question: what are changes happen differ to original images when image is normalized except pixel normalized?
hi guys
@mathematics sorry, I don't understand
Like when training images in neural net, we normalize images by dividing by 255
12:59 PM
now, can i save the normalized images and what may be difference visually when seeing the image?
they will be normalised oO
when seeing using imshow, both normalized image and original image show pretty much same with no difference
dividing by 255 changes how you represent the image in memory, but doesn't change the image itself
does it changes the quality of the image?
minimally, because of floating point inaccuracies
1:02 PM
that means not much
That means yes,
Thanks @Aran-Fey
@mathematics because imshow treats uint8 and float channels differently
1:21 PM
"we're going to rename the master branch" they said. "it's going to be transparent" they said. "oh, how did that happen" they said fetches a mop
hoping y'all having a more productive WFH experience than me today ^^
Is that not as simple as create new branch -> delete master? Or was the issue communication?
@MisterMiyagi honestly, I am amazed at how much more productive I am at home. wouldn't have thought it was possible. also,
> we're going to rename the master branch
@MisterMiyagi this also reminds me of the comic with the "no touch, only throw!" dog. Like, "no changes, only maintenance!"
@AndrasDeak The issue is that there are still tons of local checkouts out there with the old scheme. Since we have almost a hundred repos, they are hard to track down. Just found out I still had one of those, too.
Because if you're going to rename the master branch, might as well give it a name of a branch that previously existed.
@Arne I generally have the same experience so far. 11 out of 12 days, I am super productive. Today is day 12.
@MisterMiyagi but that's also not self-inflicted
Well, it probably wouldn't have hurt if I had followed my initial hunch of "this code looks wrong".
Turns out it was wrong because it was six months old. :/
2:08 PM
cbg all
welcome to another day working at home...
2:48 PM
I want to write a string to a new pdf file. Any suggestions on what library to use?
3:17 PM
Anyone here has experience with Python mailmerge by any chance?
@brightcitrus Hello. If this is about your question from yesterday: we ask that you don't ask for help here with fresh questions on main sopython.com/chatroom
no its not
I figured my question so I will post an answer to it later
I had another question about mailmerge library because there is not much documentation about it
OK, then go ahead, although I've never heard mailmerge mentioned here. But we'll only know if anyone can help if you go ahead and ask :)
@piRSquared I usually link this article if anything pdf-y comes up =)
@Arne thx. I saw pypdf2 out there. Glad to see it validated in that article and by you (indirectly)
3:34 PM
I can print rows now but although my mapping is correct, the merge rows function prints all the dictionary values in the table
3:53 PM
@brightcitrus Regular mapping in pandas? I can't see you using map in the question you've apparently solved, so I don't think we have a relevant example to understand the problem you're describing?
Can I share my code here?
Not sure if against chat room rules
@brightcitrus If it's likely to be longer than ~12 lines, we ask that you post on an external site and provide a link here
@brightcitrus you need to practice first in sandbox in case if it's short code. otherwise follow @roganjosh mention
3:58 PM
a =[{'serial_number' : pdframe1['serial_number'][k]} for k in looprange1]
this is my mapping, it prints the dict values appropriately for each 'serial_number' placeholder
(also, note that the link given by Andras earlier contained the room rules if you are unsure: see here )
I will update the code in the post
Hold on
If you are referring to your existing question on the site and you feel that this should be answered with your solution, then I do not suggest updating that question. Although, nobody appears to have put any comments or answers, so maybe it's a judgement call on your part. Normally, updating questions if the problem completely moves on is not recommended
"recursive function returns None" dupe stackoverflow.com/questions/60995208/…
@MisterMiyagi code challenge site :/
4:03 PM
@roganjosh My question was about adding rows, and i figured that part out. Now my code is printing multiple rows instead of a one or a couple :/
Can we web scrap all the class Solution sites?
@roganjosh I just updated it... but I can copy the old code back
I just added a picture too
@AndrasDeak Can't unsee it, huh?
@brightcitrus I've provided comments over there. We should discuss it further on the question itself
4:09 PM
Are there any proper code challenge sites, by the way? Since I have a lot of time on my hands, I wanted to toy around with some other langs, but recent... questions make he hesitate.
Project Euler seems reasonably well respected for the mathematical angle, but it doesn't care about the language
@roganjosh thanks just did thanks
@MisterMiyagi I'd be inclined to think that the ones that don't run your code for you are more decent.
not sure how to formulate my new question
5:10 PM
stackoverflow.com/questions/60996464/… dupe. I think my target was the most appropriate? The issue was definitely in moving the venv but maybe there's a better target?
5:45 PM
@MisterMiyagi leetcode April 2 question again
@MisterMiyagi you can try CodeWars it doesn’t have class based solutions unless needed and you can either choose to be “clever” one liners etc or “Production Ready” readable etc.
How to replace '\\' with '\' in python 3, this is not working for me

'Librer\\u00eda Jarcha'.replace('''\\\\''', ''\\'')
6:03 PM
Are you seeing the output using print?
Hello everyone! How can I increase the processing time in Python? I want to run a very simple function over 200 file but it is taking lot of time. i have this message as well.
pp = maxloc(data)
__main__:11: SettingWithCopyWarning:
A value is trying to be set on a copy of a slice from a DataFrame
Hello everyone,

I have this code:
@SumraMushtaq You mean decrease the runtime? You'll need to provide us with some code
6:18 PM
def run_game():
	# initialize pygame, settings and screen object.
	# ai_settings is an instance of Settings class.
	ai_settings = Settings()
	#definition of screen.
	screen = pygame.display.set_mode((1000, 500))
	# Make a star.
	star = Star(screen)
@roganjosh yes
@SumraMushtaq please see how to make a mcve and see the room rules and post off-site if it's more than ~12 lines of code. That's a very common warning in pandas
which gives me an error after trying to run it:
TypeError: __init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'screen'
@Self How did you end up with that string? Whatever created it isn't handling Unicode correctly. So ideally, that process needs to be fixed. But if that's not possible, then (fortunately) there is a solution, which I describe here: stackoverflow.com/a/47264457/4014959
The class Star looks like this:
def __init__(self, ai_settings, screen):
		"""Initialize the star and set its starting position."""
		super(Star, self).__init__()
		self.screen = screen
		self.ai_settings = ai_settings

Why do I get this error and how to solve it?
6:23 PM
@YoelZajac Ok, and def __init__(self, ai_settings, screen): shows that it expects 2 arguments; ai_settings and screen. And you try to instantiate it with 1 argument with star = Star(screen)
@roganjosh You say that it should be written like this:
star = Star(ai_settings, screen)
@PM2Ring 6 characters, actually. A backslash and "u00ed"
this is totally a dupe, can someone suggest a good target? How do I get the parent directory name without path using python?
@SumraMushtaq Please see the guide to formatting code in chat and practice in the sandbox if you need to before posting. The identation is broken in that code snippet
@YoelZajac I'm not really sure if that's what I'm saying, but at least you are passing two arguments. It looks better but I'm not familiar with pygame tbh
6:39 PM
@MartijnPieters 404
It was a post by αԋɱҽԃ asking for some safeguards against linking to external sites, but it was also mixed with markdown. First of all it was SO-specific so it was closed.
Actually i deleted it
what does linking to external sites have to do with tag markdown?
It was a bit unclear. But we discussed the relevant part of it here in chat
for a quick brief, i just explained my question wrongly. mixed things up
6:49 PM
@smci This is just a bad, downvote-worthy question, honestly. "How do I do X without using the proper tool to do X even though I know the tool to do X" smells.
does meta.stackexchange.com have rep like normal site
eg see deleted posts at 10k
didn't fully understand the split mso/mse split
@MisterMiyagi Is that what they mean?
it's very easy to get MSE rep so it's not very significant what rep limits are
6:55 PM
The title says "without path", the post says "without full path", I don't understand what they mean.
@AMC I'm not sure. It could also be a convoluted way of saying "I want the basename of the dirrname".
I have another question:
I have the first file:
and why is the accepted answer not using pathlib? I imagine it would be nicer.
class Star(Sprite):

def blitme(self):
			"""Draw the star at its current location."""
			self.screen.blit(self.image, self.rect)
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