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9:01 PM
hmm or should I have pinged @wim there
9:23 PM
An article about quantum computers and half the comments seem to be about using it to solve Brexit. Fantastic. It's the first time I think I've read the findings of a Nature article being tempered down by the BBC, though
I'm afraid technology is not there yet
Yeah, while reading it I was thinking "well this has come out of left field" and the latter half of the article is IBM disputing what they actually solved
Normally, if it's picked up from Nature in the BBC, it comes with a full fanfare
@AndrasDeak I fear I missed the reference :P
even quantum computing won't be able to solve Brexit
Yeah, I got it after I'd already rambled on about Nature :P
it's just been edited
10:18 PM
Edited, but now the feedback on Barmar's originally-awful answer is def get_session(): for v in vars: if isinstance(v,Session): return v so I think it's a case of herding cats with the OP.
10:58 PM
they want access to the closed session...? wtf?
or maybe they don't realise the session is closed by the context manager
anyway, you probably already know what my opinion is about that.
Oct 9 at 20:56, by wim
but I like to pass my session around explicitly, YMMV
and, heh, classic Barmar answer there.
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