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12:11 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ Are you sure that should be deleted? There's a really nice answer there.
@cigien yep I think the question can be salvaged. That is definitely a great answer
We can edit out the "5 year old" part entirely from the question as well as the answer
@Yatin Yes, I think so. I'll give it a shot.
@πάνταῥεῖ @πάνταῥεῖ Can you take a look at the question? I think it's ok now. Still a bit broad, but is answered quite comprehensively.
@Yatin I edited that bit out of the question, but that might mean editing out the last paragraph of the answer responding to it, and I don't want to do that :( It's sweet and helpful :)
This is just a new level of annoyance. stackoverflow.com/a/64601087
What's next? A question "Thanks Dharman!"
12:26 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ +1 that shouldn't be deleted, there's a great answer.
could be a useful dupe target/reference
@RyanM How about moving that answer to a good question instead? ;)
If that were an option, I would, but as-is we can only rewrite the question to match the answer.
@Braiam After the edit, the question is much better
@RyanM OK. Unfortunately I can't retract delete votes. It needs to be deleted and undeleted (there are already 2 now). cc: @cigien @hover
12:32 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ: I already voted to delete...
Just reopen the question
@HovercraftFullOfEels :P
@Yatin That edit didn't solve the problem: 3 questions into 1
@πάνταῥεῖ No problem. Could you trash the request if you think the question is ok?
12:34 AM
1) How do I insert a number into data? 2) How do I move from one node to the next? 3) How do I call the Node class in main and print out the data values?
You can ask 3 questions and move the relevant content of the answer in the new questions
@cigien As I am not an RO here I can't
@πάνταῥεῖ Oh, I didn't know that. The other day I just removed a request I made accidentally, and an RO said it was fine. Maybe they meant only in that particular case.
There's a grace period to remove chat messages
@πάνταῥεῖ Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks :)
You can ping the most recently active RO to remove a request that you no longer want actioned. At the moment, that would be Makyen.
12:39 AM
@Makyen Can you delete that request of mine please: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/50812114#50812114
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
@Braiam I think the issue there is, those 3 individual questions could not really be answered very well on their own. It makes more sense to explain it all together, as done in the answer. And in a sense, the OP is really only asking one question.
@cigien The thing is... have you seen the views? Unlike many other "bad questions with good answers" that question is underwhelming. There's no difference between a deleted question and a question that can't be found.
At that point, our energy is better spent making useful questions that people can find. Also... that whole questions smells like OP doesn't know how to use linked lists which have several better resources on the internet
@Braiam There seem to be 2 parts to that question. First is the quality of the question, which I think is ok. The second is valid, it doesn't have many views. Speaking for myself, I intend on adding that post to my dupe list. If I have cause to use it enough, maybe that will change slowly. One can hope :)
@cigien I think you are misunderstanding: the underwhelming performance in views is a direct result of the quality of the question.
It's below what other resources outside of SE can provide, therefore it is not found.
Also, any question that asks the same thing will be too broad too.
Now here's a very dodgy audit. First Posts Queue. I was so tempted to just pile in and make the required edit ("wandering" -> "wondering") ... but then I noticed it was Haskell, so I checked the link and, voila!
1:05 AM
@Braiam What would be your view on a post that was intended to be a canonical "How does a linked-list work?". Let's say the question and answer was posted by the same user.
@cigien Read a C++ book :P
But ask @CodyGray about that, he could recommend you a good one :D
@cigien That particular point was raised on Meta a while ago. Somebody complaining about all the "linked list" questions in C. So somebody else suggested they write a self-answered canonical.
@Braiam Indeed :) But more specifically, would you vote to close, vote to delete? I'm just curious.
@AdrianMole In fact, it was brought up in this room within the last week, if I'm remembering right :) There does appear to be some interest in that materializing.
It would be a good thing to have, but quite a bit of work involved. One could just end up effectively paraphrasing the relevant chapter from "The C Book" (by Brian & Dennis).
@cigien When the question is basically answered by reading a book, isn't that text book too broad. Why are you suggesting that it would be anything different?
1:21 AM
@Braiam Specifically, I'm imagining a canonical "how does a linked list work?". It's fairly short, but dense, and it even has pictures, and the reader truly understands the fundamentals when they walk away from it. I can't imagine it well enough to write it, but I think it exists. Maybe I'm a romantic :p I certainly wouldn't vote to close a post that came anywhere close to achieving that.
1:40 AM
@cigien Have a look through this Meta Q/A ... may some grains of encouragement?
@AdrianMole Yeah, I've read that, it's very encouraging :) But actually writing one is hard. And who has the time to write a short letter? Or however the saying goes :p
The post we're discussing might be the closest thing I've seen to an actual reasonable canonical. Maybe I'm imagining it.
1:56 AM
Is it NAA when someone says thanks but describes what made their code work (which is one of the answers to the question)? stackoverflow.com/a/64601706/9473764
@Nick It's got a lot of issues, but I think it's an answer.
@Nick Now they've added more of an answer, but as a comment :(
@cigien even after I pointed out the correct way to do it...
@Nick I don't think they're ignoring you though. I think they might have just misunderstood. The comment is actually a complete answer :p
@cigien the answer itself isn't though...
2:11 AM
@Nick Is that edit link a good idea? I can see that being quite confusing to them. Also, they'll probably not know what to do next time either.
@cigien well, the comment about the edit link didn't help. At least if they click the link it will edit their answer for them.
@Nick True, but then they'll make the mistake again probably, right? Ideally, they'd find the button :)
@cigien Well, you can lead a user to a link, but you can't make them click it...
@Nick Assuming the answerer doesn't come back, what's the protocol here? Given that it's anyway a copy of other answers.
@cigien hence my original question... I'm tempted to just downvote and vtd it... and possibly flag it NAA as well... I was hoping for more feedback but it seems most of the usual suspects are not hanging out here at the moment
2:21 AM
@Nick Oh, sorry, you're right, that's what you asked in the first place :p No idea, all of those sound good. Except NAA, I wouldn't do that.
@Nick Usual suspects? I'm quite often a suspect but, alas, I'm unusual.
@AdrianMole I really must get back to that inclusivity training...
But I think a [del-pls] on that answer you've been discussing would be in order.
1 hour later…
4:29 AM
Is "grokking" acceptable in the title of a question?
@cigien Yes, it's acceptable. "Grok" is hacker / Science Fiction slang for "deep/intuitive understanding". It originated in Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.
@Makyen Thanks, I didn't know the etymology, and I've read that book :p I was wondering if it was acceptable slang though. I take it it's sufficiently in common use to be ok then?
Admittedly, the title of the question will probably be better without it, as "grokking" will not be something many people are going to be searching for, but it's not something that needs to be removed.
@cigien As far as I know, there are no negative connotations.
@Makyen Right, I meant acceptable as in, do people generally know what it means. So, it's ok, but I can edit if I think it makes the title clearer?
@Makyen Hmm, that's a good point. It's not just whether it's clearer, but whether it makes the title more searchable that should be considered as well. Ok, I'm going to edit that.
@cigien I personally like it. You're probably going to get objection from the OP if you remove it. However, the question is probably better with it removed, as it's not something people will be searching for, unless there's something more directly tied to its use than just that the OP happens to know the term.
@cigien I'd probably edit it out too, but I'd leave a comment explaining why.
4:44 AM
@Makyen How about I try to ask the OP to change it? If that works, it's a more searchable title, and there's no question of them objecting. And no, there's no additional meaning to its usage in this case.
@cigien That sounds like a reasonable compromise.
BTW, do you have special powers to edit your comments whenever you want? I can't seem to do that after a minute or so :p
@Makyen Sweet, that worked like a charm. OP edited the title, and thanked me for the suggestion to boot :) Thanks for the guidance.
@cigien Yes, it's something which moderators can do. Moderators can perform edits, delete, and some other actions, to any chat message. If you're not a moderator, then you have 2 minutes to edit or delete your own chat messages after you post them. After that, the only thing that can be done (other than flagging) by a non-moderator is that a room owner can move the message to another room where the room owner has the ability to post messages.
@cigien np. Great! That sounds like it worked out well.
Oh, neat. I knew y'all could do that on the site, should have figured y'all would have similar powers in chat rooms as well :p
@Makyen Yeah, it did :) Just asking politely was all it took :)
5:00 AM
@cigien Yeah, it's a nice perk, but, of course, comes with the responsibility to be more active moderating other areas of chat, so it's a trade-off. :;
@Makyen True, but you asked for it, literally ;)
@cigien I generally find that people are usually amenable to politely worded requests. Obviously, it doesn't always work, but it's a really good place to start.
@cigien Very true. :)
I wrote this answer to a question. When I first looked at the question I though OP had a genuine problem and I suggested the "old solution" as a possible method to get the answer. But then I later realized that all OP had to do was to add a time delay for the webpage to load. That makes this question a very common duplicate question. I didn't flag it as duplicate as I should have and OP accepted it.
Now I think I should delete my answer but I wanted to know if it would be considered vandalism...
5:15 AM
@Yatin Can one even delete an accepted answer? But to address the issue, I think you can make the answer a community wiki, and then cv-pls as a dupe. You should get a confirmation, but I think that's allowed according to the rules here, and would achieve what you're trying to do.
I have a delete button underneath my answer...
@Yatin Hmm, I've never tried doing that myself, but then what is this post complaining about?
The top voted comment on the question makes a good point :)
@cigien pressed it, yep can't do that :(
@cigien should I send a cv-pls?
this answer will work for that question
@Yatin Like I said, I'd rather you got a confirmation that it's ok before doing that, I'm still learning the ropes myself. You could ping Makyen I suppose, they're the last active RO.
@cigien Yes, a cv-pls is permitted if you have a community wiki answer. No, the OP can't delete their own answer if it's been accepted.
5:25 AM
@Makyen Thanks for confirming :)
@Yatin Go for it.
@cigien @Makyen thank you :)
5:43 AM
What to do with this question? Is it a question? Or just R/A worth?
@Yatin I flagged as rude but with some hesitation; probably just vote to close now
It was closed as "not reproducible" :D
@Yatin just delete it...
@Yatin it's already eligible for del-pls
6:08 AM
Does this question look like spam? The website doesn't look like it is trying to sell me anything right now and is under development. The affiliation is also clear as day... So I am thinking no
@Yatin needs debugging details though
7:04 AM
Is this answer NAA? I read the comments but am still somewhat confused. They seem to just have created an MRE (and also actually asked a new question). They say it is some kind of answer. (the question asks: "What can I do in order to have a JAR file with all the dependencies and my obfuscated code?")
@JeanneDark Yes, that is definitely NAA - they say in the comments "it is not a new question it is the same problem". They are using the answer box like a reply function in a forum.
@JeanneDark yes, NAA. They've asked a new question which is identical to their "answer". As @halfer says, they are replying, not answering.
Thanks! I flagged it as NAA.
np, I flagged too.
7:10 AM
Re above SD report: No new activity except for a mod updating the dupe list
Is this NAA?
@cigien absolutely ... sometimes I wish there was a way to downvote twice
@cigien no, it's DA (deleted answer) :)
@tripleee I don't know, I feel like I've had similar flags declined :p
What does one generally do about posts like that, which attract a lot of poor answers. It's already got a NAA, a wrong answer, and a code-only answer.
7:29 AM
@cigien very often, close as duplicate
@tripleee That makes sense. What about cases like this, where there's probably not an obvious dupe target? And assuming someone doesn't add a useful answer ;)
@cigien well then you can't, but I would not be surprised if one of the C gold badgers had a good dupe target for this one
That new Triage UI is annoying
@tripleee Please don't use "GMTC", or other things which stand for "Give me the codez" in requests. It's something which we don't permit in requests, because, in the past, it's generally been used as a derogatory way of referring to a question.
@JeanneDark How so?
@tripleee The OP has 2 problems, they are mixing recursion and iteration, and they are discarding the return value. I would actually be surprised if such a specific dupe existed, in any language for that matter. I've been surprised before though :)
7:37 AM
@Makyen That Triage actions window overlays the flagging dialog
Is this NAA? Old answer, no new activity.
^^ deleted
Because it's sticky so in case of longer questions where I have to scroll down
@JeanneDark Yeah, that's a bit annoying, but can be solved by adjusting the z-index for the popup or the or the action bar. Sounds like a reasonable thing to report as a bug.
@Makyen Ah, I didn't know this - thanks Makyen
7:59 AM
@JeanneDark you support this bug report then? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/402484/… /cc @Makyen
@Makyen I was unaware of this. Is phrasing like "cv-pls OP is asking to give them code" ok? And is there a list of these terms somewhere? I can't find anything in the FAQ, maybe I just missed it.
@rene Thanks. That's the same issue.
@cigien Turn "GMTC" into "GMTCV" ("Give me teh close votez") and it's fine ;)
@cigien in the help center under homework there's broadly defined those question should make an effort at a solution.
@cigien you don't need to mention the OP, we evaluate content: Only requirements are present, problem statement is missing
@cigien while the wording isn't exact, other question that make no effort end up being too broad...So that can be a different wording for essentially the same idea.
8:11 AM
@bad_coder Sorry, I should have been clearer. I'm asking about acceptable language in requests. e.g. I can understand there being historical reasons for such language being not allowed, but there might be other examples that I'm unaware of, and I'm wondering if there's a list.
@cigien if you search on meta.SE there was an historical tag called "plz send teh codez" but Rene summed up the key ideas, wording isn't important to that end - OP might as well know next to no English.
@rene Oh, I see. That was easy; if I never mention the OP, I can pretty much steer clear of being derogatory entirely. Thanks, that was helpful :)
@cigien Yes, just state boring facts, free of opinion, why a question should be closed. Once content is posted we shouldn't care anymore about the user.
@rene Yes, that makes a ton of sense. I can do that. Thanks again, I appreciate it :)
8:34 AM
Is this question typo / no repro? It also lacks a programming language tag but I guess it's . I guess the problem with no such file or directory is sprintf(name,"%03i.jpg",count); with that .jpg file not being present.
more like the fopen on the next like ... yeah, needs debugging details
@JeanneDark While that is not new, there's another bug that I've noticed. If one picks "a duplicate" on the first level, the page will scroll to the bottom effectively hiding the dialog completely above the top of the screen. It does not do that if "Duplicate" from the second level is picked.
@Scratte With first level you mean "Flag" and with second level "Needs author edit"? I finished my Triage reviews for today, so I can't check. In case of duplicates, I clicked "Flag." It's possible that happened but I'm not sure.
@JeanneDark Heh.. Yes, I suppose. Though Flag will not prevent your from picking "needs improvement" in the first level in the dialog and go to the second.
I found them a little confusing, so I've merged the two buttons into one big one that opens the normal flag dialog, which is "Flag" now.
@Scratte No, you needn't select "Needs improvement" to flag as duplicate.
@JeanneDark That's what I'm saying :) If you don't pick "needs improvement" there's a bug that scrolls you past the dialog :)
9:07 AM
Does anyone else think this is sufficiently NAA? stackoverflow.com/a/64601610
@Scratte And I'm saying it's possible but I didn't notice it
@JeanneDark Yes. I understood :) I'll try to see if I can trigger it. I did notice it doesn't always get triggered.
@DavidBuck The question is "Any help would be great." so... That's why I don't like these broad question (or "Any suggestions appreciated" etc.)
@DavidBuck yes, it is deleted now, same as a previous answer that was deleted earlier by a mod.
@JeanneDark It's just been deleted, so I guess the answer was yes. It did seem to amount to "Google recursion and debug your code" which doesn't seem like an answer, more a "the answer's somewhere over there"
9:12 AM
I'm glad to hear!
I'm more in the @Scratte flagging school of erring on the side of caution ;)
I guess cv ing the question (as the OP says it was a typo in comments) will prevent a third.
I've just tried it on this review (I didn't read the post, so I'm not actually going to pick a target). Picked "Flag" then picked "a duplicate" <-- getting scrolled past the post and dialog.
@JeanneDark I'm now around 800 flags accepted since my last declined flag so I've been more cautious lately.
9:47 AM
Bad audit: A lazy homework question, 2 hours old and not even a downvote. Not too unusual, but it was tagged so I knew it was only a test ;)
10:14 AM
is growing a bit out of control. Many of its questions are not about programming.
So what do you do when someone posts an answer about an hour later which is essentially a word for word copy of your own answer to a question?
I usually comment and downvote
if it's provably inspired by yours and adds nothing new, you can flag
I flagged as NAA actually
10:24 AM
@Nick That's a thank you.
It might be a thanks post, but reviewers definitely won't notice
@JohnDvorak I don't think it can ever be provably inspired by... but they did have the same column names in the sample output as mine despite having slightly changed ones in their version of the query
Please don't use the "Post Your Answer" button to submit content which does not attempt to answer the question at the top of this page. If you want to comment on the answer you copied, click "add a comment" underneath that answer instead. — tripleee 1 min ago
@tripleee @Braiam nice comments
I hope I didn't violate the rules of this room by posting that message. As I understand them, I don't think I did, but if I did, apologies to the ROs.
to my understanding, bringing up a post for discussion should always be okay; there is admittedly a grey zone where some members of the room may infer a cv-pls even when you didn't post one, but I don't think this one is particularly in that zone
10:39 AM
@Nick looks fine to me.
@rene thanks
I have no idea what this is trying to tell us: "Please help to run by Yarn install, try this Thanks" (doesn't seem to have much to do with the ubuntu raspberry-pi question except for "install") (flagged it as NAA btw. I wonder if in such cases VLQ would be more suitable)
@JeanneDark they seem to want another way to install (using yarn instead of npm). NAA
Thanks! The inclusion of "try this" puzzled me
Yeah doesn't make much sense why they added that :/
10:49 AM
@JeanneDark I hate that phrase, lividly, on SO. Why should I, the OP, or anyone else for that matter "try this"?!? It makes the answer sound like an unverified slight of hand, especially since it's usually followed by an unexplained code dump
@Adriaan It's not great, for sure. Unfortunately there are several such phrases that you come across just so people add some text to their code. (the worst is in code-only questions when they just not format a part of the code)
@Adriaan I think I've add a comment or two asking "Try it why? What does it do?"
11:09 AM
@desertnaut if there was a link in that it would be spam...
This is off-topic right?
@Yatin yep
11:32 AM
This room is filthy! Needs a cv-pls cleanup pls :)
This answer is NAA, isn't it? (I flagged it as such). They didn't get an answer on SO and that's their reaction to it.
@JeanneDark yep
Thank you
Was LQP's "Looks OK" changed to "Approve", too?
11:48 AM
@double-beep No.
What to do about an answer like this? It doesn't really answer the question, reads like an ad (but contains no link) and just copy-pastes some text (google search shows several sites with that content).
@JeanneDark plagiarism maybe... Kinda doubtful about spam. Their profile clearly says that they are affiliated. So it is kinda undisclosed affiliation... I am also not sure in this case
^^ defused spam, actually
@JohnDvorak flag-able?
11:56 AM
Maybe custom flag?
@JeanneDark see
@Yatin definitel delv material, it was posted to promote a URL and is useless and pointless if the URL is edited out
the general recommendation is to not edit out links from spam because that tends to make it harder to get rid of it; but rolling back is usually not very attractive either
@Yatin Thank you! I also already have the Microsoft page open
@tripleee got it. Thanks :)
I'll custom flag it
12:08 PM
12:23 PM
I've just noticed that when looking at the result of a Triage review, the fact that two different buttons are in fact the same thing, it makes it very confusing to see what the consensus was.
@Scratte I don't think that extra button was actually necessary. It also won't be helpful to people who don't know which questions are on- and off-topic on SO.
@JeanneDark I mentioned something similar in a comment here
You are also right that no change to the user interface will give anyone the necessary understand of the site policy required to review.
@Scratte Even renaming "Requires editing" (missed my chance to ever push that button) to "Needs community editing" will only help those who were genuinely confused about its meaning. Not those who robo-clicked "Looks ok" (or now "Approve"), were suspended and "learned" their lesson (Seen that myself after a user had complained on MSO about their suspension (post has long been deleted since)).
@Scratte Wait.. what?!?.. Looking at this again, I see a problem! Three users flagged this post an hour before the review ended. That should have been the result of the review. But it wasn't. It looks suspiciously like it's possible to override 4 users flagging a post (2 using "Flag" and 2 using "Needs author edit") with "Approve" or "Needs community edit"
12:41 PM
@Scratte I saw that as well. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by it.
I posted my "bug report" as another comment
Why not post an answer? (Mods can also edit comments)
@JeanneDark Deleted comments are gone for everyone except moderators. Deleted Answers just go pink for a lot of users. No hiding a pink post.. You can post it as an Answer, if you like. I'll remove my comment :)
No, it's your discovery
Ahh.. I've hears it's not uncommon to link to the original comment and give credit ;)
12:48 PM
I don't want to give credit to you ;)
Meta-credit isn't real credit.
:P Fair enough :)
1:25 PM
This is hilarious stackoverflow.com/questions/64608992/… (same question as above)
I hate to say this but I think people are more inclined to pretend like they have tried rather than actually try it.
@NathanOliver o/
@gnat It could maybe do with some editing, but the question seems very clear to me.
@cigien Isn't it a typo?
2:03 PM
@Vega Not really. OP wants to know "how to do X". They've shown 2 incorrect attempts at the solution. I'm not saying it's a great question, per se, but "unclear" doesn't seem to be the right del reason.
@JeanneDark The answer indeed looks very spammy to me. I will risk a spam flag.
Can someone please check if my duplicate is suitable in this question? OP say that it's not, but I think that it is correct (Javascript)
@cigien if memory serves I picked needs focus ("What's a mouse?") but majority vote was already set. Probably prior voters saw first revision of this question which had broken code formatting
@AlonEitan It looks OK. The user seems to think that there's a way to disable the back button
@Machavity OK, that's good to know - I'll keep my CV then. Thanks! :)
2:14 PM
@Spectric I'm not sure discussing posters is appropriate here
Questions yes, but not posters
Not troll, just clueless :)
@gnat I was actually referring to your delete reason, not the close reason. But also, I'm not sure either of those close reasons apply. The question is clear, and asks a fairly specific question, so it doesn't lack focus either.
@Spectric I think you can trash your own comment within 2 minutes of posting it.
@Spectric If a user is being bad in comments, just flag the comment
@Machavity Alright. Will do
I flagged it as "bigotry"
2:21 PM
@Spectric Are you referring to the JS post Alon mentioned? Maybe a mod deleted it already, but I don't see any comment that's at all bigoted.
A mod has already deleted it
@Spectric Ah, ok then :) Thanks.
@Spectric Was your flag helpful?
I am clueless now ;)
I saw the comments and there were nothing to flag
2:23 PM
@Vega Yes, my thoughts exactly. I must have just missed that comment. Impressively fast mod response time on that then :)
escape the arm
I want to edit this answer, but I'm not sure about the hash-tag. Remove it, remove just the #, something else?
2:27 PM
@cigien I would just remove the entire line.
I would remove the # and link
Since the # is usually an escape character, I'd take that out and not leave it as code
Ok, edited. I don't feel like taking the last line out entirely. The answerer is trying to make a point there. Is the edit ok?
Looks fine :)
Thanks for the feedback :) I think the question might need editing too, otherwise the whole post is likely to get del'ed.
Ah, it's a moot point. it's a poor dupe of this anyway, so no point keeping it around.
2:35 PM
I figured it must be a dupe, but couldn't find one, good spot! The question has an accepted answer though, so it won't get roomba'd
Is there a standard approach to Q: How can I do this, A: You can't questions such as this? stackoverflow.com/questions/17902714/…
@janw Indeed :)
Huh, now it's gone.
@cigien please have a closer look at the code and comments in the question. Asker needs to learn about language basics (indentation and return). And even if you ignore the question text and keep in mind only the title, 7 answers posted in 10 minutes suggest that there are way too many ways to make it, a solid indication of too broad (aka needs focus)
2:44 PM
@gnat I'm not sure if the OP's knowledge of the material, or lack thereof, is the important part. At least, I was more thinking about the utility of the question for others. Also, I'm not sure if a question having potentially multiple solutions automatically makes the question itself too broad. The question seems specific enough to me.
2:54 PM
Methinks it's not useful to keep that question alive
no matter the legitimacy of the close reason
3:08 PM
@JohnDvorak I agree this particular post should be deleted. But I think the legitimacy of the close, or delete reason, is not irrelevant. It seems that if we don't have clear reasons for casting those votes, we run the risk of closing/deleting posts that we shouldn't, so I brought it up.
@cigien I am neither sure nor unsure about that because my evaluation only follows established meta consensus (check eg link "what's a mouse" in my prior comment). If you want to change that, no need to talk to me, just go to meta and try to change a consensus over there. If consensus changes I will change as well
@DavidBuck What do you mean?
@gnat I apologize for my tone, it was not my intention to make you change your mind. I was mostly asking so as to clarify my own understanding of what are appropriate close, or delete reasons. Thanks a lot for the link, I'll definitely spend some time reading that :)
@TylerH In the case of the linked question, I was in several minds as to whether it was fine (and could just do with the request for examples being edited out), or was Needs Focus as they were asking for something that can't be done, or should be off-topic as it's database and not software development.
3:32 PM
@DavidBuck database questions are on-topic. If it's about professional server management, it might go on server fault, but otherwise there's nothing wrong with the subject matter
Likewise "can I do X" is a fine question, to which "no you can't" is a valid (and often correct) answer
FYI - they're gonna revert "Approve" to "Looks OK" in the Triage queue. - meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/402478/…
“Requires editing” is renamed to “Needs community edit.” OMG, they finally did something about this. Nice to know it only takes a couple years to change the text of a button
^ Plus a couple of thousand users being review-banned!
^^ That is the saddest part isn't it. All this time and they only changed a few names. That's it. I was hoping for something big. Guess I was naive.
The button got bigger ... what more d'ya want?
@NathanOliver Exactly
@Yatin Well they also added a button
3:46 PM
But, as Catija said we're not through yet!
I'm just anxious for the CV queue overhaul that will let me ignore specific tags and also up/down vote on the question from the queue
Is this on-topic?
@Yatin I would say yes. It might be a tad broad but how a driver interacts with the OS by means of interupts is a programming problem.
4:02 PM
@rene thanks! I don't think I will flag it then :)
4:17 PM
Is a question about a compiler message that actually has to do with an SU-related issue considered on-topic? (context)
@Zoe Unity programming is on-topic here, no?
It is, yeah
So this is a programming situation where OP encountered an error message. Seems on-topic to me.
Aight. ^^
4:31 PM
So, I assume that if an unclear question was edited into a dupe, we should just leave it closed, right?
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Assuming the edit doesn't change the original intent, especially just in order to make it a dupe, then yes, I think leaving it closed is fine. A comment on the post pointing at the target would be helpful though.
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