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12:01 AM
^ link is to OPs own code page, without disclosure
The new highlighter is so god damn awful it ruins my mood every single day when I first see it in the morning after fighting it in my nightmares and eventually forgetting about it in my sleep.
I just sit there and stare at the screen for a good 10 seconds thinking "Why can't we have nice things? We used to, but why did they have to ruin it? Sigh."
@MarcoBonelli The old system wasn't broken ... so they fixed it!
@AdrianMole yeah... all the people going "but the old system was unmaintained"... I'm just sitting here thinking "okay, so what? At least it did its job"
I just find it baffling how any software engineer can approve such a change without even making sure things stay consistent.
Having pointed out the need to OP to disclose affiliation and them responding without disclosing, can this now be flagged as spam?
@Nick I think so
12:14 AM
@Nick I've just flagged another one I came across in LA
OP also posted this which is just a link to their own code
@MarcoBonelli all the changes SO devs make these days are either totally impotent or actively make things worse, so I can believe it
@Michael kinda agree. I would really like to understand why though, except I probably never will.
@MarcoBonelli too much focus on the enterprise product, and they have either failed to identify any of the problems with the public site or just have no idea how to begin to fix them
12:43 AM
The things that needs fixing are either too big for them to even start or "too small" for them to bother. Maybe they just look for all the feature-requests and put those on the no-list :D
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2:57 AM
Anyone seen this sort of thing before? Timeline says it's deleted, but it seems to be visible stackoverflow.com/q/63069208
@CertainPerformance both deleted and locked. That's weird.
3:28 AM
The timeline says it is deleted but no trace of undeleting. Might be mixed up with the answer deletion, which is not in its timeline. I opt for a bug
3:44 AM
How to convince high rep users to post their answer to a duplicate question on an older page so that the new redundant question can be purged? stackoverflow.com/q/64308005/2943403
3:55 AM
@mickmackusa Leave a comment? :)
@DanielWiddis Would you say something different than this: stackoverflow.com/questions/64308005/… ?
I'd leave it at that.
I think it was appropriate to notify them of the closure and alternative. What they do is up to them.
Then I am left feeling like my efforts to hunt for duplicates and reduce redundant content on this site are wasted. Makes me question why I bother to close anything because there isn't agreement even between "trusted users" that we don't need any more duplicate pages after more than 10 years of feverish Q&A.
Maybe I shouldn't have UV'ed @Nick's superior answer. Perhaps I shot myself in the foot.
@mickmackusa You still have the option to request a del-pls in 2 days (or whatever the limit is). In the interim OP has the choice of the answers to their question or to the duplicate. Everyone wins.
I don't think your answer should be lost.
By posting your answer on the duplicate question, the OP will still see it and Stack Overflow will have an easier time limiting redundant content. When we answer duplicate questions they are more likely to be deemed "well received" and kept long term. I don't want to come back in a few days and mop up and campaign for deletion. We can be far less wasteful with our time and more deliberate in our actions.
4:10 AM
@mickmackusa if it worried me I'd post it to the other question. But I suspect that's not the original of this question so it might disappear one day too.
The other answer was already upvoted so you're going to have to anyway.
Well, posting your advice on the found dupe gets us one step closer to cleaner content. Every new answered duplicate question puts us one step farther away and requires more effort of volunteer curators.
Yeah but then if that one gets closed to do I have to move my answer to the next source? And what if that gets closed? In PHP this could go on forever...
It will only need to go on and on if we do not take more care now. Eventually, there will not be an earlier duplicate to post the answer to.
I'm having deja vu, like I've heard this conversation before. Almost like recursion. And moving answers.
These unicorn points mean nothing to us anymore. The only goal is to help people. We have the knowledge to do powerfully great things on this site.
The aware few can massively help the unaware many.
So much of the redundant php content on Stack Overflow is long overdue to collapse upon itself. In doing so, researchers win and Stack Overflow wins.
I don't want to find and compare 10 different pages that have the same question -- what a horrible UX. I want all of the best stuff all in one place.
@DanielWiddis this is the best way that I know of to sharpen my own philosophies. I find folks that have differing perspectives and I smack them together and see what makes the best sense to me. Some times I can fully/partially adopt others' principles to evolve my own.
4:27 AM
I'm not complaining at all. I seriously do think this conversation has happened before, though. It's odd. :)
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5:56 AM
@DanielWiddis You probably read it on another answer that I posted to a question that @mickmackusa subsequently closed as a duplicate.
@rene you could probably also remove this although it was never a formal request, the post has been deleted.
6:40 AM
Earlier CV request is NATO; missed to mention that.
1 hour later…
7:51 AM
Can someone removed this request. Didn't realise at the time how old it was.
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null on request
2 hours later…
9:48 AM
Can't believe this was re-opened, what is wrong with people? - stackoverflow.com/q/64269423/692942
10:01 AM
@Lankymart At least it seems that I'm 'safe' from your inquisition! But some of the other "Reopen Queue" reviews look a bit suspect, for sure.
@AdrianMole It boggles the mind, just don't get it.
Welcome to Stack Overflow - where even the seemingly unboggleable can be boggled!
You're expecting users to read the post before picking a choice. Often they don't. They just scan it and see if it has the "parts". If it has code and text.. it has the parts :D
It's frustrating because I used my close vote to close it last time and now it's re-opened I can't vote to close it again. Best I can do is post a comment pointing to the duplicate that answers the original question.
I think that's part of Stack Overflow. Frustration over fine Questions being closed and poor unanswerable messes being open.
I've found that if a post has code, it's harder to get it closed. It if doesn't have code, it's too easy to get it closed and almost impossible to get it re-opened
It may even have almost the same result, as all this busywork, if a bot just scanned posts for a text to code threshold and auto closed/reopened on that basis.
10:13 AM
Weird thing is that the OP 'accepted' the original duplicate closure, then edited something else into it, which sent it into the Reopen Queue.
There's no choice for the Author to not make it go in. There's also no information to the author what will make it go in or that it goes in at all. One has to be pretty deep into the workings of Stack Overflow to know this.
10:40 AM
Are mods able to see who up/down voted something? I.E. when they investigate "serial upvoting", how do they see that it actually happened?
@MarcoBonelli No, they can't
Only some devs can, so mods escalate the issue
@MarcoBonelli They can analyse some parts (I am unsure which), but they cannot see who voted. The only ones with access to vote records are SE developers, which is also the reason that voting fraud takes quite some time to get resolved, as you'd need a SE dev with database access to verify that.
Ok, makes sense. Thank you both :)
With the exception that I think they can see if you voted on a post or comment that you also flagged.
I'm also not sure if they can't see all the stuff a user has voted on. It's said they have the same access to one's account as one has, which gives access to the votes tab with upvotes and downvotes.
Meaning if I can see a list of post that I've upvoted and downvoted, I'd expect a moderator to be able to see that too.
10:48 AM
@Scratte I believe that's incorrect. You might be thinking of the level of edit access they have to the profile, rather than the access to the activity. (or I could be mistaken)
I think @Adriaan nailed it.
@RyanM I know they can see my login email account if they so wish. Though the click to see it apparently gets logged.
11:23 AM
Should this be custom flagged?
@MarcoBonelli nah, just delv-pls
@tripleee oh, didn't notice that delete was available. Good.
it only appears when the net vote is negative
@MarcoBonelli ^
11:56 AM
@Adriaan Could be a stolen account
@Scratte Not sure that's for us mere peons to speculate about. When an established account suddenly gets multiple spam flags, there's probably something that sends an alert to the Powers.
@AdrianMole account deletion has to be done manually by a moderator in any case; so there will be someone checking the account before deletion
@Adriaan Unless somebody has a "Delete Accounts" userscript? xD
12:17 PM
12:52 PM
Interesting after conversations in here yesterday, that I flagged an answer that was in German as VLQ, but it has been marked helpful with the added text of "Please use the "Not an answer" flag if the answer is not in English"
@DavidBuck What? Why? Why did you use VLQ at all?
@Dharman if it's an answer, but in another language, OP can theoretically edit their post to English. VLQ then clears itself upon editing
@Dharman I've been using VLQ on foreign language answers (that are actual answers) for many months and never had a reply (that I've noticed). I thought foreign language came under "This answer has severe formatting or content problems."
Different moderators have different views about NAA vs VLQ.
These flags are the same with the only difference that if you flag VLQ you have some hope that OP or someone else can edit it into shape before it gets deleted
12:56 PM
I think I shall just abandon it altogether
@DavidBuck I wouldn't read too much into it. It's unclear what the mod meant. You can flag with either one, as long as it leads to the same end result.
In this case, VLQ really serves no purpose anymore. If now even answers not in English (together with link-only the only one that can be salvaged in practice) are better flagged as NAA, while gibberish can (should) be flagged as R/A there's no use for VLQ.
@JeanneDark Yes, I'm glad you caught up.
@Dharman I was already only using it primarily for foreign languages and the very rare case where an answer is so garbled that I don't think it's salvagable. I don't think there's any point using it at all.
It is useful when you flag it as NAA, OP deletes and undeletes, then you can reflag as VLQ
1:02 PM
+1, they really should remove it. Everyone hates it: users hate it because they have no idea how it's supposed to be used, mods hate it because they have no idea why it exists and they have to decline a bunch of flags for using/at least tell users to use other ones.
Just noticed that I've reached 365 consecutive days on the site as of yesterday. You'd think in that time, their usage would have become crystal clear, but...
It's time to flag the Very Low Quality flag as Very Low Quality
... but also to make edits to those flagged as NAA count for something.
I believe that they might serve a purpose for the two salvageable cases: Link-only and not in English (don't know about the latter, but I've seen link-only answers fleshed out. In this case your NAA is disputed, at best). If they're improved, your flag is marked helpful. In all the other cases, use NAA or worse. The names of the flags should probably be changed also
So, if I see an answer that's only "See [this link]." and I flag it NAA, then the OP adds a summary of what's relevant from that link, then my NAA isn't "declined".
1:24 PM
@AdrianMole Not at the time of the edit. But.. when your flag is handled it will be :)
So if you're paranoid, don't flag NAA and then go to the pub :D
1:40 PM
@Scratte (1) Are you being deliberately cruel to me? (Pubs in Glasgow are shut for the next two weeks!) (2) When I do go to the pub, any residual paranoia is quickly flushed out of my system by the consumed øl.
I was just looking around other SE sites to see what their guidance for VLQ is ... but, when I start to flag an answer on any of those I tried, "VLQ" is simply not there! Is it now only SO that has it, or did I miss something?
@AmitJoshi unfortunately you've also answered the question, which makes you involved and therefore unable to request action on the post.
@AdrianMole Are you flagging old answers? This has it
@Braiam Yep - I forgot that it goes away after a period of time (forgot how long).
1:50 PM
@TylerH Yes; that is why I explicitly mentioned it in "Disclaimer" in that request. I am involved but there is no action that can cause any gain to me anymore by reopening the question. Also, both question and my answer are old. I post the request thinking so. Anyway; rule is rule -- Agreed.
@AdrianMole The guidance is mostly delete crap, for example, answers that don't answer the question asked
OK: Point in discussion ... Is this NAA, VLQ or R/A?
(I went R/A.)
I would go with R/A
it's been deleted now by Martijn
@Braiam is that guidance wrong? It seems straight forward if a bit out of date...
@code11 Nope. Only on SO you have to do mental gymnastics.
2:02 PM
@AdrianMole 1. No. Sorry, I had no idea about shutting the pubs :( 2. Maybe so.. but when the øl wears off, having declined flags is extra hard, no? :)
@Scratte Just a good reason to have more øl ;)
lol!.. never stop the øl coming ;)
@code11 Don't use the guidance of other sites on Stack Overflow. You'll just get your NAAs declined.
A fate worse than death...
Dying is probably easier, since one will be unaware of the bad flagging statistic :D
I wonder what the odds of dying by being hit by a declining flagpole is..
2:24 PM
@Scratte it happened to a kindergartener back in 2007 here in the States as I recall
was one of those that is attached to a building I think, and broke off at a rusty point
Is there any canonical question for printf specifiers?
@TylerH Someone actually died? That's probably way less likely than winning the lottery :(
I think it would be a good idea to have a canonical question that is basically just a documentation page for format specifiers
@Scratte Yep, though it was a young child (~5 years old), which probably contributed to the severity of the incident
@klutt that was attempted in the form of Stack Overflow Documentation, and it didn't pan out due to being abandoned by the company
@klutt rene mentioned something about having written an Answer about how do to it
2:40 PM
@Scratte Thanks, I'll have a look
3:02 PM
Excellent query by Rene for folks interested in top user stats per tag.
3:28 PM
Do you think this is an answer? I don't think so, but I am confused by the upvotes
@Vega It seems like an attempt at an answer, but a failed one
so I'm not sure why it was posted in the first place, and I certainly don't see any good reason it should be upvoted
but I don't think it's "NAA"
I guess ChrisF disagrees, though.
@TylerH Thanks :)
@TylerH It was quick, wow
@rene "has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired." ???
3:44 PM
I'm not your local network admin. ;)
@rene It's a FireFox bug :D I'll leave it, that way I won't be on twitter :)
@bad_coder good call from Twitter to do their best to exclude Firefox users. That gets them the popular vote I guess ...
Would you consider this as Not an Answer? stackoverflow.com/a/64300221/2359227
@TomerShetah No, it appears to be an answer. Just a wrong one
@TomerShetah It's an attempt at answering, I'd consider a flag in risk of being declined.
3:49 PM
@bad_coder @rene interesting. Do you have a source for that? I've not had any issues with Twitter on Firefox and I visit/use Twitter rather extensively on that browser.
Actually I raised a flag which was declined. So I am asking here for more opinions. IMO, it is not elaborated and the PO cannot really understand what he should do.
> What NOT To Flag
> Any post that attempts to answer the question—however badly—is still an answer!
down-vote and when you >20K delete vote it :D
@TylerH If you google the error there are lots of hits including on support.mozilla.org.
@TomerShetah it is a totally fine answer to the question How do I get the protocol if I'm behind an nginx/apache proxy server. That the question isn't about that setup is a pity but the answer is an answer, just to the wrong question. Answers can't be removed with NAA flags.
@bad_coder Just from spending 5 seconds looking at some of the top results it appears it's a personal issue with your computer AV program
not an issue with Twitter or Firefox
4:08 PM
I see. Thanks all! I was wrong and hopefully I'll review better next time :)
@TylerH latest FF v.81 breaks twitter due to outdated serviceworkers if you use strict anti-tracking and haven't cleared cache/history. A trending bug...
@eyllanesc Roomba will kill this in ~10 days; is there a need for urgency?
4:54 PM
@TomerShetah I recently answered a meta question about a similar case: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/400872/578411 and that got a mixed reaction. I don't have the popular opinion when it comes to the NAA topic.
5:17 PM
@rene Heh, all of those discussions kind of blur together because everyone get up in arms wondering why it is such absurd.
yep. I have no problem dealing with absurd stuff. Maybe because I'm absurd myself.
BTW, this was deleted on U&L, but I guess it wouldn't be here.
Absurdly blurry sounds better :)
@Braiam LOL change cursor and reboot. Works for me :D hahaha
5:35 PM
@bad_coder ah, well, not really a bug, just a design decision. It does say right there on the choice "may break some sites" :-)
I use moderate tracking blocking myself and haven't noticed any issues (I'm running 81.0.1)
posted on October 12, 2020

We’ll be doing a planned failover of our SQL Servers at 12am UTC (October 13, 2020) / 8pm EDT (October 12, 2020) which will require us to go read-only for a few minutes. The disruption should be quick.

@Feeds Oh no! I was planning on asking a critical time-sensitive question at 8:01PM EDT T_T
@TylerH And I was planning on voting to close it immediately
@TylerH Actually you're completely fine as along as your question was 'when is the next time the stack exchange network was planning on doing maintenance?'
5:42 PM
They seem to be hoping for a quick turnover.. maybe it'll last 24 hours. If you post your Question just before the event, no one will be able to close it :D
@code11 nah, that'd be off-topic, too :-)
If you really want to tease some regular, make a few typos in it :D
@bad_coder At least it was keyword relevant unix.stackexchange.com/q/427185/41104 :D
But I'm sure that if you want your cursor with a specific theme, you don't want it with the theme it fallbacks to when hovering on the window title
I have a little of a strange Question. If someone looks through someone else's post and finds typos in everyone of them, is it OK for them to correct them all? And.. what if they are <2K and gain reputation every time?
@Scratte Generally it's always ok to edit and improve posts. However, you being <2k you should be mindful that people have to approve them. Make them count or ignore them if they are small typos. You should avoid editing them in bulk especially when the posts are old. This bumps a lot of posts at once which is usually not an appreciated side-effect.
5:49 PM
@Scratte There's a Meta which asks about going through a user's posts and editing, even when that editing is not appreciated by the user. IIRC, the majority opinion was that doing so was fine. #include what @Dharman said
Oh. I didn't think of one user doing it all in a day. I was just thinking that it may appear as though there's an agreement between the accounts, even if there's not. If the editor gets almost all of their edits approved by author then they don't even go to the queue.
@Makyen Hmm.. that's a little disturbing though. One could almost just stalk another user like that.
@Braiam I think it had TMI, the answer should have been simply:"Reboot."
@Scratte Well, then this is a sign that a potential sock-puppetry is at play. You should investigate further to see if you can find any more evidence
@Dharman you are too forthcoming, it should simply have been deleted :D
@Dharman It was a hypothetical situation. Nothing to worry about :)
5:59 PM
@Scratte Have a look at this question: Specific user mass-editing my posts.
@Scratte That was discussed in the context of the Meta (I'd need to reread it to really verify): Is it wrong to target edit a single user's posts?
@Scratte I found one such case that was suspicious. A consistent editor (without typos) who always did the exact same edits (only corrected a few issues). When I checked up on it, all the OP's being corrected had the same nationality and profile (the one editor making rep of it had a female caucasian picture in contrast). I flagged and the flag was accepted, never checked up on what happened to those accounts. But it was suspicious, and to some extent partially smart.
@Scratte then I wondered:"for what?", "what's the point?" And eventually the reason usually indicated for creating such accounts (suppose it's partially automated) is to have an apparently legitimate account issuing votes - so its aim is voting/rep fraud.
@bad_coder I was actually thinking that the two accounts may be completely unrelated :)
As they were in the case JeanneDark linked to. Well, the accounts had interactions, but there wasn't any fraud going on.
@Scratte This took some experience as an editor for me (hundreds of edits and reviews). Because it's frequent to come across edit suggestions that correct one or two details and nothing else. The tell sign, in this case, was the consistency among the network of nonsense posters and that 1 editor who only edited within that network (them all having the same nationality was a fortunate slip, otherwise it would hardly have been noticeable.)
@Scratte This is subtle and not to be confused with legitimate edits. I made 30-40 edits to 1 top user, because his backlog had outdated URLs...He was appreciative enough to approve the edits himself. So that was win-win, he got his posts updated and I got the rep. But that's a case of legitimate users doing legitimate edits, not fraud accounts nor sock puppetry.
6:17 PM
@bad_coder You're very brave :)
@JeanneDark :O But.. that was indeed stalking!
6:34 PM
@Makyen Thanks :) I guess it's fine then as long as it doesn't violate the rules of fraud and the rules of editing (like changing the code style or something similar)
What's the appropriate flag/action for a user posting an identical answer to 4 different questions?
@Lankymart In addition, you could have, and preferably would have, reverted the edit which invalidated the answer. Changing the question such that one or more answers is invalidated is against policy. Anyone with full editing privileges can, and should, revert such edits.
@DanielWiddis mod flag one w/ a link to the other three.
@TylerH Done. That's the one time I've gotten a personal diamond slap on the wrist back when I did something similar. :)
6:49 PM
@DanielWiddis Yeah, I mean there is some give and take for sure, but typically if they are exact copies, they should get deleted without any trouble
@TylerH yeah. I checked to see if the questions could be dupes but it wasn't obvious.
You need to specify which should be deleted.
@Scratte All 4? After adding links only had 9 characters left. :P
@DanielWiddis "Try this:"? <-- Ohh sorry, I misunderstood that to be what was left on the Answers :D
I flagged an answer as a duplicate of another one, with the following message: "This self answer is just a duplicate of mine.... it makes no sense. It's also not needed in my opinion."

A moderator declined it with the message: "Found no evidence to support it".

Why is this?
7:03 PM
@JeanneDark amusingly, the edit referenced in that answer from a moderator is actually problematic...it copies code from an external link into an answer. It should probably be reverted, but I'm not sure I'm awake enough for injecting myself into four-year-old quarrels yet.
Is this NAA? Also note, the user has posted the exact same thing four times within a period of a few minutes.
You can tell how awake I am by the fact that I edited this message very incorrectly.
@DanielWiddis Makyen shows how to make short links there :)
@10Rep was the answer simple enough the OP could have arrived at it independently?
@RyanM Are you awake enough not to repeat yourself?
@DanielWiddis No :-p
7:04 PM
@DanielWiddis No, it wasn't. I'll link them: First, second.
The thing is, it's word to word similar. Even the strings are perfectly similar. There isn't even a discrepancy in the spacing.
@AdrianMole No. Technically it says "This might be an issue with firefox or chrome". I'd say not a high quality Answer.
@Scratte Link only, no?
... but the issue of 4-fold repetition? (I think it's been mod-flagged from SOBotics by @DanielWiddis?)
@10Rep the last two lines differ. :)
7:08 PM
@10Rep What is that sentence before the link then?
@AdrianMole I mod-flagged that. I thought about link-only on all 4.
:facepalm: technicalities
@Scratte A link only answer can have some text before it to still be link only. That's such a vague answer, it qualifies to be link only.
@DanielWiddis All 4 should be comments, IMHO.
@10Rep If you want to flag them, you're most welcome :)
@DanielWiddis It's actually slightly more different than that: i.stack.imgur.com/pKIeS.png I think it's juuuust different enough that the mod wasn't willing to delete it on that basis, since the changed lines might be meaningful enough to affect the answer's correctness. I don't know if they do, since I'm not an SME, but the mod probably isn't either.
7:09 PM
I didn't flag them as NAA.
@AdrianMole I wasn't certain enough of comment / link-only to flag. But the copypasta is clearly bad.
But!.. the identical Answers script will remove those during the night. They are identical to the last character, no?
@RyanM I feel sad. It's such a small technicality :(
@Scratte I flagged 2 of the 5. Don't want tooo many declined now.
@10Rep Yeah, it's poor form for them not to have at least upvoted yours given that theirs was based on it.
And for someone to upvote theirs and downvote mine.
Their answer isn't even that much better than mine, tbh.
7:13 PM
@10Rep looking again, a lot of that code was in the OP anyway. Isn't the solution a single line about topmost?
and someone commented the answer too, 6 minutes after you. I'd bet OP read that one first.
@10Rep Why not just one custom flag saying "User has answered with identical Answers in quick succession. <link to 1> <link to 2> <link to 3>. Please delete those."? :)
@Scratte I don't want to risk a custom flag... I've had too many custom flags declined. But that's the way to go, definitely.
@Scratte +1, that's what I do, those sorts of flags are virtually always marked helpful.
For those following along in the cheap seats, my custom mod flag on the firefox link repeater was helpful.
I wouldn't dare flag that pattern with anything except a custom flag. I'd expect a half-decent chance that they'd see the NAA flag on its own and decline it before realizing there were three more.
A well-explained custom flag guarantees that they get the full context.
7:16 PM
My NAA's were helpful, FWIW. I didn't think to raise a custom flag. I'm relatively new to flagging.
It seems they were removed, but not converted into comments.
@10Rep Worth noting that NAAs would be, by default, marked helpful by the mod going through and handling Daniel's flag. So perhaps Daniel's flag helped you :-)
I'm paranoid of custom flags. I never raise them. I outsource those :D
So if an answer gets deleted, NAA's are marked helpful? What if the answer's edited? I'm just curios ;)
Nothing. Your flag remains pending. Only Very Low Quality flags are marked helpful when the Answer is edited.
7:19 PM
Unless it's edited from the VLQ queue, in which case it's marked helpful and then you get to ask SOCVR to re-flag it for you when the edit failed to fix the fact that it was NAA :-p
^ my favorite hobby :)
Some times a user even deletes and un-deletes their own Answer in which case I also raise the issue here.
@Scratte Really? I've only made one flag-pls request, it was about some spam, I think.
@Scratte I thought they re-fixed that.
@10Rep Yes, I do not use flag-pls request. I usually write "argh!", "Nooooo", "No no no no no", "Help me!", or some other silly thing.
@Makyen I do not think they did. But it's been a while since I've had one. I've also been flagging Questions lately. I'll check next time with a NAA :)
But it makes sense though. I noticed an NAA that had been deleted, then edited, then undeleted recently and my NAA did not go from helpful to pending on the un-delete. Unless I was mistaken and it was never deleted, but just edited out of the queue.
I would however stop flagging NAA if my flag would become reactivated on a delete/undelete from author. Then there's be no way to figure out when there's a risk of getting a declined flag. They could just delete-edit-undelete and mess with my statistics :D
8:00 PM
8:25 PM
Anybody who can help me to get this SEDE to work? data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1309155/… Objective is to find answers on closed questions by a specific userid
@M-- closed by a specific user?
Just don't use it on yourself. It will show you all the filth
Why can't I flag my own answer as NAA?
Because we know you won't post an NAA?
@Dharman You can ... you just have to disguise the NAA flag as a custom moderator flag.
8:31 PM
@rene No, just find answers of a user on closed question. So answered by a specific user, and question is closed.
Anyone remembers how to clear mentions? Ah, yes, the good old just type a message :D
@AdrianMole That will be declined for sure
@Braiam I mentioned it somewhere but it's been cleared. xD
@Dharman I only had 7. Must say I'm surprised.
@Dharman (Don't do it). abuse dharmanbot :D
8:32 PM
No, but seriously. How do I delete this? stackoverflow.com/questions/15407707/…
@M-- then the query that Dharman offered will do, I think?
@rene Yes. I just checked that one and was about to say Thanks @Dharman :)
@Dharman You cast a delete vote. I just did.
@Dharman you can try to vandalize it ... we'll take it from there ....
@Dharman 20kers can delete the answer if it was downvoted, but 10kers can delete the question.
8:35 PM
Now it's gone
That was a real bad answer
You could've just added the PHP tag ... somebody would come along and delete it soon enough.
@Dharman you couldn't self-delete the answer?
No, it is accepted
Oh, that info is lost upon deletion
8:43 PM
8:54 PM
Man, my head hurts from handling flags... I think I need to take a break from SO. And not only that, I'm review suspended for the 1000'th time since I failed an audit this morning in LQP.
@10Rep Curation is boom and bust - sometimes we feel like we're making a difference, other days it feels pointless. Welcome to the club! {smiles}
I've passed all audits prior to that, so I have a feeling I was manually suspended.
@halfer Wanna guess when I'm unsuspended?
@10Rep I don't really do reviewing, or understand the usual review times, so my guesses would be way out. I hope it is soon!
I believe you can appeal and have it lifted early, where the suspension is automated.
I thought all suspensions were automated, but then - as I say - I don't understand this part of SO.
I'm unsuspended on February 17th, 2021...
Editing keeps me busy :=)
That seems rather harsh.
8:58 PM
I'm assuming the moderator who did that has a reason behind it.
Perhaps I'll stick to flagging and editing?
I have sometimes wondered why (good) review contributors keep going back for more, given that it feels like the system is hostile to people who want to help.
Perhaps you can answer that! {grin}
I really don't know why I reviewed after getting suspended twice. I just... did it :D
Tell me: Does this look like spam? stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/27371888
The second one is an answer. It shouldn't have been deleted in the LQP review queue. It should have been deleted through delete votes.
@10Rep yes, that is undisclosed affiliation. They work for the company they work for, so that is spam.
@10Rep Yes, although I would probably skip this one.
@10Rep This was already said 3 times in other answers. This is yet another Low Quality answer. No doubts there
9:04 PM
@10Rep The comments under the answer show why
Skip didn't come to me.... Reviewing LQP doesn't come to naturally, maybe. I just don't have enough patience, I guess
But I didn't fail any audits in Suggested edits, at least. Maybe I'll review only that in the future.
@10Rep That's 128 days.
@Scratte I'll take a break from SO during those days... I have a lot of other things to do, and curating stuff is tough.
@halfer We get badges.. they're shiny :D
Hmm.. I seem to have two "stuck" messages in this room now :(
That seems rather strange.
9:14 PM
They were moved out of the room, but when I search for requests in this room, they get returned in the search. This search should only return the top one.
(chat) search is wonky at times
@Scratte That search bar is about as stable as my train of thought :). It doesn't show anything for me
I wish I could fix it.. or that it could be fixed somehow. I expect they'd have to be moderator deleted or something like that to go away though :(
Ohh look. An infinity rainbow :) It's so pretty in the chat :)
Infinity symbol? Looks like a side ways 8 to me :-p
Actually the 8 is just infinity standing up :D
9:23 PM
There.... I ublocked the review icon. I'll just flag stuff now...
@Scratte That's a known bug. There's a Meta about it. If you use the URRS, it will mark those, or just remove them.
@10Rep Heh.. I've had that blocked for ages. Don't like that nagging red dot.
@Makyen I've been told, but I don't use it as I'm always out of close votes :D
@Scratte Then how do you review? Do you review?
@10Rep I just type in /review after stackoverflow.com :D When I got my first suspension, there was no easy way to find out why or what happened, so I had to go and find out. During my quest I learned of the url, which then told me what review I had done wrong.
@10Rep I agree with this, but 3 of the responses were "Delete" votes, rather than "Recommend Deletion", so...
9:26 PM
@rene Why are you appearing in my voting fraud search. You are polluting my results with FP. :D
@Makyen But I don't have delete votes, so clicking Looks Ok was the right thing, no?
@Scratte Personally, I think you are underpaid :-)
@Scratte Only once? I've got suspended like 3 times by now. Two times suspended by a moderator, once because of the triage "Requires Editing" issue.
@halfer I agree with you. I should definitely get at least a mug of some sort sent by snail mail :)
@10Rep Twice.. but the second time, I well.. sort of didn't agree with it and I think I talked my way out of it. I don't know if the duration was reset though, so I may be in for a long time, if I get suspended again.
@10Rep I think you may have missed a few suspensions though. Since they start at 4 days, and double each time. 128 days seems to be the 6th.
@Scratte A moderator increased it manually the second time.. according to another moderator.
9:33 PM
@10Rep Oh.. that seems harsh.
@10Rep That one you could have determined the undisclosed affiliation from the user's profile. There is, however, considerable additional context which isn't available to you. You were suspended automatically for failing audits. My opinion is that 128 days is a bit harsh for the recent review audit record I see. I have lifted your review ban. Although, you, hopefully, have learned from each audit failure.
@10Rep That appears to be inaccurate.
@Makyen I'll probably review Suggested edits now instead. I've also learnt that I should skip instead of press "Looks Ok" in the LQP queue, just to be safe. Thanks.
I Skip about 10 posts for each that I review. It takes a longer time, but.. it gets you less suspensions :) And you don't have to the max reviews in a day. You can do it for 15 minutes and see if you get a few done.
@10Rep My rule is: Edit if you are like "Why is this even here?". Looks ok if you are sure that this an answer that has some value to stay alive in its current state. Skip if you can't make a decision in less than 30 sec. Everything else recommend deletion.
I think I linked to two posts about the Low Quality Posts queue here for you once, @10Rep. If you read and follow those, you will not get suspended.
9:40 PM
Just to make sure: Code-only answers should be marked as "skip" or "Looks ok", correct? Those answers should be deleted through delete votes, right?
Yes, that's is my understanding.
Basically, you're only suppose to delete post that you can flag as NAA (and get a helpful flag on it), if my understanding is correct.
Yes, the way I understood it is that NAA's can only be deleted in LQP. And Spam, plus RA.
@10Rep Depends. Most of the time you leave a comment and press Looks ok. If you are not sure then skip. If you can't make head or tails of it, or if it is self-answer then it should probably be deleted.
@Dharman But.. you can get manually suspended for deleting a self-answer even if it's a code-only answer.
On what basis?
9:42 PM
But there are people in the queue who recommend deletion for answers that are not NAA.
@10Rep It either has to be NAA or so low quality that you can't call it an answer.
@Dharman Those posts are only suppose to be deleted by 20K votes. Not through the LQP queue.
^ That!
Unless an answer is like one word :)
@10Rep Yes, there are also people that picks "Looks OK" in Triage for blatantly off-topic posts :D
@Scratte If there is no explanation then I assume it is either Me too or should be an edit. If there is any indication that it was meant to be answer then I vote looks ok
9:45 PM
Hmm.. I'll try to edit in "Try this:" on code-only answer then. /joke.. ! :)
I clicked looks ok on those... but my review ban has made me rethink it.
Your review ban was explained that it wasn't about the code, it was about undisclosed affiliation. That's an entirely different matter.
@Dharman btw that's Yea*, not Yay
I did "Meh"... is that okay?
Some reviewers with less than 20k did Delete, though. Isn't that bad?
9:50 PM
Suprisingly 3 people voted to delete it.
@Dharman That is not identical to the other post. I'd Skip or "Looks OK" it
To me it seems as if a lot of people need to learn in LQP :D
@Dharman what what?
Why did people vote to delete this?
9:53 PM
I think voting to delete when above 20k is fine, but Recommending deletion is not fine.
why not?
it's low value as there is no explanation accompanying the code
@Dharman Yes.. there has been a lot of focus on Triage. There hasn't been a "crack down" on Low Quality Posts queue for a long time and it seems lots of reviewers are just deleting everything in there. I believe it's been a meta topic before.
@TylerH They're not to delete that in the queue. That's the point. One can exercise opinion outside the queue only.
Only NAA's can be deleted by less than 20k, @TylerH. At least that's how I understand.
@Scratte sounds like a bad rule. Can't practically be enforced within the queue so it shouldn't exist
or just take the recommend deletion button out
9:55 PM
I skipped that one
@TylerH No, it's not a bad rule. It's meant to handle NAAs and VLQ Answers when moderators don't handle them. The result should be the same. So if a moderator would not delete it, then neither should the queue.
Only NAA's and flaggable posts should be deleted in the queue, not poor answers. Only 20k should delete those.
@10Rep FYI: In an attempt to reset the timeframe used for automatically doubling the length of your review ban, I'm going to briefly ban you for a shorter period of time. I'll be removing it immediately thereafter. You will, however, be notified of it the next time you try to review.
And it can be enforced just like Triage is being enforced. Every time someone picks "Requires Editing" wrongly in Triage, they get suspended. Likewise could be done with the Low Quality Posts queue.
@Makyen Ok, that sounds fine.
9:59 PM
@Scratte I even suspect that if one posts that LQP review in the bad reviews room, those 3 users will get a review suspension for their choice.
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