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10:00 PM
I'm gonna do that right now, actually.
Lets hope no one gets confused as to which ones to suspend ;)
I am starting to think that some reviewers should get suspended today: stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/27373146
@10Rep You may want to reread and edit this comment, as I don't think it's saying what you intended.
@Dharman I pinged one of the users... lets see if they understand.
@Makyen Thanks for pointing that out... it was a bad typo :)
10:05 PM
@Dharman I think the LQP reviews should be next on the list of 'targets' for Sam's Bad Review Room. I've seen so many "code only" answers in there that: (a) should never have been flagged as NAA/VLQ (to send them there in the first place); and (b) get one or more "Recommend Deletion"/"Delete" votes. These are fair game for a delete vote outside the review queues but they are not suitable candidates for deletion in that queue.
The system throws code-only answers into the LQP. It's the community user flagging as VLQ not users
@AdrianMole I seem to recall reading that code-only answers were automatically sent to LQP without requiring flagging by a human/bot.
Super.. that system is creating busywork :D
In fact, my last "Review Suspension" (over two months ago, now!) was triggered by a poor audit on a post deleted therein; Sam quickly lifted that and (possibly - matter of some speculation in the Ministry) gave a ban to one or more of the LQP reviewers on said post.
@AdrianMole (a) is a red herring, the system considers those low quality by default.
Answers without explanation indicates either the question is bad at "fomenting answers that explain why and how" or the author is lazy and doesn't write a quality answer
10:09 PM
Cool fact: since they are only flagged as VLQ you can open the link in a new tab, make an edit and the review will be finished without you wasting your review quota
@Braiam Possibly - but I've also seen a number with user-offered comments, and from users who were not in the list of LQP reviewers. Yesterday (maybe day before) there were so many from one user that I very nearly raised the matter in Sam's Room just for that user.
What did you do instead?
@AdrianMole Again, not "possibly" it's a documented feature.
@Dharman But I like using my Review Quota! How else will I reach the "Hall of Fame"? (~9.5K reviews left to get into the LQP Top 20!)
@Scratte Just voted all of them as "Looks OK."
@AdrianMole But.. did you not say that someone left bad comments on the posts?
10:14 PM
@Braiam Fair enough! But I've seldom (if ever?) seen that "This post was automatically flagged..." banner while working that queue.
@Scratte Not bad comments - just along the lines of "Code only answers are low quality."
@AdrianMole That's not very diplomatic. Possible also not very motivating.
@Scratte I'm keeping my eyes peeled for any more from that user. In fact, some of the (flagged) posts were quite decent code, from long-time, high-rep. users. I even gave one an upvote. :-)
@AdrianMole It's going to take you a very long time. There are only ever 5 posts in the queue anymore since moderators have been polling the NAAs :)
I know. I blame Machavity and Bhargav.
Maybe you could try to identify what time of day they are less likely to be active. And do your reviewing then :D
10:20 PM
But I also like to keep my precious delete votes for other use. I do LQP near the end of the day (and I don't want to use that script that reverts to "Recommend Deletion").
@Scratte I suppose I could flag the comments as NLN - that may get some moderator attention, eventually?
@AdrianMole I don't know if there's any logic to get moderators attention if X amount of comments by one user is flagged. It would surprise me if there was.
Depends a lot on the moderator, I guess. If it finds one who is already 'primed' and on the lookout for bad reviews and/or VLQ flags ... who knows?
Heh.. I'm not sure if suspending users while going through a review queue closing posts all days long leaves a lot of energy to handle comment flags.
Somebody once said (allegedly, in here) that, "we have to assume, on some level, that moderators aren't completely stupid." ;-)
10:44 PM
If you change stupid for brain dead I think you are quoting me.
@Braiam Not intentionally - I had somebody else in mind.
@AdrianMole I can't find that quote.. :)
It may not be exact - but the spirit is there. (Clue: It was one of the Cherished Few.)
@AdrianMole My initial though was ..twice transparent but darkly edged.
^ ... or, the Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove?
10:55 PM
@AdrianMole that riddle.. is a riddle that I'm too stupid for :D Unless it's a universal refrence.
@Scratte I know that you know that I know you know.
11:13 PM
@AdrianMole I think.. I found something..
Close enough!
I can't find your exact quote, I'm afraid. Not for lack of trying though.
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