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12:17 AM
@10Rep I don't understand what's unclear about this question. It has the common misconception that timestamps have time zones (they do not), but it seems clear what they mean. Could you elaborate?
1:05 AM
@Makyen hope this was not a tentative of hidden (obfuscated) spam
@Vickel It could be. If the domain is used again, SmokeDetector will catch it. I haven't yet added a specific watch for the domain, because it's already detected with a pattern match reason, and the question appeared to be close enough to other similar legitimate (off-topic) questions which we see, such that I feel it's best to assume good faith. If the domain wasn't detected by a pattern match, then I would have added it as a watch.
One of the reasons not to specifically watch the domain at this time is that the user is also using their company name as their username, which matches the domain. If they were to actually link to their domain, then another detection would be triggered which detects links that are to domains similar to the OP's username. If it was also watched, then there would be 3 detections on that hypothetical post, making it much more likely to be autoflagged, which I'd prefer to avoid, at least for now.
and it was their first question (what I can see) since they joined (which speaks in their favour), but since I cannot see deleted answers (yet) I wouldn't know previous attempts
1:24 AM
@Vickel Only moderators can search for deleted posts, or see them listed in a user's profile. Even with >10k rep, you can only see the deleted posts you have links to (or deleted answers on questions you're viewing). So, seeing if they had previous deleted posts isn't something you'll be able to, even with > 10k rep. OTOH, you can look on metasmoke to see if anything was previously caught by SmokeDetector for the user.
@Makyen added link to my bookmarks, thanks
@Vickel np. You can get to the listing for the author of a post by clicking on the [MS] link in the SmokeDetector report. From that page, you can click on the OP's username, which will bring up all the posts detected for that user's account on that SE site. However, spammers commonly change accounts and also post on multiple sites. Those are not covered in the user's page.
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3:38 AM
Hi friends
3:50 AM
@Scratte Moderators trump room owners. We are effective ROs of any chat room on SO. You should make your moderator rule/style outweigh your RO rule/style.
@Makyen Yeah, I almost can't believe it. I know basically nothing about web design, and that's the very first thing I learned not to do when it comes to CSS.
@Scratte Yes, mods are always told who the flagger was when presented with any flag. If there are multiple flaggers for the same reason, they're all listed. If there are multiple flaggers for different reasons, each reason is listed separately, along with the flagger for each. Your anonymity as a flagger does not extend to moderators. However, moderators are expected not to reveal the details of who flagged what or how.
As far as the prominence, the user name of the flagger is listed right after the flag message.
So, it's slightly less prominent since it comes second, but they're the same text size, so almost equal.
@CodyGray What is Stacks framework?
@SamuelLiew aha — thanks!
@CodyGray Yes, exactly. I find it very frustrating. Changing over to stacks has been systematically removing all information that existed in the class attributes as to what the function of an HTML element was, which makes writing userscripts much more brittle. SE has left some classes which identify an element's function, but only in places where SE is intending to access the element with JavaScript, in which case the class begins with js-.
There are good reasons that way of using CSS dropped by the wayside 20+ years ago. sigh
from glancing through the description, the first thing I wonder about is whether it’s at least using Shadow DOM and custom elements
4:01 AM
I don't know what shadow DOM and custom elements are
@Scratte Yes, they can. We have a tool for that on the moderator dashboard. We can write a brief message, and indicate approximate dates for our inactivity. Stepping down is a different thing: it's meant, as Nathan said, to be more permanent. Recently, it was also done more as a protest action than a vacation/sabbatical would have been.
I should also note that marking yourself as inactive doesn't really do anything but inform your fellow mods of what is going on. You can technically still log in and perform moderation tasks, and some people do, but at a much reduced volume than normal. (For example, you're going on vacation and won't have access to a computer, but you occasionally log in from your phone and handle a flag or two.)
So, there's a bit of a security risk in leaving an active account with full mod privileges that no one is using regularly. That's why staff tends to want to remove mod privileges from people who are semi-permanently inactive. It used to be no big deal at all, because you could be easily reinstated at any time you wanted with no bureaucracy. Now...there's bureaucracy.
@Makyen Indeed, it makes it very hard to design user scripts. The HTML is extremely non-semantic, and the CSS is even worse. Having a bunch of random classes that do nothing but apply a single style is so incredibly frustrating. Also, almost nothing uses IDs, so you end up with very brittle selectors. I also feel like the js- prefix is an anti-pattern.
A lot of what has been frustrating me this week though is not SE's fault. It's just JavaScript. There are too many ways to do things, and none of them are clearly any better than any other.
4:20 AM
@CodyGray IMO, the js- classes themselves are actually OK. It's not unreasonable to have classes that are specifically intended to identify to JavaScript groups of HTML elements. Usually, it would be that the class is identifying something within the HTML, so it can be targeted by either, or both, CSS or JavaScript. If the developers find it easier in the long run to specifically identify the classes which the JavaScript is actively using by prepending a js-, that's not that bad.
Using a js- prefix could have just been something that is saying "if you're changing the HTML that has this class, then you need to look in the JavaScript and make sure you don't break anything." That's not all that unreasonable, particularly if you apply that naming scheme consistently throughout your code. It allows you to not have to check for JavaScript usage of any other classes you may want to change in the HTML.
@Makyen Why would JavaScript need unique identifiers? Seems to me like those should be merged with whatever CSS is using. The classes and/or IDs should be semantic, not simply arbitrary things created for convenience.
@Makyen I find this more convincing, though. This does make sense.
@CodyGray Yes, I agree. Semantic is how they are supposed to be used.
But as much as I can convince myself to forgive indiscretions with respect to code style, as long as they still work, what they've done with tooltips is just criminal.
And not only what they've done, but the way it's implemented.
The devs should really consult Stack Overflow for help...
4:37 AM
@CodyGray Yes. I've long wondered why they don't use User Experience to ask questions about what implementation would be better from a user experience POV. They've got an entire site dedicated to answering questions about these types of issues, yet don't make use of it. Asking questions there, which are the type of questions that site exists to answer, would short-circuit a lot of the problems they've had with new features.
Yeah, the tooltips are ridiculous. Personally, I found them to be extremely annoying, so I just added CSS to disable them. I've been tempted to write CSS or JS, so there's a delay in their display similar to normal tooltips (you can get close with CSS, but really need JS to get close enough to match expectations). Having a delay wouldn't be good, but it would at least be better than always immediately displaying them.
@Makyen You've seen Sam's script to revert them back to normal tooltips, right? I've been using that, and it normally works fine...but not always. Sometimes I still see the old tooltips.
I'm guessing that's because of the setTimeout delay, which I sometimes beat to the punch? Or maybe it's fragile in other ways, too. Not sure.
I looked at doing something to revert them myself, but given the way they were dynamically added with JS, it was over my head, difficulty-wise. I don't know why they chose to do it that way. It seems like the wrong approach, objectively speaking.
4:57 AM
@CodyGray I'd seen that it exists, but I haven't tried it, or looked at the code. At this point, I almost never look at the voting button tooltips, so, from a personal POV, I was fine with just making sure they were never displayed (i.e. adding the CSS .votecell .s-popover { display: none; }). I'd added that CSS well before hearing that Sam had created a userscript to convert them back to normal tooltips, so didn't investigate his userscript (which is a better overall solution).
To comment on the setTimeout specifically, Id have to take a good look at the code. looks at code
Yeah, that's probably not how I would trigger doing that, but I haven't looked into what's really happening in SE's code. There are a few edge cases which could result in it failing to operate, and some where it might not operate until after the user is interacting with the page. The setTimeout is 200ms, so could be contributing to the issue.
However, I suspect that it's mostly what happens around .ajaxStop() firing, or that jQuery is not yet available when the userscript runs (happens occasionally, IME).
I don't like hiding them altogether, as I find it repeatedly useful to be able to copy-and-paste what the tooltip text contains.
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6:08 AM
@CodyGray Oh. So having a suggestive avatar would do nothing then :)
@Scratte No. Flagger avatars are not displayed anywhere.
The primary reason for displaying flagger user names is so we can detect a possible conflict of interest.
So if I spam a lot, I would flag other spam to be removed and so make mine more memorable?
Not so much
More like flagging your own post
Oh. I suppose there's not a lot of Spam flags like that :)
Too much rep is required to raise a spam flag
6:20 AM
You mean if we lowered it, I'd be able to flag my posts as Spam? :D
It used to require 50 rep to raise any sort of a flag, which was absurd. I was lowered to 15 recently, which is better. But I still think anonymous users ought to be able to raise flags, too (weighted and prioritized accordingly, of course).
With the ability to raise 6 to delete a post? Or should those just not count?
I mean it's not inconceivable that someone creates socks just to get rid of someone elses post.
@Scratte No, probably not.
Probably, all that we should support for anonymous users are custom mod flags.
That would also provide a slight barrier to entry (what? you mean I have to type text?! never mind!)
@CodyGray Funny, but I suspect you're right, though. Perhaps they don't want to allow it, since bots can be made to make text too :)
Is that really a big problem, though?
What, you're going to try and spam SO moderators via custom flags?
6:32 AM
@CodyGray Perhaps if a user is really upset.. who knows?
All we have to do is decline them
People do all kinds of strange things. You can't fix or block all of them.
That's easy, but if you have to go through huge numbers, you'll probably be inclined to just auto-decline everything
So nothing would change? ;-)
Heh.. good one. That's why one should always write long descriptions in custom flag. Just to make the flag-handler read it twice.
I may add some triple negatives next time, just to be sure :)
@Scratte declined: moderators don't have time to puzzle out your bad grammar or incoherent sentence structure
6:44 AM
You mean "unclear what you're asking us to do"?
@CodyGray But it's harder to construct the sentences than to read them. (Well.. unless it's from Makyen. I find I have to read those messages more than twice. :)
Hm. Not for me.
I hardly ever have to read messages more than once.
Maybe your brain is working then?
Most days
@CodyGray Custom mod flag: buy ch34p d r u g s at our onl1ne ph4rm4cy www.definitelyarealpharamacy.biz.cx
7:26 AM
Good morning y'all
7:39 AM
7:58 AM
8:13 AM
Sigh. Something just went wrong there.
If some question is egregiously bad, but triage correctly reaches "unsalvageable" consensus, should I post it here anyways?
Tried to migrate that, but all it did was have Community apply a lock. So I tried again, and this time, I saw it was recording close votes for me. Got 3 of them recorded before it finally migrated...
the idea is that, if triage identifies it as unsalvageable, it will eventually get closed (hopefully) without presenting it here
said egregiously bad question -> stackoverflow.com/questions/62827968/…
@blackgreen Yes, unsalvageable in Triage is going to put it into a review queue. That one will go into the close vote review queue, since two people cast "recommend closure" flags on it. Whether you want to bring it up here is up to you. All of the posts brought up here are going to have at least one close vote or recommend-closure flag on them, as we expect the person posting it here to have done that.
The FAQ explains how you should limit your requests: socvr.org/faq#GEfM-limit-your-requests
the FAQs of this chat seem to be saying: "let it follow its course"
8:19 AM
Look at it this way: this room is a way to expedite closure. If there's some reason you think the question needs to be closed faster than it normally would by going through the overloaded close-vote review queue, then it's fine to post it here. Also if it's already gone through that but didn't get closed.
A very good reason for bringing it up here would be if that low-quality question had started attracting answers before it could get closed.
thank you
In case you don't know the context, the close vote review queue currently has about 5.5k questions in it awaiting review. It's not uncommon for it to have 9k or 10k questions in it. Naturally, lots of those questions don't get reviewed before they age away. This room attempts to plug that hole for egregious cases.
what really baffles me is the amount of "Requires Editing" that pop up in triage when the question is utterly uneditable... there are big misconceptions around what "Requires Editing" means, if so many people choose that as an option
Yes, there are. It's been discussed many, many times on Meta.
I mean, I can always signal very bad reviews in the appropriate chat, but this hints to a different kind of issue. Maybe the guidelines are not readily available enough to help these reviewers clarify
8:25 AM
So... I brought that up back in 2016 (that was prior to me being a moderator, which will make some of the statements in my question make more sense). The guidance was updated to clarify what it does actually mean, but lots of people don't bother to expand that area or read what it says. The name of the button/option remains "Requires Editing", which continues to confuse people.
I know I know. I don't want to turn the knife in the wound
Just... sigh
If I had a good idea of what to label the button, I could make a stronger demand that it be changed. I don't know either.
Something that strongly hints to the fact that others other than the OP will be editing it. "Place in Edit Queue".
"Edit Queue Candidate"
"Ask Others to Edit"
"Flag for Editing" (not really a flag, but...)
"Peer Review" ?
"don't click this"
Best I could do was "Requires Editing by Community"
8:33 AM
Time to write a userscript to gray out certain buttons. :)
@CodyGray and that was rejected?
I mean, not really
The response was more like "meh, that's kind of long"
Then Shog9 got fired
"Requires Community edit" is not that much longer than "Requires Editing", but "Don't click this" is by far the best. It would also make it much easier to just auto-ban everyone clicking it :D
Hi! Would What could we do without zeros? be too broad or blatantly off-topic or should one try to find a suitable stack to migrate to?
@Scratte The problem with that is it makes it sound like stackoverflow.com/users/-1 needs to edit it.
8:42 AM
Or opinion-based
It's definitely blatantly off-topic. I'm unsure if mathematics would want it.
The button should be named so that the reviewer really has to put effort into it. If they don't want or can't edit it, then so will probably noone else
Math.SE will basically take anything, but .... Yeah, I don't know that I'd be comfortable migrating it.
It's clearly off-topic for SO and needs to be closed.
Maybe could be edited into something that History of Science and Mathematics would take? Dunno.
Would need to be edited/customized. I don't think there's any site that would accept it as-is.
It's more computer science, meaning it's a theoretical computer question
Counter-factuals aren't really good questions. They're impossible to answer.
8:44 AM
Maybe Philosophy
@CodyGray Yes, I think I made a suggestion once. Can't remember where.
Wait.. is someone going to explain to them that they need to read the help before posting? They seem to want to post it on superuser now
@JeanneDark I don't think that fits. That's too not-applied/practical :)
@CodyGray Man, that community person is a terrible reviewer (and more seriously, "Improve Edit" should not count as a good edit for suggestion ban purposes...)
I am amused that the Community user actually has a Reviews page :D
Yeah, definitely not Philosophy. Unless their scope has changed a lot since I last moderated that site.
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks I like this solution - short and unambiguous. If you go for this option, edit it yourself, else just don't.
Community user is a dumping-ground for everything that gets done by user accounts that we delete. So, yeah, it's terrible at everything beyond even what you would expect for a bot.
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks Yeah. Agreed. But that kinda violates the spirit of Triage, which is not to do the work yourself.
8:48 AM
@RyanM I'm.. speechless.. this need to go in Samuel's room.
@CodyGray in this case, it approves and rejects any edits done with Improve Edit or Reject & Edit
@Scratte So...technically no one clicked a button that says "Approve" or "Looks OK". They clicked "Improve Edit"...although actually, that is unambiguously wrong here.
because this edit is completely worthless, and adds zero value
@RyanM Yes, that too.
@RyanM They clicked that yes.. the Community user just auto-approves when someone improves an edit in the queue.
@CodyGray Then maybe it will really be the best option to 1) remove the button, 2) to rename it to a mile long text: If you click this button you are sure that someone will be able to edit this question that it will be answerable, in short DON'T CLICK THIS
@RyanM Wait what? Can't believe it...
8:51 AM
@Scratte I really want a "Reject & Improve" button, for trivial edits that shouldn't have been submitted, but could be the start of a good edit.
They could put one of those obnoxious tooltips on it. That'd pretty much guarantee no one ever clicked it, or even got close to clicking it.
@RyanM You should put it into Samuel's room
What about moving the edit-button to a random location on the screen when hovering over it? So it can never be clicked
@CodyGray You mean like they did on the voting buttons? :)
@Scratte Correct.
8:53 AM
@Daniil Done.
@RyanM And this: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/26638542 fixing the user's code
@CodyGray I went to a different computer the other day. I went to stack not logged in at first.. I was planning to log in. Then I changed my mind. No userscripts is a pain here.
@Daniil That's an answer. Nothing wrong with that.
@CodyGray They're circumventing the character limit
@Daniil yeah, I'd have approved that one.
8:55 AM
@RyanM I wouldn't
it fixes a significant bug in the code in a post that had no other glaring issues, the fact that it was one character just means they had to change something trivial to fix a significant issue
I imagine the / was a typo.
I'd have left a comment though. The owner of the post is active.
Why leave a comment demanding someone else do it when you can just do it yourself?
It's not like there was any ambiguity. It was an obviously correct edit, and it respected the author's intent: no author of an answer intends to write incorrect or buggy code with typos.
@CodyGray what if the code didn't work because of that typo? That would invalidate the question, because the code would then work as expected
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks Right, that's true, if this were a question that were being edited. But it's not; it's an answer.
9:06 AM
Whoops, didn't see that it was an answer. Ofc, then it is a valid edit
Maybe people didn't like that they tried to circumvent the min. characters limit and thought it should be left to someone who can edit directly?
@CodyGray I'd like them to have the opportunity, I suppose. Also, I don't edit. Long story.
@Scratte Oh, no. I don't want to hear another one of those stupid stories. :-(
To answer the legitimate part of that: It's not an "opportunity"; it's a "task". They can always roll back your edit if they don't like it. They do get a notice that their post has been edited.
@CodyGray That's why I shortened it to "Long story" :)
Ah, thanks, @gnat. I missed that that one had been answered.
9:18 AM
@Dharman Pourquoi??!?!?!?!? :(
Ne put pas des images sur la question!11
@E_net4isnotaporcupine Votre français est terrible
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks Merci, je ne parle pas du Français
Omelette du fromage
Je suis touriste
That's literally all I can write, talking is a lot easier though
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks That was almost an attempt at making a difficult question: have OpenCV in Java, and we're in for a ride.
Have opencsv in Java deployed in docker. Get in we ride at dawn
9:35 AM
OpenCSV? :)
^ schpam
I wouldn't be surprised if something called OpenCSV exists... Who doesn't want a nice, open-source CSV-format file parser?
@janw should the self answer be the duplicate target or the other way round?
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks The self answer should be the original one
9:46 AM
It's already been merged
I merged it. And also ran into this bug. Thankfully, I noticed and was able to undo it.
@janw Do you know anything about the tech? Can you merge PatrickLu's answers in a sensible way, so that I can delete one of them?
Oh, it has been posted as a bug report now? So someone finally managed to reproduce
How did SO mess this up?
@CodyGray I know the basics, but certainly am not an expert. Let me check
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks By introducing "reactions"
9:50 AM
Those two features seem completely unrelated to me, that's why I'm asking myself :)
Yeah, I don't really know. It seems like a weird bug.
Btw, has anyone noticed that the Related questions seem to have disappeared?
@CodyGray I notice that they are still active, probably it is better just to ask them whether they can merge themselves?
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks Yes, I wondered too
@CodyGray I discovered that had 'reacted' to 4-5 posts without knowing. I thought I did it accidentally
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks Only on certain questions, right?
9:56 AM
@CodyGray I'm clicking currently through the java tag, and none seems to have it.
Ah...that's probably a bug then
Nick Craver's been playing with the database :-)
Someone should report it
Or at least check MSE
@Lino-Votedon'tsayThanks Thanks; that's kind of what I figured. MSE never fails.
9:59 AM
Can I send more CV requests or should I wait a bit?
@Daniil Have the posts been through the close vote queues?
@Scratte No-one touches the CV queue :)
It gets 500-600 reviews a day, for a queue that constantly hovers around 5000 items (I believe it's questions)
@Daniil I do not think that is true :) But I've made a small change to my UI on the flag-summary, so I can easily see if an answer comes in on a post. If that happens, then I'm inclined to post it here before it's been in the queue for a few days.
Or if I feel that it will get answers fast.. but usually it's a losing game, since answerers are often faster than close voters.
I wait 3 days, then post 'em here if they're still bad, not closed, and won't roomba.
10:06 AM
folks I noticed a bunch of identical (rather low quality) questions about impressing some Chefina, looking for help in untangling this mess: stackoverflow.com/…
But I think the priority in the close vote queue is LIFO..
@Scratte lots of people notice newer questions and close-vote them outside the queue
The priority is something like number of reviews
@Daniil What I'm trying to say is that unless a Question needs urgent close handling, there's no reason to post it here on the same day it's asked :)
Someone flagged all those questions saying that they need to be removed because they're part of an ongoing content. Yeah, so what? Who cares? We certainly don't.
@Scratte Then what's the point of this room then? As if people look at questions a few days old
10:13 AM
@Daniil Usually the normal tag viewers close the question on the same day. This room is meant to handle cases when a question needs to be closed immediately or the normal process fails.
@Dharman Am I misunderstanding this question how did it get two upvotes seconds after it was posted?
We just had this discussion...
2 hours ago, by Cody Gray
The FAQ explains how you should limit your requests: https://socvr.org/faq#GEfM-limit-your-requests
2 hours ago, by Cody Gray
Look at it this way: this room is a way to expedite closure. If there's some reason you think the question needs to be closed faster than it normally would by going through the overloaded close-vote review queue, then it's fine to post it here. Also if it's already gone through that but didn't get closed.
@Dharman Because sockpuppets.
@CodyGray I saw that. But assume that it did not make it clearer, then perhaps explaining it a different way helps :)
@Dharman Check again ;-)
10:17 AM
-4 much better
never mind :)
@Scratte Yes... That's why Dharman pointed it out, and why I asked him to check it again.
You forgot I was a moderator, @Scratte?
No.. I can't forget. I have a user script that adds a diamond to your name. It also makes you a little fat. I just forgot how votes come about in interesting ways sometimes :)
I've kinda gotten a little fat recently. I suspect the "19" in COVID-19 might refer to the number of pounds gained... :-(
Hmm.. perhaps I should have phrased it: bold :)
But don't fret.. if you get covid-19, you'll need the extra weight ;)
10:24 AM
I don't plan to get it
Did anyone?
Sadly, yes.
Seriously? Some people set out to get it on purpose?
Yeah. There were people here in the US having parties trying to deliberately infect themselves
I'm getting some strange anti-vax associations now.
10:27 AM
@RyanM Not sure about Alabama, but I know people who have done it.
assuming that's the one you're talking about
Oh dear. Well, then.
I mean, I don't know them well. I know them through a co-worker. But still. They're reliable reports.
Well, I am pleased to say that I do not know anyone that stupid
Smug much?
10:29 AM
Considering some people were drinking bleach thinking it would protect them, I am surprised that I am even surprised.. :(
@Scratte The President told them to!
I think the report I saw was in Iran though..
@RyanM You don't know for sure.. not even if you meet them ;)
Well, I at least don't know anyone dumb enough to admit to doing so to me or anyone who repeats such things to me :-p
I have kept my mouth sufficiently closed around this co-worker, so they don't know what not to say to me.
They still talk about politics to me, despite us being... um... on different sides.
Is a question with a suspiciously high first-day vote count relative to its view count and quality, with nothing else suspicious, worth mod-flagging as possible voting fraud?
10:35 AM
Generally, yes.
Yeah, there's a lot of suspicious stuff there. Too much for me to clean up right now.
Writing up the flag now
Don't you want to run for election and figure out how all of this works??!
Wouldn't it be nicer to figure out how all of it works without the baggage :D
Maybe next year :-) I appreciate the encouragement, though. Currently I'm ineligible due to insufficient Meta participation, anyway.
@Nick We're only going to tell you once you win the election.
10:41 AM
@CodyGray That doesn't seem sound. What if someone wins, finds out, and doesn't want it?
@Scratte They can step down.
@CodyGray Right. Awesome outcome :)
Rarely do people want to step down because they find out how we track down and deal with voting fraud.
It's not really that big of a secret. There is enough information laying around to piece it all together
@RyanM I have already confirmed it. You can flag and it will be definitely marked helpful. It looks like there's a couple accounts involved.
10:57 AM
Is this a possible fraud? i.sstatic.net/3ORHo.png
@Vega No. Unless you have some more proof or suspicion.
FWIW: I don't think this room is suitable to discuss voting fraud. Let's avoid it, maybe.
If you want some help you can invite me to a private room, but it would be better to flag and ask moderators to look into your suspicions
Ok, I will avoid it!
I am extremely curious how you were able to confirm that one. But also I don't know how to create a private room...
Getting a large number of votes in a day is not enough to diagnose voting fraud. That happens normally (see: Jon Skeet). You need to find something else suspicious, like a large number of votes on a low-quality post, more votes on a question than views, etc.
@RyanM I have already found two other accounts connected to this one.
11:01 AM
I was just surprised by the upvote with more than +10 at the same instant of the time, that's it
Oh, no, I see it. You're right. Huh.
@Vega I have seen 100 upvotes at the same time and there was nothing worth flagging. Upvotes themself don't mean voting fraud
@Dharman I am more curious now
I'm surprised they did that...but hey, makes our lives easier...
@RyanM There is link to create the room when you click on the user icon
11:03 AM
That's public, though. Which may or may not have been how Dharman was using that word...
Non-mods can't create private rooms...
I meant that we should not discuss users in this room
@RyanM My bad, I know that I am a bad reader :(
@Dharman I my defense I didn't disclose anything about theuser
But I completely agree, I should've bring it up
I was referring more to the whole discussion. What RyanM and I was discussing was turning into a discussion about users
@Dharman Generally speaking, nothing to do with this particular case: one of these days I'd like to pick your brain on how you spot these. I can find suspicious stuff pretty easily, but usually it's just hunches.
11:17 AM
I would like to pick my brain too
Whose would you pick?
11:28 AM
@Dharman How about using one of your other rooms? Like your language room?
@Scratte As long as you don't drag me into something inappropriate.
@Dharman I would hope you'd let me know before it gets there. But I do not have a habit of posting links to users.
I've never been rickrolled by Scratte yet. I think you're safe.
lol! I don't even like that song.
Nobody does; that's the point.
11:38 AM
You mean he was made a millionaire and retired around the age of 35(?) despite no one liking it?!? I think maybe I should write a song :D
@CodyGray I like it.
The cutest user on Stack likes the song. That sweet :)
What's going on with the admin.php page, btw? That was unexpected.
Easter egg for hackers
@Scratte I shall not be tested.
I'm also not sure what the reference to "easter egg" means
11:52 AM
@Scratte It's done that for a while
@Scratte en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg_(media) How did you stumble upon this page?
@CodyGray Zoe linked to it :D In the election room. I listened to 10 hours of jeopardy music, obviously.. just to be sure I didn't miss anything.
Yeah, that makes sense. And... honestly, with you, I wouldn't even be surprised if you did.
lol! That's both a compliment and not :)
@JohnDvorak You'll need to be more specific. This isn't the place to delete the entire tag.
@CodyGray He has to be joking. We can't close 47k questions.
OK, just the latest six month's worth then
47K, hmm. Sounds like a job for Dharman the Deleter.
@Machavity I thought that was a possibility, but I concluded it was more likely to be a typo, forgetting to paste in the link, given how the message was formatted. Gotta be honest, I don't think it's a particularly funny joke to request deletion of an entire tag like that, because it makes it look like it's a legitimate request and may cause some people to go try. That's not what this room is about.
If you're going to joke, please don't make it look like an official request.
2:15 PM
There are better tags for jokes: too much garbage https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/...
Heh, I see what you did there with the formatting. Cute.
Hmm, these machine learning tags won't change.
Ocarp, I'm out of CVs.
@CodyGray It's happened before in this room.. I don't remember if it was moved to the graveyard though.
I don't think anyone takes it seriously
People have been requesting deletion of PHP for years
2:43 PM
It's always fun with knowledge when I read Cody and Makyen monologue.
@Shree Please don't encourage them! They already take up far too much screen space, without needing more prompting. ;-P
@AdrianMole :D I start from here whch I miss and :D
@Shree No problem. Joking aside, both Cody and Makyen make some very good points here, which often require a fairly detailed/verbose explanation.
2:48 PM
I use this room a lot, as much to learn things as to close posts.
Yep room is my teacher and good people around us who loves to help.
@JeanneDark I see you aren't a conformist.
@JeanneDark We can discuss it a bit in here but that looks like it should be a 'rapid' burnination request on Meta. Others here are better informed to help you, if that's what you want.
2:55 PM
Mmm.. weren't we able to order by views in the search results?
@AdrianMole Just bringing it to attention, not requesting anything.
@JeanneDark you can post on meta and request to rename the tag.
@JeanneDark No problem. It's just that folks can sometimes get a bit too 'eager' and go off on an unofficial tag-burning spree. See this FAQ about this room.
@AdrianMole It's not my intention to incite anyone. I just stumbled over it and thought I tell the experts.
@AdrianMole Note, that it isn't even required since the tag is <50
3:08 PM
@JeanneDark Please ask on Meta if it can be removed. If nobody objects we can retag the questions
@double-beep you suggest back-fire .
@Shree Why would that backfire?
@JeanneDark Rename tag ........ blaaaaa is always ended with backfire. It's need full domain knowledge and why tag exist.
@JeanneDark A Meta request for correcting the mis-spelt "notification" would almost certainly go down well. There's really no controversy. Have you posted much on Meta? If not, you probably don't 'get' the joke from Shree.
@AdrianMole Thanks! I will look into composing a post.
3:21 PM
hehe comPOSTing
what is comPOSTing ?
comPOSTing is Composing a post on Meta to remove a tag.
Elaborate pls .
3:53 PM
@Machavity Oy, that user is a new contributor!!! Be nice, and read the Code of Conduct!
reads CoC and votes to delete it too 27.8% more welcoming added
4:27 PM
@Machavity: please delete this above as no longer needed. thnx
4:58 PM
Is there a SEDE script to calculate the ratio of closed questions / total questions by tag?
Can you move a message that says messages were moved?
@Scratte Mods can. not ROs
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