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12:30 AM
What do you think of this answer? stackoverflow.com/a/62683441/5764553
It looks like bad formatting, but the text in the middle (and the URL that isn't appearing) correspond to the website on the author's profile
Looks like spam to me
It looks like a failed attempt at spam. Not sure if that means it is spam?
@Nick if it smells like spam and looks like spam then it probably is spam.
I don't think it's spam, they've used their website as example code before and they have several non-spam answers. That said, those links should be removed from the posts.
I removed it from that one and left a warning comment.
1:07 AM
Is someone doing 6-7 CV reviews a minute something worth mod-flagging? I feel like that cannot be giving posts due consideration.
If they're actual reviews and not just "skip" then I'd say they can't possibly be giving the posts due consideration.
@RyanM It depends on the questions. There are some that are really easy. Maybe the user is quickly skipping through anything that needs any thought. But, I would expect more than 10s/question on average.
3 hours later…
4:27 AM
@RyanM Hmm, how many flags do you think mods review per minute? ;-)
It isn't the speed that matters. It's the accuracy. If they're reviewing quickly and generally making good decisions, there's no point in flagging. We can't award any swag or badges. But if they're consistently bad reviews, then flagging makes sense, regardless of how quickly or slowly they're doing it.
4:45 AM
^ actually perhaps accept the duplicate nomination
@Cody thanks, I was just about to queue that up for a delv-pls once it becomes eligible but no need for that now I see (-:
Didn't see it before I voted, but honestly there's no way it's a useful signpost. There wasn't a single upvote in sight.
Yeah, I interpret everything in here as a [moderate-pls].
It would've roomba'd anyway if Cody hadn't ...accelerated the process..., given that it wasn't closed as duplicate.
@CodyGray do you never sleep though?
@CodyGray If I flag something for moderator attention and then retract it, can I then re-flag the same post?
4:49 AM
The handling on that one was (A) delete the answer reported by SD, (B) notice the other non-answer and convert that to a comment, (C) see that the entire question was useless and delete it.
I do sleep, yes.
@Nick Why are you asking me? I never have to flag anything for moderator attention. :-p
But seriously, you can raise a custom flag as many times as you like on the same post.
For other defined types of flags, you're limited.
You can also retract another flag and then cast a custom mod flag.
I wish you could cast two flags on the same post, though...
What would be the advantage of that?
Double-dip on "very low quality" and "not an answer"?
Or "very low quality" and "recommend closure"?
"This post is spam, and so is the user's bio"
sometimes you flag as (say) spam and then notice something which requires additional mod attention ^ so yeah, that
Oh, I see. You're saying you can't flag for mod attention while you have a spam flag pending.
4:52 AM
Rather, you can cast those flags, but the second must be cast after the first has been handled, which tends to put it in the long queue :-p
@CodyGray thanks. I accidentally flagged something too quickly but wanted to be able to re-flag in future if possible.
Well, can't you just retract the spam flag?
@Nick Because you realized you forgot about the automatic flag reversal script? Yeah. :-)
That would slow down the post getting spam-killed, though
@RyanM Because, as we just learned, moderators do sometimes sleep?
@CodyGray And users who send spam flags step away from their computers. The nerve.
4:54 AM
@CodyGray yeah... well, no, a revenge downvoting that I should have left time for the auto-reverser to deal with (hopefully)
Well, that wouldn't matter. The spam flagger has already passed the buck to someone else.
5:17 AM
Just spent a good 30 seconds trying to find the "too broad" close reason there.
How do these things get so ingrained that you cannot unlearn?
It wasn't even that long ago that "too broad" was being rolled out as a change.
some resonance from me, I keep having to remind myself that it's called "needs focus" but it's in the same place as it used to be graphically when you click so my fingers get it right even when my brain goes "whoa, what did I just do?"
What do y'all think, is this related to programming? stackoverflow.com/questions/62689465/…
No, and that is an unreadably small image. I think it's some sort of electronics thing but honestly I don't know enough about the topic to be sure
Yes, but that is an unreadably small image
5:24 AM
But you should probably defer to Cody, as I am not an embedded software engineer and he is.
Okay, after reading Cody's comment on the post, I retract my initial opinion. It's about programming.
OK, thanks... huh.
It's a gray area
If it were a high quality question, I'd migrate it off to [EE.SE]
@CodyGray please tell me that pun was intended.
@RyanM it's white in this image
5:28 AM
@JohnDvorak But it's within Cody's area of expertise and... anyway, lovely weather we have here
I haven't checked under dark theme though. Maybe it's transparent.
Oh, no, it's got a white background. A black frame on a white background, mmm, so elegant!
And economical for print. In case you, you know, feel the question is so great it deserves a permanent place on your wall ... or so bad it does :D
6:41 AM
@Vega gah, didn't have the tag
I'd go with no repro anyway
What to do with a question that's been edited to invalidate its only answer if the edit otherwise improved the question? It was unclear before; it's now clearer, but different.
@RyanM rolled back the edit; this is commonly a trick to try to evade a question ban
and voted to close as unclear
@tripleee I was actually looking further back; the edit you rolled back left the same question, but this has more about buttons
at any rate, closed now, so that solves that
rolled back some more, thanks for noticing
Do you disagree, @RyanM, that it is always time for beer?
6:48 AM
@CodyGray I think we've established that we all need some time to sleep...
Not if we have beer!
Or vodka Red Bulls. That might be even more effective.
@CodyGray I don't see why not both.
Nine out of ten doctors recommend against drinking beer while asleep.
6:50 AM
The tenth couldn't be reached for comment
@RyanM only because they don't want you to achieve greatness. The final doctor is the one who believes in you and wants you to unlock your true potential.
The final doctor is Deepak Chopra??!
Not sure if Deepak has a medical license and I'm not sure it really matters. So, yes, it could be Deepak Chopra.
Dropbox links: now available in luncheon-meat flavor
2 hours later…
8:30 AM
Is there such a thing as serial voting fraud on meta?
@Scratte Yes...
Oh. You just mean should you worry about voting on too many posts by the same user? No. But that's true on main, too.
We just expect you to actually read the post and vote on its contents, rather than the user who posted it.
Oops.. sorry. I realized my Question was very wrong. I wasn't referring to creating sock-puppets to promote anything :) Just that every time I read a post by verySuperAlwaysVeryAgreeableUser I agree with it ;)
I always vote up Makoto's posts, too.
Well, not always. There was once or twice I think I downvoted one of them.
You should always operate under the assumption that us regular Meta users will occasionally post something that is just totally wrong, in hopes of catching people who are voting based on name rather than on content.
I always upvote Cody Gray's posts as they are always useful.
@VLAZ I've actually downvoted at least one of the their posts. But don't tell them..
8:36 AM
Your secret is safe with me
@CodyGray Voting on the user name would be silly, no? How can one know if what a user posts is agreeable, if one doesn't even read them?
But I was thinking.. what if I agree with 5 posts during a day? I'd be a little concerned that it would be reverted by script.
@Scratte Oh, you're the one who downvoted this! I've been wondering.
@Scratte Script isn't as dumb as you might think.
It knows when you agree.
@CodyGray Funny, if it hadn't been actually possible for me to have been the one on June 12th, I would just have lied and said "Yes" ;)
June 12th was an upvote
@CodyGray that sentence can continue in two different directions "It's smarter" and "it's dumber". We had an internal "stop_someservice" script. Turns out it was a lot dumber than you might have thought since it would check process names for anything resembling the service name and directly kill -9 it. If you had a text document open with someservice in the name - text editor disappears immediately.
8:43 AM
That reminds me of what happens anytime anyone uses a regex for anything.
@CodyGray It's too early and foggy for me to see details. I take it back. It was me :D
s/fluffy kitten/bloody mush/
@VLAZ you know why you should not use kill -9 at all, ever, don't you?
I...have apparently somehow never downvoted anything on SO meta. That's actually surprising to me.
@tripleee sometimes you really need a process dead...I'll bite, why not?
@RyanM That is criminal!
8:49 AM
I can write an offensive meta post specially for you @RyanM so you can break that habit.
I can do one better: I'll just link one I've already written. Saves time that way.
Randal L Schwarz used to post a Usenet sermon with the details whenever somebody thoughtlessly posted a script with kill -9; it is reconstructed at iki.fi/era/unix/award.html#kill
That link is down, too, @tripleee
the Deja News one? yeah, quite likely (-:
@tripleee in fairness, this was supposed to help when the service left some processes that were locking each other and wouldn't stop.
8:52 AM
One time, we had a deadlock bug. So, we dropped a nuclear weapon on the whole country, and the bug went away. Unfortunately, this created another problem...
I have to say, "If that doesn't, REMOVE THE BINARY because the program is badly behaved!" is lovely in theory, but unfortunately, sometimes software you need has bugs...
Ah, yeah, so that reason is exactly the same as why you shouldn't ever call TerminateProcess on Windows.
You just don't rip the rug out from underneath things while they're running. It isn't welcoming nice.
Ah, excellent show.
Started watching because Kristen Bell. Stayed for the philosophy humor.
8:56 AM
@VLAZ for great fun, try visiting that with NoScript
For even more fun, try living in Finland, which appears to be smack-dab in the middle of Russian radiation
@CodyGray ouch, made me try to read it after all
This is the Twitter post they link to, where I saw the map: twitter.com/SinaZerbo/status/…
I'm not sure if Twitter is any gentler on NoScript....
@CodyGray they have a very nice fallback actually
"they have a very nice fallout actually" <-- fixed that for you
WinAmp makes its triumphant return!
9:20 AM
@CodyGray that poor llama
I'm finding that my browser doesn't notice some events on posts. It notices when a new comment comes on a post, but it doesn't notice when the score changes on a post or if new answers come in on a Question. Last time there were discrepancies like this, it wasn't just me, so perhaps someone else has noticed this oddity as well?
9:43 AM
@SardarUsama Is this spam, or just utterly misguided and mistagged?
Leaning misguided. Removed the link since it's irrelevant to the question.
10:25 AM
Are there any chat rooms that moderators do not have access to? I mean is it possible to have a chat between two moderators that are private so that other moderators do not have access to it?
@Scratte would Discord or other off-site channels count?
@VLAZ No :) Real life meetings at the local coffeeshop also do not count ;)
Then I don't know.
@Scratte not on the SE servers, but I think there are staff-only rooms.
10:39 AM
This one seems to attract link-only answers. Close worthy? stackoverflow.com/questions/1408584/…
"Needs focus" would fit. There are too many ways to generate release notes.
Yeah, it is quite broad.
11:10 AM
I think there are definitely missing the disclosure
^ But the site linked is related to that linked in the question. Is this coordinated spamming?
@Vega But, on doing a bit of digging, all three of the user's posts have links to the same website.
@AdrianMole There are affiliated to that site
@Vega Seems so.
@AdrianMole I fact, I thought it's a plagiarism when I wrote that
@Vega It might be a good idea to escalate the tag on Meta
11:22 AM
@Dharman Oh, meta? I wouldn't be able
Why not?
Emmm... I am not good at explaining myself :(
Neither am I. In worst case we will downvote and close your question
@Dharman ..wait?!? Of all people you forgot to mention "delete"?
Delete is not the worst thing
11:29 AM
umm... "How to motivate people to post on meta - Part 1" :p
@JonClements offer them a free pint ... ? ;)
Please, post some stuff on Meta. I would like to downvote and close something
@Adriaan /me growls... how was the tasting?
@Adriaan Deal! I'd take 10 pints of Guiness. BRB, posting 10 questions on meta.
@JonClements was amazing! Bruichladdich offers three ranges: Bruichladdich (the standard ones in bottles that look like they contain shampoo), Port Charlotte, which is fully Islay Barley and slightly smokier, and Octomore, which is full fledged chewing-on-an-ashtray.
11:33 AM
@Vega Just open your Meta post with, "Dharman suggested I post this so, if you don't like what I have to say, then go find some of their posts and downvote them!"
We had a couple of each, and even a Bruichladdich Black Art, which is apparently 380CHF/bottle... :P I decided against bringing that home, rather took a Port Charlotte 10
I liked the Bruichladdich story a lot; they are completely without computers, employ the largest workforce of Islay to do everything by hand, and do (almost) everything on the island itself, rather than e.g. just distil it and then store it in a Glaswegian warehouse
Think I've only had Port Charlotte once before and quite liked it - not as easy to get a hold of as Laphroaig though...
@JonClements When the borders open, you're welcome here. I'll pour you some in your drink-trough ;)
Thanks... I might have to try and smuggle one of these though :p
@JonClements deal, you're invited!
11:42 AM
11:56 AM
@Adriaan A few years ago I stayed in a holiday cottage that was walking distance from the Bruichladdich distillery.
Islay is probably my spiritual home - though not sure if an Englishman is allowed to say that :=)
Scotland is definitely on my whishlist. Islay I'll probably have to do without the missus, but we had planned to cycle Kirkwall-Edinburgh this summer. Then something something happened :(
@Adriaan and now you'll need a visa for next year, I guess.
@VLAZ I doubt that'll be problematic. I doubt they'll sever ties that strongly, and besides, one of the first countries to strike a deal for movement of persons with the UK was Switzerland, my current country of residence.
12:16 PM
@Adriaan Cycling from Kirkwall to Edinburgh could be an issue; you'll get very wet in the sea.
@AdrianMole we Dutch invented something for that. Besides, we were planning on the ferry to Jon O'Groats ;)
@Adriaan For the hilly terrain of Islay and other islands, I use one of these: damianharriscycles.co.uk/_images/product-photos/sc/…
They say it is cheating, but I don't think one can cheat at fun.
Hehe, I think my 27 gear bicycle will do fine. It's what I use around here to cycle from 400m altitude to 1200m with up to 18% inclines
hum, I missed a digit there. Going up 28% would topple me backwards most likely
1 hour later…
@Adriaan I remember Jon O'Groats because I had to use jump leads to get my car going again. Leaving the headlights on does drain the battery.
1:49 PM
@rene Note that it's John O'Groats. The place isn't named after a Stack Overflow moderator, nor after a user with reasonably high reputation. cc @Adriaan
@AdrianMole apparently it's named after Jan de Groot, citizen of a nation famous for beating the British at sea...
I have been to school with Jan de Groot ...
Nevertheless, the name "Jan" has the same origin as "John," and "Johan," and a whole variety of other forms, like "Ian" and "Sean." However, the English name "Jon" is, more often than not, a contraction of "Jonathan" - which has an entirely different (though equally Biblical) origin.
@AdrianMole nor named after a former CM I guess then...
Shog O'Groats?
1:54 PM
The other CM ...
@AdrianMole yup... that'd be me... I just go for Jon because there's oh so many ways of spelling Jonathan... but then... just so happens that doesn't help anyway as if you say your name is "Jon" people assume you mean "John" anyway :p
In my experience the dog never listens, no matter how I call him ....
@rene So... they are Groot?
@JonClements Yep! Your name is just that of our RO (Nathan) - but somewhat 'holier'.
2:01 PM
umm... did @rene say something? shrugs... nope... seems not... I'll carry on as usual then...
@AdrianMole and I think my last name means "mild and merciful" or something
@JonClements So, you are/were, Mercifully God-Given!
ahh... if we take my middle name into account, I'm mercifully belovedly god-given :p
@AdrianMole the implication for were seem bad. That was the case in the past but not any more, BECAUSE GOD ANGRY! Or maybe God is no more.
spammers/trolls and sock puppets might not see it that way - but oh well :p
and let's face it - at the end of the day - it's doesn't take much to turn dog into god :p
Your post has been deleted by ninjas a three-legged dog
2:09 PM
@Machavity hahhaha... oh... I did see your ping the other day about the source of my avatar... I'm way more cute though, right? :p
(plus - they're pretty rubbish... look like a light snack between meals to me :p)
They finished Black Mesa (Half-Life 1 remake) and I've been playing through. Never noticed they had only 3 legs before
If it wouldn't be off-topic, I'd be very inclined to post a Question on meta where users could nominate other users for cuteness. One Answer - one user. Then we could all vote for their cuteness. At least we'd have a permanent ranking of Jon's cuteness :)
@Machavity Even the pink elephant only has three legs. And the Rustacean seems to have lots off of theirs.
@Scratte Can't we get some emoji buttons for that?
@VLAZ How about the winner gets cute defined as their avatar! :)
Talking about emojis: I've recently returned to work and was wondering why there are "Thanks" signs all over the place - especially in the toilet and kitchen areas.
2:16 PM
@AdrianMole You're supposed to thank the water for its service, duh.
@AdrianMole Depending on what group you're in.. ?!? You work in a church? :)
@AdrianMole If you feel appreciative then you must touch every single one of them. The more people touch them the better indicator to the company it is that they opened the workplace at the right time
Hehe. I suspected it was that ... "Boost" is a bad, bad thing.
2:32 PM
The "Searching for character.." smokey report looks like a strange warning.. so is it spam or rude?
Just plain ole spam, I think.
Ok. Thanks.. it same in on a review even.
Advertising drugs/remedies/systems for weight-loss.
wow drooling - maybe one day - sighs
@JonClements Not sure I understand. You want to go from 3 legs to 2 wheels?
3:01 PM
yeah... odd.. and a deleted post kinda along the same lines... scratches head
well they won't find friends here, that's for sure :|
well, I don't know, I've made what I consider friends/good mates over the years here, just by the by-process of being about and getting to know people... but yeah... you don't come to SO to try and make friends from the off-start
@JonClements But that is how life works. Only kids make friends by just being in the same place.
I mean not even on facebook does it work.
Argh!.. why do users delete their Questions just after it gets closed? :(
3:16 PM
@Scratte Well, it's closed. It's not like you can reopen it, right?
@VLAZ I think they do not know that it can be.
They probably hope to get an answer till the last second
@DavidBuck Gonna have to disagree with you there... I think that question is fine as-is. It doesn't appear to me to be opinionated in a bad way.
@CodyGray Fair enough. What are the benefits of this versus that can obviously attract opinions, but I concede that it can also be answered factually.
3:29 PM
@DavidBuck Yeah, some phrasings are problematic, but that one seems OK to me. Maybe I'm a bit sensitive about these types of questions because I think they can be very useful. I understand the problems they can create, but that one doesn't seem to be falling victim to any of the usual issues.
Willing to reconsider if a topic expert thinks differently, though, since I'm not one.
@CodyGray I'm going to have to agree with you there. I hadn't seen the cv-pls but I do disagree - the question is definitely not opinion based. There are clear technical reasons you'd prefer one to the other. And after all, :root was added later. It is quite reasonable to assume that there is a reason and need for it, so it's not just the same as html. Also, even if :root was the same as html it's not really an opinion.
The question asks what the difference (or benefit) is. Even an answer that says "they are exactly the same" is not an opinion of itself.
I just still stick with "opinion-based" being "primarily opinion-based". I think losing that adverb was a big mistake.
@Machavity - could you please move the that @CodyGray refers to to /dev/null
@DavidBuck Done
Thanks. I've just discovered that I have no idea how to link back to one of my tags to make it easier for you to find. They don't have link arrows at the end...?
3:34 PM
Nope. Your own messages don't, not without a userscript. But you can still click the arrow on the left and get a permalink.
If you copy the permalink's unique ID, you can reply to your own messages. Makyen and others have userscripts that will do this, even adding the reply arrow to your own messages to automate it.
Aha. Thanks.
I've just seen a post where someone had posted their credentials to an accessible database. Of course I could raise a custom flag and ask for the first revision of the post to be removed, but I'm thinking that doesn't make sense, since it takes a while. Other options?
@Scratte Remove it yourself, if it's not already. Then raise a flag indicating the revision that should be retracted. I would also recommend a comment advising the OP to change their credentials, since even moderators can't put the horse back into the barn.
@CodyGray Well. When I get to 2K that is a very good option, though I'd be reluctant to put a comment for everyone to see that they can go find the credentials on the first revision.. in this case someone already did this in the post in a very blink-blink way.
3:52 PM
@Scratte That's fair
There's no good solution
Can users with 1 reputation points raise a custom flag?
No, unfortunately not
I think even anonymous users should be able to raise flags, but they currently cannot.
I think you guys would get a lot more flags if they did that.
Yes, it probably would get abused. If you get 50000 "silly"-flags, what's the odds you'll find the real ones?
Incidentally Charcoal (really Art) broke the FIRE API if you use it. MS is up and SD responds to chat feedback if you need to do so
4:13 PM
Do we not have a good duplicate target for cases like this, where const x = 1; f(); function f(x){ console.log(x); } overshadows x because no argument was passed? If not, I’ll write an answer (and edit the question into shape).
@user4642212 have you also asked in the JS room? They should be the true experts.
@rene Done so now.
We might get more flags, but I'm not sure it would be a ridiculous number more. Anonymous users should be able to flag snarky comments, etc.
Would a 'no longer needed' flag be declined if the comment is 'unfriendly'?
@Vega no, if the comment needs to go, the flagtype doesn't matter
4:26 PM
Ah, thank you @rene
It seems that the comment is gone and my flag is declined. Something else possibly happened
@Vega hmm, that is unexpected.
Flagging comments down in terms of severity is fine. Flagging them up might not be. In other words, NLN is fine for anything that needs to be deleted. But "unfriendly" or "harassment" might be declined if a mod disagrees that the comment rises to that level, but still delete it anyway.
^I wonder what others think about this question. I personally find it useless/not practical and would like to see it burn >:) Also, the title is confusing and will attract unnecessary traffic. There are better questions than this that actually address variable steps.
The harassement flag was accepted, but the NLN declined, both comment were on the same post
Yeah, just looking at that. No idea what happened. To be fair, there were lots of flags raised there, handled by many different mods. Could have just been confusion.
Wasn't me, but I imagine it's the kind of thing that happens to me sometimes.... I'll read the comment in isolation and think "why would you flag this? this comment is fine"... then I'll read the rest of the thread, see the trashcan that is on fire, and change my mind.
4:32 PM
@CodyGray Thank you for taking a look at that. I have a clarification, that all matters :)
Is this NAA, or just down vote worthy?
@NathanOliver Even without the comic, it seems to kind of answer the question in the text...
Except that using goto really isn't going to cause you physical harm, unless headaches count.
@NathanOliver hahah, I think it's an answer
Question has been closed.... No real point in leaving that answer sitting there. I converted it to a comment.
4:35 PM
cool. Thanks
Gotta agree with Jonathan, though. It's difficult to understand the level of confusion that could provoke such a question. Clearly "goto" is used all the time in code. It can't possibly harm a computer.
But you can't just tag a question with 3 different languages. Goto can be quite harmful in C++, if you were to somehow skip over initialization of an object. (Which the compiler shouldn't let you do, but who knows.)
Unbelievable. That may be the most asked question on SO of all time.
5:03 PM
Is this NAA?
@Scratte yes it's currently NAA but it can be edited. If it mentions the plugin name then it would qualify.
Is this bountied question OK? It looks vague/broad for me
@VLAZ That is just silly. Plugin names can change.
@Adriaan I was looking at it myself but I think it's actually fine. It's for how to use a tool for developers to achieve a developer task.
5:07 PM
@VLAZ without flagging some lurking diamond agreed with me
@Scratte that is true but answers that recommend a tool or a framework or a library are valid.
@Adriaan I think he just likes to steal bounties.
I flagged the other answer as NAA. I'm counting that "I think there is no way to do it fast" counts as a comment, not an answer.
@Adriaan Eh, I don't mind. It was attracting bad answers, to be honest.
@VLAZ I thought they had to demonstrate how to use it. Not just say "library alwaysWorks will fix it for you"
5:09 PM
The answers were all valid; none were NAA. It was the question that was problematic.
Spoke too quickly
One of them was NAA
So never mind.
@Scratte I'm not saying it would be a good answer.
@VLAZ Hmm.. so seriously, just mentioning the name of a library is not NAA?
Despite that I successfully flagged a lot of NAAs, I'm starting the hit the valley of despair on those I think.
@gre_gor I think the only problem there was the title, which I've edited. Can you check again? The question itself is not asking for library recommendations, only how to solve a problem.
5:39 PM
I agree with Cody. It doesn't seem like a OSR
Oh boy, @Machavity, thanks for implicitly bringing that [ssd] tag to my attention. That'll fill my morning!
@CodyGray It probably needs to be synonymed to [hard-drive]. People keep shoving Tensorflow SSD questions in there
Actually...it isn't as bad as I thought
Only the first few questions needed to be nuked.
Meh. Not a huge fan of that proposal. An SSD is totally different from a hard drive...
Rename it to [solid-state-drive] and synonym?
That'll work
5:43 PM
I made already
I'm glad someone knows what that is
@CodyGray The question itself is missing the problematic code. It's just a requirement dump and asking for a solution (asking for a different library, because he thinks it's not possible with the one he tried). So now it's either too broad or missing MCVE.
has the beautifully poetic wiki excerpt "Anything about personal computers". This strongly smells of a burnination candidate to me.
I had to look it up. Like the Sesame Street song those questions weren't like the other ones
@gre_gor Only debugging questions need an MCVE. Questions that ask how to accomplish a specific programming task don't need MCVEs. Do you actually think the question is too broad? It doesn't seem broad to me, but it's a bit outside my subject-matter expertise.
5:46 PM
@Adriaan I'm so glad I read that wiki, I feel so much better educated now
@Machavity I'm trying to buy the paint for the bike shed, but I can't decide on the color. Please help: [solid-state-drive] or [solid-state-disk]?
Let google ad-sense pick?
@CodyGray Drive. It's not technically a disk. Google lists disk way down that list as well
"solid state drive" has 20 times more hits
I feel old now too. "I remember when we stored data on spinning platters. Not inside magic chips"
5:49 PM
Does it have to have spinning platters to be a "disk"?
@Machavity I like big books and I cannot lie
@Machavity Hey, until very recently, they still kept the nuclear launch instructions on those spinning platters
@IanCampbell What do they keep them on now, Twitter?
@CodyGray Fun fact: Win 10 will list C: as "Local disk" but under the heading of "Devices and drives"
Okay. is now merged and synonymized with . I also merged into .
5:50 PM
@CodyGray I believe that's just the medium they use to decide when to launch them
@Machavity Yes, that makes sense. It's a disk drive, which is a type of device.
Thanks Cody. One less terribly named tag
Two less fewer!
@CodyGray Hm, ok. The answers aren't just library recommendations, so it's probably fine.
@Machavity Can you delete that cv-pls?
5:54 PM
@gre_gor Done
@Adriaan :-)
@CodyGray glad to have you around
@CodyGray I couldn't even cast a vote...
Just glad to see those kinds of positive transformations
@CodyGray I have to agree, getting a question to be reopened and answered is one of the biggest victories on this site. I almost quit SO after a reopen-pls got ignored after I spent an hour helping an OP getting a question into shape. I got over it.
5:58 PM
@CodyGray yup. I still have no clue what their problem is (I might have ruined that with my random data solution), but that's for now to sort out
@IanCampbell Yeah, that would be super frustrating. Gotta find a way to escalate those.
@Adriaan Well, I don't know what their problem is, either, but I see two pretty pictures and some sample code, so I upvoted.
@CodyGray welcome to MATLAB, where telling someone to plot real and imaginary parts separately can become one of your highest voted answers. Pretty pictures get in the votes fore sure.
All of my MATLAB parts are imaginary
(+11 is your highest voted answer?)
Huh, brb while I check my privilege
(Now +12, I couldn't help myself)
It's that color scheme. It's beautiful.
6:03 PM
@CodyGray 7th highest, I think. MATLAB isn't good for getting loads of votes.
My highest voted is slightly over 30, mostly thanks to having Madara bounty it because of his "+500 rep for moderating users"
@KenWhite If I had 20k rep I'd vote to delete that gem
@IanCampbell Doing so now.
6:32 PM
I wasn't done with that.
@Makyen I was reading your waffles
@halfer It needed some more editing. I'll post it in a bit.
Was even reaching for the maple syrup too.
@Makyen It just needs a little condiment
Peanut butter and waffles
6:33 PM
And jelly on top
Q: Priority Clean the [pc]!

AdriaanI know this has been asked before, but as that post is 6 years old and doesn't offer arguments, I decided to repost, rather than edit. Apparently there is pc, with the wonderfully descriptive wiki excerpt: Anything about personal computers. and an equally enlightening wiki itself: PC is an abb...

6:51 PM
@IanCampbell I'm sorry the lack of response to your reopen-pls request was less than you desired. reopen-pls requests can be difficult. We often don't have the subject matter experts (SMEs) in here for all languages. In R there's a notable lack of SMEs here, which is seen in the volume of action on requests on questions with the R tag.
As to the specific request: If you mean this request for this question, I don't think that people in here just ignored it.
The question was closed as a duplicate by a gold badge holder, which implies another SME did feel it was a duplicate, which usually raises the bar for where people think their expertise needs to be to evaluate the reopening. You didn't add text to the question stating the dup-target doesn't address the issue until more than 12 hours after posting the reopen-pls, but even then don't make it crystal clear what's not addressed in the dup-target.
By the time you added that text, most of us had either looked at the question, or decided not to look at it, because we're not R subject matter experts, and other than really obvious cases, judging the applicability of a duplicate often requires subject mater expertise. Unfortunately, the reopen review had also already been completed by the time you edited in the text about the dup-target not addressing the problem.
There are a few things to learn from this: A) Please, clean up the question as much as possible prior to making your reopen-pls request.
B) For reopening a duplicate, directly address why it's not a duplicate in the question with the first edit after closure, because that's the edit that's going to push the question into the reopen queue. People will evaluate the question based on that edit (or additional edits that are made soon after that). Be really clear as to why it's not a duplicate. That's the main thing that people are evaluating.
The clearer you can make the reason why it's not a duplicate, the easier it is for people to make the choice to reopen.
C) We don't always have subject matter experts (SME) in here. If you're not getting the response on a request which requires subject matter expertise, then it's also a good idea to make a request for people to evaluate the question in a room where you'll find more SMEs in the tech involved in the question. You can also try contacting the gold badge holder who closed the question.
D) You are permitted to re-post an unhandled request in here a single time, after the original request is moved to the graveyard without being handled.
Would you mind giving a tl;dr?
tl;dr: We want to reopen questions, but judging duplicates for reopen is sometimes hard and requires subject matter expertise we don't necessarily have here in SOCVR. Directly address how the dup-target isn't a dup in the first edit after closure. If you're not getting the response you want from the reopen-pls try seeking out subject matter experts.
@Makyen I'm sorry if my comment made it sound like I was complaining about this chatroom. It was merely commentary on how hard it is to get questions reopened sometimes. On the contrary, if this room didn't exist, there would be nearly no chance of getting things reopened.
@IanCampbell There's always meta. If you ask there you have a high chance you will find 3 people who would want to delete it.
6:59 PM
@IanCampbell I didn't really take it as a complaint, but it did concern me that you felt so strongly about a reopen-pls that the fact it didn't get handled made you consider leaving SO. I was trying to provide additional strategies which might be useful in the future.
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