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7:03 PM
@Makyen Another issue with that particular question is that you can only @ notify a gold tag holder that closed a question as the only binding vote. I think if I could have notified the holder that it would be obvious to that user that it is not a duplicate of the target.
Anyway, I appreciate the feedback and would do things differently in the future.
@Dharman Yes that is a fear I had when I posted the reopen-pls request in the first place. I've only been around for a very short amount of time, but I think there might be a slight close/delete bias. But surely there are a lot of duplicates.
@IanCampbell I've handled that sort of issue in a couple of ways: If they are in chat, then invite them into a room and discuss it, or ping them in a room they are already in, if they're in an appropriate room. If chat isn't possible, I've sometimes left a comment on an old, low-score answer of theirs which doesn't have any comments on it already (so nobody else is pinged).
I make sure to set a revisit to the post in a short while and delete the comment once it looks like they may have seen it, even if they don't respond, because I don't want to clutter a post with comments that are not actually related to the post.
@IanCampbell We can open this question. I could vote to reopen, but I do not know the topic. I see there is already one delete vote. Do you really believe that this is a stellar question that will be useful to answer? Or do you simply want to reopen it because the duplicate is not adequate?
@Dharman First, you have to find 3 people who want to close it.
@Dharman I really did not intend to bring up this question again. My apologies. I'm sure the OP has moved on and while it is possible that someone else might be able to find the question, it's really not perfectly worded.
@Makyen I actually considered a similar plan at the time, but I weighed the burden to the gold tag holder. I guess I felt it was unreasonable to make them accountable to every close vote they make, particularly when another user also voted to close as a duplicate. Again, I've only been on this site a short while and I didn't feel equipped to be circumventing restrictions for a so-so question.
7:23 PM
As a possible idea, I know I often neglect to click the button that shows me unhandled reopen requests, as they're comparatively rare. If there were a "show me any unhandled request that I can handle" button, I'd be more likely to see them.
@RyanM Is this a US I should be using?
Ah, yes, I found it, thanks.
@RyanM Do you mean like this?
Or were you thinking a bit bigger?
@Dharman USSR?
7:26 PM
Yes, that is what I said. RUSR
@CodyGray perfect
Will get to work immediately on building the AI to determine what exactly you can handle.
@IanCampbell We're all accountable for all the votes we make, other than upvotes and downvotes, which are private. Most of the people on SO share the goal of creating a repository of questions and answers which are helpful to future visitors. As such, most users are amenable to polite requests for reevaluation, particularly if you can explain why you see it a different way (not why they are wrong, but why you see it differently).
So, something like "I noticed you dup-closed [this question]. I've spent some time working on the question with the OP and I'm seeing that question <this way, which the dup-target doesn't address>. Maybe I'm just not seeing something. I'd appreciate it if you could take another look at it. Thanks."
@Makyen That sounds very reasonable. I'll take that approach the next time this arises. And as you suggest, I would have no problem personally receiving a request like that.
@Makyen Are you a diplomat in your spare time? :)
7:39 PM
@IanCampbell I expect the vast majority of people on SO wouldn't have a problem with a polite request for reevaluation. After all, we all want good questions and answers, and tend to want to be doing the "right thing". Unfortunately, yes, there are a few who may respond negatively. I'd also expect that the response to an impolite or demanding request wouldn't be nearly as positive.
BTW: when leaving that sort of thing as a comment on on old, unrelated post, I make sure to mention that I'll be deleting the comment after it appears they've seen it, so as not to clutter their answer with unrelated comments.
@Scratte Nope. :) I just try to concentrate on how to effectively communicate. A large part of which is trying to imagine how receiving the communication might make the other person feel, and how that might color their response. Most people really do want to be helpful, in most situations.
@Scratte He's just a nice guy
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 13 at 21:03, by Undo
Can we all take a moment to recognize how Makyen is the definition of professional? Always a pleasure to work with, communicates clearly with everyone, all around great. Said it before, but we’re extremely lucky. Thanks :)
Still would be very curious to know what Makyen is in his spare time. More specifically, how he finds this "spare" time.
@Makyen Everybody likes you :) You'd be a great moderator, I'm sure :)
@CodyGray You mean the 2-3 hours away from Stack? I think the time is spent sleeping.
Thank you, all.
@Scratte I need a bit more than that. :)
@Makyen You're in luck then. If you become a moderator, you'd be spending less time writing long explanations to moderators ;)
7:49 PM
But more time writing long explanations to the rest of the community
Maybe fixing SO is setting your aspirations a bit low, if you could just get to work on world peace, that'd be great.
@Scratte That actually is a considerable benefit, although I'd expect it will have offsets. :)
@CodyGray Did you just spoil it?!? :D
I don't think anything about "writing long explanations" is going to be the reason Makyen decides not to run.
@CodyGray I don't actually mind sharing, although I do tend to be naturally reticent about myself, but I do prefer not to share publicly.
7:53 PM
If you have a secret way of generating spare time, it would make sense that you'd keep that mostly to yourself.
I generate spare time by procrastinating
That's usually how I do it too. :)
That works for a while, until it suddenly blows up.
Do you think a question about warping spacetime time to make more spare time would be off topic on physics.stackexchange.com ?
@CodyGray Yes, exactly.
7:54 PM
@IanCampbell Not sure. Do they allow questions with practical implications?
Once @Makyen did tell us about being very time efficient :)
But I think the best way to getting spare time, is to not start up a multitude of huge projects at the same time.
@CodyGray Yeah, writing long explanations is fairly normal for me. :) In fact, I often find I spend more time trying to make things concise.
@Makyen I think you are the one who gets most ninjad in this room
@Makyen Maybe it's just me, but I often feel guilty when you write a novel responding to my basic, uneducated question / comment.
@Dharman Yeah, there are a lot of things that I could, and probably should just answer quickly, but less completely, but that's not my first inclination.
7:58 PM
@CodyGray Apparently they only deal with main stream physics. Lame.
@IanCampbell You shouldn't feel guilty. How long of an answer I write is really my choice. :;
Is this the same person creating a new account and posting nonsense all the time?
I just noticed an odd comment. A user manually putting a link to the Triage review on a users Question. What's the policy on that? If there is any?
@Scratte Got a link to the question?
8:03 PM
@Scratte NLN. Why does it bother you?
Link! Link!
@Makyen Or just improve your typing speed. Works for me.
@Scratte Depends on the context. You can find out the reviews done on your question in the timeline. Now if they're saying "Look at all these people who voted against you" that might be different
OK.. here's the link
@CodyGray Yeah, that is the other, more likely to achieve, option. :)
8:05 PM
@Dharman Because they may be adopting a new routine.. so I was curious to find out if I should take notice, or just leave it be.
@Scratte In that case, the user left the comment from within Triage, which automatically included that "from review" portion.
It looks almost like it is an automatic comment
Yeah, it's an odd bird of a comment
@CodyGray Are you sure about that? I haven't seen that option in Triage, and I leave a lot of comments.
@Scratte You don't have an option to add a comment in Triage?
8:08 PM
@Scratte Yeah. I thought the "From Review" link was only added when you use one of the "canned comments" from, e.g., LQP.
I only noticed because I clicked the link, and it went to Triage.. and I was very surprised by that.
@CodyGray Not as part of the handling. I can add a comment, but it's "my" comment only. Try it :)
Is this question on-topic? They are linking to two answers on SO. stackoverflow.com/q/62674730/1839439
Well, I'm not entirely sure, but I can see that the user who left the comment definitely did a Triage review on that post, and marked it as "unsalvageable"
@AdrianMole I thought that in the past when I leave a comment from Triage it doesn't have that link. I know it definitely comes from VLQP canned responses.
@AdrianMole Yes. Exactly. And it's not "From review", but: From "review" which also caught my eye.
8:10 PM
Hmm. Looks to be a pattern, actually. I guess they're adding it manually.
@Scratte So, is your problem that they're trying to "fake" a system reply?
I don't think there is a way to leave a comment that would append the link to review. I just left a comment. stackoverflow.com/q/62702476/#comment110886979_62702476
They've done it from within other review queues, too, including First Posts.
I'm...not sure if it's a problem, though.
@CodyGray Here's an example of mine: stackoverflow.com/review/triage/26571638
I made a comment, then flagged it.. no link attached to the comment.
I've added comments in reviews (from time to time); don't think I've added a link, though. I have added, on occasion, that I came across the post in a review, when I thought that would be helpful to the OP.
8:12 PM
Adding a link to Triage does nothing
@AdrianMole I suppose, yes :)
It only makes sense in LQP, because it is our only way of finding the review when browsing normally. Instead of flagging again we can just recommend deletion
@Dharman Not sure about that. Most users do not notice the timeline, but here, it's in the open. When a link goes on an answer, it's only when it's about to be deleted, so again, not very noticable.
Maybe its their way of saying, "Look, I wasn't out specifically looking for posts to pass judgement on - I just came across yours during the course of my duties."
@Dharman I think this is off topic and belongs on unix.stackexchange.com
8:16 PM
@AdrianMole Or they have seen it on LQP and do not realize that the link from those are left automatically :)
Either way, like the man said: "Is it a problem?"
Wow, that was easy.
@IanCampbell I am afraid that if we close it then they will ask why the other posts are allowed to be here and not this one. I am not experienced enough in the topic to judge this, but I do agree that it would be more suitable on UNIX
@AdrianMole That's what I'm asking. You can't ask me the same as I asked :)
@Scratte Then flag my last comment as a duplicate.
8:19 PM
@Scratte I'm pretty sure asking a question back to it's asker is a tactic that has been used since the beginnings of recorded history.
@IanCampbell Yeah...I had been thinking about migrating to Server Fault, but wasn't sure it would be a good fit there. For some reason, I didn't think of U/L until you mentioned it.
OP doesn't have an account there though.
I don't think AWS configuration questions are on-topic for SO. There are some that have been asked here, but those are either old (before we had this rule and/or other sites to accommodate them) or simply the ones that fell through the cracks.
That's OK. They can create one. Granted, the UX for cross-site migration isn't great, but that's not really my fault.
@Dharman What happens when a question is migrated to a site the OP doesn't have an account on?
@IanCampbell "If the author of the question or any of its answers does not have an account on the target site, their username is displayed as plain text until they create an account. (This does not apply to authors of comments.)" - meta.stackexchange.com/a/10250/515960
8:22 PM
@Dharman Ah, silly me. Thanks
@IanCampbell Oh.. so you're just saying @AdrianMole is really very old? :D
Why silly? I wasn't sure myself which is why I linked to FAQ
@Scratte Note that there is never any unit of time added to 'my' 13¾. ;-)
@Dharman If I were smarter, I could have typed that into Google and saved you from having to link it. It was literally the second hit.
@AdrianMole I can't even remember how that 13¾ came about..
8:25 PM
Well, I googled it for you
You know it's not 1982 anymore.
I know 6 years ago it was decided that custom migration targets aren't useful, but it seems like we could have handled that one ourselves.
Nowadays, poor Adrian is 39¼ and having prostrate troubles
@CodyGray I'd take the first part, if I could skip the second!
8:31 PM
huh?.. 20 + 18 + 13¾ = 39¼?
That does seem a bit early for prostate troubles.
Anytime is too early.
One of my Urology professors in school told the class that every male should start taking prostate pills at the onset of puberty. Perhaps I should have listened.
@IanCampbell What sort of pills would those be? I know people take saw palmetto and claim it helps, but is there something FDA-approved he was recommending?
@IanCampbell I'm guessing you didn't do a ba in mathematics..
8:39 PM
@CodyGray Possibly the male contraceptive pill?
@CodyGray That was only... 10 years ago, so don't take this as medical advice, but I think he was referring to alpha-5 reductase inhibitors.
Oh, that makes sense
So now we are talking about prostate and we are recommending drugs that can help. We shouldn't have deleted all these spam posts.
It seems there's a list of side-effects that's probably nice to know before one commits to a lifetime of those pills.
@Dharman You made me literally laugh out loud. Well played.
@Scratte Yeah, I guess we didn't know about some of those side effects back then.
@Dharman If you need Keto, I can hook you up 10x over...
@IanCampbell I never heard of this pill. Maybe my line of education was very different from yours though. I'm somewhat happy that I never of it, since even taking extra vitamins seems to have unwanted an serious side-effects.
Good thing MS has them all archived!
They never taught me about it in my Software Development course either. Maybe I ditched classes that day?
8:49 PM
@Machavity is that a 10 <-- binary?
@Scratte I suspect our formal education is radically different. The only formal computer science class I've ever taken was in Japanese (my second language) which I took to learn some vocabulary.
@IanCampbell Please don't tell us your third language is English.. ;)
Sometimes I wonder why I even participate in this site, I have no qualifications. Then again, maybe that's the best part?
Do it for the points
@Dharman So true, those reputation points are like crack.
8:54 PM
I do it for delete votes
@IanCampbell You have gained the privileged to see deleted posts in 3 months. I'm pretty sure your participation here is very appreciated :)
@IanCampbell Qualifications? What are those?
@Dharman I'm fairly certain you'd put my votes to better use than I do.

I really like your response though.
Best! Question! Ever!
It was posted after the fact, after another mod nuked it, abusing my mod privileges to leave comments on locked and deleted posts.
This is, by the way, the kind of stuff you can expect to see showing up on the site and perhaps in your personal inbox/Twitter feed/etc. if you decide to run for mod. Who's excited?!
8:59 PM
OK, so this conversation has got me thinking. Is it unethical for me to give @Scratte 1300 of my reputation?
For no reason? Yeah. But if you found one of his answers that you thought was excellent and therefore deserving of a bounty...
@IanCampbell Yes. Why would you do this? I didn't earn it with contributions.
@Scratte I've seen some very lovely answers of yours.
@CodyGray I have already been getting worse. Why should I care?
@Dharman Have you really?
9:03 PM
@IanCampbell It's not unethical as long as you do it on a valuable post.
@CodyGray That's a bit over the top. Unfortunately, an attitude I've seen before. I agree with @IanCampbell, I like your response.
@CodyGray Yeah. "What is your issue? Why are you going around editing people’s answers on stack overflow removing nice courtesy’s such as “good luck” or “merry Christmas”. Were you dropped as a child? Did your parents abandon you on Christmas? Get a life. "
@Scratte What would you say is your best answer?
@IanCampbell Thank you :) I take my time with most of them. At least after the first month, I think the improved. But I think most of us evolve here. But I do not mind not gaining reputation fast. If I did write a lot of answers, I'd probably wonder what was wrong.
I suppose 1-rep users can't complain on the site, so they try to reach me personally.
@Dharman To make it clear I was talking about offering bounty, not serial upvoting.
9:06 PM
@IanCampbell I think I have not written it yet :)
@IanCampbell Yes, it is, if you're doing so because it's @Scratte, or any particular user. OTOH, if you're offering a bounty because you want to draw attention to a post that you think has content that's particularly good, then that's OK. That you are asking someone what their best answer is, is an indicator that you're doing it for the wrong reasons.
@Scratte Good answer! :)
@Makyen So, would you, as a Moderator, be lurking in chatrooms looking for such "Arranged Bounties?"
Also showering users with bounty will raise my suspicions and I might flag
@AdrianMole No, why would I spend my time doing that? That does not sound like a good or effective way to spend time.
I seem to be unable to find the meta post, but I could have sworn there were people giving away reputation via bounties.
9:09 PM
Madara was doing this
We have had a problem with that at least once, where someone was rage-quitting and giving away all their rep via bounties.
@IanCampbell Yes, there was a discussion in here about it ... yesterday, I think.
Madara had a standing policy that he would award bounties for high-quality answers to canonicals
@IanCampbell There are, or at least have been. We even have one such pinned on the starboard, but they are about content, not who the user is.
@IanCampbell There was one that didn't want the 10K, so they kept bounty'ing it off to stay under.
@CodyGray But what can be done against that?
9:12 PM
@Scratte Moderators can find other ways of quickly reducing a user's reputation.
I have seen few users spending all of their rep bountying other people. As long as you do it because you believe in the content you are voting on, it is fine. When you start doing this to a particular user with no consideration for the quality of the post, then it might be considered abuse.
@CodyGray I can only think of three ways, but maybe my imagination is lacking.
The truth is, we agonized over it. When it was being done on a small scale, we allowed it to continue, because we didn't really see the harm in it, and it seemed to be technically within the rules. When it started becoming a distraction is when we took action. That's kind of a case-study in the general practice of moderation.
In this particular case, it became easy, because they were awarding bounties to obviously low-quality answers, which meant that it wasn't being done in good faith.
But we had already decided that even if it were done in such a way that the bounties were awarded to arguably high-quality posts, it was just creating too much of a disruption to be permissible.
@Scratte How many ways do you need?!
@Scratte Does your list of three include the "Reputation /= 10" button on the Moderator console?
Can anyone understand what's going on with the way this question is displaying? Edit preview shows the question as I would expect, given the fact the information is inside a 3 backtick code block, but that's not how the question is appearing. stackoverflow.com/questions/52674810/…
9:16 PM
@CodyGray One ways I can think of is unfair. The other is not good for Stack Overflow. The last is bordering ethics. So I'd say: one more :)
@AdrianMole No :) I had no idea they had one :) I expect they do not have a *= to balance things.
@Scratte Delete their posts (maybe not good for SO, depending on what the posts are). Red-flag nuke some of their posts (maybe not good for SO, depending on what the posts are). Serially downvote all their posts (maybe unethical). Delete their account.
@DavidBuck hex codes being interpreted as unicode?
@CodyGray Ohh.. mine were 1. delete their posts as spam. 2. just delete their posts. 3. suspend the user.
Oh yeah, suspending the user works, too. But that's only a temporary effect.
@DavidBuck It looks like a CommonMark rendering bug. The <code> is not wrapped in a <pre>.
9:20 PM
@DavidBuck When in edit mode it comes as one long line. This is indeed curious.
is there a language "none" for the backticks?
@Scratte Yes. I use it quite often.
@DavidBuck CommonMark server-side bug or artefact left from the conversion process.
I'd forgotten about the CommonMark change. One long line is exactly how I would expect it to be displayed, but there's obviously some reason why it's being rendered differently in preview and on the question.
Yes "none" is useful to switch off code highlighting
@AdrianMole you mean it's literally: "```none" ?
@DavidBuck The preview is probably generated in the client. The body is generated by server-side parser
9:23 PM
@Scratte Exactly that.
Is it worth raising? It's the only question I've seen it on.
What to do about this, though? stackoverflow.com/a/62704783/1839439
@DavidBuck Yes
@DavidBuck Yes. It's unlikely to be the only one.
@DavidBuck It's a very long single line
9:25 PM
@Braiam Yes. But why does it wrap in the main view but give an H-scrollbar in the edit preview?
@Dharman I love how you are always on the lookout for terrible content. I was too distracted by the formatting of the question.
The terrible answer is how I came across it in LA
@AdrianMole Javascript vs .net libraries?
Hmm. Screenshotting the rendering error is going to be trickier now it's been edited...
9:27 PM
According to spec.commonmark.org/dingus the preview is correct
The server seems to not have touched the rendered html version of that question.
@DavidBuck You can go into the edit, copy the version that caused the problem, then make a new temporary post of your own. Maybe in Sandbox?
When I edited it I triggered a rerendering.
^ But maybe not?
Previous version of SE markdown would have rendered that initially, and when comparing the pre tag wasn't taken into account.
@Braiam Which is why none of us edited it before.
9:30 PM
@Dharman Which is why I did :D
@Dharman I used to flag them as NAA after I commented that they literally just copy'n'pasted the answer.
@Braiam I think it should have been reported as a bug, but now it is more difficult. It is not caching. It was something wrong with the commonMark migration
@AdrianMole I suspect it would render correctly. I think the only thing to do is keep an eye out for anything similar. If no-one sees anything similar, it probably isn't that big a deal.
@Dharman No, the commonmark migration went well. Not all posts where re-rendered, that's it.
9:34 PM
Your second sentence contradicts the first
@Dharman No, because the migration plan didn't include a "lets re-render the html of every post on the site"
It should have included this one, though.
> Things might get funky when you're editing a post that renders differently with the new CommonMark renderer. Again, if we detected that a post would look differently when rendered with the new CommonMark renderer during the migration, we wouldn't save a new version of this post as part of the migration.
For those cases, triggering a re-rendering via editing is ok.
@DavidBuck Found you a second one: stackoverflow.com/q/36919065/1839439
Yay. I'd moved on to checking meta to see if a bug had been raised about the fact that the follow link doesn't work on answers in the LA or FP queues. Doesn't appear that it has.
What do you mean it looks good to you? The rendered version is clearly different
@Dharman Did you see the link?
You linked to the first revision.
But, did you see it?
@Dharman I say, Sir! Well spotted.
9:49 PM
What I'm trying to show you is that that is an expected behavior by SE.
SE expect users to fix those by triggering a re-rendering.
Some time ago, I posted a very simple question here and asked if there was a question that was too simple for Stack Overflow. I was told there wasn't and the question was reopened. Since then it's been pushed into the close vote queue on two separate occasions and it was closed again about a week ago.
@Scratte This was a controversial question. I am not suprised
Is there anything I can write as a comment that would prevent it from being re-closed (assuming it's ever reopened)?
@Dharman Yes. And.. I answered it too, so I'm not going to ask for any -pls here.
@Scratte What reason provided the close voters to close it?
It's not focused, which.. I do not understand, because it's just one simple question.
This is the text of the question "I have a view defined in my Oracle database and I would like to drop it. How can I drop a view?"
9:55 PM
As we are discussing a post from a user in the conversation, we should move to the Ministry.
"What is life?" is a simple question yet we don't have answers :D
@AdrianMole No. There are no users :) I'm just asking it I should write something in a comment on the post to clarify that it's not off-topic.
@Scratte Probably because they consider that the documentation should cover that.
@Scratte Oh, OK, I thought it was about your question.
@AdrianMole Well.. I'm involved, so I will not ask for it to be reopened, obviously.
9:58 PM
Mods can lock a question; I guess that would prevent close/reopen/delete votes. Not sure though.
@Braiam Documentation covers most questions on Stack Overflow.
@Scratte Not always, remember the good ol' cpp days?
@Braiam No :)
Fun times :D
re: CommonMark, if I see a post that currently renders correctly, but does not when edited, is that a bug I should flag?
10:11 PM
Sorry - can I come back to this rendering question. If the questions weren't changed as part of the CommonMark (and they weren't because edits would have left a timestamp) and therefore the HTML wasn't rerendered, why are they displaying incorrectly now, when they render correctly in the browser in edit?
@RyanM If there are differences between the final render and the preview, yes, you can report a bug about that.
Reporting bugs about un-re-rendered posts isn't useful, since that is basically a caching problem (the html version is cached and wasn't re-rendered at migration).
The "migration" was a tooling migration. Remember that markdown just takes something and outputs something. What changed was what flavor of markdown we are using.
I asked on Meta: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/350304/… cc @DavidBuck
@RyanM I don't think you should be flagging bugs. Report them on Meta
@Dharman Excellent
I have spent a whole 15 minutes on research before asking.
@Braiam I don't know if it re-renders properly in the final version, but it certainly doesn't in the preview, and I don't want to bother fixing the mess currently
10:32 PM
@Dharman I like how you've seen every PHP tutorial video on YouTube
@IanCampbell I like how you like a lot of stuff I do.
@Dharman Fair enough, less commenting. Got it. Just trying to lighten the atmosphere
:D No, you can comment. It is flattering in a way, I guess
11:15 PM
@IanCampbell Have you tried helium? I've heard it's great at lightening the atmosphere.
@SmokeDetector how to flag plagiarism (in answer)
@Vickel Custom flag, should be handled in 6-8 weeks
@Vickel Are you asking us or smokey?
@RyanM another one? @Scratte just linked to SD to have a link to the post, I'm asking the room
@Vickel What an interesting post. It's so clearly just the other answer, but I can't see the scam here.
11:26 PM
@IanCampbell the user is blacklisted by SD, and the answer is plagiarism
@Vickel Raise a custom flag and explain. Include a link to the source of the plagiarized content, or to some of the potential sources (i.e. many plagiarized posts could have come from multiple sources). If it's not an exact copy, explain what the changes are. For times when there's been lots of possible sources, I've included a link to a google exact text search.
Oops.. :)
@Vickel Yes, that is clear. I am just trying to understand the reasoning for the poster's behavior.
@IanCampbell free rep?
@Vickel As to plagiarism in a post reported by SD, we'd like to know that, and the source, because we consider plagiarism as a True Positive, not the False Positive, which the post is currently marked as.
11:29 PM
@Makyen I have not marked the post yet (was someone else), so it should be a tpu (for SD)?
@Vickel Yes, and I agree that it's plagiarized.
I changed my feedback to tp and commented with the link to the original post
Well-spotted BTW Vickel
@Makyen if we tp, tpu that in SD, is it still necessary to raise a custom flag?
@Vickel Yes. The feedback to SD is a separate system which isn't tied in to getting moderators to handle the issue, except that they sometimes look at it.
Would an alternative approach be to flag it as low quality and let the review queue handle it?
11:35 PM
@IanCampbell You could try that, but moderators usually prefer a custom flag for plagiarism.
@IanCampbell If you are to go down the NAA or VLQ route, you should at least add a comment noting the 'plagiarism', or the reviewers (some of whom are, apparently, quite lazy) may not notice that, or even look at the other answers. But a custom flag is better, in a case like this, as Makyen has said.
@RyanM thanks, kinda my backyard :)
@AdrianMole Indeed, the post already has a very nice comment from Vickel that describes the issue. But I can imagine that some reviewers are less discerning, such as the user that "reviewed" the late post review task.
@IanCampbell that review might have been done before my comment, and it's quite difficult to detect that if you don't look at all the existing answers. I've noticed some users constantly posting a new answer in reverse order to make the answer appear genuine. Difficult for reviewers with lack of time :)
11:45 PM
@Vickel Totally agreed, I was merely pointing out your above and beyond effort, not that the reviewers were necessarily bad.
The review was done after the comment, but also the guidelines are somewhat unclear on how those should be handled
would make a great "STOP! Look and Listen."
I've seen that somewhere before. Did you copy it?
Flagging that chat message as plagiarized from the review audit screen (not really)
@AdrianMole from review
and yes I copied it (from review)
11:49 PM
I guess you don't always realize how subtle snarky Welsh attempts at humour can be.
@AdrianMole I laughed.
@AdrianMole I know, I've stared many of your hilarious comments here :)
I was like...80% sure it was a joke
@RyanM I hope my response (from review) was at level...
@RyanM I'm not so sure you're entirely correct about that. The Late Answer was.. but the First Post with "No actions needed" wasn't.
11:52 PM
@Vickel was it a reference to Scratte's earlier query?
@RyanM no, referring to Adrian's welsh humor
@Scratte that Late Answer review is the one to which Ian referred in this message, and thus the one I was referencing as well :-)
So you're correct about the reviews, but incorrect about me being incorrect ;-)
@RyanM hey it's nearly 1am here
@RyanM Ahh.. but I just assumed Ian wrote "late post" when meaning "First Posts", since there is not "Late Posts" queue :D
@Vickel you and Scratte aren't even in the same time zone! ...it's nearly 2am at Scratte's :-p
11:57 PM
It's nearly 5pm here, and...somewhere between noon and 1pm in my brain.
Yes.. that is correct. But I have moved residence to the "abyss of meta" where there's no end in sight and time is stolen :)
@RyanM STOP listen and go back to work and you'll make up the lost hours
@Scratte oh, in that case we might actually be neighbors! I live there too.
Or at least, in a very similar abyss. I don't really post much on Meta.
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