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4:02 AM
Q: Retag request for Duplicate tags

Shridhar R. KulkarniThe tags conv-neural-network and convolutional-neural-network serve the same purpose. Former is older than later. Let us Retag/Burninate/Synonym them.

4:23 AM
@techraf Just FYI: The deletion of a question you voted to delete is being discussed on Meta.
5:23 AM
is this self answered q not too broad?
Triage reviewed this as "Looks OK", which was my initial reaction, but if you actually scroll further, you'll see that this is too broad: stackoverflow.com/review/triage/18826624
Hence the above request
5:50 AM
@SmokeDetector Ah, right, I don't have privileges here, but do in Tavern and CHQ. Since others already reviewed it the same, I won't do anything, but if not, I'd go into CHQ.
@gparyani you want access here as well?
@SurajRao Yeah, that would be very nice
@gparyani Just FYI: Giving NAA feedback to SD is helpful to SD and Charcoal, but does nothing with respect to getting the answer off of Stack Overflow. To do that, you either need to go to the answer and flag it as NAA, or wait for it to show up in the Low-Quality-Posts Queue and click "Recommend Deletion".
@Makyen I flagged as NAA before making that message in the first place.
@gparyani Good to know. Now we just have to wait for it to show up in the LQP queue.
@gparyani There are many issues with how Triage handles questions. Questions are routinely mis-categorized in the Triage queue. The most common thing to happen is that people will mark the question as "Requires Editing" when it really should be "Unsalvageable". This tends to result in questions bouncing back and forth between Triage & Help and Improvement.
6:04 AM
@Makyen Yes, I've seen the flowchart posted on MSE. Their thinking is, "it's not totally unsalvageable, the OP can edit the question to make it on-topic, etc.". Part of the issue is that the guidelines in the queue itself specifically mention the author in the bullet for Requires Editing.
@gparyani Please don't onebox a recent request, or re-request an active request. cv-pls requests have a lifespan of 3 days. Let the request exist for that time. If you want to talk about it, you can link back to it, but don't onebox it. Re-requesting it, or one-boxing it, like you did, is considered rude. It implies that you feel other people's requests are less important than yours, or that we are not servicing your request in a time-frame that is acceptable to you.
@Makyen Okay, got it. I was just referring to it in context, but next time, I'll link it. I used to link messages on a different chat room but was told to onebox instead; I didn't think the rules are different here. By the way, it wasn't a re-request.
@Makyen Ah, sorry, missed that.
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7:55 AM
@SmokeDetector is that closeable? Answers are mainly LO
1 hour later…
9:23 AM
@techraf commented
@SmokeDetector looks good imo
Also this tag is kinda questionable to me... stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/pronunciation
9:41 AM
@techraf Whilst I agree with the deletion (and voted accordingly), shouldn't we refrain from posting requests on very old, inactive posts? (Nearly 3 years for this one)
Does anyone here know enough about Swift to advise whether or not this question should be reopened? stackoverflow.com/questions/48782851/swift-4-0-call-api I don't have any experience with Swift, so I can't confidently ask for reopen-pls. If more information is required, please leave a comment because the OP is currently providing feedback and making edits.
@Adriaan The tag altogether was used as an excuse for a new question. With only a couple of questions it can be dealt with quickly. And these two were exceptionally bad.
@techraf ah right, sounds good to me
@SurajRao here I quickly asked this on meta about that tag meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/363416/…
9:51 AM
Also what is the meaning of this sentence left by OP: Way to swagger-jack questions that are rightfully someone else's.
@kayess case of plagiarism?
@rene I still don't understand
@kayess they probably think you posted that Q on meta to get rep which they think they should get, since they asked first. (Even though you can't get rep on meta)
Aah right! Thanks @Adriaan and @rene. OP might misunderstood my motives
Q: Burn the [Pronunciation]

Suraj RaoI came across the pronunciation. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Well..yes. The description says: Questions about how to pronounce technical terms. But these are Offtopic explicitly according to Are questions regarding pronun...

9:54 AM
Again, way to go around Swagger-Jacking questions that clearly belonged to someone else. I was about to go and ask this myself. Not trying to be a dick, but come on. — Krythic 20 secs ago
Op just left the same comment on that meta post...
@kayess I think you can safely ditch your meta post.
You clearly raced to post a question after seeing it being the requested response in the thread I previously wrote. You weren't even the only person who immediately left to do this. It's basically free points for whoever can type the fastest. It's a completely predatory mentality. This question is rightfully mine. — Krythic 1 min ago
@rene done
@SurajRao OP may need some education how SO/meta works
@kayess wrote an extended comment, but OP seems to have stormed off already
@Adriaan good job! Not a problem it's about the tag not about a user :)
race condition!
10:03 AM
Does a tag that's only been used 18 times need that burnination process?
Can't we just remove the obviously bad tag?
@Cerbrus sure
Also, he mad :D
How do we remove a tag effectively?
Retag all Q's then what?
so should I delete the request if we handle it now?
@Sur hold it, let's see the outcome
10:05 AM
SO mods seem to be swamped right now
Go for it dawg
@kayess yep, zombie tags get removed at 03:00 UTC
Anything in particular going on that swamps them?
A lot of those questions can be closed
@JohnDvorak we only have walfs inhere...
10:06 AM
@Magisch dunno ...
@rene thanks
Should we have deleted this one? stackoverflow.com/questions/48742638/… The question was closed alright, but I think the answer is valuable content.
@rene I'm asking because the number of pending flags I have hasn't significantly reduced in the past 2 weeks or so
used to be a lot quicker
Not sure what we should do with questions like these: stackoverflow.com/questions/15040735/… POB?
POB yep
10:08 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about pronunciation of programming terms. — Greg Hewgill Jun 16 '14 at 20:16
@Magisch it is hard to tell. I don't keep track of the handle rate of my flags. Last time I checked I had a comment flag pending from 4 weeks ago or so.
@Cerbrus POB
@rene I still have 125 pending
30 of those are from today but still
Comment flags of mines are getting marked helpful in less than 1 hour
@Magisch they have filtered you out of the queue and assigned your flags directly to Shog9
10:10 AM
@rene Are you speculating?
watch wolfie on the roll
Hah, this one was closed already (POB, I cast the first vote): stackoverflow.com/posts/274022/revisions
That's 2015
@rene Wouldn't they tell me that?
Well, that was the list. When those are closed, I'm thinking we can remove the tag... (9 closed, 9 open now)
10:12 AM
@Magisch no, there is no SLA on mod-flag handling. Just fire and forget.
missed one
@rene If I keep flagging my results every week at the current rate I'll be gaining +/- 50 pending flags per week :D
@Magisch I'm sure they'll ask you stop when you cause a Stack Overflow ...
Last one, just 2 more votes
10:18 AM
@rene or when I drive JNat to the brink of madness with 90+ reversals every week
@Cerbrus handled
Great. I'll edit...
@Magisch I'm sure they went let him flag and now they see your reports and they say Okay, that is ... some workload and in 6 to 8 weeks they go Houston, we have a problem
There we go
10:33 AM
@rene Getting a crippled spacecraft back from an aborted moon mission is much easier than handling all @Magisch flags.
Hmm, you might be right
About this one. It clearly does not belong on SO. What do you make of it?
I went with opinion based, maybe there is a better suited reason.
Off-site resource might be better suited.
@Ron I went for off-site on that one
@JakeSymons Yep, looks like it.
I wonder if the question should be deleted?
Apollo 13: Launches successfully, explodes in orbit, lands back anyways.
Falcon Heavy: Launches successfully, two bits chop off and return home, one more bit jumps into the ocean. What's left is careening into deep space, and the astronaut on board has nothing but a fancy space suit and a car that doesn't even drive.
10:41 AM
@JakeSymons note that flagging a post which already has been flagged or voted on for closure doesn't do anything. The first flag or close vote pushes the question into the queue, so subsequent flags don't do anything, as it's already in the queue. You might want to save your flags for things which need flagging, such as new posts which don't have a flag/CV on them yet (not that you can see this, but eh), and red flags or comment flags.
@Ron has been posted 3 lines up
@Adriaan True. I am at 0.25 of my first coffee.
@rene Can you please dicard this duplicate request of mine.
@rene I wonder if there's been a change of procedure from escalating all of these to the mods doing more work to work out which ones need to be escalated and which ones can be sufficed with warnings
If there was the mods probably can't tell me about it
10:58 AM
Any Ubuntu desktop users in here?
@Ron sort-of
@Adriaan Is there a direct equivalent of WindowsImageBackup on Ubuntu?
@Ron not a clue; I'm not that familiar with Ubuntu, I dabble with it sometimes.
Try Google, it's a specific enough question I guess
11:03 AM
@MikeM. mega you mean ...
@kayess Thanks. Caught it. Darn autocorrect.
@kayess Hmmm, I am limited to Ubuntu. I will try it anyway, thanks.
@Ron dd is effectively core of any linux distros so go ahead, happy 80x25 times!
Is this No MCVE? stackoverflow.com/questions/48805760/… Or just too broad?
@kayess Doesn't look like one to me.
@Ron hmm ok then need to find a dupe
11:12 AM
@kayess Perhaps too broad / unclear but MCVE is present.
Case closed.
Wondering if avg. JS questions are worser than PHP ones...
11:31 AM
@Ron There are a lot of tags posted , and . Can it be all three or are they all separate languages?
@Magisch I think we're getting him close to that :p
@JonClements Did the procedure for handling flags like mine change or am I just burying you guys right now?
Having 100+ pending flags for weeks feels like there's a mod somewhere going "for *** sake stop flagging"
@Magisch they get seen and we do get around to them... but we have to spend time confirming your flag is reasonable (might take 10-15 mins) before passing it onto the CM team who then do their checking, and in some cases, will find more than anyone thought, they then take action.
In the past they never took longer then a week though
And they're not a massive priority vs spam/rude/people having spats/people plag'ing stuff etc...
11:37 AM
So maybe there were just a lot of mods then?
@JakeSymons They are three completely different languages. Most of the time it's using unrelated tags. This often happens with C and C++ tags.
@Magisch There's just a small back log from New Year of "other" flags we haven't quite gotten around to - I wouldn't worry about it...
@Ron do people include the popular tags even though they are unrelated because more people would see their question?
...and we won't clear the backlog of more "important"/"necessary" flags if we spend all day handling 30 of yours instead.... so - sorry to say - yours just have to wait until we're back to a position we can spend time reviewing them properly without letting other stuff that needs looking at go unattended...
@JakeSymons I doubt that. More likely they are not familiar with the site rules. There are cases where the inclusion of multiple, seemingly unrelated tags is OK though.
11:42 AM
@Magisch anyway - don't panic/worry about it. Everything's eventual :)
@JakeSymons They are all different. C is too simple, C++ is too complex, C# is just right but needs a massive runtime and so takes ages to get going, kinda like Java :)
@MartinJames c and cpp have some overlap
for instance some c code is compilable as cpp and vice versa
but they're different languages for different purposes, for sure
Some PHP code is also valid Javascript code
Forgive me for I have sinned. I have used eval. In Java. By pulling in a Javascript engine.
But hey, I did cache the engine object.
12:55 PM
@JohnDvorak Unclean! Unclean! Burn the sinners!
@MartinJames Have you lost some of your cynicism since?
@Magisch Not remotely:)
@Magisch They'd be nothing left of Martin if that happened :p
1:11 PM
Whoa, it's Magisch. Feb is now officially SOCVR homecoming
cpp dudes, does this have any dupes around ? stackoverflow.com/questions/48808175/…
1:39 PM
@SurajRao lol, that's in the running for 'Question of the Month', though it could be beaten with 'What is Google?'
1:58 PM
The OP in this one points out the question which is also off-topic by todays standards. Should it also be closed?
@Ron Yes. OSR is OSR. If they're using it to justify asking a new bad question I consider that enough to open a CV. It's uncommon so I don't think it runs afoul of the rules (you're not looking for old bad questions)
@Machavity I see. Appreciate it.
What's the policy on questions asking for refactoring?
@Ron we have pro-forma comment about that: It seems that your code currently works, and you are looking to improve it. Generally these questions are too opinionated for this site, but you might find better luck at CodeReview.SE. Remember to read their requirements as they are a bit more strict than this site.
darn, out of CV's already
I see. Then @mickmackusa that question should remain closed as it asks for refactoring in my view.
2:20 PM
@Ron And it is "too old to migrate to CodeReview" right?
@mickmackusa Probably so.
3:00 PM
@mickmackusa wow, just wow How can somebody even expect to get an answer to that
@GertArnold I don't think that answer is anything you can't read about on the docker website
> Hello can anyone shorten this code: Hello can anyone shorten this code: Hello can anyone shorten this code: Hello can anyone shorten this code: Hello can anyone shorten this code: Hello can anyone shorten this code:
@Cerbrus If the OP say it one time you may miss it and not down vote :)
@Cerbrus Is that something you repeat into a mirror and then something happens? :p
@JonClements Mirror, mirror...
3:11 PM
Like Candyman, or Beetlejuice or Biggie Smalls...
@JonClements Or Shog9
I was going for the less-scary ones :)
@JonClements apparently I summoned a moderator :D
@Cerbrus Good point... pretty sucky result...:p
@JonClements summoned a dog too
not sure which is better
3:15 PM
Dogs are awesome thus much more desirable...
@JonClements I'm more of a cat person
/me makes another note on reasons to deprioritise Magisch's flags... :p
Is the #1 reason because you need JNat sane?
I'm warning you there's about 400 more coming before the week after next
@milo526 I think I just did actually. It took me a while to decipher though.
3:27 PM
Not spam, but bad nonetheless.
@HovercraftFullOfEels That wasn't the OP that commented
@Nathan OP = "other people", right? :p
@NathanOliver: Oops, and so you are correct. I need to read the names more carefully!
@JonClements: YES, that's exactly what I meant!
@JonClements :p
4:21 PM
flies in on a cardboard rocket owo
Morning-almost lunch time
@HovercraftFullOfEels Not yet. Feel free to bug me about it.
in 6 to 8 weeks ...
It seems like "bad title" should be on idownvotedbecau.se
@EJoshuaS If you feel it should be, then create it and submit a PR.
4:36 PM
@NathanOliver Mighty lrio, messing with our close votes. Kidding. I am glad to see him back and up and running.
@Ron they come in 'ere... take all our close votes...
@JonClements Haha, nice one.
@TylerH Mod sniped
@Machavity pew pew
@Ron Well after a second look I realized that overloading the operator could very well not be the right way to go.
4:46 PM
get your dupes!
@SotiriosDelimanolis You say that now... but you'll secretly miss them when they're gone...
@TylerH That's a new one
Yeah I wasn't sure how to craft the -pls tag
@rene Should be closer to days instead of weeks. (famous last words :-( )
Apparently OP can delete a question with answer but I didn't get the memo.
5:04 PM
@Ron as long as it's a single answer that didn't receive an upvote
@JonClements I see.
@TylerH While the close reason used by the person who initially voted-to-close isn't valid, the question doesn't contain a MCVE. [Note: The review is complete, with leave open as the result.]
@Makyen Sure, I'm not fighting the fact it should be closed for a valid reason. Just that the one that guy used was invalid
@SotiriosDelimanolis "everyone" aka just one guy :-p
but I hate that, when people make assumptions about a question and start answering it
@TylerH every single one of them
@SotiriosDelimanolis Is this not POB? stackoverflow.com/questions/31604926/…
5:58 PM
@TylerH Let me rename it
I put a few questions in the queue before I ran out of votes BTW
6:41 PM
I want to buy a deep fryer
@Compass for all the off topic questions?
@Compass you 'Merican right? So buttered deep fried butter on a stick?
@Compass that's... nice...? "Air fryers" are really quite cool... I've got a little one and it's awesome for some stuff...
@JonClements deep fried marsbars?
No... for when I fancy chips, or want to do roast potatoes or similar faster... plus they look really cool: johnlewis.com/power-air-fryer-xl-3-2l-black/p3343645 :p
6:44 PM
@JonClements just about large enough for a small dog ... sees possibilities
Don't make me tell rene you're picking on me again... meep meep... :p
@rene dog's whining again, he needs walking :D
They're really handy though... cooks stuff quickly that'd normally need an oven etc... Don't think they'd work for something that'd actually require submersion in oil, but they're just awesome...
this .NET form of picking a value based on two inputs is confusing me... I need more coffee
because this shouldn't be confusing me
So yeah, doing some scampi and chips is a doddle and quick... One of my better and actually used kitchen purchases...
6:48 PM
@JonClements here in the Netherlands we're fond of deep-fried snacks as finger food in a bar (google stuff like kroket, frikandel, kaassoufflé, bitterbal), and those can be fried in the air fryer as well nowadays. Saves bars a lot of splattering oil
@JonClements like the fridge for beer?
I may or may not admit I actually have a wine cooler in the kitchen...
@JonClements brr, rotten grape juice. I prefer my drinks from grain, thank you
Here's a question, with the , does the 10 minute rule apply here, that I found in the Python Room FAQ?
> . Please don’t cv-pls during the first 10 minutes of a question’s existence.
@JonClements ack, too much light
you need to build a wine cellar :-D
@JakeSymons We have no such rule.
@Adriaan Oh... think it's had a bottle of wine in it once... it's normally vodka or spiced rum :)
6:51 PM
@JakeSymons we're not Python (good thing, as I don't speak a word of it). Utter poo needs to be closed as quickly as possible, so no, we don't have that rule.
In fact, such a rule is counter to the general point of this room, which is to lend community attention to problematic stuff
@JakeSymons Kind of. See rule 11 here
@TylerH That's easy... I'm good at digging holes... :)
problematic meaning specifically stuff that needs to be closed soon
@JonClements so, when can we come over?
6:52 PM
but yes, the caveat that Nathan mentions is valid - this room isn't the solution to every cv-worthy question you come across
@JonClements I can't drink yet :(
only the bad ones that are likely to get lots of answers, or that might be popular and have a hard time closing the normal way
@TylerH Okay, so only if the post is worth the community attention of the room, then send a request in, but don't send every single thing you cv?
Well, if you only ever CV stuff that would be appropriate for the room, then yes you could send everything you CV :-P
that's actually a rule that is difficult to enforce
because we don't keep quotas on how many CV-PLS people post per day individually
some folks post a lot of requests here, others post very few
@TylerH that rule doesn't exist in isolation on sopython.com/wiki/cv-pls cc / @TylerH @Nathan - in context it makes a lot more sense :)
6:55 PM
The general rule of thumb is just to remember, if you see a post and you think "this needs closing", then you should CV it. If you think "this needs closing now", then you should CV it and post a CV-pls request here
@JonClements You know we love the python room :-D
You'd be odd if you didn't :p
@TylerH Well, I'm sure I'll be sanitized told if I'm sending wrong requests in, so I'll stick with the amount I'm doing. Just confused me how different rooms have different rules
glad I'm odd
omg, cabbage everywhere
6:56 PM
You're also odd if you do... it's like the Kobayashi Maru scenario :)
@JakeSymons The real goal is having on-topic questions, not just closing every question possible. IMO, the preference is to leave a comment for the OP to see if they are responsive (within a few minutes) to modifying their question to be on-topic. Obviously, if it's completely off-topic, there's not much hope of that happening, and placing a CV / posting a cv-pls request immediately is reasonable.
@Makyen Which is point 7 :p
In an ideal world, reopening an updated question would not be more difficult than closing a question that doesn't meet topicality requirements
Things I'd like to fry: chicken.
unfortunately reopening is typically way harder
so it's totally understandable to not want to close questions for a while. I know I have asked questions before and then stepped away after a few minutes only to return hours and hours later
7:03 PM
@Compass Things that chicken's wouldn't like to be fried: Chicken...
Ironically, sometimes people decry the fact that askers don't sit around for minutes/hours after their question is asked in order to respond instantly to commenters, and then in those same people turn around and complain when someone comes to the site and asks a question that they need an answer to quickly.
To them, SO is not the place to come and ask your time-sensitive question, nor is it the place to come and ask a question that you need/want to know the answer to but have the patience to wait for a few days or weeks to get one.
@JonClements Seems reasonable. I hadn't really looked at the Python room's rules before. :-)
yeah... some room borrowed a lot of our day to day running rules as well :p
I didn't realize that different rooms have different rules for the same thing before. But then I only hang out here and in Charcoal Hq so its not like I get out much
I just lounge around here
7:08 PM
Well - it doesn't look like you actually have any legs to move from here anyway so... :)
oh god, had the thought to nest switch cases and now google results are saying that's not only wrong, but that switch cases should be avoided and blah blah polymorphism etc. etc.
Rabbit hole here we go
I should have been a CS major
why would you nest switch cases?
Sounds dangerous.
If you need something like that, I'd handle each switch path in a method
and if you're nesting switches on a single argument, fix that first owo
@TylerH As you said, we don't have an actual, explicit quota for the number of cv-pls which can be posted by a user/day. However, # cv-pls/day which a user posts is something that is monitored in an ad hoc manner. There is a point at which it's too much. If noticed, the user will be asked to slow down.
Our cv-pls system breaks down people don't service requests (each request takes 4 close-votes, in addition to one from the requester). Thus, generally, you should vote an average of 4x as many cv-pls requests from other people as you post. Assuming you're CVing your own cv-pls requests and use all your remaining CV on other cv-pls requests, that works out to posting an average of 10 cv-pls requests/day. Thus, above that average level users will, generally, be asked to slow down.
This was discussed at the May 2017 room meeting.
@Compass I have a table with reimbursement values for classes. The value is different for each letter grade and each diploma type. So there are 3 diploma types along the y axis and 4 letter grades along the x axis
7:16 PM
The person filling out this webform could put any of the 3 diploma types and any of the 4 values
so I am trying to figure out how to get the right value in the table based on what the person fills in
Use a Map?
I don't know what a Map is but I will look now
@Makyen Yes, though how many times has that happened? Once? Twice?
You map A to B. In this case, you'd map A to B to C.
so reimbursement = reimbursementMap.get(diplomaType).get(gradeType);
7:18 PM
@Compass I was originally thinking "It would be great if I could do like a multi-qualified case statement, e.g. 'case a and 1', 'case a and 2', 'case b and 1', etc.
but I guess Map is how you do that
i agree that conceptually if is nice
but that's like 12 separate if paths
which is a nightmare to debug
with the map, you have one singular path, and the only thing you'd have to worry about is if the value is not in the table, which would throw a null pointer exception
The form has validation for accepted entries
fantastic, then you can just use the Map and no error checking :P
yay for slightly shallower rabbit holes
or in this case... a cat hole?
7:22 PM
@TylerH I've asked two users to slow down since I became an RO, and mentioned the issue to a third. So, it's not that unusual an occurrence.
I love Maps as a concept. They're basically fancy Sets.
And provide a more concrete example of ownership that isn't encapsulated.
So I guess the question is now, is there Map in C#/.NET?
oy, go back to your meeting
7:27 PM
If I ever invent true hologram capabilities, you'll be the first person I give it to @gunr2171
so you can send the hologram to the meeting
@gunr2171 would it matter if I use Dictionary vs SortedDictionary?
I don't think sorting provides any sort of benefit
if you only have 3 diploma types
although there's only 3,5 hours left in the day
7:29 PM
Dictionaries are key/value maps when you don't care about sorting. If you foreach each pair you may get a different order than you first put them in. If you don't care then use a regular dictionary.
Fetch from a map should be O(1) anyways
well from a hash map anyways
^ yes, keys are hashed
if there's one collection I have fun with, it's Map.
Throw everything into a Map.
this is great, I can combine variable types
The joys of Map :3
7:44 PM
Also this answer seems like a nice explanation of polymorphism. I love good analogies.
7:58 PM
oh, Dictionary is a class
I probably can't var it
@TylerH if JS you can just use POAs. stackoverflow.com/questions/27108082/…
JS Array proto lets you use strings as keys.
It's in ASP.NET
@PetterFriberg For delv, needs moar of those things we aren't supposed to ask for.
@MartinJames ?, sorry long day I can't understand :)
8:27 PM
Exception was redefined in an own class
@JarrodRoberson Is asking things to be written in psudo code off topic?
@JakeSymons Not in general. Half a page of tl;dr requirement spec, however... :(
8:43 PM
Got homework dumps?
Sunday is early this week.
@Ron I have come computing that I need to do for next Monday, but I don't like getting down-voted :)
@JakeSymons Your fellow peers don't seem to mind. They are happily dumping their homeworks on SO like it's going out of style.
lots of java poop today
@JakeSymons asking for someone to write code for you is always off=topic no matter the lang or syntax requested.
@Compass second half of the year and all these morons are trying to drag their F into solid C- territory before the end of the school year
8:52 PM
i need a soder
@JarrodRoberson I used to enjoy watching tractor pulling, not so much now:)
@Compass Raise an armie or emploie a merc.
@JarrodRoberson They say they are a full time engineer, so how is it a homework question?
Guys got the "legendary" badge today. Yessssssss
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Congrats!
9:00 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre congrats
:) thanks guys
@Jean-FrançoisFabre that's a lot of rep a day :) Great job!
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Noice:)
@DalijaPrasnikar Someone answered it, I went naa on it
9:16 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre ... rep [banned word] ...
A professional code dump ^ Not seen one with just "code not working" and just the code in body before. Wow :)
9:32 PM
@rene: you're not luring me into saying it :) got caught once only.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre I'm interested in this hidden word now, can you give us a hint?
Jake read there (took extra precautions so the word from the link doesn't appear here :)
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Yeah, I'll have to take that item out the history later :)
@Jean-FrançoisFabre I realized it was tricky and on or over the edge. Glad you noticed ;) ... oh and Congrats!
Its not as bad as Charcoal Hq, where the titles of the supplements and "male enhancers" as well as lots of other things comes up in the history, which I have to take out every now and again
9:59 PM
@rene: it's no-blunder day for me today :) thx
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