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12:02 AM
@Makyen yep it's the historical significance and testimony
Too many errors to dupe it ^
12:20 AM
@Makyen @BaummitAugen there's the volumes of the Journal of the Geological Society dating back to volume 1 n 1845!!!!!
@YvetteColomb Hard to believe no University wants that.
12:32 AM
@YvetteColomb Nice! FYI: Here is someone selling the 10th volume, 1854, in good, but imperfect, shape for GBP 129.99 (~ $170USD). Note: That's their asking price, not an actual sold price.
Depending on how many old/rare books you are getting, it might be better to sell them through a service other than eBay, as eBay tends to be not as focused as you might find elsewhere. (i.e. I seen people make money both buying on eBay and reselling, and the reverse)
@Makyen wow - that one is in the library - they're all there from Volume 1. I'm in shock. 172 years ago people made this book - it's sitting on my desk
@Makyen I'm overwhelmed, there's over 300 books
@YvetteColomb That's awesome.
@Makyen I know - I feel like I'm in the presence of something great
@YvetteColomb You are.
12:35 AM
@Makyen glad to see others who understand - we'll bring up all the books and put them in bookcases until I figure out what to do with them
@YvetteColomb I'm very glad you were able to rescue them from being destroyed. They are things that should be treasured.
@Makyen I think I would have had nightmares if they went to the rubbish dump
thanks for discussing it with me
so off topic for this room :D
Just don't tell the ROs.
12:39 AM
@YvetteColomb I would have too. I'm happy to have discussed it with you.
@BaummitAugen sssshhhhhhhhh
1:30 AM
and ditto on the answer for it
2 hours later…
3:02 AM
Can I do a [cv-pls] with "gimme teh cloz votz" as a reason? ;)
wait. just realized what you quoted.
3:17 AM
3:27 AM
If it isn't on topic, it needs to be closed because somebody posted another answer
@AndrewMyers The respective question sounds like requesting off-site resource, no MCVE & outside of implementation scope SO has (analytical rather than concrete implementation, which can be on-topic in Cross Validated).
3:43 AM
Unfortunately, it's too old for migration
3:55 AM
@AndrewMyers Sorry I forgot to check that the Q is posted more than 5 years ago, so it needs to close.
4:54 AM
^ how is that a recommendation question?
it is too-broad
guys marked it wrong
should we close it off-topic or too-broad stackoverflow.com/questions/42619278/…
@TGMCians this one needs an edit rejected
@suraj rejected
5:10 AM
too broad or offsite resource.. Not exactly sure
Hmmm lets wait for other thoughts
@TGMCians I'd say it is TB.
@AshishAhuja Yep voted
5:52 AM
@suraj I was looking same crap haha
6:11 AM
Morning @Everyone!
noo.. trainwrek
@suraj as discussed, this tag has off-topic questions only stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/appstore-approval we should delete this tag
6:26 AM
You will need to get a consensus in meta though
@TGMCians Use burninate-request in MSO if you feel certain tag should be burninated due to off-topic questions.
6:56 AM
Morning \o
7:12 AM
@J.Steen what about edit
@TGMCians The suggested one? Reject.
It's polishing a proverbial turd without even applying that much polish.
^ spam
Also probably for the answer OP has (20K+).
@TetsuyaYamamoto lets delete question
Probably flagged multiple times already, too. =)
btw I voted to delete answer too
7:26 AM
The question might not seem too broad, but considering the long conversation in comments, I think it's a founded closing reason.
@SmokeDetector this is ok
7:41 AM
Bad, yes. Close-worthy, perhaps not.
Only 17 votes left...
Only 13 votes left..
8:00 AM
Should be deleted, really.
^ answer is spam, question is too broad.
8:37 AM
@Makyen thanks for the info, very helpful as always!
8:56 AM
@RiggsFolly OP has just pasted code as a screenshot..
Woot. Just got a quick DV after closing a Q :D
Hi all! o/
9:15 AM
Meowning \o
Meowning o/
9:31 AM
@DalijaPrasnikar you should really use pls-generator from here socvr.org/tools/userscripts. Makes creating requests much easier
Less than 10 votes remaining...
10:01 AM
^ can someone please reject edit?
dammit - got a too many requests again and bumped from review
burnt through my cvs for the day
me also have 5-6 left
10:21 AM
I don't know how to handle this stackoverflow.com/questions/45432827/…
I flagged answer
@PraveenKumar sometimes downvote answer works
@TGMCians Not rude enough for the nuke IMO.
@TGMCians vlq? wrong answer at that..
@TGMCians Umm... Did that already.
@suraj I flagged VLQ because link only answer, it should be comment. Even though link which he is sharing is not related to what OP is asking
@suraj VLQ, yes.
10:24 AM
@PraveenKumar Yeahh I was doing, second back (s)he deleted
Ha ha ha...
:38430287 Daily close vote limit reached; please try again in 13 hours :(
@TGMCians It's a he.
downvote works
ah somebody posted this "Please don't post link only answers to other Stack Overflow questions. Instead, vote/flag to close as duplicate, or, if the question is not a duplicate, tailor the answer to this specific question"
10:27 AM
Np, got that canned for the Natty reviews anyways.
@TGMCians please don't use offensive words... be it carp or so...
Sure, edited :)
thanks : )
Should we close this question stackoverflow.com/questions/45433030/… as this is specific to IDE bug. it itself says Please report to code.google.com/p/android/issues
@kayess deleted
10:41 AM
my dear, I have searched on the web for more then 2 months but I can't find any answer . I am asking wither this project is feasible or not. — Mamw 42 secs ago
I doubt on his searching skills
I find your lack of searching skills disturbing [force choke]
11:17 AM
11:29 AM
11:51 AM
@PraveenKumar Is it really? Seems like there can only be one answer
@NathanOliver I VTC because it's directly available in the G Docs. It's RTFM. :)
Kinda, what is 1 + 1? question...
@PraveenKumar that is not a reason to close vote. That is a reason to down vote
@NathanOliver Oh okay...
Then you can remove my comment.
11:54 AM
is there a room for edit reviews? There's one I'm not so sure about...
In a world where RTFM and LMGIFY(LetMeGoogleItForYou) Were valid VTC, SO will be so peacefull and empty!
It makes the question better, but makes a lot of changes (doesn't add\remove any details, but arranges the question more properly)
@ItamarG3 sure, share it.
Thanks (akward. I already approved it because I thought it wasn't a bad idea. But I'm still keen on others' opinions in these things)
anybody else thinks that question is offtopic?
12:00 PM
Yes, too broad
minecraft tag - A voxel-based sandbox game coded in Java by Mojang where players place and destroy blocks to gain armor, weapons and tools in a randomly generated world. Note: Minecraft questions are generally OFF-TOPIC on Stack Overflow unless they relate to creating mods or otherwise developing for the game.
The edit certainly does improve the question but it doesn't do anything to keep the question from being closed.
The question is definitely too broad. but the edit?
@ItamarG3 well, it looks a bit like turd polishing to me but as it has an nice answer it might be worth to give it an edit although the question is a bit broad maybe, even with the edit
I think if it were a better question, it would belong in arquade.se
12:00 PM
@Bugs true, but "points for trying"?
@ItamarG3 it wouldnt matter.. if that question gets deleted the points get removed
Do they? I forgot :P
Been a while since my edits gave me points (but not so long ago :D)
@ItamarG3 I would say they have at least done a good attempt in the edit but unfortunately such points may get removed. I've approved it but they shouldn't be surprised if it the question does get removed.
@ItamarG3 Yeah you get a -2 if the edited question/answer gets removed.
oh. Good to know.
Still, good for a new user trying his best, as long as his best doesn't do harm, right?
40 edit revs done. switching to CVs. Yay -,-
@ItamarG3 left a comment. The edit was good, the question they edited wasn't. Bit of guidance and they may start to edit questions worth their time.
12:06 PM
@Bugs thanks :)
Question on Minecraft Is not really of topics. As it's a Programming question. But there is not Library or whatever for What he describes So he had to make a text description instead of a code. You can't ask for what you don't know. It will not make a good question. But still will be a valid one.
12:39 PM
Please vote for me. (I was egged on by @PetterFriberg)
\kick @MadaraUchiha
hmm true that did not work as expected
@PetterFriberg We've foiled your evil plot, Dr Fribergo
7 hours to go, then user rename will come: @Nathan mOdliver
Wondering how does it go... you sit infront your SO page, then the 'Achievements' icon will show a big fat 1 saying you have earned the community moderator status ?
How many user gonna get promoted?
@kayess not quite...
12:59 PM
@DragandDrop 2
@JonClements how then? throws pupsnacks around the room
@kayess The first rule of Mod club is they don't talk about Mod club
@kayess sit at their screen thinking what have I got myself into here? as the crap flies at them :D
: D
^ notice the Fribergo styled smiley
@Machavity or else they will need to kill all of us : (
@kayess also apparently their name turns blue
1:04 PM
Simply try and vote to close some questions after 8pm, see what happens. :)
Darn, out of CV's
afternoon all
@BaummitAugen that sounds too easy, I assume some more complex thing needs to happen, like relogin, take the mod-tour, sign NDA, whatever else
@kayess I was not entirely serious there, I'd imagine all candidates will have a look at the results page first anyways.
I certainly will.
@kayess You get a notification (I think email) - then, you need to accept an agreement on the main site and the meta site, then you get your diamond...
1:07 PM
Must be a pretty sweet feeling, regardless of how it happens!
Then you look at the flag queue and wonder what on earth you've done :)
@JonClements I see, but how prompt getting your diamond is ? After a re-login, or instantly through the websocket ? Like, say when you get an upvote or message
Umm... I think it just gets toggled and shows pretty much immediately (except takes a bit of time for chat)... it was two years ago - I can't remember!
@JonClements can't you just sincerely ask your fellow MI6 mates for your screenshots ? :D
If you've won and you're hanging around - it's not uncalled for, for the new mods to be entering the mod room in half hour to say hi
1:11 PM
Did the flag icon suddenly came?
He won't tell us... we have not enough pupfood :(
It's next to the star icon...
@PraveenKumar He went to scratch behind his ear and suddenly banned half the room
1:33 PM
@Machavity Ahhh... so that's what that ear does... been wondering what those were for... wonder what the other one does...
I can't find any booky whilling to take bet on SO Moderator election..
@BaummitAugen 4pm :-D
assuming you meant EST's edition of UTC 00:00
4PM is when the election ends I mean
I assume they get immediately promoted
3PM for me
@NathanOliver what are you in newfoundland
1:40 PM
@TylerH You have to accept the agreement first
@TylerH Illinois
@TylerH I was talking UTC, it's 10 pm for me.
Were there any mods who did not accept the mod agreement ?
@NathanOliver oh right, it goes the other way
AFAIK no. It would be king of silly. IIRC it is just a confidentiality agreement.
@TylerH :) timezones are hard ;)
@NathanOliver it was implied that the candidates would be furiously refreshing at 4PM so that they could get access to @JonClements secret stash of buried bones
1:43 PM
I'll be
Me too.
You accepted these terms Jun 15 '15 at 17:58 - wow... doesn't seem that long ago... where has the time gone!
@JonClements out the window
"watch the time go right out the window"...
umm... will have to snip its wings...
@JonClements um.. the flag queue? ;)
1:46 PM
What close reason would be appropriate for this question?
2:10 PM
He must have Submit the question by mistake.. I mean it's possible..
@TylerH Wait... how'd you know about that? /me eyes Tyler suspiciously...
2:52 PM
@JonClements I have spies everywhere
@TylerH umm... I see. Might have to change that :)
goes to warn Boltclock and Madara
I mean... dangit
Q: Bring this [prefix] to an end

krillgarI was on the main page, and a very poor question was on there with a single tag: prefix. Clearly "I need to add a prefix to a variable" is a question that shouldn't exist on this site, and will probably be removed very quickly. However, the tag really stuck with me. Checking its definition shows...

3:46 PM
4:05 PM
4 hours left, hype!
The sand in the hour glass slowly drains away... :)
I am the sand in the bottom half of an hour glass
@NathanOliver Well that's depressing
@TylerH It is a line from a fall out boy song
Now it's even more depressing
4:15 PM
Anyone want to review my draft of an answer to a Meta question before I post it?
what's the worst that could happen if we reviewed it after? owo
@Compass I get downvoted into oblivion :p
I'll just go ahead and post it
meta downvotes oh nooooooo
4:35 PM
can anyone unlock this question and delete [news] tag? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1133581/is-23-148-855-308-184-500-a-magic-number-or-sheer-chance
There is only one question left for this tag, see this clean-up request -- https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/320847/i-have-bad-news-for-you
@VadimKotov You'll have to mod flag for that. Only diamonds can unlock/edit locked posts.
@NathanOliver I cant flag locked question. Looks like I have to create a question on meta regarding this
@VadimKotov You can flag one of your own posts and provide a link to the locked post
@PraveenKumar it's perfectly clear.
4:40 PM
Okay, yeah, fine... Still dupe... :D
they're also shouting, to which I left a comment about it
4:54 PM
...what is with all the incoherent Meta posts involving some sort of election drama?
First we had the Trump guy on the first day...and now that
I feel like that is a repeat
I've seen those words before
@NobodyNada meh, it is all fake news ...
o_o they're shutting down Docs: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/354217/…
@NobodyNada there goes my rep ... oh wait, I only edited two articles ...
> Reputation earned on Documentation will be retained—probably in the form of a one-time grant shortly after Documentation ends.
You're find @rene :)
5:09 PM
\o/ I really need that. And I get a new silver badge!
Ding, dong, the docs is dead!
5:25 PM
Doc is dead! It s like Xmas. And the party is not over. Our brand new mod are comming soon.
Hmmm, tricky decision for 'Links to Documentation'...
@Henders yeah, they will break the internet
At first I read Nobody's message as referring to Google Docs. That would have been ... interesting.
@JohnDvorak Ha, that really would break the internet :P
They should discontinue Google Search instead
5:35 PM
I don't think anyone really uses it to be honest...
Bing all the way
@Henders I had to search Google to find out what that was. /jk
5:50 PM
To all: Have fun with further rubbish questions! Please remind me of this post if I ever cv-pls again or you see me CVing a question. After this meta, I will not help keep this site clean, as there apparently is a strong group in the community wanting to have this site open for any kind of rubbish, unclear, too broad, homework, etc. questions.
6:05 PM
@Olaf wow, I'm sorry to hear you react that strong to a single meta, I feel it's worse that SO is not scaling (hence we close all we like, but still 100 to close). My suggestion anyway is if you do not have fun, yeah leave it, otherwise continue to join to have some fun with other programmers scanning so for bad and good question
@Olaf My view of SO has always been, you like that question, have fun with, meanwhile I concentrate my energy on stuff that no one like, but yeah maybe I'm to much of just a simple janitor, bring out the crap that people throw around the site
note I have not read the meta yet or transcript, but I don't think I would change my response
That is my same view. You win some and you lose some. Sometimes interesting albeit off topic questions are allowed because, well, they are interesting. Out of all the garbage that comes in that one is a lot less bothersome then the rest. Take a breather, relax, have some fun, and then if you feel like it, start moderating again.
It's not like extreme scores for no good reason are anything new in .
There is worse; stackoverflow.com/q/45443983/758133 the OP INSISTS there are no errors, (yes, there are loads), and claims to have run it under a debugger which, as far a\s I can see, cannot be interpreted as anythng but an li... mistake. :(
I can understand @Olaf getting frustrated with the crap. I got absoultely sick of C 'i++ + ++i' UB questions and got suspended for it. OP's are happy to lie to get their 'questions' answered, and I'm rapidly coming round to Olaf's view that it's no longer worth fighting.
@MartinJames That one's ultra easy to hammer at least.
Hello world.
6:19 PM
Hello Ron.
How are you all feeling on this glorious Tuesday morning / evening/ afternoon?
@Ron Oh, absolutely wonderful. There are no problems at all. (I can lie too:)
Good to hear that.
When I get stressed with java qs I hang out in academia SE and answer questions there.
6:21 PM
I just came from a job interview that required me to sort an array and find a mid out of 3 elements.
@Compass Academia reduces your stress? I would be looking for pills, a firearm or a tall building to jump off:)
Let me guess, you couldn't use a loop.
I gave them mid alright.
6:23 PM
@NathanOliver A loop? Oh - you mean hang myself. yes, that would work too.
Like, this is low hanging fruit
@NathanOliver These were even worse, I couldn't use any of the std:: things. Needles to say I walked away from that c*ap.
@BaummitAugen I asked them if they employ C++11 features. They didn't know what I was talking about nor what's so special about the 11 or 14 standard.
In their defense, neither do I.
Ill state of affairs in my corner of Europe.
6:26 PM
@Compass Are you interviewing people for C++ jobs?
I could sort an array, sure, if I thought about it a bit and remembered what I was taught decades ago. I cannot remember when I last sorted anything 'manually'. I mean, you just call something, or just have teh DB do it. Stupid interviews:(
@MartinJames If I see numerical analysis or trivial math problems in interview I walk away. Enough is enough.
@MartinJames In this case, even bubblesort is just 3 comparisons, but the question is stupid to begin with.
I guess I could interview people for C++ jobs.
What's the worst that could happen? owo
@Compass All good candidates walking out on you. :P
6:28 PM
@Compass Fog them with trivial math problem. Everyone else does.
I didn't say I'd do it well.
@Ron yeah - what does it matter? If I absolutely HAVE to sort something 'maually' I woudl immediately Google for some code that already works. A more useful question would be 'can you debug stuff, fix problems?'
@MartinJames My thoughts exactly. Apparently some interviewers think reinventing the wheel and trivial math problems is the holy grail of programming.
Wow magic fixer, this is really enthusiastic i.sstatic.net/fCLw2.png
@Ron They have seen the Hollywood version of 'programming', and think that testing/debugging is for incompetent developers:(
6:31 PM
@Ron you did the right thing. I would have been running away from them as fast as I could
@Compass Yes, and scratching with all claws:)
pulls out the scratching post and swings it around like a mallet
@rene that's a bit of a liberal statement
they will break ~3300 links on a site with probably close to ~20,000,000 links on it
let alone the whole internet
@PetterFriberg, @MartinJames I'Äm not so much sick of those questions, but certain regulars. A beginner will ask stupid question, someone not that comfortable with English or the terminology will malphrase his questions to complete fuss. But all this is tolerable if the regulars comment for clarification, helpfully edit and otherwise close such questions. But that meta is actually the top of the iceberg of the last months. …
6:43 PM
I never bothered with 'Documentation' anyway. I was fairly sure that there woud be gross errors and bad advice, and I would just get into bar fights. I'm the one who ends up hit over the head with a chair, arrested and fined, so I chose to not perticipate..
@TylerH Oh.
… And the top of the top is a high-rep user editing a question to match an answer and mods rejecting a flag although evidence is clear (and yes, it is; at least if the flag clearly states to read the question, they should do it). But millions of flies can't be wrong so eat shit!
@MartinJames I'll blame you then for sunsetting docs, let me find a chair ...
As that's what (as I was told by the rejection) is the majority, let it be. I don't need to run with the mob. If that's elitarianism, I can live with it! Inteligent people always have been the minority.
6:45 PM
Finally: From what I hear and see is that people I consider quite intelligent are frustrated about how it works on this site more and more. If that does not make the site-owners and mods think, I can't (and am not interested to) help anymore.
@Olaf You want a break from all the bad questions? Volunteer for mentoring...
he he
@MartinJames What do you mean with "mentoring"?
@Olaf Oh.. you have not seen that fiasc... proposal? Umm.. OK. I strongly suggest that you do not look. Forget I mentioned it. I was joking. I lied. There is no proposal. I am a bad Martin, (slap on hand).
6:51 PM
nothing to see here ;)
sets the new curtains on fire and waddles off
@NathanOliver NO! Don't! I lied! Olaf will explode:(
@NathanOliver Thanks for the link, not no, thanks. I had enough studends at a private university who were more interested in youtube than learning C mostly.
Tha text already starting with theHow to Ask page being a wall of text is ridiculous. Yeah, reading some sentences is already too much for some. But I'm fine if those people don't ask questions. Programming is about reading (maybe except UML and Lego (not Logo!)).
6:56 PM
and punch cards. You don't read punch cards AFAIK
@MartinJames Not really, I expected something like that. I'm absolutely pro mentoring people I know personally. But that's not what mentoring really means.
Heck, I'm feeling old; I really read a book occasionally. Worse: I even enjoy it.
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