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10:03 PM
Is this NAA or VLQ? stackoverflow.com/a/41352703
@TylerH ^^^ You are a JS guy right?
@PraveenKumar easy stuff
but link-only answers are VLQ
@TylerH Yea, flagged and it got deleted as well.
10:18 PM
needs delvotes now ^ (20k)
@Yam still same. meh.
@NisseEngström irrelevant tag.
@NisseEngström that tag wiki currently has a pending review lifted wholesale from wikipedia stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/14712851
10:57 PM
Closed. Answer in 4...
It is indeed
Would that question count as too broad?
Eh, seems fine to me. A quick google search doesn't find any other SO questions for installing APM on windows
Might belong on super user - but I don't think it's clearcut either way
However, the answer turns out to be plagarised
11:08 PM
Nice finding
Why doe birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?
Just like them
Ooops, just like me, they long to be...
closed to you (off-topic)
@approxiblue Bravo
It's definitely an answer. But doesn't add anything to the existing answer
@codeMagic Okay
I was going to downvote and comment but thought I'd see what others had to say first
@codeMagic I'll do that now. :)
And it was half an hour after your answer so it wasn't a problem of answering at the same time
ok :)
It is a right answer isn't it? From the short glance I gave, seemed to be the same as yours with no detail
But I still agree that it should be deleted as it provides no new/different response
11:41 PM
@codeMagic Exactly..
@codeMagic That's why I gave an or statement. LoL.
I know. I just meant that the beginning wasn't needed since the or part was the correct one :P
@codeMagic :D
I still can't get the rep cap today! :(
The last statement strikes me as odd
I saw that earlier in the questions list and thought the same thing
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