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11:00 AM
Should have been Nuclear
@PraveenKumar Might want to remove the noise, too...
@Kyll ???
@PraveenKumar "I am vignesh", "thanks", ...
@Kyll Sure...
11:03 AM
@KevinGuan Of whom?
@Kyll Done.
@Kyll Hmm...me.
@PraveenKumar gratz
11:06 AM
> Url in title
Title - Position 1-25: http://stackoverflow.com
Er... LoL
@PraveenKumar ... You have to include the body lol
@user2314737 I don't think so
!!/test Pong game for an event, pretty basic code. How would you possibly alter this game and bypass to have a bigger score without actually playing the game? slamjamsocialism.com/arcad-ism/arcad-ism.php slamjamsocialism.com/arcad-ism/js/game.js Would like to see how tight the security is for our game.
> Url in title
Title - Position 152-183: http://www.slamjamsocialism.com
Yes... :D
11:07 AM
@PraveenKumar No
@Kyll Yes
Look at the Smokey reason
It's just "URL in title"
Not "pattern-matching website" or whatever
@Kyll I said yes for your no.
@PraveenKumar ._.
:28826274 yes? couldn't read it, you removed
11:09 AM
sd remove- deleted by author
:28826409 You shouldn't k defaces, only rollback them
... Once you get to 2k rep lol
Does anybody know if score gets reversed if a spam flag gets removed by a moderator?
//! test I'm looking for buying a reservation application/solution and I will know if this web application is well-known and used by some big compagnies. phptravels.com/order Thanks for your help :) stackoverflow.com/questions/35460227/do-you-know-phptravels-com
@user2314737 It's !!/test
You almost got it =D
@Kyll ok
11:13 AM
@PraveenKumar The question is extremely broad and unlikely to be salvageable, even with a MCVE. The answer holds no value neither. I'd say yes. Want to make the review request?
@Kyll I already gave my del v...
!!/ test I'm looking for buying a reservation application/solution and I will know if this web application is well-known and used by some big compagnies. phptravels.com/order Thanks for your help :) stackoverflow.com/questions/35460227/do-you-know-phptravels-com
@user2314737 Almost there! !!/test instead of !!/ test (no space)
@PraveenKumar You can also cast a [tag:delete-pls]
@Kyll ok
!!/test I'm looking for buying a reservation application/solution and I will know if this web application is well-known and used by some big compagnies. phptravels.com/order Thanks for your help :) stackoverflow.com/questions/35460227/do-you-know-phptravels-com
> Url in title
Title - Position 146-167: http://phptravels.com
11:16 AM
@PraveenKumar No. cc @Kyll
I give up
@MadaraUchiha Why not?
@user2314737 It worked!
@MadaraUchiha Okay... Sure. Why not?
Ah crap, it wouldn't be roomba'd because of the answer
nuke it.
@MadaraUchiha Ha ha ha... Come on, your del-v will immediately make the destruction right?
I already did my vote to be a good citizen! :D
11:17 AM
@PraveenKumar Yes, but it would also make it impossible to undelete
@MadaraUchiha Why would someone needs to undelete it?
(Other than with modpowers)
@PraveenKumar You never know vOv
@Kyll ok , good!
@MadaraUchiha Okie...
@user2314737 The result of the test simply says that if the test string you provided was a title, it would be caught for having an URL inside. Smokey wouldn't say anything for the string being the body of a post.
11:22 AM
@MadaraUchiha I guess it's a bit like playing go: it's always good to keep the options open as long as possible. :)
@PM2Ring Also, think what your opponent might want to play, and play that before them.
Go is a fun game.
I'm not very good at it, but it's a fun game :D
@MadaraUchiha Definitely. I haven't played Go for years, but it's an excellent game. I'm not very good at it either. I could beat most of the kids at school that I introduced it to, but when I played someone who'd seriously studied it he totally wiped the floor with me. :)
@PM2Ring I once played against a kyu 1
He gave me a handicap of 9 stones, and proceeded to obliterate me with over 20 points difference
^ I didn't get a single word of that but it sounded impressive.
I'm a fellow user of Maven and the tag maven-goal is completely unnecessary. It would be a Meta tag adding no value. Let this tag burn! — Tunaki 31 secs ago
Hiya o/
11:32 AM
Don't even need to close questions anymore: stackoverflow.com/q/35480043/3933332 when 4 people post an answer after I closed it...
@MadaraUchiha That can be a little depressing. I used to play Go against a friend (whose Dad was a chess master). My friend used to give me 5 points; I was lucky if I could win some territory in one corner.
@PM2Ring I found it hilarious, I studied the game after trying to figure out where the hell it all went wrong, and realized it was the moment I accepted his challenge :D
@MadaraUchiha The only chance I ever got to play Go was with my old uni lecturer, but I refused as he spent years studying it and was also a chess master!
Yeah, it's fun to play at the local level
But I don't have the time or energy to put to actually start playing online against people whose rank has less than two digits.
11:38 AM
@Tushar Writing an answer to your burninate-request. Gives me an opportunity to talk about Maven \o/
@Tunaki waiting
@Rizier123 you need some delete votes on it
Unusual for a spammer to post on a new question...
@DavidG why do you think that is?
@MsYvette Old questions are unlikely to get seen by lots of people
11:45 AM
@PraveenKumar it is Get lost spammer not Get the lost spammer. Watch your grammar, will you.
@rene That means I was so angry, that I forgot my English. That's the outcome of anger. :P
I was actually planning to put an abusive word, GET THE **** OFF, but it would be abusive, so I didn't. :D
BTW, Edited LoL.
@MsYvette uh, yes ...
@MsYvette I don't actually think it could be a spam.
@PraveenKumar well, it is not worth that kind of emotions. This is all virtual, it isn't real.
11:49 AM
@MsYvette Maybe. I think it's just the OP being clueless. But I didn't visit the link, since I didn't want to give them a page hit.
@PraveenKumar that site I endup on wants me to get notified and such
ok I need to take the user of the bl
@rene Ah...
@rene yes and location
11:50 AM
but the OP edited out the link, whether it will come back in
the questions is badly off topic
That site now assumes I'm in Bangalore ....
@rene Ha ha...
@MsYvette Yep. Let's just cv as resource request.
@rene do I leave the user on the bl? At least that way, if they post a decent question, we can take them off, and this way they cannot unedit the website link
11:51 AM
Do I miss something here: This question is a clear duplicate of this one, or do I miss something here? [See the posts timeline]
sd remove- edited
@MsYvette yeah, that is fine. We rmblu on the next post if not a spammy one
@rene yes good to know we're on the same page
Oh ;)
I'm joking a bit, sorry, yes we are on the same page
WTFFFFFF: stackoverflow.com/a/35480739/462627 LoL. Check this answer guys.
11:55 AM
@rene oh you just regard it as unquestionable spam, unlike others here LOL
so what's the report button on posts, or is that one of Tiny's scripts?
@MadaraUchiha Why not give me a few seconds to screw him with his own language?
@Kyll I'm sorry I'm not sure I understand that. How do you mean that I have k'd a deface, I'm not even added to bot
11:59 AM
@PraveenKumar don't engage spammers or trolls, they thrive and exist only for attention
@MsYvette I guess so, I don't have it
@rene k thnx
@MsYvette Sure... Ha ha.
It is just a lock not to edit.
Any prolog user here?
Anyone with a good dupe target of this ? I have found this but unsure
12:11 PM
C#, Run away!! The devil is coming!! AAAA MY EYES, MY EYES!!
The devil of Java invaded the soul of Tunaki
@kayess I recall having seen a better dupe, hold on
@rene I have found this as an other option
@kayess that one is better
@rene Yep it seems to cover original OPs concerns
12:17 PM
Ok, let's dupe against that one
@rene Flagged as so
@bummi isn't that new answer spam?
I flagged so
in comment
12:21 PM
I'm going to bed
night all
Cya MsYve
12:21 PM
12:23 PM
@kayess You you you.
Highly upvoted question. POB? stackoverflow.com/q/630453/1743880
@kayess You you you
@rene I was just about to ask why we're bothering to close ancient resource requests, but then I saw the fresh spam, so now I know why they need closing. :)
The author of the earlier spam has posted this pearl.
@Louis delete-voted
12:26 PM
@Tunaki Merci
@Louis :facepalm:
@PM2Ring Never mind... I think I have not had enough coffee...
:28828129 I facepalmed when I saw that linked answer which is definitely not an answer and barely coherent.
Ah. Rightio. :)
@kayess I don't remember, sorry ^^'
@Tunaki Meh. Seems fine, it's not so much "which one is it prettier to use" but rather "for a specific action, which one should be used according to the spec" which is okay I think
12:41 PM
The answer are kinda opiniated though. But oh well.
@Shadow just flag as NAA, the queue will handle it.
Plop Nathan!
@NathanOliver Hiya o/
Does this Q looks OK ?
12:53 PM
@kayess It's an answer.
@kayess Commented
@KevinGuan Sorry the Q
@kayess Yeah but I'm looking at that A: Should it be an edit?
@KevinGuan I commented this way
@KevinGuan I think yes, it's kinda badly formatted, say it's incomplete
12:56 PM
@Kyll Refreshing the page...
I hope that comments can also be load without refresh the whole page like new answers, votes, etc.
Don't you have a "n more comments" link appearing?
So. Who will edit that latest burninate-request with a pun? :)
@Tunaki "Scar the [goal]"?
@Kyll Hmm...nope :( Unless after I refreshed the page, and there're so many comments, I can see a "show n more comments" link.
Weird, I do get it. try with a different browser maybe? Or it could be a new nav thing
1:01 PM
Well, I'm using: Google Chrome Linux 48.0.2564.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)
@KevinGuan Can you check the network tab in the debugger to see if the connection to the websocket is succeeding? StackOverflow uses this to dynamically update the comments & more
@Ferrybig Oh, good idea. Will try it out later (when I see some new comments).
However, I can still see "n new answers" at a question, and "n new questions" at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/xxx page.
Only no comments :(
@Tunaki Our [goal] is to burninate this tag
@WaiHaLee Congrats your 3K \o :)
@Tunaki Read answer
It's thorough :) but can't accept until you add an image instead of just saying Let's burn :P
1:14 PM
Oh Trogdor is coming
@WaiHaLee Congru.
@Tushar For example this one? i.imgur.com/eYhuaYv.jpg
@KevinGuan You hungry?
@Tushar Hmm...maybe.
1:16 PM
Eat that!
/me eating...
@Tushar Punny enough? i.imgur.com/xB7SvRB.jpg :)
@kayess you hurry up to get there as well?
@Tunaki yes
1:26 PM
edited :D
@rene Yes it's my plan!
Can someone intervene here? stackoverflow.com/a/35476601/1743880 I'm having a long comment discussion and don't know what to add. Context: Link-only.
@Tunaki You gave this user all necessary tools and explanations, and even more
Flag, disengage, move along, eat waffles
@Tunaki User is getting borderline offensive, you should have disengaged sooner
@Tunaki ... Also please propose something reasonable without actually writing anything lol
1:43 PM
@Tunaki pr0blam solved
disputed flags
grmblbrlr like I need more disputed flags...
Thanks @rene (for real)
@gunr2171 Hiya
1:46 PM
@rene Well, thanks :D cleaning comments.
Should we flag this meta question for migration? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/317144/…
@Tunaki Raised a flag for cleaning
Feb 12 at 13:20, by gunr2171
but yeah, I would appreciate it if people would stop calling me g-daddy
1 message moved to Trash can
1 message moved to Trash can
1:48 PM
@Kyll But, but... What if I want a coffee also? =(
So a waffle there.
Tushar was kicked. Don't repeat his mistake
David and Tushar moved to Trash can
@Tunaki Why not tea?
I told you guys to stop. When you keep it up that's called harassment.
1:50 PM
@rene Is it only specific to CR? Maybe the same applies on SO.
@rene Mh, maybe. A moderator flag seems fit, be it for CR or even MSE
@Tunaki that might be but then it needs a better example
And I believe it is caused by the fact that regex is the major tag
So if perl has a high-lighter it wouldn't be used
is there even a perl highlighter?
@rene Better yet, no regex tag: stackoverflow.com/a/18093306/1743880
Do we reopen it? It was just closed.
1:58 PM
@Kyll Now David and I will not share any poems
@gunr2171 I won't
@Tunaki I've found a duplicate
I think manually reported answers are already marked a tpu
2:02 PM
@rene nice
Is this a very low quality answer, or spam? [android] [android-studio] [parcelable] stackoverflow.com/a/35483470
(he has the worst spelling)
@Ferrybig just bad IMO.
2:06 PM
yeah, same. Maybe a VQL flag
@Ferrybig NAA, Link-only I think.
no, it's just over the threshold for NAA
by '' much
someone want to be a dear and clean up all the English on the page?
@rene Nice work. But the owner of that post still doesn't get it. So I posted a link to Your answer is in another castle
2:13 PM
We better leave it alone. No need to force users into submission. We've done our job, leave it to future users to sort it out (cc @PetterFriberg)
Understood. OP seems ok with my comment, though.
Ok, but it seems that he starts to understand.... and he pinged me....
this one is much opinion based innit?
@Adriaan if you're requesting close votes, please start your message with [tag:cv-pls] so that we all know what it is and our bots can move messages around efficiently.
@gunr2171 it's more requesting an opinion before voting
2:16 PM
ah, ok
So the first paragraph is complete fluff and should not matter. The last sentence is POB
@gunr2171 thanks. That's along the lines I was thinking.
Oh, this moderator I like :)
> helpful - Post has been updated, but your flag was valid when raised.
damn, I had an offencive flag that was declined for the same reason
content was edited out
me too ^
But it was a NAA flag.
sd remove- edited
2:27 PM
Man, tell Idli Dosa :D
more edited
@gunr2171 What?
@gunr2171 Awesome I am closing it.
2:35 PM
@Drew meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/317100/…, check the comments in image... on delete answer : )
If you're asking Drew if he knows about it, I think he does
Yeah I read that now.... read the question first.... sorry...
no prob'bla
Are you saying you're not reading the whole transcript here? Shame on you.
sd remove- edited
2:44 PM
"hi guys I'm new to PHP and Ajax" Another naive soul about to be tortured
if we have burnination candidates do we just throw them on meta, or do we want to keep a local list of them so not to cause a flood?
So it's time to go to bed, night everyone!
@user1803551 post on meta, get to a score of 20, show up on our short list
that's the sort-of method we have going
@gunr2171 Sure we'll do the best to scare the **** out of him.
2:45 PM
@gunr2171 alright, just didn't want too many BR popping up at the same time
consider the wisdom of Shog. Clean up tags on your own if you can
Yeah. How many questions are we talking about?
2, but tushar just posted one
Last nite we got socvr involved again. Could have been avoided in theory
@user1803551 No I mean in the tag to burninate
@Drew Wait how? What happened?
2:48 PM
the goal thing. It goes to meta, asks for ideas, then assigns it to socvr (indirectly). I can appreciate why, I just want to keep as much off our plate. So I said I'd do it
339 for one, 809 for the other
@Drew I see.
@user1803551 That's a lot yeah. A meta is the way to go.
@Drew I agree on that.
So if someone sees a tag to clean up, just clean it up before thinking we all have to get involved. That is, use your best judgment
then add to the BR rules: "Has more than X questions"
or something to that effect
2:51 PM
Just because someone says "good find" doesn't mean we all have to out-do on another and go on a hunt
Shog already spoke on the concept of what is just best to leave alone. And in consistent fashion I will stun @Braiam awake to find that post :P
Morning all
@Drew will look at those Swift Qs today, do you ever sleep? :P
Hiya o/
@Drew I'l happily handle all the question Maven-related if we continue with that tag.
Why I like CR lately. They're debating if adding audits is a good idea or not meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/q/6105/95296. Robo-reviewing isn't a problem there!
sd remove- edited
3:37 PM
@A.DiMatteo Just noticed we have a tag which is the same as . There are only a handful of questions and since failsafe is less descriptive than maven-failsafe-plugin, I suggest we remove (retag) those. I don't think synonymizing is a relevant. If you agree, I'll make the changes.
Also is misused.
I have a quick question not sure if this is the right place to ask it. When a question is on hold and advised to edit it. What is needed to make sure it will be seen and reopened when the content is edited?
After it is edited it will go into the reopen queue automatically
when a questions is edited it is bumped up the activity stream
so it's not needed to draw extra attention to is. I edited a question that was put on hold yesterday. So I'm just wondering if it was looked at and still not good enough or just not seen yet
@NoSixties Link?
3:49 PM
What is the question? We can look at the history of the Reopen Queue to see the result it had.
It has 2 reopen votes on it right now
Close it again:(
Q: How to use rbcollectionviewinfofolderlayout with custom UICollectionViewCell

NoSixtiesWhat I want to do is display a UICollectionView inside a UICollectionViewCell when this cell is selected. I want to use rbcollectionviewinfofolderlayout to fold out my collection view and show a new collection view inside of this. However I'm not sure how I can implement this into my existing cod...

you should put the example code in the question itself
3:52 PM
"I have put up an example of my code here." It's always better to include a minimal example in the post itself rather than as a link
It was reviewed and the decision from review was to leave it closed
Dang. Ninja'd... Dam user-scripts. I searched by hand :)
@NoSixties 'Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself. Questions without a clear problem statement are not useful to other readers. See: How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. '
@Tunaki :P
@NoSixties Your question in its current state is too broad. You post an image and ask how to build that collection view. Consider making your question more specific. What part are you having trouble with? Setting up the collection view? The flow layout? The item size? Narrow down your problem and show your attempt
3:54 PM
@NathanOliver What's the userscript here?
Also note that there was a bounty on this question, so normal users couldn't close it. It was closed by a mod.
@NoSixties i would also suggest that you clarify what the images are. the top one is what you have and the bottom is what you want?
alright thanks for the help I'll try to edit it again. I have problems with using it with the current flow layout I have. I tried to implement the code that was given in the rbcollectionview but it fails on tap.

@user1803551 It is in there what the current state is and what I want the result to be maybe it isn't clear enough tho so I could change that as well.

@jal I noticed that right away indeed
cool, let us know when you have modified your question with your implementation, and we will take a look and see if it warrants reopening
thanks for coming in here to discuss!
@PraveenKumar Here you go. It was written by rene
3:59 PM
@Tunaki makes sense to me, if you want we work on the list together, one from the bottom the other from the top, replacing failsafe to maven-failsafe-plugin whenever relevant. At the end we should end up with few failsafe questions, which would probably make the tag eligible for burnination
@NathanOliver TIL you are a bot
@TylerH shhh
@A.DiMatteo Awesome :). There are 56 questions in total. This splits by page of 30. I'll take the first page and you the second?
@JAL will do thank you all for the help. This made it a lot clearer on me
@Tunaki ok great!
4:04 PM
@A.DiMatteo Oh and when you remove the tag (or retag), it's good to also reshape the question a bit. (like syntax highlighting :) )
@NoSixties How did you add a notice to your own question?!
@Tunaki They should fix all the problems when removing tags :-)
@A.DiMatteo Heck, I just noticed the same for and ... That'll be for another day :D
@Tunaki I was going to say the same! I saw surefire as well on the second page, same point
4:11 PM
@Drew The dupe link is horrible. A better one needs to be found (if there's one)
thot so thx
@DavidG i have no clue to be honest
@NoSixties Haha OK, fair enough! Never seen a notice added by anyone except a mod, very strange.
@DavidG that must have been a bounty
That makes sense
4:23 PM
this tool request is now eligible to be deleted stackoverflow.com/questions/35169698/…
@DavidG He added a bounty
ah rene said it first
@NoSixties No worries, happy to help!
no... train... hard... to... resist...
no... train... hard... to... resist...
4:41 PM
@Tunaki second page is done, failsafe tag only left to non maven questions
2 java batches in hive
@A.DiMatteo That's 12 remaining. I'll see if it can be burned and I'll handle it :) Thanks!
we're down to 20 non-closed [corners] questions
a dupe hammer will show up
It's PHP afterall. I will hunt down a guy
not tagged PHP just tagged PHP.
4:53 PM
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[corners]"
I'll keep VTCing
how many did you hit?
in the queue

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