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1:07 PM
Why are there 3 reopen votes on this?? stackoverflow.com/questions/33893779/…
See: stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/history <- 3 people voted in the queue.
@Rizier123 Hmm...this is my review history.
Well at least there was 1 vote to leave it closed.
@KevinGuan No, it's mine!
@KevinGuan Yeah... until you reach 10k+ it only shows your history :)
1:11 PM
@JonClements :P
@NisseEngström :D
@Sam Hey, did you see my bug report?
I saw it
Ugg. Voted to reopen by mistake! Can't undo the action — Bhargav Rao 46 secs ago
chances to become mod waived for life
@TimCastelijns I think it's forgiveable - not like it's deleting the wrong user by mistake :)
1:14 PM
Oddly I could review it and vote to leave closed too, seems a bit open to abuse perhaps?
@DavidG in what way?
Well I was one of the people who voted to close as dupe in the first place, though the second was a mjolnir, surely I shouldn't be allowed to vote to leave it closed?
That makes sense yes
I mean it would make sense to not allow that
Worth a meta question?
@DavidG Oh, another way to remove all reopen votes: repoen it and then reclose it :D
1:17 PM
Why does my avatar have a blue number 1 on it saying there are spam messages?
I don't know, it happens more often. I find it annoying
Sleep time, good night :)
Does it mean one of my messages has been flagged as spam or just any message?
1:20 PM
Any, I hope, because I've seen that message too many times otherwise :P
@Oldskool the flag for moderator goes directly for moderator attention... the spam/offensive notifies all 10k+ users which can then vote valid/invalid/not sure on the message... If enough users validate the flag, then it results in a 30 minute chat suspension for the user. — Jon Clements ♦ Apr 17 at 15:47
Does it only notify in chat? I've not seen it on the main site
I'm a new 10k user though
Must only be in chat, so someone in here flagged a comment as spam and anyone over 10k gets to vote.
It doesn't necessarily mean the flag originated in this room - anywhere on chat.SO will be shown
So it doesn't trigger when a flag was raised on main site without user being in chat?
1:33 PM
@gunr2171 Hi. Haft
Fat fingers.
1:35 PM
@Sam so it seems you lost your PR for the room info
2.30pm and the sun is setting here.
Who's going to need a medic tonight?
@gunr2171 ... ik
sorry, I didn't get to it in time
/ rene beat me
1:37 PM
I'll fix the conflicts some point today.
@KevinGuan Fixed.
I assume you're fine with this? @gunr
Kinda seems pointless creating a PR for something like that.
@Sam wouldn't it be easier to check that in c#? make the regex shorter
@gunr2171 Probably not that much difference tbh. Either a slightly longer regex, or just more loc.
I'd rather have c#, but that's just me
More of a personal preference I guess.
2:20 PM
wut bot is off auto mode?
@closey alive
@easwee I'm alive and kicking!
@closey starting
@easwee Don't get lost in the queue!
@easwee We haven't setup v2 for further testing yet.
just making sure it's here
2:30 PM
Thanks serverfault for this wonderful question: stackoverflow.com/q/33896235/3933332
2:44 PM
@Cerbrus meta.stackoverflow.com/q/311020/3933332 Counting is a difficult skills, isn't it? :D
Hi all
I thought about VTCing this question as too broad, but I tried to edit it into better shape. Thoughts? stackoverflow.com/q/33884234/2415822
I'm no iOS guy, but that might be ok. Do you really need any other info from the guy? Maybe an example line, but anyone could write that (I think)
I just needed what data type he was using, in this case NSTimeInterval, which is a representation of seconds
@JAL It's always better to improve the question than close it. Are sure there's no duplicate?
2:52 PM
@JAL and you got that. That's all you need right?
@gunr2171 yes
@Mogsdad not that I see
@kayess both depends
@Mogsdad there is this one but it's a little different stackoverflow.com/questions/5599991/…
@Braiam I think it's not even about programming, it's something higher up the stack
@gunr2171 the hl3 post still hasn't made it up on gems of stack exchange
2:53 PM
@JAL Any programmer worth their pay would have been able to apply that answer, even though it's not in Swift.
@JAL :(
@kayess I think it needs closed. Regardless
it seems hl3 will never come out
@Mogsdad while I agree, it still gave me an excuse to go for the reversal badge :P
just remember that an "easy question" is not a close reason
2:55 PM
it is haplessly written. I wouldn't migrate that anywhere. Let it just die
@Braiam mind sharing what does it depend on ?
I certainly am not referring to an easy question. I am referring to an impossible to answer question
I need help with an experiment. Could someone add to this question, please?
@Mogsdad I win!
@Mogsdad no, you can't
I already know what you are doing
2:58 PM
What is going on?
@gunr2171 Nobody knows what the Shadow does....
@Rizier123 Counting takes skill.
real funny Mogsdad !
> You can instantly close as a duplicate any question that was originally asked with a tag you have a gold badge for.
and I stand corrected
3:00 PM
@gunr2171 Ah, but I can! I'd wondered about the change in the details about closing duplicates. It now says "because you participated in retagging, you can't close" or something like that.
Then this needs to be updated
A: Increase close vote weight for gold tag badge holders

Tim PostUpdate: this is now enabled everywhere! The rules are: You can instantly close as a duplicate any question that was originally asked with a tag you have a gold badge for. You can instantly reopen any question closed as a duplicate that was originally asked with a tag you have a gold badge for....

So I'm complicit in something nefarious... awesome!
@DavidG It could have been nefarious. Certainly open for abuse. However, that question was actually mis-tagged, and it is a duplicate.
I can't clearly get what does OP might want to ask..
3:02 PM
@Mogsdad, so I'm just going to put this out now, there was some discussion about this "trick" in another chat room. I don't want to have that here as well. I find it unethical.
Today, I just answered a question after Jon Skeet and it was accepted: score 3 vs 0. To be remembered :)
@kayess All the tags on that question are weak, which doesn't help. Really, they should narrow the tech - you can't do that for them.
@Tunaki If you beat the Skeet, the Skeet beats you.
@gunr2171 As far as I know, that was changed
@Cerbrus right, just can't find that written down
3:03 PM
Only current tags work for that
A: Increase close vote weight for gold tag badge holders

Shog9I have a few thoughts on this... First, if we're gonna do this then let's make it worthwhile: 1 vote == closed, regardless of how many other votes or flags are in play. My biggest beef with close voting is the execution-squad attitude it seems to inspire among folks: "oh, I don't want to take re...

on meta.se
@Mogsdad yup i think the same, however I think to stear the OP in comments to a better direction, but my question is how to phrase such comment?
@Mogsdad: How the heck do you get a gold badge in and not in ?
@kayess Ah. Exactly that, then. "As written, this question is likely to be closed as being 'too broad'. You could [edit] it to narrow the scope, for instance by providing information about the tech stack you're using, and/or providing some code that demonstrates the problem you're facing."
3:08 PM
@Mogsdad I will save that to my templates.
@Cerbrus With 4x as many google-apps-script answers, apparently!
This recently changed, apparently. Gold badge holders can now dup-close questions as long as they didn't participate in tag edits on it. What's behind that? — Mogsdad 18 secs ago
@kayess if you are only reading the title is definitively too broad
Let's see what Shog says - and gunr, I'm happy to leave the conversation there.
if you read the question the answer is "depends"
3:13 PM
@Mogsdad :)
so, the answer for both questions, yours and the question itself, is depends ;)
@Mogsdad You commented on the thread that explains that change.
Nope, wrong thread
@Sam, I think I'm done with the func-spec for Closey v2
all pushed to github
3:29 PM
A: Only prohibit those who edited the tags from using the dupe hammer

Thomas OrozcoWe have changed the behavior of the dupehammer. It now lets you single-handedly close as duplicate unless you have participated in editing the tag (either by adding the tag yourself, or approving an edit that did). The whole thing is explained in detail, with screenshots, on Meta Stack Exchange:...

3:39 PM
^ in French and spam
nice combo
@Tunaki Mmmmmm.... French Spam.....
Where's @Kyll when you need a translation?!
You're French right?
AFK, ask Tunaki
3:44 PM
It looks like it's been auto-translated from some language
because it doesn't make any sense
@SmokeDetector It was a testimonial for a Panerai watch knock-off from Hong Kong.
Anyone know much about GDI+ in .Net?
Didn't really think Smokey cared, but that's the way replies work...
code works, but OP wants "something better"
"Is there a better, more efficient way to achieve this same result?" screams opinionated but I'm not much of a CSS fan so maybe there's only one real good way of doing it
bottom line, if you can think of 2 different ways, then it is opinionated
3:49 PM
Is this asking for the code? stackoverflow.com/questions/33897837/…
@kayess yep that's French all right
@kayess seems like a case of a poor grasp of the english language. i cant tell if the guy is trying to do load balancing (which is off-topic for a different reason) or they are trying to run a single query that joins/unions tables from different databases
@cimmanon but then it is unclear, isnt it?
@kayess yeah, i would say unclear
4:08 PM
@gunr2171 \o/
4:19 PM
@kayess User took the time to add "Graphic designer" to profile, might indicate it's not spam
Good ploping night
It's spreading
5:07 PM
Who wants to throw one more at this mod question which attracted spam earlier today?
5:25 PM
Ello ello.
@gunr2171 Am I eligible for the teams page?
yep, want me to send it over steam chat?
I meant the SO Teams page.
that's what I mean. I have to send a url that anyone can use
Ohhh ok.
5:27 PM
so I can't invite you directly or send the url over a public chat room
Yeah, let me get it running
Just paste it here, we won't abuse it..... honest........
well, I can reset the url, but then it would be a race to see who can use it
K, I'm up
@gunr2171 ... That sounds like fun.
5:31 PM
@TinyGiant you get my message?
Hmmm... what is my role?
Senior Magician?
Sometimes big, sometimes tiny
Yay we're 10 in the Team now
5:33 PM
"Magic... and other useful things."
10? there are 13 members
^^^ That one
I count in base 13
/me slowly walks away
why am I having a sense of deja vu from this conversation?
It is vaguely familiar.
5:35 PM
time to whip up a conspiracy theory
that's what meta is for, right?
@Kyll nanomachines
It's smokey's doing.
Neurotoxins-injecting nanomachines?
The size of electrons.
5:37 PM
Which travel through the internet.
Through the newly-discovered Ether spreading through the Internet?
And can transmit themselves through light waves.
5:57 PM
@kayess I came to ask the same, the "low quality posts" queue was around 500 for a while and is now 37. stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/stats suggests that at least @bluefeet was quite busy. :)
6:11 PM
No more BrainFuck
> This makes everyone equally unhappy, so I consider it an effective compromise
guy should know better at 10k rep
6:34 PM
@cybermonkey The last three were closer to Too Broad (The last one is now closed as such), voted unclear on the first.
@JAL @gunr2171 @Thaillie TF2 tonight?
yup, let me make a steam event
I'm running out of TF2 puns
6:35 PM
yeah, I just got a notification
I need to install TF2 for next week
I wish you guys liked MvM more, we'd destroy everything on Mann Up
I like MvM
JAL doesn't
Depending on the time, I may be able to play for a bit today.
Blow some sh!t up
6:40 PM
I need to train as scout
7:01 PM
under an hour for the elections!
hype hype hype
7:21 PM
is the current tag I'm focusing on for delete votes, so if you have any can you toss them towards those questions (if they deserve it, of course)? Note that this is part of the legal-related cleanup from before
@KevinBrown do you have a low hanging fruit list
@Drew There are only 35 questions, and I think all but 30 qualify as low-view, low-score, few-answer questions
boy smokey 4 years late on that one
A new edit on the answer triggered the check
@Drew Edited
7:26 PM
Arguably, the edit should have been a comment
Agreed, but not the worst edit I've ever seen.
good job smokey i mean
7:39 PM
20 mins till election.
@Sam Nervous?
@Mogsdad Just addin' more fuel to the hype.
I like it!
Here's my surprise spelling mistake of the day: exemple, with 8,632 affected (infected?) posts. Just adding it to the auto-editor...
just started out with Java, I'm finding the lack of dynamic arrays highly annoying..
13 minutes!
7:46 PM
@Mogsdad lol
@Braiam 8D
@Kyll Hey, what channel are the election results on? I've tuned to CNN, but they don't seem to have them!
@Mogsdad You've got to receive galactic news
Ok, adjusting my tinfoil hat...
Still time for one more bump on that "Is This Who You Want Reviewing Your Children's Edits?" Meta post.
3 minutes before it's too late.
less than a minute!
can we issue 5 quick close votes on the election?
> Election closes momentarily.
... It isn't a question?
8:01 PM
josilber is now a mod!
Winners are josilber, Ed Cottrell, and Madara Uchiha.
well, at least one person I voted for made it
But Undo didn't make it
: ( I know
Two out of three, but damn.
8:02 PM
Undo will undo this election.
I voted for Josilber as my first choice, Ed Cottrell as my second choice and Undo as my third.
Undo, josiber, deceze
It is kind of hilarious that someone I'm highly convinced is a sock puppet of ycs is now a moderator.
you say that because of the black-and-white photo?
it's thrown me off so much
@TinyGiant Same people, different order.
8:04 PM
@gunr2171 Primary tags, and previous interactions.
Good evening ploppers
@Rizier123 unless Undo's counter's wrong, that's incorrect: soprimaries.erwaysoftware.com
that's the primaries
@cybermonkey that was before the election started
8:05 PM
is there anything for the actual election?
@rene oh
@gunr2171 there is election bot
ah, thanks
in Fall 2015 Moderator Election Chat, 38 secs ago, by Jeremy Banks
@Mixcels In the end, I wasn't able to commit the time necessary to do the job properly.
It's sort of "language" basic confusion
@kayess nothing?
It asks if you can have vb and c# in the same project
@rene again it's a basic thing that even the IDE doesn't let you to do so
It's a good question imo
8:14 PM
Hm, okay :-)
Now we need a new mod who watches the PHP tag if Gordon is gone.
@kayess but it is an understandable confusion and there is not much wrong with it
@rene alright, if you guys say it fits then it fits :)
@Rizier123 Hmm. Sergeant? General? Who am I thinking of, again? Make them a mod!
8:17 PM
@Rizier123 Ed's main tag is PHP
@TinyGiant Well that's right, and now he is a mod, he doesn't even need the gold badge :)
get Fred in here for PHP
And he can always use his other account if he wants to do something and not have to defend his actions.
@Drew Yup, he's a nice guy. He has patience like a cactus!
8:21 PM
@Kyll Not likely, going to visit my parents tonight
well he actually does. Gotta know how to read him
@Rizier123 Except when he doesn't....
Other times, he just flips out and (fails to) ragequit, but whatever.
unless you want someone to hold someone's hand around the PHP merry-go-round like a tutor
@TinyGiant Hey, I'm right here.
8:23 PM
we all have our moments. That was one
@Mogsdad What is your name Fred now too? ;)
@TinyGiant PHP is a rough tag when you want to survive in it. And I also had a few rage quit's, who doesn't from time to time?
So far I haven't actually ragequit. I just get pissed off and log out.
Hang tight people
@TinyGiant That's "failing to ragequit", no?
8:25 PM
What's that about a fool who keeps his mouth shut?
Plop Félix
@Mogsdad No failing to ragequit is when you say you are going to, then don't
@TinyGiant SO Addiction.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier colloquialism for "HAI!!!!!!!eleven!!!"
SO Close Vote and Rage-quitters
I thought some times ago there had been an agreement on something like stack wars battlefront?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier That was kaiboshed. Apparently we were being too... rough with our words.
just me or there are only 3 items in the CB?
being too rough with words yea lately I've been that, I think...
8:29 PM
We're all guilty, somewhat, of not coddling the idiots..
sometimes the best way to tell someone to "go away!" is not to tell them... but, there are some that don't take the hint
^ attracting new answers
josilber just got out of a meeting and found out he's been elected.
in Fall 2015 Moderator Election Chat, 2 mins ago, by josilber
Ah wow, getting out of my meeting to some good news! Thanks so much everybody and congrats @EdCottrell and @MadaraUchiha!
8:34 PM
@Braiam I found one of your answers the other day, it solved my problem so I upvoted. Thanks.
8:54 PM
> Can I ask something right now? I see that all of you guys are really knowledgeable, maybe you can help me out to set my Christmas tree, I am 75 year old, Help me please, can you?
^ this has got to be the best NAA I've read so far
some people have too much time on their hands

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