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12:31 AM
@SmokeDetector Why?
Why was is considered offensive?
f bomb
Hmm...maybe edited.
Did they edit it in the grace period or something?
@SmokeDetector delete this
Hmm...2 mins.
12:37 AM
Is Closey down?
@Closey commands
Below is a list of commands for the Close Vote Chat Bot

    alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
    commands - Shows this list.
    help - Prints info about this software.
    running commands - Displays a list of all commands that the chat bot is currently running.
    status - Tests if the chatbot is alive and shows simple info about it.

    audit stats - Shows stats about your recorded audits.
    completed tags [min <#>] - Shows the latest tags that have been completed by multiple people.
Did the auto thing get whacked?
@Closey starting
@Undo Good luck!
Ah, yep
rev 1 I think
12:38 AM
@Undo Yeah, now it's BVC(Boring Version Closey) :P
passed c++ audit
passed c# audit
Really, so boring...
1:02 AM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
@Undo Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
1:15 AM
@KevinGuan You weren't there for the Chaos version =p
@Kyll Chaos version? :P
@KevinGuan A blissful time during which Closey was awarded Toy Commands
Which set the room on fire for a couple days
@Kyll what time is it in France?
Should really sleep now x)
@Kyll Good night :P
1:37 AM
Hello Kevin @KevinGuan
Hey @Am_I_Helpful :D
@KevinGuan Met you after so many days.
@Am_I_Helpful Yep :P
How are you @KevinGuan
@Am_I_Helpful Fine, and now I'm busy on moving :P. However my new house is near the old house.
1:41 AM
@KevinGuan Hey, coincidentally, same with me.
Busy shifting my house today/:
@Am_I_Helpful Really? Can't believe it :)
@KevinGuan Oh, seriously! Such a coincidence, I myself can't believe.:)
By the way, yesterday it was snowing here. Now it's very cold.
@KevinGuan In New Delhi, it isn't snowing, but, cold is on it's way.
@Am_I_Helpful Hmm...here's -7 or -5 Celsius outside now.
1:47 AM
o_O, it is 13 degree C here @KevinGuan
@Am_I_Helpful Ah, that's warm ;)
@KevinGuan It's cold for us, almost. The winter season is on its way.
@Am_I_Helpful Hmm...in DoneBei China, always -20, and the coldest is -50...okay I didn't visit there. Here the coldest is -15.
@KevinGuan Oooohhh. I won't be able to survive there.
Where I just moved from usually gets to -40 in the winter. Where I am now, the lowest it ever gets to is 0.
1:55 AM
@Am_I_Helpful :P
@TinyGiant Wow...and what do you think about my comment? :D
@TinyGiant That might be peaceful/warmer then!
Direct link?
Sorry about I rolled back to your old question and voted to close it as This question can no longer be reproduce. I did it because seems like your example and your full code are different question. I mean your example works, but your code should be another question. As I said, if your problem didn't solve, you can ask another question but please with MCVE as @GreenAsJade said(like your old question). Also please remember that don't ask two questions in one question next time. :) — Kevin Guan 3 hours ago
@Am_I_Helpful Much
Hey, one upvote on it :P
1:58 AM
@KevinGuan Now two.
@TinyGiant :D
I would have linked to the mcve page, [mcve] expands to Minimal, Complete and Verifiable example
@TinyGiant Ah, forget that. Next time I'll remember use these magic links :P
Also, I usually throw in a note along the lines of "The code included in your question should be Minimal (only the code necessary to reproduce the issue), Complete (all of the code necessary to reproduce the issue) and Verifiable (we should be able to reproduce the issue using only the code in your question, nothing less and nothing more)"
Because, users don't read something unless you tell them twice in quick succession.
2:01 AM
@TinyGiant Hmm...do we have that comment in our auto-comment?
I don't use 'em. I write my comments out every time.
@TinyGiant :P
I have many "pro forma" comments... stuck in my head.
They come out slightly different every time, to match the situation.
@TinyGiant :D Yeah, auto-comment is fixed. So it can't match the situation every time.
unless we edit it manually.
2:05 AM
But, I am also a native English speaker, so it is easier for me to put forth my thoughts in an eloquent manner than it would be for a non-native English speaker.
So remember what I said, ask a question with Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example: The code included in your question should be Minimal (only the code necessary to reproduce the issue), Complete (all of the code necessary to reproduce the issue) and Verifiable (we should be able to reproduce the issue using only the code in your question, nothing less and nothing more). :D — Kevin Guan 23 secs ago
Simply copy-paste :P
<-- A Chinese
And his English is very bad.
Figured as much from your profile information.
2:07 AM
All this messages killed my smokey message parser O_o
@TinyGiant :D
Hey @UNICYCLEZRDEBESTINDEHERE (really, a very long name)
Well, that's no good. It gets much busier than this at times.
If I suddenly join a room and I don't say anything, don't bother to say hi
I might just be testing stuff
That's some regex
I can simplify it, but I have to take the garbage out. afk.
@TinyGiant later
2:12 AM
I suck at regex :P
@UNICYCLEZRDEBESTINDEHERE Oh, by the way. I remember that when I turn on the Smoke's !!/notify, I received 26 pings tomorrow :P
Nov 17 at 0:28, by Kevin Guan
@SmokeDetector Hate you!! I received 26 pings!
My chatbot has a pingattack command
@TinyGiant So quick :P
2:15 AM


Oct 5 at 8:40, 7 minutes total – 23 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked Oct 5 at 8:47 by UNICYCLEZ R DE BEST IN DE HERE

A little bit simplified regex101.com/r/aY1lQ3/3
@UNICYCLEZRDEBESTINDEHERE Hmm...there's Take one down and pass it around, {num} @{username} on the wall., so actually is 20 pings ;)
2:19 AM
@josilber Congrats, moderator! Your spam busting post sealed the deal for me.
In a ping attack we want as many pings as possible
@KevinGuan I swear 90% of the stuff could be closed based on MCVE
@approxiblue Hey thanks! I really enjoyed that post, even though it turned out you're not supposed to post about that sort of stuff on meta :)
congrats Jon, serve us well
2:20 AM
@Drew And then we can reopen them and close it as too broad :)
@josilber well you're a mod now, you don't need to post on meta anymore
@josilber congrats
@approxiblue Haha I will every time somebody grumbles about declined flags :)
@KevinGuan Thanks!
@josilber I was going to congratulate you earlier but I left before I could. You were my first choice.
2:22 AM
@TinyGiant Thanks!
If I hadn't been moving I would have run, even though the likelihood of me being voted in would have been slim to none, but for the entertainment value alone.
@josilber has it sunk in yet? :p
@TinyGiant Your regex doesn't work if there's [] in title :P
Howdy @Jon :D
@JonClements I am a bit less giddy now, yeah :)
2:25 AM
To all new mods: With great power.... ;)
Mine works with [] in the title
2:28 AM
You should get a badge in regex
> Smokey report: Reason: "All-caps title, repeating characters in title", post type: questions, post ID: 33892830, site: stackoverflow.com
There are much better regexers out there than me.
I just happen to have been doing a lot of work on a project which uses a very large amount of regex recently
Well... a relatively large amount of regex anyway.
2:30 AM
Hmm...still busy on moving, afk.
3:11 AM
> I will make some simplifications here and there; the additional complications are not relevant to answering this question. (This answer is complicated enough as it is.) — Gilles
@Braiam Lol.
@TinyGiant is actually interesting... if you want to know about how *nix kernels handle input
@Braiam Yeah, it is a great answer.
3:48 AM
@Tushar dupehammer it
@Drew hammered
4:03 AM
Eek spam flagged on accident
Instead of flagging to close, I flagged as spam
4:15 AM
Back :)
This one: a_wall_of_code.....a_wall_of_text.
4:30 AM
Should we flag the profile pic of this user Mountain Dew?
@Tushar Just curious: Why did you close a question with a +38 answer as a dupe of a low visibility question, and not the other way around? Personally, I don't think either is a good "goto" question as they both address only a specific (and different) detail of the general issue. Still, I'm not saying it's wrong. It just strikes me as awkward.
@NisseEngström The general rule is to close new question as dup of old question, so
@Tushar Why?
sd deleted
sd win
why what
@Tushar All things being equal yes... but let the quality/usefulness of the posts decide the closing order - not necessarily the age
4:36 AM
well in that case, maybe he should have dupehammered his own JS question tonite and gone the other way :P
FlaggerBot started
Waits for spam
@JonClements They're only a month apart anyway.
FlaggerBot started
FlaggerBot started
FlaggerBot started
4:58 AM
@Drew I was going to suggest that, but I decided against it. I definitely don't agree with the close direction. Nor are they truly equal questions or answers.
I was being more funny than serious. And as I know nothing about JS, well, ya know what I mean
I was kinda blown away at the vote counts on the new question
@Tushar I don't think that is too broad at all. It is a fairly simple questions and users asking how to do something are not required to provide what they have tried, not doing that is a reason to downvote but not to close.
@Drew Basically the loose typing implementation in JavaScript is hilarious. Questions like that are bound to get laugh votes.
However, the newer question is more straight-forward and to the point, and while they are both about the loose-typing conversion of JavaScript doing funny things, neither really encompasses the other.
So unless there was an answer that went in depth and explained all of the ways the loose-typing conversion can be funny and why, they aren't really suitable duplicates at all in either direction.
5:05 AM
That being said, I'm fairly certain there is a very useful canonical post about that stuff somewhere on Stack Overflow that would be a good duplicate target for both questions.
my concern is this. There is a guy in a certain not to be mentioned tag that will close and point to him (the quality of which is of no concern to him apparently). I wouldn't want Tushar to have egg on his face with that perceived petty stuff
@JonClements Wasn't sure about it, so did asked before closing. Reopened question. :)
I was the one that said dupehammer it, but it wasn't from any angle of authority
@TinyGiant As OP didn't bother to try anything and saying Gimme the code, I voted to close it as broad. Answering these type of questions is encouraging the other new users of SO to ask questions without any research/efforts
@Tushar you're a good man Charlie Brown
5:17 AM
or NO MCVE will also do
or Off-site requesting tutorial
that is a rather bad question shall we say
@Tushar But that is an improper use of the Too Broad close reason. The question is not too broad, it is actually a fairly simple question to answer.
Anyways I'm off for tonight.
nite sir
5:41 AM
@TinyGiant The description of Too Broad says, "There are either too many possible answers, ...", so IMO it correct use of it.
5:54 AM
Is there a meta/SE.meta post which shows after how many negative deleted posts you get an answer ban?
@Rizier123 it varies on a matter of things that aren't fully made public
@SmokeDetector deleted
6:53 AM
@SmokeDetector deleted
SO is faster than askubuntu :D
First snow is falling here!
7:19 AM
yeah snow
8:16 AM
Howdy @Tim :D
Morning o/
The spam is strong today
@TimCastelijns Yep
sd deleted deleted
Wow, tag: 499,799 questions tagged.
@Closey stats
8,217 need review
609 reviews today
2,944,905 reviews all-time
8:26 AM
And 2,944,905 reviews all-time :P. Looks like 500,000 Python question will before 3,000,000 reviews.
9:01 AM
@Tushar shortening the url allows to post a link to codepen without having to have code in the question
It's basically cheating the system
9:14 AM
Hmm...let's start
@Closey starting
@KevinGuan By the power of the Vote! Review!
passed Python audit
@SmokeDetector deleted
@SmokeDetector deleted
hmmm, still no?
9:19 AM
@tripleee Yes, you are a privileged user.
@tripleee A message can only edit or delete in 2 mins.
ah, ok, thanks
Try delete this ^
@tripleee Works :)
9:21 AM
yay, I am a VIP
@SantaClaus is coming to town!
@tripleee :D
Work with Smoke is funny, so have fun!
@SmokeDetector deleted
@KevinGuan thanks (-:
@SmokeDetector deleted
error happened!
0: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
9:42 AM
Thank you for reviewing 400 close votes today; come back in 14 hours to continue reviewing.
Thank you for reviewing 41 close votes today; come back in 14 hours to continue reviewing.
Morning all
Thank you for reviewing 0 close votes today; come back in 14 hours to continue reviewing.
Morning :)
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 14 hours to continue reviewing.
@KevinGuan Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
Good morning plopsters
@Closey last session stats
9:44 AM
@KevinGuan Your last completed review session ended 24 seconds ago and lasted 28 minutes and 33 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 42 seconds.
Morning David
@Closey But I spent at least 30 seconds play with you :(
@KevinGuan Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
Ah, okay.
Any idea with this one? There was a link to another SO anwer and and off-site link, then OP said thanks in a comment. Add a community wiki answer? stackoverflow.com/questions/33870213/…
9:46 AM
Its only a starting point though
"plz help me get started" I think the question should just be closed
One of our auto-comments:
> Questions that ask "where do I start" are typically too broad and are not a good fit for this site. People have their own method for approaching the problem and because of this there cannot be a correct answer. Give a good read over Where to Start, then address your post.
@TimCastelijns i have flagged it though
It's fine it's already closed
@KevinGuan i have not yet figured out how that script works. I get only 2 options to insert
9:55 AM
@BrockAdams Running since 09:52:56 UTC (2 minutes)
Hi! I'm flag-blocked but this answer looks like spam
Yes it is
Actually all answers in that question are spam
@TimCastelijns This :D
But that is the question's fault
@KevinGuan why do I have to import them? Why are they not all just there by default
10:01 AM
@TimCastelijns well but a link to a page full of ads is more spammy than a link to Wikipedia
@TimCastelijns Hmm...seems like because these comments was created by us, but the program not.
Oh I didn't know
@TimCastelijns :P
Imported all of them, now it looks messy but it will do :P
@TimCastelijns Oh, remember import this one:
> ###[Q] This is a spam post
Why do you think that post **spam** posts here is a good idea? We will flag this post as **spam**, and this post will as soon as be deleted. So please, don't be a **[spammer](http://stackoverflow.com/help/promotion)**. Life is short, there are a lot of funny things you can do.
10:05 AM
Or not as that comment is a waste of time!
I've seen that before, I don't really like it
Ah, just for fun :)
What about this LQP? Should it be a comment? stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/10330317
I actually think that ignoring spam and just flagging it to go away is the best thing we can do. Adding comments may just encourage more people to see it.
@KevinGuan it may be NAA, but the question is so bad that it's hard to tell for sure
there is a difference between systematic, organized spammers (like the Indian computer training site) and naïve users who do not realize how they are participating in an abusive cost-shifting form of advertising. For the latter, user education is sometimes useful and necessary (but the former will sometimes do their darndest to try to look like the latter)
10:16 AM
@DavidG Yeah I know, I rarely use it, and about to delete it.
@TimCastelijns Okay, I'll skip that.
@SmokeDetector What does kur mean?
Sometimes I think we get more spam comments from Kevin than we do from Smokey...
@KevinGuan 'kur' is 'when' in albanian, duh
looks like the same users as earlier today, posting a repeated string which is a variation of his user name
@tripleee :P
@TimCastelijns Albanian? Good...
10:39 AM
@KevinGuan sorry I was testing some of the flagging parts without flagging so it was spamming
Will disable startup message for now
@UNICYCLEZRDEBESTINDEHERE :P no problem, just kidding about spamming.
FlaggerBot started
Spamming again
How can you override an edit that is under review?
10:45 AM
@TimCastelijns reject it?
reject and edit?
Yeah - that works as a forceful reject :)
Oh that is perfect actually
I've not done suggested edit reviews lately so forgot about that.. too late now
"I would downvote more than once if I could" - are comments like these considered rude or not constructive?
@TimCastelijns Most likely rude, but could be used as an abrupt way to demonstrate a point. For example, if an answer contains highly dangerous code. Still, I think they're not a good thing to see.
Hmm...only I have this problem? Please try click ThiefMaster♦'s profile link here: stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/10331112
10:54 AM
@DavidG it was a comment under "convert code plz" question
@KevinGuan What problem? Link works fine for me.
@KevinGuan works fine, what is the issue
Yeah, not a useful comment then
Hmm...the link become stackoverflow.com/error?aspxerrorpath=/users/298479/thiefmaster here, tried relogin but no luck.
@DavidG agreed. But I mean if you were to flag it, what reason would you pick?
10:56 AM
I'd go with not constructive
Thanks, that's what I did, just wanted to double check
It would be a funny comment
Should be deleted altogether
Can we flag usernames? John Cena seems so come up a lot.
@TimCastelijns Now deleted :)
11:41 AM
Why do notifications (e.g. @name) not work in edit summaries? That would help if you do reviews and you want to notify someone who did an edit on that post. E.g. what he could improve, what he did wrong in the edit, ...
@Rizier123 Probably because it was never implemented. You could make a feature-request for that, I guess. Do expect some objections like "edit summaries are not meant for discussion", though.
@Kyll Plop o/
Let me put this here: There's a discussion on GitHub I think this room can add to. Feel free to head in \o/
11:56 AM
I would love to give head to your link
But it's so unclickable :-(
Woops, fixed
@TimCastelijns Of course there is already a feature-request :D
@Kyll star'd it so everyone sees it on the right side.
@Rizier123 Thanks ^^

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