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1:27 AM
any opinions on this question of mine from last year? i got 2 downvotes on it yesterday, but no close votes: stackoverflow.com/questions/26951615/…
2 hours later…
3:42 AM
@cimmanon I see no reason that should suddenly have attracted 2 downvotes. One little typo, btw. (open TO using)
Auto-editor update! is stable. Spacing around punctuation has been reworked, seems pretty solid. Let me know if you see any weirdness. Tip: Mark filenames or other code-like text as inline code before you click the fixit button, so it gets left as-is.
@Mogsdad btw, have i ever mentioned how much i hate mysql? like, with a burning passion.
@cimmanon I concur! I've been dreading CVQ because that's the top tag currently.
did you know that varchar(0) is perfectly valid in mysql?
But. Uh. Meh... what's the worst that can happen?
you have to add special rules for your mysql->postgresql dump file converter to change it to something not stupid
seriously, i could go on for hours about all of the horrible things i learned about mysql over the course of a year at my last job
bed time
4:15 AM
^ Both destroyed
5:03 AM
Flag or delete, plz:
A: JQuery :visible filter

user5496890ьфниу нщг ырщдв ыгсл ершы сщсл иуащку,

@BrockAdams Already did, someone reported it to sd
Wonder why it's not boomed yet though
5:50 AM
@Tushar I don't know the standards of CR, went with POB
@BrockAdams Finally gone!
@Kyll Thanks!
How is it again?
@AlexanderO'Mara boom
7:18 AM
@Kyll This comment exists for the sole purpose of brutally terminating the grace period. Blooby bloop? :p
7:45 AM
Don't close it as dupe.
8:09 AM
@JonClements Well, before I commented "This is not an answer and will be brutally terminated as such". It was pretty harsh so I went for something smoother. Funny suggestions and puns more than welcome!
^ Or too broad, attracted spam
@Thaillie I would say VLQ
Commented, twice. I need to reduce the size of my auto-comments to be able to edit them properly...
8:41 AM
"Look what I found, fix it for me" :p. What to do with this one :p stackoverflow.com/questions/33562544/…
@Thaillie According to the comments, it seems to slide on "no repro". You could also go with no MCVE since it lacks the HTML. Let's first see how OP reacts to comments.
Hello boyz
and girls
Hello o/
Hey all
9:07 AM
Full German question, under wich flag should it be? stackoverflow.com/questions/33563028/…
@Thaillie unclear?
@Thaillie custom - moderator attention
Why is a mod needed ?
Oh, its spam for some sort of care for refugees :p
Q: What should we do with posts written in a language different from English?

manojlds Possible Duplicate: Is English required on Stack Overflow? Non English question, answer or comment - should I report? I am not talking about questions in C# and answers in Java. What should we do with posts written in languages that are not English, like this one (now deleted)?

9:12 AM
It was spam for dental care rubbish
That's just some random people saying "I always flag for mod attention" though, isnt't it
@JonClements you are blue - how do you suggest we handle these posts?
If it's spam, flag it as such, otherwise, you can leave a comment saying posts should be in English only on SO (link to the suitable MSO FAQ post) and maybe flag for mod with "other" saying it's not in English (although sometimes, the community gets it closed and deleted in the popular tags)
If I can't understand it, I won't know if it's spam though
Google Translate!
and morning all
morning @DavidG
9:18 AM
So many people suggesting 777 permissions there.... terrifying.
Close as no MVCE I suppose
9:55 AM
40 seconds and gone!
@SmokeDetector deleted
10:17 AM
Can I post an external link here? It's basically advertising cool free stuff but since it doesn't cost anything so I'm not sure if that counts
Free beer?
Sadly no, but almost as good
Free bacon?
Sadly no, but almost as good
I dunno what could be almost as good as bacon or beer?
10:25 AM
Free dev stickers? :D
Free rep?
Depends what they relate to I guess. Like if it was PHP then no freaking way!
My friend who sent me the link ordered PHP stickers
Needless to say we are not friends anymore
So you thought you'd inflict PHP on the rest of us too? :)
:( there are other stickers
10:32 AM
I'm sure it's OK to post I guess, at least I don't mind...
There's currently not a whole lot to choose from, but hey, free stuff right
Free stuff is good. Its a bit like when you install Xamarin for the first time and run the demo app they made where you order a T-shirt and a week later an actual T-shirt arrives in the mail.
@Tushar I don't see how no mvce is a valid close reason for that
@DavidG haha cool, I didn't know that. Then again I never tried xamarin
10:50 AM
Think I've still got a load of old SO stickers around somewhere...
@JonClements Could you tell me the code of the safe containing them? Just curious.
@JonClements Sounds like an offer to me...
@JonClements do share;-). I'm still waiting on my package from meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/303988/…
Nearing the end of the 6-8 weeks
At first I actually wasn't sure if that was a joke or not
Ordered JS and NodeJS and Java sticker
@Kyll same but python instead of js
11:00 AM
there ya go...
/me is so freaking envious right now
Haha you weren't joking! Did you get those when you became a mod?
It's the old logo. I bet you have a fortune on your hands right now.
Checking ebay
Nope, those, a couple of t-shirts, a mug and a pen were for being a runner up mod last year :)
Oh, that's a nice gesture.
11:03 AM
So I'm still waiting for this year the 1) swag for Being/helping out in the election room, 2) swag for running for mod, 3) swag for being a runner up as mod, 4) swag for getting elected as mod :p
@JonClements That's worth a tattoo on your forehead =p
Mind you, a couple of pens and another mug/two would make me more than happy :)
I'd love a mug, would make my colleagues super jealous :)
... It would be so cool to have a mug with your badges on it
11:05 AM
Actually my colleagues are all account-less peasants
Doubt they would be jealous
Like, when someone tries to explain you something about a language, you show off your gold in that language
Wear SO shirt => "hey, what game is that logo from" (if I had a shirt)
I don't have a gold tag badge yet, though I'm very close with C#
@DavidG nice :-) at my rate I'll maybe get a gold badge in 2037
user image
The pen is cool though :)
11:09 AM
You're just showing off now, surely that's an abuse of mod privs?
Envious unite
^ When showing off with rep and badges just doesn't cut it anymore
What if Jon is actually a hired marketeer/advertiser that was given mod priv so we would all get jealous of his SO swag and try to better ourselves and behavior on SO so that one day we might also get some
Darn - you weren't suppose to discover that!
You'll get more swag if you get 100k rep too I guess!
11:11 AM
@TimCastelijns So Jon is actually encouraging FGITWing and rep-whoring?
Brb lunch break
What do you guys think of this hot question?
I think the question could be edited to remove the opinion-based part ("what is the advantage...") but I'm not sure how I could reword it (not a C++ guy)
@Tunaki A rewording would fit I think, "what do ... do?" or something like that
11:32 AM
@Tushar Could have been nicer on that one =p
@DavidG Isn't "GUI Application" some default template in that case?
@Kyll I would hope so!
11:53 AM
@Tushar I consider the comments over there really rude and unappropriate
especially the "you should quit programming" part
They have been removed
12:25 PM
Umm... yeah... that descended quickly into non-appropripate comment noise
12:49 PM
Good morning
@SmokeDetector deleted
1:27 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver Body - Position 119-122: >>>
Ugly, but not actionable
Oh, I have 499 posts edited, one more for a gold badge. I feel like I should make this one a decent question to edit!
cv please as duplicate I explained in comment why
1:49 PM
Heya. how to run NSURL connection in xcode 7.1 Should this be too-broad or MCVE or something else entirely?
Also, is it OK to ask these kind of things here?
missing MVCE seems a fit, and yes
@Lafexlos Hi. Yes asking about whether a question should be closed or not is okay here
@DavidG you could edit one of my 0 score answers and bump it to the active feed. ;)
1:50 PM
Generally when people are like "i have an error" without specifying the error and the code that produces it the question is a fit to close as missing MVCE
Yep. Can't help without it.
@theB So you're saying your answers need editing? :P
OK, thanks.
@DavidG Absolutely. :)
1:55 PM
The amount of questions like that one in the python tag..
@DavidG just as an FYI we are no longer commenting when a post gets closed from a cv request. We have a script that we run that will move the request to the graveyard once the post is closed.
I thought we were OK with commenting, just not saying things like "boom"?
As the point is to not sound too antagonistic.
Post is closed tho, when is the script run?
@DavidG First we had
2 days ago, by Lynn Crumbling
As @gunr2171 mentioned earlier, it seems appropriate to stop reporting a closure with "boom" or even "success", but a simple, unemotional "closed" would be enough.
and then
2 days ago, by gunr2171
@LynnCrumbling really, that's not needed either. A script can move the content
@TimCastelijns When gunr gets in I'll get the script from him so I can start moving things to the graveyard. I am still new so I haven't received all of the RO tools yet.
Yup, I just went back and read that too. Got no problem with that apart from a couple of comments. Firstly: Has that script been created yet as I don't think I've seen it running? Secondly: How do comments in a meeting translate to rules/guidelines? Unless someone has summarised the meeting it's just conversation right?
2:06 PM
@DavidG First the script has been created but only RO's can use it. Since I just became one I don't have it. The RO that was running it is having some life changes going on so his site interaction will be very minimal. As for when this will get set in stone I imagine the FAQ will get updated to reflect any changes that came out of the meeting.
(PS not trying to be argumentative, just trying to clarify)
no problem.
Also, wouldn't that script work better inside Closey? Aside from making it an RO of course.
@NathanOliver I believe this is the script in question: github.com/Tiny-Giant/myuserscripts/blob/master/…
There was talk about how to make it automated. I am not sure where that left off at.
2:09 PM
I'm trying to adjust my rude detector sensitivity. Are the comments on this question rude to you?
@NathanOliver I think that would require a RO-bot, no?
@PaulRoub Thanks
@Siguza Yes there was talk of adding it to closey but he would have to be an RO for it to work.
@Siguza ಠ_ಠ
@Tunaki That first one seems a little borderline. But it seems @DavidG is on the case.
2:12 PM
@Tunaki I'd say it's rude, enough for a flag anyway. It's not constructive at all.
I guess "long tool"....
Weren't there a bunch of spammers posting links to long path tool a couple weeks ago?
@theB It's been happening for a while now.
Like, several months at least.
So I shouldn't have suggested it was fp, any way to reverse it?
2:16 PM
false positive
I think he was suggesting false false positive
Yeah, just got it.
@Tim but then would there be a fffp command for reversing a false false positive? :D
Yes that sounds like a good idea
2:18 PM
Okay I have the user script but I have no idea how to run it.
Better yet, a function p(bool)
@NathanOliver Do you use TamperMonkey?
Then use this link to install it github.com/Tiny-Giant/myuserscripts/raw/master/…
Yeah I have it installed. I just can't find how to run it so it moves the messages
2:21 PM
Did you reload chat window?
Right click on page, Tampermonkey, link is there
yeah, it's in the right click menu, took me a while to get that
2:22 PM
but make sure you get the room number of the graveyard first
@gunr2171 What do you put in for the prompts?
first a number (like 100-300), then the room number of the graveyard (90230)
I've already told Tiny about UI improvements, so that idea is bouncing around for the moment
@gunr2171 cool
Have you run it yet, this is exciting! :)
2:31 PM
Yes but nothing seems to happen. I am going to try one more time
It's possible it will take some time to run if you entered a large number
(at a guess)
what number did you put in?
100 - 90230
Hopefully, not the other way round!
Oh. Don't I need to be an RO of the graveyard?
2:32 PM
I don't think so, but let me make sure you are
Alright lets try this again.
if you want I can try as well
actually, let's make this easier to test
just too late
Success. I needed to be an RO.
2:34 PM
I didn't think you needed to be an RO of the target room