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12:24 AM
@TinyGiant mysql and php both suck, but mysql is worse.
1 hour later…
1:34 AM
7 answers in 15 minutes on a lazy duplicate. Java is almost as bad as PHP.
@TinyGiant Much better; The votes float only within the bounds of their post.
1 hour later…
2:39 AM
@Mogsdad That is a terrible dupe. Not the same issue at all.
5 hours later…
7:31 AM
could this be closed as off topic ?
4 hours later…
11:54 AM
Good morning
afternoon :)
hows it going?
same old
12:08 PM
@Javysk Gesundheit.
12:19 PM
are questions on how to submit a bug on topic? stackoverflow.com/questions/32969727/…
@NathanOliver Do they involve programming? No --> no.
This isn't even appropriate for Superuser, as it's not a technical problem
I'd say "off-site resource"
@NathanOliver "How could I get in touch with the authors...": the ultimate off-site resource request.
okay. thanks
12:41 PM
hey there
looks at starboard clearly I missed something
Plop @gunr2171
Yes you did
12:43 PM
I'm still not getting "plop" @Kyll :p
anyways, it's time for "Check That Rep!"
@JonClements Ah, didn't see you! Plop! =D
Today's is this user, who I see has 2 instances of voting reversal
I'm a Ninja Puppy - you only "see" me when I want to be seen and all that :p
@JonClements its his was of saying hi.
@gunr2171 that was the same one from last week?
12:45 PM
Ahh okies - then I'm going to stick with cabbage ala. sopython.com/salad
@Kyll, just say "cabbage" and everything's ok
@NathanOliver yes
now I want corned beef and cabbage
@JonClements, I'm not clear on how much power standard mods have for investigating a user getting serial upvoted (but like sock puppets and such). What can you guys do?
Going to make me some beurre de sardine, brb
@gunr2171 we don't see individual votes - but there are tools that alert us to "patterns" - can't really say more than that
12:49 PM
Ok, what should I do if I see a user that has extremely suspicious upvotes? Like the guy above already has 2 voting reversals.
@gunr2171 Well if he had that means it's a system action
I'm pretty sure there's red flags all over his face
I can mod flag, but I don't know if you have the power to investigate that or that can only be handled be higher people.
^ fixed
@gunr2171 any particular user you're concerned about?
We've been keeping an eye on him every few days
Like I said, I'm happy to mod flag, I just don't know if I'll get a "declined" because mods can't do that. (I once was a victim of serial downvoting and I mod flagged and it was declined)
serial stuff is reversed (normally)
12:55 PM
So just wait? Sure.
Anyway - leave it with me - can't guarantee I'm able to give you a status update, but it'll be looked into
Thanks. It's the 2 voting corrections, about to be 3, that I'm really worried about.
Anyway - has the room finalised the rules yet? I think I saw a draft (which looked great) waiting the sign-off of all ROs or something?
We're waiting on @durron597 to finish his revisions. He's having a hard time finding free time.
Aren't we all
12:59 PM
Hah, such true words
one more question for you @JonClements, If I flag a comment and choose "other", the flag is attached to the comment correctly, right? In my "flags summary" page it looks like I flagged the post the comment is on.
hum, I guess that's the same behavior for all comment flags, so I guess that's fine.
@gunr2171 you know if you didn't flag things you wouldn't have to worry about it ;)
but...but...they're so RED....and flaggy!
^ speaking of "if you didn't flag things you wouldn't have to worry about it..."
@NisseEngström My mistake, I had several possible duplicates open and accidentally grabbed the wrong one. Added a comment pointing to stackoverflow.com/q/31196967/1677912.
1:12 PM
@gunr2171 yup - they appear attached to a post, but yes, flagging a comment is attached to the comment
thanks again
1:55 PM
Is there a threshold for NAA flag automatic deletion?
or is it always user/mod controlled
^^ Is the question itself more appropriate for Super User?
@TylerH AFAIK flags do not pile on unless they are spam / offensive.
@PaulRoub I think not because it's asking how to write a script in AutoHotKey
Got JavaScript bronze \0/
@TylerH NAA's don't trigger a delete - as @Nathan mentions - only spam/offensive flags when they reach +6 do so
1:59 PM
@Kyll nice
@Kyll congrats
@JonClements Gotcha, thanks
@TylerH 6 RD/delete votes will also nuke something in the VLQ under some circumstance
2:02 PM
recommended deletion
2:59 PM
@gunr2171 Just release it, my life is insane right now. I'll have to revise it later.
My moderation activities have dropped to almost zero.
3:20 PM
@cimmanon What would you suggest I use instead?
@Kyll Congratz
@Kyll Congrats from me too
@TinyGiant my guess is postgresql
Haha, or MariaDB
@TinyGiant literally anything else :p
3:26 PM
who needs a database? just write binary files to disk
@TinyGiant @Siguza Thanks! On my way to silver =D
@Kyll congrats
@JAL Thanks! You up for some TF2 in 6 hours?
Yeah If I leave work by then
is there a SO group?
There definitely should be one
3:30 PM
Who can see deleted comments? 10k+?
@JAL only mods, devs
@JAL added
@Kyll thanks, will accept when I get home
how do we handle off-topic questions that have an open bounty? stackoverflow.com/questions/26862931/…
I flag them for moderator intervention
Generally the question is closed and the bounty refunded
3:41 PM
@JAL flag it. make sure you lead with the fact that it is a bounty question (eg. "Bounty question is duplicate/off-topic/etc.")
Wait, I have a declined flag for that
@cimmanon lol'ed at image.slidesharecdn.com/…
thanks, flagged
3:43 PM
@Siguza i think every single compatibility chart in that slide show has mysql as a nuuupe
I have a declined flag for this exact purpose on that question
> This question is off-topic as it does not provide an MCVE and is also likely too broad, but since it has an open bounty on it it can not be closed by voters.
> declined - you'll have to sit out the bounty, best you can do in the meantime is advise the OP in the comments so their bounty doesn't go to waste
The bounty is literally "feed me codz"
@Kyll daaafuq?
it really is up to the mod reviewing the flag. meta recommends you mod flag but my take is don't unless it way off topic.
@Kyll i wouldnt say that it is too broad, seems like a pretty specific question?
3:45 PM
@Siguza I don't understand neither
@Kyll that's just wrong
@cimmanon That's why I went with no MCVE at first
I have "helpfully" flagged other similar bounty off-topic posts
@Kyll Different mods, different actions.
@cimmanon I think I wrote "too broad" because since it lacked any code the answers would likely be various implementations. That's kind of a mistake since it falls within the "no MCVE" scope.
Kind of wanting to make a "Let us close bounty question" feature request
@Kyll What should happen with the bounty though?
3:55 PM
@Kyll There've been a few
@Siguza Let it sit! A question on hold is meant to be edited. All the more reason to edit into on-topicness for the bounty
@Siguza Refunded, or destroyed as a penalty
A bounty is, by design, a guarantee of attention, so any changes would affect how bounties are handled/awarded
@TylerH Yes, and more attention would mean more people eager to edit it and reopen it once it's on-topic
@JAL Refund could be abused by the owner to get the rep back on any question (edit question to off-topic -> closed -> refunded), and destroying could be abused by trolls.
3:57 PM
Wait no. People would reopen it for rep whoring.
@Kyll and @JAL want me to make a steam group?
@gunr2171 Sure ^^
@Kyll Haven't thought of that yet...
@gunr2171 Invite me too pls
sure, working on it
@gunr2171 def, thanks
3:59 PM
@gunr2171 I would kinda love the group icon to be a crappy ms-paint-drawn version of the SO logo :P
@Siguza Or the old logo!
@Siguza Hmm. Not sure what the best thing would be then. For starters, maybe we could disallow posting a bounty on a question that has CVs? But that could also be abused.
Or closey's logo
@gunr2171 Or Trogdor...
Kyll invited, need friend request accepted for @JAL and username for @Siguza
4:02 PM
so this is not expanded... great
i.imgur.com/LuRddaJ.png crappy mspaint logo
@TylerH Starred
@TylerH looks more like bub & bob
@cimmanon I don't know what that is
4:04 PM
and applied
invitation sent to @Siguza
Lookin' good
Not sure this chat is the best place for Steam discussion
bah, whatev's
I will join when I get home if I remember
4:05 PM
Oh. Got "Outspoken". Didn't even know it existed!
"You talk too much"
the favicon for that image almost looks like the Java logo
well, that's your fault
Or is it the server's fault
Ok, so that was my attempt at a logo:
@Siguza darn, yours is definitely crappier
4:10 PM
19 hours of DMC 5, good man
Any way to run a code search on GitHub? If I search for object.method = it will instead search for object method
(Which returns all the times object.method is used and not when it is defined)
@Kyll If I remember right, you can't search for special characters on GitHub
which is a total joke
@gunr2171 Wanna compare that to yourself?
> You can't use the following wildcard characters as part of your search query: . , : ; / \ ` ' " = * ! ? # $ & + ^ | ~ < > ( ) { } [ ]. The search will simply ignore these symbols.
Thanks for the "code search"
Guess that's one good reason to switch to lolcode
4:14 PM
A: Incorrect suggested edit review count

Chris Jester-YoungThis has been fixed and will be deployed in build 3746 for MSE/MSO, and build 2869 for other sites. Many thanks to Jon Ericson for diagnosing the issue!

@Kyll OK HAI
@gunr2171 Holy crap finally?
Holy FAQ
4:16 PM
@gunr2171 omg omg omg
@Siguza Right now I am searching the Meteor repository for the definition of Meteor.call. Having a fun time...
Somebody needs to invent webgrep.
Meteor call sounds like an epic D&D spell
@ArtjomB. Maybe it can be edited into searching for high-level approaches to this problem
@gunr2171 accepted
4:19 PM
@gunr2171 my account is older, but i am a cheapskate :p
@TylerH Thanks for preventing me reading my codes in a sane way ever again
@JAL invited
Oh boy a scheduled event
Ok wait
Do we have a full TF2 roaster here?
heyyy, I don't feel too bad about myself steamdb.info/calculator/76561197999761506/?cc=us
4:21 PM
@Kyll Well, I've never played before... I intend to, some day when I have time...
you've played more skyrim than I've played TF2
I'm a big Elder Scrolls fan
@gunr2171 joined, thanks
steamcommunity.com/id/kyll pretty much okay there
@Siguza well we're trying tonight if you want a crash course
all that Skyrim time is one character, too
@gunr2171 time?
@TinyGiant I know... Catching all of it too. Screw GitHub so hard for that
@Kyll I don't think so. It would be almost certainly too broad.
4:23 PM
I've played about 100 hours of Civ IV too, but that was not through Steam
@Kyll What line/file are you wondering about?
typeof Meteor !== 'function'
that's not a line / file
Meteor implements Meteor.call for a kind of RMI. I am searching for the definition of this
also I dunno what those Sanctum/SpeedRunners games are... they must be free weekend games or something that Steam auto-adds to peoples' libraries
4:24 PM
@ArtjomB. ?
@Kyll You're looking for the function definition of Meteor then.
@gunr2171 Alright, that should work... but I can't stay too long then (an hour and a half should work)
@TylerH Sanctum is a first person shooter / tower defense
@Siguza works for us
@JAL Sorry, clicked into a row
Because .call calls the function. You don't define call.
4:25 PM
> typeof Meteor !== 'function'
@gunr2171 Alright then
Btw, do you guys have a TS server? Because if not, there's one a ts.siguza.net
@TylerH did you want to join the steam group?
You do define call when you make dumb decisions
@Siguza mooggaming.net is the TS server I host
@gunr2171 Sure
I can't do it from work but when I get home I can
4:26 PM
I sent a friend invite, once you accept that I can add you to the group (because that's how it works, it's ... great)
@gunr2171 Alright, I'll drop by then
I'm off for a bit, cooking dinner
I'm off for a bit, having lunch
4:31 PM
I'm a bit off.
almost lunch time for me
whoever schedules sprint planning during lunch clearly doesn't eat
We've got a Steam Group. If anyone would like to join send a friend invite to gunr2171 and ping here as well.
I'll pin that for a few days
@SmokeDetector missed it by 4 seconds :(
What kind of spam includes:
4:36 PM
> -Don't Buy Before Read! It's Scam
Is there anything in ES6 to do better partial applications than with Function.protoype.bind?
@kyll this may return better results github.com/meteor/meteor/…
@Kyll Why would you need anything other than .call and .bind?
@TinyGiant With all the nice new parameter capacities I thought that maybe there would be a cool way to write partial applications
Hmm... don't know.
Without the need to call bind
Are the images in this answer inappropriate for SO or does it fall into a grey zone?
4:54 PM
@kyll can you console.log(Meteor)?
@Kyll You'll only take my ASCII porn away when you pry it from my cold, clammy keyboard
Rule-34ing again!
Damn twice in two days
It's the same day for me
that's even worse!
4:55 PM
@TinyGiant 40 fields in it. I have solved the issue I had btw
@Kyll I say they are okay but that is just me.
if a question is going to massively down voted is there any reason to VTC it?
@NathanOliver people will still find it >.>
@NathanOliver "I am voting to close this question as off-topic because BÊÊÊÊH I AM A SHEEP"
Downvotes are not a close reason
I just wasn't sure as normally the OP deletes and close votes are precious.
5:02 PM
> when we are entering some url to open a website it may be linked to oher website..and it opens..what is the main reason behind it??also can u suggest me best topic on network security..thank u
While I was at lunch today, there were more than 150 new questions posted. Won't be long before there are 1 million of them. No wonder FGITW is the prevailing behavior driving answers & upvotes.
I don't even look at anymore except to close vote.
^^^ Not entirely true
5:10 PM
@TinyGiant I've been repwhoring with mixed success. It's so much less work there than my normal tags.
@Mogsdad Yeah, it's just so hard if you don't want to be a rep-whore.
@TinyGiant Tell me about it...
This is the funniest thing I have read today. Thanks! — Kyll 6 secs ago
I'd say this is pretty offensive. — Tiny Giant 9 secs ago
> and forget that thousands of people died for your right to say what you feel.
@TinyGiant yep its more than a petty offense.
5:17 PM
@TinyGiant how do you quote SO posts and comments?
Post the permalink
@JAL Right-click the time at which it was posted, copy the link, paste it here
oh so you can do that for comments only, not questions right?
please censor my post to prove my point. — codyc4321 23 mins ago
@JAL Any post link oneboxes
got it
5:19 PM
@JAL Easiest way to share a question/answer is paste here the link provided by the "share" button
A: In what cases can the "offensive" flag be used?

codyc4321The offensive flag should be used anytime you want to disrespect American values, and forget that thousands of people died for your right to say what you feel.

got that, was just wondering what the difference was between that and the inline quote
@JAL Just dont use that for questions and answers from sites other than SO and Meta.SO
@NathanOliver or comments
5:20 PM
Except on chat.meta.se every se site oneboxes
wow, is that guy a big troll?
@gunr2171 irrelevant
ugh, can we just delete that post already?
no problem Kyll — codyc4321 2 mins ago
I mod flagged the post
5:27 PM
someone mod flag that post..
I tried to flag, as rude, but I've already flagged as VLQ, which also denies me the option to custo-flag.
Well, I already flagged it as offensive.
It's not VLQ, nor NaA
Man. I thought this was just a troll but he's burning about it
@Kyll so did I
oh yay, I can still flag their comments
> Please delete. Author has gotten out of hand from comments and post has no relevance to post.
5:30 PM
I delete voted it.
@TinyGiant Seriously? Don't feed the troll
Awwweeee, why not?
It stopped being funny five "get over yourselves" ago
I'm glad we don't get notifications for meta comments. — bob 7 secs ago
Flag the comments for free "helpfuls"
5:32 PM
Boom, it's gone
thank god
too easy
Next comes the meta question "Why do all youz hate America?"
Such people make me wanna set the world on fire
Too bad we can't respond to comments with images. This would have been so perfect:
I just wanna set the world on fire... generally.
@Siguza flagged as offensive
@JAL but all the people who died!
Your offense is making me offended
I should just flag myself at this point
hello sam!
5:36 PM
@Sam awww you came too late
Call to action...
I wonder why I would get down votes without people mentioning what is wrong with my post? That's why I hate Stack Overflow META. Just seem to be mean spirited trolls here who just want to punish people. — nerdist colony 22 secs ago
@Kyll For what?
curses myself for not taking a screenshot
5:37 PM
@Sam We all hate America apparently.
i got one, hang on
Oh, meta. Right.
@gunr2171 Why does my comment have such an offset?
5:39 PM
@JAL whoops, beat you too it I guess.
haha oops
nice one though
@TinyGiant, you think that's cute or clever, but I bet you don't do anything really magic like what πάντα ῥεῖ described. So maybe I'm not the dumb one for asking, and maybe you're not as smart as you think you are. — nerdist colony 1 min ago
@Kyll I have "threaded comments" userscript
like that
Magic​​​​​​​​​​ — Tiny Giant 3 mins ago
Doing better than google atm.
5:42 PM
Damn it's a good morning for meta
guys! guess what? :D
wow shog9 laid out the smack down
mods be like
5:47 PM
@bob We should've sent him this.
Feels like this should be closed as something... 60/40 POB vs. Broad
> whether (and when) it should be used
pob imo
if([].length) !== if([].hasOwnProperty('length'))
@PaulRoub Need some rejection votes on that edit too.
5:53 PM
voted, needs one more
@JAL Overruled by Reject & Edit :P
I don't think that question is opinion-based though
There are different use cases for hasOwnProperty than direct property access
When are you guys going through the queue today? Is there an event time set?
@JAL I don't think I will. Assignments and stuff...
oh that's nifty, thanks
should have known about that
First time for everything.

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