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12:00 AM
language-agnostic is for code that is actually working/relevant, just not limited to one language
that's not to say that either of those are great fits for SO, though...
@TinyGiant I think wiki would be better off edited than trying to burn it
Whoa! My flags just refilled.
And I've already used 10.
Is there really a situation where [design] will actually help the question? Most of the ones I've seen have to do with CSS, and pretty much every CSS question is about design in one way or another.
As for code design questions, well those will all be pob
Unless you're asking about a specific design pattern
@Unihedron yep, it's 00:04 GMT
12:04 AM
@TinyGiant well it depends; tags are for searching, so if someone has a design-related question, it would help to use that tag
@TylerH Cool. I haven't tried flagging near a day change before, so this was a nice surprise.
however, most design questions are off-topic these days
Now I get to go on a flagging spree, 150 flags in a row.
you have 75 flags?
12:05 AM
100, but it refilled at 50
I only have 50
go work on it, you get +1 flag every 10 net helpful flag (helpful - declined)
oh yeah
I am working my way to marshal
@TylerH Most of the questions I've seen in that tag that aren't about CSS are off-topic.
50 or so flags left for that
12:06 AM
I have like 8500 helpful flags, marshal is beyond history here
@TinyGiant the design tag is not for visual design
@Unihedron yeah I saw your profile
Maybe I should start botting like Andy did and spend my time somewhere better
@TylerH I know, but that is what a majority of the questions with that tag (that I've looked at) are about.
@TinyGiant so probably most CSS questions that use the tag are probably mistagged
So a majority of the questions should be retagged and the others are mostly off-topic, why not a burnination?
12:08 AM
should probably be made a synonym of
@TinyGiant if there are a sizable number of questions that are not off-topic then the tag should remain, but I agree either way it could use a massive clean-up
but I think it's a bit more than this room could handle
Anyone else thinks this should be deleted? stackoverflow.com/q/13412666/3622940
Contrary to OP's compliment, the answers are useless and the question probably won't help anyone.
Boy I sure miss that close reason
Use it then.
I try to use only the provided ones
often if I find that I would have to use a custom reason, the question is probably not actually in need of closing, I just don't like it
because there are tons of questions I would close as "lacks minimal understanding" but that's not a requirement to ask a question on the site
Anyway, yes I would delete it if I had delete votes
I don't get it.
12:19 AM
And downvote the answers to 0 so it will get auto deleted
12:30 AM
@JonClements Can I feed you some old questions that are just being kept around because they have comments?
I didn't think comments kept stuff alive
Yeah they do, if there is more than one
strangely just seen a flag requesting comment deletion for that exact reason
Probably mine...
it's tagged source, so I'm guessing so :)
12:32 AM
I didn't want to start flagging a whole bunch of questions.
umm that's fine - feel free to flag away
Just flag them? You don't want me to just make a list?
If you flag them, then there's history attached to each post in case there's ever any queries
Ahhh OK, I'll get a bunch togethe then let you know and I'll flag them all at once to streamline it.
Hey! I just reached a milestone of 2,500 posts edited!
12:37 AM
@Unihedron nice
it will catch up to my other stats one day
Wow, this method of getting rid of old questions is hard on the votes. I only have 4 up or down votes left lol.
@JonClements Ready? I have 13 ready to go
Okay dokies
12:51 AM
1:04 AM
So when you VTC old questions like that does it just get automatically deleted or did you delete a bunch of those?
I deleted the real shite, closed some etc...
there's an automatic deletion script that automatically scraps questions matching some criteria
Yup... but figured while I was there...
A: Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year?

Jeff AtwoodJust to formally document the exact policies we have in place to remove old abandoned / dead questions, the Community user will delete questions in the following circumstances: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is not locked ...or... it ...

But yeah, deleting shite is good.
1:06 AM
Oh, you meant when. It runs sometimes, there's not much of a schedule to mention.
Yeah, the 9 days one runs nightly and the 30 day and 365 day ones run weekly. I was just wondering because I was watching my flags getting marked helpful and as he was going along there was a bunch that were both on hold and deleted afterwards.
Being that a post cannot be undeleted by anyone other than a mod after a mod deletes it, I didn't think there would be much point in both closing and deleting, which is why I was asking. But, if the user does revisit their question then they would not only have to try and get a mod to undelete it but they would also have to edit it to be reopened. So what I thought was unnecessary was actually a good thing.
But closing is the criteria to deleting.
Mods can delete with closing
Mods can delete anything. Whether it is because it is simply an old abandoned question that hasn't served anyone, or because it is genuinely closeable.
1:12 AM
I just close because the site keeps stats about close reasons... so where they were off-topic, then it's handy to close them as off-topic so it counts towards the close reason stats etc...
Deleting questions: "You must wait for a question to be closed for 2 days before you can vote for deletion. This restriction is removed for trusted users when a post scores -3 or lower."
That is for everyone but mods
While at it, do mods get limited close votes per day?
The only restriction is that we have the same up/down vote as everyone else
It's an answerable question - what makes you think it needs closing?
Well, it was asked 11 months ago with 30 views and is currently sitting at a score of -1. I'm willing to bet that the four upvotes on the top answer were placed within minutes of the answer being posted as other users saying "This is the correct answer" instead of "This is useful". All-in-all it doesn't seem to be serving anyone.
It's not doing any harm though
True, I suppose...
Retagged to
1:48 AM
Woo hoo... it's made the hot posts on meta list: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/300378/…
That's been on there all day.
@SmokeDetector why?
@TinyGiant Body - Position 2348-2352: acai
Oh... shows how much attention I pay to things then :p
lol, that smokey post is a false positive.
1:50 AM
I wonder if I can fp it in here....
new feature request.
3:03 AM
And that lovely completely wrong answer by an 11k+ user :)
@TinyGiant Or migrated to programmers if they're new enough.
@TylerH I was mostly joking.
@Unihedron What the heck do you flag so much of??
Yeah, and good enough. I think if we tried to mass request a bunch of questions be migrated to programmers there would be a firestorm
@durron597 this entire site is flag worthy
I have the magic index thinger that turns things into gold indicators of low quality content
@durron597 yeah 90% of my helpful flags were on unihedron's posts
^^^ Not true
3:11 AM
@TinyGiant I VTCed all of your requests, I had already VTCed one of them (one of the source ones)
@Unihedron Yeah but are they comment flags?
I don't bother with most of things I could flag as too chatty.
Comments with magic erasure keywords.
Awesome, I thought I'd stop posting requests for a while and started looking for questions to answer (bad idea) because I was flooding the room. Will post some more later on.
Also if a bunch of comments are flag worthy I just flag one as custom and ask for the whole batch to be removed.
27 secs ago, by Unihedron
Comments with magic erasure keywords.
I figure that's easier for the mod.
@Unihedron I guess you have a SEDE query for that?
3:14 AM
I flag one comment on solved questions letting the mods know that the issue was solved and that they can remove all of the comments.
Maybe; I forgot
ask me next time when I go on a flagging spree
You just did one a few hours ago
Where did you get them from?
6 mins ago, by Unihedron
I have the magic index thinger that turns things into gold indicators of low quality content
I've run out of flags often when flagging each comment as obsolete, I'm sure it would be an easy way to get the marshal badge though.
@Unihedron You mean an API app?
@JonClements Are these comments flaggable (obsolete)? stackoverflow.com/questions/31688104/…
3:16 AM
when in doubt flag it out
It'll stand as a Q&A pair without the comments... they've served their purpose for clarifying stuff
@JonClements I mean, I would never flag those comments normally. Should I be?
If they're relatively new and look like an ongoing discussion mods will tend to turn them down if they're not getting out of hand
but the question has been answered, OPs gone... comments aren't needed... if you choose to flag I wouldn't dismiss it... up to you
@JonClements Okay, I did it, but I feel like I just wasted you or another mod's time.
They weren't harming anything.
then don't flag
it's not like mods' job isn't to handle flags
3:22 AM
yeah... let's destroy durron's flag ratio!!! evil chuckle
IMO it's mod's job to handle flags that actually harm the site in some way
a discussion of possible solutions doesn't harm the site.
that's your opinion, not the system's
anyway you still want the SEDE query? I got it now
@Unihedron It's also my opinion that closed questions scoring -7 with one answer with a score of 1 that isn't accepted is downvote worthy
@durron597 I share your sentiments.
That's my opinion though, and it causes the system to delete the question and answer, but it's not how the system is designed.
Well, the intent, anyway.
3:25 AM
Also, if you're using the query, I'm currently at filtering by commentthread < 2 & date > 2012-10-02 13:16:23
so you'll reach dead ends if you go that range
If I read a question where the questions's score is 0-2 and it has exactly one answer with a score of 1 and an accepted answer with a comment by the asker "Thanks! That worked for me", I know I can flag it as too chatty but it just seems like a total waste of time to do so.
then don't
But I know a mod will delete the comment and give me a helpful flag if I do it.
It's not like removing one useless comment out of the pool of millions does anything
It's just twisted incentive.
3:27 AM
@durron597 Yay random counters gets incremented!
no really, I doubt that's incentive
@Unihedron Marshal is incentive.
chat flags except rude/offensive/other are generally lower priority anyway
The marshal badge is incentive
@durron597 I would like a box of marshal badges.
@JonClements Are you telling me that when you get a "too chatty" flag in the queue where someone is just saying "thanks" you feel like it was a good use of your time?
3:29 AM
@durron597 Well, they get to remove useless comments.
It makes the site better in some way.
Jon loves acting on flags, especially Unihedron's
well normally, I let them build up a bit... then just blitz 'em - only takes a couple of seconds
I mean, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it actually is a good use of time according to mod consensus and I shouldn't feel like it's a waste.
It's not that much time wasted.
Well, from mod comments on meta, I think the mods are all for more policing of comments.
3:30 AM
You're forced to wait 5 seconds between each comment flags, mods can rush through them in pace faster.
@Unihedron You still have to actually validate that it actually is too chatty though
Just like I have to validate that a question actually is close worthy in the CV queue.
@durron597 What exactly about "Thank you so much dear this solved my problem:)))" is hard to validate?
A jaded moderator, after 50 of such flags, would get into blitz easily.
@Unihedron You have to read it.
Plus, I've already flagged over 200 comments since the mod election results, so I should have decently warmed them up. grin
@durron597 Welcome to the world of skimming.
TLDR thanks and no other content, delete
Because a moderator's job is to keep false positives low.
3:32 AM
too chatty is probably one of the easiest flags - as is NAA
Thanks, blah-de-blah... delete
Yeah, but judging if a comment is useless isn't that hard, since most comments are useless.
Again, this is just my perception, if @JonClements is telling me I'm wrong, then I'll start flagging too chatty more.
Doesn't take long to work out that "Thanks! You saved my life!" is NAA
You can tell a comment from ones not flag-worthy just like how fizzbuzz works for interviewing.
Sure, only idiots fail, but most applicants are.
3:33 AM
@Unihedron It's pretty disturbing how bad applicants are at fizzbuzz.
It's our primary on site interview question.
I actually don't often flag as too chatty. Most of the time I'll edit the relevant info into their respective posts, then flag one as custom and request the mod delete all comments.
Applies to reviewing flags as well. Surely skimming isn't accurate enough, but that doesn't matter because useful comments raises your "Wait, double check" seventh sense when 99.5% other comments don't, and they're delete-worthy
Out of a couple dozen applicants, only one did it well and a second did it okay that I didn't immediately shred their resume. Thankfully the first one accepted the offer.
It was an expletive deleted (hi jon!) embarassment.
Also, to reward myself for the many helpful flags, I'm going to draw a box of badges for myself.
I'm going to guess "porn"
3:36 AM
@Unihedron beeping heck - how many comment flags :P
5180	comments flagged
5156	deemed helpful
24	declined
Yeah I know... I just had a quick peek as I was curious :p
You're welcome
geez, I have 195 helpful and 10 declines.
for your information:
3:37 AM
Most of my declines are from early in the site and/or rejected requests for historical lock.
Oh, and I have some rejected spam flags for people who were blatantly spamming their product but it also answered the question somehow and they self-disclosed.
My declined spam flags are from cupcake's plagarism flagging festival
Well... I'm stuck on 1077 helpful and 18 declined... :(
A: Does typesafe's config support custom converters?

raccAnother alternative to what you're trying to do is to use a Classpath scanner to scan for your custom annotation (which I assume is a Binding Annotation) and then bind your configuration values to those types annotated with those annotations. This is the exact approach I take in developing my li...

Wait, mods can flag comments as well right?
3:39 AM
Almost all of that user's answers are like that. I got a declined spam flag on one of them that Flexo deleted later.
@Unihedron yeah... only actually have to use spam / offensive flags now though
@durron597 FizzBuzz
FizzBuzzy enough?
... can't you declare "string" in the loop?
@TinyGiant Now just do it with no conditional branching of any sort including the loop construct.
3:42 AM
Can I use functional recursion?
Nvm, I can figure it out.
No. If you use recursion, you must recurse infinitely.
@TinyGiant The fact that you even think of that means you're a better programmer than just about everyone we interviewed.
This user's recent contributions are LQ: stackoverflow.com/users/4959290/mcmatt
... and they're all in the tag I'm patrolling >:(
Make sure to look at the revision history of his posts
I'm stunned he didn't get a suspension after this morning's antics.
3:46 AM
wow, such a user
whoops, mind me
It's an easy typo to make :)
I'm just a rude person, that's all
@durron597 for(var i = 1; i <= 100; ++i) console.log(i % 3 === 0 ? i % 5 === 0 ? "FizzBuzz" : "Fizz" : i % 5 === 0 ? "Buzz" : i);
@TinyGiant ternary operator is conditional branching.
3:51 AM
so is i < 100
@TinyGiant if you're doing it in javascript, this is a hint
I read brackets, not branching.
I might have an idea
Wanna do code golf?
I would actually have to learn how to use the javascript array functions, which for some reason I have been procrastinating about since I started working with javascript four months ago.
console.log(["FizzBuzz", "Fizz", "Buzz", i][~~i%3+2*(~~i%5)]);
ugh it doesn't work
Bah... code golf isn't particularly fun in Python :(
3:59 AM
sorry about that
Can I say I friggin hate how people keep closing things as duplicate of "What is a NullPointerException, and how can I fix it?"
Hey, you're the first mod in the python domain, right?
@Unihedron Tied with Martijn I suppose?
Nope - ThiefMaster and Martijn
@JonClements I always forget about ThiefMaster.
4:01 AM
Sorry ThiefMaster >_<
All mods must program Python!
@Unihedron I'll make sure to let him know :)
I never see him in deleted answers really
Mostly in deleted answers I see Flexo, to be honest.
And the brand new mods.
Anyways, I'm out for now. It's been a pleasure as per usual. I'll probably come back and bug you guys in a little bit.
And ChrisF.
4:02 AM
see ya @Tiny
@TinyGiant See ya
Oh and I see a lot of bluefeet, obviously. (though not very recently, obviously.)
Good closing to all, and to all a closing good time!
But bluefeet is gone :,(
Oh - don't worry - she's busy :)
4:04 AM
Do you think it's for the better?
in Java<>, 2 hours ago, by Unihedron
@JudeNiroshan The tides are roaring in a foreign country. Every moment, so many wonderful things around the world are happening, but all good things changes eventually. We're all missing out. Can you still love the place you live in as it changes?
@Unihedron I feel like 5 mods can replace bluefeet and bill. two mods most likely couldn't, but 5 can.
Oh, Andrew stepped down too didn't he?
Frankly, I think just replacing isn't enough.
@Unihedron Good point
The site is still in exuberant growth.
Flag handling time has been pretty good in the last few weeks
Except when I ask for historical lock, but that's normal.
4:06 AM
We still need work to improve our image for programmers to ask good questions, as well as keeping up good models where moderators appear more often.
I think the intent is that moderators are an invisible hand
You can't see deleted stuff without 10k rep
You can't see deleted comments at all
Flag reviews are anonymous
To me, these design decisions make me think it's intentional.
anyway, it's bedtime here. tomorrow is another day to crush beginner's hopes and dreams of ever getting their easily googlable questions answered
gn all!
peace, cap'n
stay safe!
@durron597 sleep well
4:09 AM
Now I'm gone :)
@Unihedron believe it or not - we're keeping on top of the queues very nicely :p
I believe you
and I'm sure we can count on you
phew I pulled that deception off nicely... :p
your team, on the other hand
participation tab is removed from SO :(
4:21 AM
Umm... not sure I remember that one - what did that show?
see MSO participation tab for example
based on votes, edits, etc
ahhh okies
2 hours later…
6:13 AM
Dang. 8am and I've already finished the review queue.
6:29 AM
@Nisse what are you going to do for the rest of the day? :p
7:11 AM
heya rene
hey Jon, good morning
don't close question I'm about to close
Okay - I forgot my crystal ball anyway...
Oh, but...but.. you are a mod...
I'm a new mod - I've heard rumours that that comes further down the line as swag though :p
7:24 AM
Hello All, Afternoon here.
7:35 AM
When you see posts like this I always wonder if badges are like bitcoins....
@SmokeDetector ignore- edited
2 hours later…
9:23 AM
marc_s shouldn't edit spam posts and not tag it with [spam]
1 hour later…
10:33 AM
@Deduplicator voted...
0s all around
@Kitler done, now at 4/5
boom :D
10:52 AM
Skeet brings javascript compare semantics to c#: somewhatequal
11:56 AM
Good "whatever time of day it is for you" fellow closers
@rene I have never asked but do you lack focus? your flower is a little blurry.
Yes, I lack focus, good observation.
12:24 PM
@rene And I thought you were just busy with what's going on in the background...
@Deduplicator Maybe I try to blend in but failed...
There is still a lot of things to fix with the new navigation... looks like the UI got better fleshed out since the first iteration but the under-hood-mechanics need moar love....
12:55 PM
@rene boom
and morning!
tnx, morning

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