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12:48 AM
"I like playing minecraft"
"I am a youtuber"
wow, i can feel the professionalism :P
1:05 AM
It's alright, everyone starts somewhere.... albeit from being a minecraft youtube popstar......
by the way, does anyone have experience in using mongodb?
I've only been using sql, never mongo.
@user3781180 rofl
what bothers me most is the combination of youtubing and minecraft - cue uni's background of prejudice in "wannabe minecraftians on youtube"
yeah i understand the vibe
1:34 AM
hello everybody
how are you ?
@Unihedron are you serious? were you here throughout the the whole night? 0_0
Can I join you ?
1:41 AM
@Abderrahim hi
hi @JudeNiroshan
@JudeNiroshan The tides are roaring in a foreign country. Every moment, so many wonderful things around the world are happening, but all good things changes eventually. We're all missing out. Can you still love the place you live in as it changes?
@Unihedron only if that is changing to a way that makes a world to become a better place. But that won't happen normally
didn't slept last night and came back to office
@JudeNiroshan Do you think reconstruction and taking down historical places filled of memories in name of revitalization is for the better?
guys do you guys do servlet stuff?
1:47 AM
@user3781180 bit :D
ooh i got a weird problem...
org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol destroy
INFO: Destroying ProtocolHandler ["ajp-nio-8009"]
Jul 29, 2015 6:39:39 PM org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol destroy
SEVERE: Failed to destroy end point associated with ProtocolHandler ["ajp-nio-8009"] <-- stemmed from a Nullpointerexception
And this is shortly after I changed my dynamic web project to maven project
@Unihedron not at all. Original essence of it will fade away
im just really frustrated
@user3781180 you have errors in your web.xml file
yeah, my web.xml got turned into a stupid pom.xml
or, more like my web.xml got deleted and pom.xml showed up, so I went to the
1:49 AM
@user3781180 i haven't worked with maven :(
welp, you have any experience with web.xml's though? :o
@user3781180 as i said, bit
maybe I'll try rewriting it
@user3781180 your mappings are mismatching
@JudeNiroshan Have you ever seen the tides?
1:50 AM
what do you mean by mapping?
@Unihedron how can i say no to a question like this when i'm living in an island
@user3781180 servlet mappings with url patterns
oh so you mean, an error with the annotation & the web.xml?
first start with a single mapping and try to add one by one. Then you'll figure out which is causing the problem
1:53 AM
ah i see
okay I'll report back with the results, thanks! ^_^
@Unihedron what made you to ask this ?
No reason at all.
so, even uni has no reason sometimes when he is just talking :D
... what exactly about it surprises you?
@Unihedron minds like yours asking questions like this ^ :P just kidding
1:57 AM
... I don't get it.
sounds like end of a tired day for uni
It's the beginning. It's 10 am.
man from 2 1/2hours in future
@JudeNiroshan hey Jude, I deleted every one of the welcome tabs and the error still persists
I heard somewhere that in java EE project there's no real need for web.xml's?
is it the fact that I don't have any servlets connected in the web.xml that's causing problems?
nevermind, I got it, thanks!
2:32 AM
@user3781180 I think you don't need it when you have pom.xml and maven project structure
right, I thought so too, but when maven automatically deleted the web.xml the server crashed
@JudeNiroshan oh sorry, keep forgetting to use the reply function
@user3781180 you'll get used to it :D
2:47 AM
@JudeNiroshan haha thanks :)
3:24 AM
hey guys
anyone here?
Just corpses
@Sweeper sup!
This room's name is kinda nice, Java generics.
You guys don't talk much, do you?
Talking is forbidden and will get you killed by the silent killer, who doesn't like noise.
Oh you're minecrafty-looking!
just like me
OMG, this is really silent
3:37 AM
What's Minecraft?
Oh, that! It's been so long I almost forgot.
That's your profile photo
how can you forget that
Yeah, the sandbox game right? I used to develop it in its mid days
"mid days"?
what's up?
I quit their team because of... reasons
3:39 AM
I'm a new here too, but peeps are nice and helpful and I'm here if you need anything that I can help with : ^ )
So you worked at mojang before?
You wrote mods?
I'm a core contributor.
As well as bukkit, later.
Oh I see
It seems like that Minecraft 1.9 has been released today
I hope the Forge API for 1.9 will be better, no more methods and fields with funny names
3:43 AM
Instead you should wish for Mojang to stop being stupid and obfuscate another layer which prevents MCF having to do that to begin with.
correct me if im wrong
but I thought mojang is no longer the owner of minecraft?
or is it working in tandem with microsoft or something
no, mojang is bought out by microsoft
Microsoft owns mojang
MS -> Mojang -> Minecraft
and mojang owns minecraft
so Microsoft owns minecraft
3:46 AM
Even if Microsoft doesn't own Minecraft it's not like the game wasn't going downhill since 1.6
My only concern is that this has caused and to be populated by idiotic questions by wannabe programmers who tries to code without knowing the fundamentals
"What am I doing wrong?" programming, duh
I feel like the minecraft generation switches slowly to league of legends
like me haha
Heh, it's not like I care about either, so that metaphor kinda works
Can't say I'm not a dumb programmer either, but at least I've had some fundamentals
3:48 AM
what's bukkit by the way?
It's like server plugins
It's an API for the server-side build that runs Minecraft.
It has implementations CraftBukkit (DMCA'd) and Spigot
But I liked to write mods so I used the Forge API more often
I don't know much about bukkit
Meh, I've spent my time somewhere more interesting
actually I lied
3:50 AM
lately I've been building an MMO bukkit plugin with friends
ooh interesting
Kinda impossible to finish it all by ourselves, but it's lots of fun being in the server atmosphere again
It's easy to forget the fun we had in minecraft after long ^^
oh well
3:52 AM
You know what, when I have enough reputation I'm gonna create a chatroom for Minecraft Forge
I'll make one for you if you want
I'll do it myself
shrugs sure
I'm going to have lunch soon. My time zone is UTC+8 (Is that even the right way to express time zones?) it's like noon for me
so bye!
Same as mine.
3:56 AM
where are you
The time zone UTC+8.
Which country
woah, what the
are you guys european?
I'm Chinese
More specifically, Hong Kong
Ohh cool!
I was born in mainland
But i immigrated to the US
3:57 AM
@Sweeper Same.
glad to know programming is well and alive there
@user3781180 Do you like your city?
Yes of course!
@Unihedron which city? Chongqing?
I have to go now, bye!
3:59 AM
ah yeah
@Unihedron chongqing's a really nice city, too bad I never got to see blue skies there due to the air pollution
@Unihedron my grandparents live inside of a university and they're way retired and that's the only place where I can see real plants(noninvasive) and insects and animals among all the tall metropolitan buildings. It's a pretty nice place, but I'd rather live in a place that's more open you feel?
@Sweeper bye sweeper!
2 hours later…
6:09 AM
@JohnSnow morning!
6:30 AM
We had an earthquake yesterday. That's extremely rare here
6:47 AM
@JohnSnow dang! where you from?
@JohnSnow ohh right, awesome country btw
how strong was the magnitude?
something around a 3
2,5 to 3 where I live
The sound was pretty unreal
At least to me who's never heard anything like it before
ahh I see, it gets bad at around 5
so still relatively safe, but quite scary nonetheless I'd imagine
I'm from california, so I've slept through a couple earthquakes haha
Well, since we don't have them here very often and I've never heard one before
6:50 AM
there was one about 4.5 magnitude and I literally slept through it, woke up with laptop off my table and some books knocked off the shelf
@JohnSnow right, tbh I've never heard one, maybe it's cause I'm a heavy sleeper haha
@JohnSnow how does it sound like? just like, really loud growling sound coming from the ground like in the movies?
It kinda sounded like someone started blasting heavy metal extremely loudly from really far away and then it moved O.o
There are things which I haven't experienced and I wouldn't like to, and earthquakes are among those things :p
The shaking wasn't that bad. It kinda was like some really heavy bass vibrations. A little bit stronger than what I've felt at concerts
hey ho guys /o\
6:58 AM
Morning you two
7:14 AM
is der anybuddy struts dev ??
tip for getting help: get your english straight!
7:24 AM
Is there anybuddy which can help in Struts_jsp issue ??
So who said my english is bad ?
@alovaros English*
@MadaraUchiha so ... I don't really care about upper and lowercase in chat
@alovaros the English language does, however
@fge all languages do ...
7:41 AM
@alovaros Hebrew doesn't.
some languages don't even have upper and lowercase
1 min ago, by Madara Uchiha
@alovaros Hebrew doesn't.
@MadaraUchiha oke I should learn Hebrew !
גם אתה
7:44 AM
גם לך*
google translator is bad :/
That it is.
Although I do get why "You too" would be translated to "גם אתה"
that's a bit confusing
Morning madara
@MadaraUchiha doesn't care and doesn't have is shoes horses of different color...
7:57 AM
@Vogel612 Hebrew is both
hey guys
I just want to quickly ask something. I like to use those .dll class libraries in C#. Is there a way to achieve this in java? like importing another library?
it's called classpath.
and I personally think it's waaaay cooler than dlls
I have to agree there.
DLLs are horrible
At least Java's jars are plain zip files, you can look at the contents
8:15 AM
How do I create them?
Do I just use jars
@Sweeper read about Java classpath
jars are basically "I'll zip my project, send it to someone else, they can plop the jar in their classpath, and their project can use my classes"
which is nice, dead simple and actually a little more complicated
'cuz classloader, visibility modifiers and precompilation, and so n
8:27 AM
Good afternoon guys! My time zone is UTC+8 so it's 4pm for me!
can someone help me
@Hans1984 Morning :D /o\
Maybe I can
8:27 AM
im sending data from an app to an api via json
but the encoding doesnt work
über - >\u00fcber from the api
Oh I have never sent any data before so I cant help you.
über ->%C3%9Cber from my app when i use utf8
@Hans1984 your JSON generation is broken, it seems
You use a JSON library, I hope?
i cant access the api
im only responsible for the app side
library like gson?
Well, if the data is JSON, you should
And prefer Jackson over Gson
8:32 AM
i try to use a slittle librarys a spossible
is there no other way?
Well, yes, you can reinvent the wheel
And get it wrong, most likely
Just use a JSON library
its just one string in the whole app
there has to be a method or something
No there isn't, not in the JDK
(well, there's javax.json but it's not bundled as part of the base JRE yet)
8:46 AM
ok thx
8:57 AM
why isn't a Double an object ? ...
hm? Double is a class. Double instances are objects, so is Double.class
ohh never mind
:D read it wrong it is an object but he don't wants an object
mysterious o.O in the tutorial all works well
2 hours later…
11:09 AM
I have a class name like String className="NewClass". I can generate a Class object like Class<?> h=Class.forName(className)
now is there some way to check if an object obj is an instanceof the NewClass
something like (obj instanceof h)
I know this doesnt work
!!google instanceof java
@JohnSnow it's like a wizard try to do something magic and nothing happens
that delay
11:14 AM
she saw your old request
don't repeat it to her
she's not stupid
she can read :(
Well, I couldn't be so sure :P
is not delay, she wasn't in the room @alovaros
we summoned her from javascript room :)
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@Neoares ohh :D didn't see that
1 message moved to Trash
Well, @AbhiroopSarkar Caprica has your answer
11:17 AM
Does she, actually? instanceof does not work in that particular situation
Class has an appropriate method for it, though
i didnt get the answer
its all links pointing about instanceOf being a bad practise
I am using instanceOf as a last resort
i can describe my exact use case if necessary
@AbhiroopSarkar You could read the documentation of the class you have.
/javadoc Class#isAssignableFrom(Class)
@Vogel612 boolean isAssignableFrom(Class cls): Determines if the class or interface represented by this Class object is either the same as, or is a superclass or superinterface of, the class or interface represented by the specified Class parameter. It returns true if so; otherwise it returns false. If this Class object represents a primitive type, this method ...
returns true if the specified Class parameter is exactly this Class object; otherwise it returns false. (1/2)
@AbhiroopSarkar ^
11:35 AM
Interesting video
<-- still learning
yeah thanks guys
even isInstance would work right?
say h.isInstance(obj)
thanks for the reference @kitheru
^ That would be the solution for your use case
@fge You never stop learning.
11:53 AM
<-- can't wait to get back to some good ol' Java<>
btw isnt AOP a big violation of OOP and FP principles
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