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12:36 AM
Trying to do some reviews in the CV queue when... RIP, maybe I was too fast.
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3:39 AM
@AlonEitan Are you using that super-broad, unenjoyable duplicate to mean "go away"? because I don't see the resolving advice with that one. Based on my commented demo under the new question, it doesn't actually matter if the condition is satisfied or not. Seems more like a at-compile-time problem. Is this correct? Should the super-canonical be updated?
3:56 AM
@mickmackusa used-before-conditionally-defined feels like it should have its own dupe target
the one you put in the comment isn't a bad choice. surely better than the reference dupe.
@mickmackusa I do actually, because it's seem like a self-explanatory description and the example clearly shows that the function doesn't exists - I don't know if it's the actual code or just a part of it to know for sure
At the very least, I immediately understood the problem upon reading the question you (mickmackusa) linked.
@AlonEitan did you make the same mistake I did initially in not noticing that it is defined, just within the if statement?
@RyanM YES! Can you remove my CV-PLS of that question? It's cleraly not the correct one
@AlonEitan → 1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
@AlonEitan I don't know that it is a bad dupe target. Maybe just that the authoritative super canonical should be updated. No?
4:00 AM
Thanks to both of you, I now understand your point @mickmackusa
(I am not available to update the canonical right now.)
Seems reasonable to both have the specific dupe and update the super-canonical to explain that possible cause.
It already mentions conditional definition, it could be updated to include conditional definition before the definition is hit.
4:20 AM
@Joshua that seems harsh; would it not be sufficient that the question is closed? Why should they not be given the opportunity to fix the question by editing it?
@tripleee: It's a doomed question. I'd leave it for the roomba but for the fact in 10 days the user won't learn anything.
how can you know? their previous question looks vaguely competently asked
Yeah, I'm not really comfortable with "so that OP learns to ask something reasonable" as a deletion reason; I'm binning the request as long as that's the reason.
Ok fine.
as far as it being salvageable or not: it depends what they're doing. If what they have is a file full of HTTP headers, that's probably reasonably scoped. Running a full pcap session with libpcap and finding and grabbing HTTP headers...less so.
Of course, which one of those they're doing is totally unclear, which is why the question was properly closed. But they should have a chance to confirm if they're doing the reasonably scoped thing.
4:31 AM
I'm gonna be a grouch and say it's not reduced enough until they have an array (or a list) of structs with packet fragments
4:47 AM
@Joshua which is probably reasonable, but not a reason to delete
if they had a history of ignoring feedback, that would perhaps tip the scales somewhat, but then that would quickly get them suspended anyway
5:33 AM
What's up with the Roomba forecaster here? It says the question isn't closed, but it definitely is.
@Cristik the answer seems useful though; it's got upvotes and a lot of explanatory text
@Adriaan I noticed the same, something's wrong with the script, or the API it uses to fetch data
@Adriaan the same answer was already given in multiple other questions that had the same problem
"add completion handlers" is the general solution to this kind of issues, so yes, the answer is OK, however it adds nothing new to the knowledge base
@Adriaan seems api.stackexchange.com responds with {"error_id":404,"error_message":"no method found with this name","error_name":"no_method"}
but only for some questions...
@Adriaan It's looks like it's the filter that's causing an issue
created a bug report here, please feel free to add details: github.com/makyen/StackExchange-userscripts/issues/45
This is along the lines of my theory that the post notices have been changed somehow. this theory is wrong, or at least not the cause here
6:12 AM
@HenryEcker Yeah... and as @Cristik said, it's question-specific. Broken, Working
@RyanM Is that causing the Unclosed Request Review Script to fail? I see a bunch of "wait" messages by all the requests here today.
@StephenOstermiller yes, it very much looks that way. Also the SE iOS app, or so I'm told by a CM.
Putting together an MSE post at their request.
If I open the network tab of my browsers dev tools and hit the update button for Unclosed Request Review Script I see GET https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/questions/72357743;72351987;42650412;7380828;72254536;72303483;72166432;72271052;5837077;72174614;72347339;72357457;72334967;72356829;72357188;37560979;72058205;44052754?pagesize=100&site=stackoverflow&key=YvvkfBc3LOSK*mwaTPkUVQ((&filter=!m)9LJxKwexI9h92EPpSH6vR(2S7pz3L9cXWiH9ar04WP8BSWy0Mtyl7P it says Status 400 Bad Request
6:29 AM
Well, that's gonna suck for SOCVR. Can't tell what's been closed, can't run the Archiver to clean it up.
As usual: SE break stuff without communicating about it.
I think this is just a bug. And to be fair, there was already a CM asking questions in one of various backchannels by the time I got there to ask :-p
If I move a request that's not done, please tell me, since I'm doing it manually :-p
6:45 AM
@SmokeDetector hehe @RyanM destroying all my manual effort of adding python to each fenced block in every anwer
@Adriaan Work smarter, not harder ;-)
@RyanM I'm only halfway through me second coffee of the day... It's still early here
it seems the roomba forecaster is also broken...?
Yep. Mostly.
6:53 AM
It works on some questions! But...that's not super useful.
this means the amount of coffee in my cup is not nearly enough
@blackgreen You just need a bigger cup
too small
@Makyen Did something break the Unclosed Request Review Script? Or something going on with SO at that moment that’s making it not work as expecte?
@sideshowbarker Yes. See Many API requests to /questions with filter parameters are failing with 404 errors which affects some user scripts including unclosed request review and roomba forecaster
6:58 AM
/me looks
@StephenOstermiller aha — thanks
7:32 AM
@SmokeDetector that's weird. This connects to the previous SD report on the same user. It's the same answer, but the original answer has been edited to naa
@Adriaan gonna assume they've decided to answer the new one and delete the original
@RyanM Moderator is kredit to team!
7:51 AM
@tripleee totally non-suspicious score there
Does it make sense to consolidate the comments under this question? stackoverflow.com/q/1087365/2943403
@mickmackusa uhhh, yeah, probably. Gimme a sec, if anyone were going to upvote those individually they'd have done it by now. Done.
@RyanM ta.
8:06 AM
@RyanM yeah, I added it to my del-pls queue to revisit
@tripleee ah yeah, I should clean up all that...done.
8:37 AM
does it make any sense to translate a non-English answer if it's accepted...?
(and downvoted due to not being in English)
8:54 AM
Can someone explain me what the OP wants here?
i dont understand it can you just type it for me'please — Ananthapadmanabhan ananthu 3 hours ago
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman you might want to read this new meta announcement about suggesting to read the help page on "what to do when someone answers", given your comment on the question
@Adriaan Okay cool. I'll remove it, but given the OP has never accepted any answers. It should be like SO should bring back the accept rate then, right? :) My humble opinion.
@Adriaan Removed my comment. But see this? Not a single question was accepted.
So what?
They appear to want very close hand-holding, so it's very likely that they have not found any answers to be worthy of accepting by their own subjective standards.
9:13 AM
several of those questions don't have answers
in fact, they've replied to every answer stating why it doesn't work for them
And close-voting whilst answering isn't a particularly good example of SO-ethos either.
some of those replies lack something in clarity, but they're there
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman Hmm. Did you vote to close that question simply because they didn't accept your answer? Or did you re-assess after posting your answer? Maybe consider deleting your answer, if you think the question is not answerable in its current form?
@AdrianMole The question is unclear in the current form.
9:17 AM
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman but it hasn't been edited? Why the answer in that case, rather than a comment asking them to clarify
You could delete your answer, then edit it accordingly and undelete if the OP clarifies the question and it is reopened.
@AdrianMole I'll do it.
That's probably the 'decent' thing to do ... I think, now, the OP can delete the question if they want to. They can't do that if there is an upvoted answer.
an upvoted answer or multiple answers, IIRC
9:32 AM
9:45 AM
Can a RO (cc @RyanM) move this request please? Code has been added
@Adriaan → 1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
10:10 AM
oh thank goodness, automated archiving again.
Agreed. The API bug is fixed!
@YaakovEllis The Unclosed Request Review Script started working again. Things are looking better. :)
Thanks for the quick fix!
Woo Hoo - Royalty visiting SOCVR! :-)
10:28 AM
And having their one-boxed chat message edited by those meddling moderators!
You could say I... stuck in a pin in it, so as to deflate it.
What's weird is, we worry about the "noise" of one-boxes, yet nobody bats an eye when I post this kind of nonsense in the transcript. :-)
@CodyGray as long as you don't use noisy formatting when posting your nonsense
Do moderator actions in review queues always complete the review, even if their 'vote' is to "do nothing" (like voting "Leave open" in the Close queue or "Leave closed" in Reopen)?
@AdrianMole yes
10:39 AM
Moderators have binding votes, news at 10
But that's not really a vote ... it's more like choosing to not vote. :)
It's still a vote: it's picking a specific action in response to a review task.
I suppose.
It's voting on the review result.
10:41 AM
It's really not doing nothing. It's endorsing the status quo.
So, is "Skip" by a mod also binding? xD
Skipping isn't endorsing the status quo. That's the "do nothing" option.
And, no, a mod clicking "Skip" doesn't skip it for everyone.
although that would be a hilarious bug.
Make it a feature-request?
"Whomever downvoted this must be a curmudgeon — his links seem pretty relevant to the question asked. If it's not helpful to you, leave some feedback to explain why. Sheesh..." - what's a "curmudgeon"?
10:43 AM
I was just about to say, I am honestly a bit surprised we haven't seen that bug, but I got interrupted by spam.
@Cristik A difficult, ill-tempered, and/or cantankerous person.
It's part of that general fiction that anyone who downvotes is "negative" or rude.
"Your question is vague but..."; "I +1'd your question even though it's vague and a duplicate."
And they said we needed a Welcoming Wagon.
Also, one who often complains about bad grammar, like misuse of the word, "whomever".
Whomever about grammer complains must be very the pedant.
Is not?
let's curmodgeonly!
Whomever misuses those words, I shall not up with put.
10:49 AM
Rep shall come on swift wings to whomsoever downvoteth the answer to a duplicate.
19 seconds - someone's slacking.
I was typing.
I'm pushing some [write] / [writing] posts into the close queue
I'm disappointed in your lack of a pun.
I'm some posts into the close queue
nothing to home about, tho
Yes, much better.
11:02 AM
11:16 AM
not sure how to properly handle stackoverflow.com/q/71846482/1974224
the accepted self answer says that there is an issue, it was acknowledged by the Firebase team, and it's worked on...
Aside from the annoying, bolded denial that it is a duplicate, the Q&A seems reasonable to me.
It seems to be saying it's a known bug in Firebase. That's useful information for anyone else who happens to have the same problem in the future. And I see no compelling reason to close it, since, if/when the bug gets resolved, it would ideally be answered with that information, too.
At that point no one will search for that question. Who search for questions about bugs that doesn't exist?
It wouldn't be the person with the problem searching for or answering it. It would be someone on the Firebase team reporting that the problem is fixed.
Again, why would anyone search for it if no one will have the same issue? Who cares about the firebase team, think of their clients. They are the ones that have issues with it.
Or are you saying that we would keep a question for a single guy that thinks that he needs to "correct the internet" about an issue that nobody will hit?
Sure. That's how knowledge bases work.
11:29 AM
There are hundreds (if not thousands) of questions on SO about bugs in commercial or widely-used software (like compilers). They often get fixed but the questions (and answers) remain.
And thus they help people who use older versions
Or older people who use versions?
It looks sexy, but everyone uses Git now.
Is that currency symbol Mexican pesos? I thought the US dollar had two vertical bars.
Is this question closeable as lacking an Minimal CVE?
11:34 AM
Probably. There's a canned bot-comment in FQ for "too much code".
The US dollar sign is as often drawn with only 1 vertical bar as it is with 2.
@blackgreen Why does it need to be closed?
@blackgreen "I will draw a short conclusion for others having the same problem." - answer seems to be written either by the same person, or a close colleague :)
It was the person who had a lengthy discussion in comments with the asker
I think they became close colleagues as a result :-D
@CodyGray not sure it needs to, but the code in the Q is quite long, probably just worth a retag
It absolutely needs a [winapi] tag.
11:40 AM
OP and answerer had a long discussion in the comments
so unless the critical information from the comments ended up in the question...
I observed this already. :-)
interesting last comment, I think that a recent meta post would be interested about that :)
Already eaten.
Looks like a link to me, not even a picture ;-)
11:58 AM
12:12 PM
Ooh - Advanced Flagging just got nastier better: It can now offer a downvote by default on answers that you flag.
That's certainly an advancement.
Is this NAA? Should it be an edit to the question?
@AdrianMole No, and no. It's an attempt to answer.
@CodyGray I just ran an update - hadn't noticed it before (the update opened up my configs dialog, where I saw it).
Think of all the posts you could have been downvoting all this time! And let that be a lesson to you and yours, to periodically open your config dialogs.
12:19 PM
@CodyGray I turned off the "downvote by default" option. If I want to cast a downvote, I will.
What in the world is going on with the answers here? stackoverflow.com/q/22283664/4294399
@GeneralGrievance Target practice?
@GeneralGrievance It appears some users were posting nonsense.
Good thing I hadn't turned off the downvote option.
Downvotes don't hurt. Especially not when the account is destroyed immediately afterwards.
12:32 PM
Well, since I learned (in here, a few days back) that we get the votes back when a post is deleted, I may start using them more often.
... because running out of daily votes disables access to First Questions and First Answers reviews.
1:05 PM
Any clues as to what's going on here? Where did the keyboard come from?
@AdrianMole seems like an attempt at humor, probably "button" and "key" are the same word in their language
Hmm. Just so happens that my laptop's keyboard is well worn out and I am currently waiting on delivery of a replacement.
Interesting. I don't think I've ever worn out a laptop keyboard, and I'm pretty hard on keyboards.
The keys are becoming loose from their holdings. Especially "e", "delete" and the arrows.
1:11 PM
That's even weirder! How does that happen?
Dunno, really. The keyboard is actually quite a nice one, in terms of its "feel". I guess the plastic 'pinch clamps' get fatigued?
But how can that happen unless you repeatedly remove them?
Normal typing shouldn't put strain on those plastic clips.
Maybe I'm just too heavy-handed?
It's a well-used (and well-travelled) laptop.
I'm also a pretty heavy typist. Although not as heavy as my grandmother, whom I suppose learned on a very old typewriter where significant force was required to actuate the keys.
Should we flag usernames like this one?
1:22 PM
Someone did, if that tells you anything.
Kinda hypocritical to have a slur against toasters and then have a couple of pieces of nicely toasted toast in your avatar.
Why did someone star that SD report?
@AdrianMole You want to see "Toasters" changed to "Waffle Irons"?
Maybe it's not a slur, just a regular verb.
Hmm. I believe, in some circles, the term "Toaster" can be one of abuse. Not sure, though.
1:23 PM
Ouch if that goes wrong.
But, from the profile, that user seems otherwise genuine.
@CodyGray Are you expecting an answer to that question?
@JeanneDark Truthfully, yes. Either that or an "oops!"
Ah, someone "oops!"ed without admitting it. :-)
I see I am not entitled to an answer, then, after all.
Either that, or I bullied them into retracting their vote. But I recently learned on Meta that it is impossible for a high-rep user to bully a low-rep user into doing something.
Yeah, just saw the mod message there. Missed the context
1:33 PM
So I was right about it not being a slur. :-)
I think the slur for drug users is "baked", not "toasted" :P
I'm so baked, I love this toaster.
Remember when After Dark made toasters great again?
@CodyGray Not related to me
@RyanM I had the same question re the status page "automatic update" verbiage :-) Left a comment before I scrolled down far enough to see your answer asking basically the same thing lol
@CodyGray Some questions will remain unanswered for all times
1:37 PM
@JeanneDark That's disappointing. I've always loved After Dark. Satori was probably my favorite, and I've never found a modern replacement. Although so many of them were good. I've recreated a handful on my own. Haven't gotten around to Can of Worms yet, though. Maybe someday...
@CodyGray jwz.org/xscreensaver has a bunch of them
Yeah, XScreenSaver is OK, but not a very good clone of most of the After Dark screensavers. Plus, it has no multi-monitor support, by-design, and that makes it nearly useless to me, as the only systems I have without multiple monitors would be retro systems that could run the real After Dark.
I've spent way too much time on a Linux system previewing the XScreenSaver screensavers to find the small handful that look decent across multiple monitors.
I have to agree, the GL stuff is ... very GL
(Each screen is treated completely separately, so if the screensaver has different effects/patterns each time it's run, then multiple monitors look very bad. I don't know why it doesn't treat all of the screens as a single virtual screen, but it doesn't, and apparently JWZ says that's by design.)
But no, you didn't find something else I have strong opinions about; whatever gave you that idea?
I have to admit, though, that I'm enjoying having the Jeanne Dark version grace my screens these days almost as much these days as the old After Dark versions.
1:53 PM
@CodyGray Does that screen saver show the count of downvotes I've cast?
Just the chat messages at the moment. The downvote count isn't nearly as interesting.
@CodyGray Ah yes. The flying toasters. What a screen saver
The space shooter game was all sorts of fun
I don't even remember a space shooter game
The best one I remember on default Windows was the 3d maze.
@CodyGray Lunatic Fringe. My aunt had a Mac back then and she would let me play it when we'd visit
2:04 PM
I don't think it's trolling, just blatantly off-topic, correct?
I'd also say blatantly off-topic
2:18 PM
@Dharman Yeah, probably just someone woefully out of their depth/unaware what site they are on
@TylerH taking a screenshot of dupe answer.. haven't seen that before
yeah, a first for me as well
@rene nice
Very mild props for citing it with a link. Makes the closure easier at least.
would've been really annoying if I had to go hunt down that text
2:34 PM
2:46 PM
Well that's a rarity. Someone voted to close their own question (and not a self-dupe either)
Interesting, but good resolution all around
@Machavity "I’m voting to close this question because the problem is with the user's Windows' timezone registry keys that are not up-to-date." - by the OP!?
@richardec Yeah, that's what caught my eye
Sympathy upvotes for not deleting it?
@Machavity The only reason why I would do that is so I can vote to delete, since I can't delete it myself
Is this a comment, or an answer? stackoverflow.com/a/72365221/17242583
can it be both?
@richardec Does it answers the question asked?
I mean, your comment says that "no, it does not"
cigien's edit makes it more answer-like. I retracted my DV, comment, and flag.
3:14 PM
One can't accept a self answer for 24 hours, right? So, posting an answer under a new account and then accepting it in less than an hour is doing something that can't be done from a single account, and thus against the rules. Am I still correct? If so, is such an event flaggable?
@AdrianMole Are they the same person?
@AdrianMole 48 hours from the time the question was posted
@AdrianMole While that is also something which is against the rules, the account asking and account answering get 2 and 15 rep for the accept, which isn't something that happens when the asker answers their own question and accepts it.
@AdrianMole An answer posted by the question asker can't be accepted until the question is at least 48 hours old. If the answer was posted a few days after the question, for example, the OP could accept it immediately. It's all based on the age of the question.
Yes, indeed. With the +2 and +15 involved, I think I'll mod-flag.
... the names are the same.
3:18 PM
@AdrianMole mind linking to the post?
Even if the asker posts an answer from another account and doesn't accept it, it can be against the rules, unless they are clear that the answer comes from the same person. An answer which is from the same person and one which is from a completely unrelated person are often interpreted differently by readers, potentially with more or less authority. So, generally, it's something which we will have a problem with, unless the answer makes it clear that it's from the asker.
@richardec Here you go
(Maybe it's just a common or popular name? Dunno.)
Well, the account names aren't the same any more. :)
It's been handled. You're not the only one who noticed that coincidence
Where they both Ismail ÇİLOĞLU or just Ismail? I was busy and didn't see in time :(
^ com.jackpan... (Java packages) by Jack Pan...
3:25 PM
@richardec Exact same names except different use of upper/lower cases. Seems a bit daft for me to create a sock-puppet account and give it "Adrian MOLE" as the username.
@AdrianMole Well that does seem like an awfully big coincidence.
a lot of people share names
I know someone else called something like Kevin B...
there's 33 pages of users named kevinb
@KevinB Which one are you?
3:29 PM
this one
@AdrianMole exactly
there used to be 4 kevins that worked here
4:01 PM
@KevinB At least nobody forgets you
SO offline for anyone else?
aaand down -_-
works just fine here
It was, then it wasn't, now it's OK.
4:43 PM
A user is spamming this question with NAAs: stackoverflow.com/questions/70813448/…
(I'd mod-flag but I'm out flags for the day.)
someone who just wants to help, is going to get themselves banned because either the site isn't providing adequate guidance, or they're deciding to ignore it.
4:56 PM
@AdrianMole Adrian Molé would be completely different obviously
5:14 PM
@richardec so sad to have to vote-to-delete answers of people with romanian usernames :(
@Vega Looks like they're creating the plugin, not asking for one.
Ah, I should have asked the opinion first, I was hesitating :( But is it still focused?
5:29 PM
@Cristik I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, but it sounds like it's discrimination, either positive or negative, based on the assumed national/ethnic origin of the person's name. That's not appropriate here and isn't permitted.
@Makyen Cristik is Romanian (according to their profile) ... but yeah, still drifting into dodgy territory.
@Vega I think there question is basically just, "What part of the API allows you to modify content on all elements?" which seems OK. (If they'd asked how to do it, that might have been too broad, but I'm not familiar with the tech in that question.)
@AdrianMole I'm very confused.
5:45 PM
@BSMP I guess the issue is that we must avoid any remarks that could be even perceived to be asking us to (not) do something, based on assumed nationality or ethnicity.
@AdrianMole OK
> And also stackoverflow don't close this question dumbly. This question is not about professional server or networking-related infrastructure administration.
got it, closed as general computing.
@RyanM It's not dumbly if you talk about it.
@Vega I binned the request since the given reason wasn't correct, but feel free to re-request for other reasons (e.g., needs more focus)
6:09 PM
How odd...duplicate HNQ: i.stack.imgur.com/gLwFM.png
is fried an astronomical term
It's a gastrological term at any rate
6:30 PM
@Makyen was just a remark said out loud :P ofcourse I don't vote based on usernames, or geographic regions, I only vote based on content
anyway, last comment from me over here on topics like this :)
btw, didn't know there is such thing as positive/negative discrimination
to me was either discrimination, or favoritism, and these two were exclusive
i do
any objective-c experts around, folks? Need a second pair of eyes on a suggested edit review. Not a formal request, just would love a second opinion
lol, just read a review of a wired keyboard that included in the cons list "no batteries" Um, my guy, that's the point?
@richardec Caching; it was probably migrated I am guessing
i don't understand the appeal for wireless
like, stop walking around your house while using your pc
that's so inefficient for both activities
6:45 PM
I get it for mice for people who use them with laptops, or who are going for minimalist aesthetics in their computer build
people just too lazy to route wires properly
and I guess someone may want to have a keyboard so they can control a computer or something from the couch or bed or whatever
but for me, I have a battle station
I work and game etc. in one spot in the house
(or at work)
and having batteries that die on me is not attractive to me at all
i've had a laptop on and off over the past 10 years, and it just... no
6:46 PM
either for the inconvenience or the earth impact
@Cristik Discrimination can be either positive or negative. As a term on its own, "discrimination" is primarily used to indicate negative things happening because someone fits a particular category. Discrimination which is positive, as you've mentioned, is more commonly stated as favoritism. Positive discrimination, favoritism, is also, effectively, negative discrimination of those who are not in the group which is given the favoritism.
As to the statement to which I originally replied, I initially read what you wrote as sarcasm, so meaning the that you were happy to vote to delete posts by users with such names (i.e. the opposite of what the words actually say). Only after thinking about it for a bit and investigating did I realize that it probably wasn't meant as sarcasm.
i can see it if you travel often
i travel maybe twice a year at most
so it'd always be way out of date when i need it
@TylerH wired keyboard (well, numpad) with battery: keychatter.com/2018/06/18/use-the-ducky-pocket-as-a-gamepad
@Cristik Formally, any time you make a selection from a group of candidates for anything, whether it is for a job or for what toothpaste you want to buy, you are discriminating
(I'd love to buy one of these, but sadly I've never seen them in stock)
6:52 PM
@TylerH Yes, the base of the word actually means to differentiate among items. It has, however, over a quite substantial number of years, taken on a huge amount of additional meaning, which largely outweighs the original base meaning.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I am rejecting that; the question is specifically about NSStrings so using something that only works with NSStrings is fine; the comment there saying "you can use == instead for other types of objects" is plenty... no need to change the code the original author used
@RyanM wth is that for
a wireless keyboard that is wired as well?
Like, they couldn't afford to put a bluetooth receiver in it to remove the need for the micro-usb data cable?
@TylerH thanks! I am not an SME, like, at all, so was unsure what to do with it
@TylerH it's a calculator when you unplug it.
I don't think it's actually wireless at all.
6:54 PM
There are dual-mode wired/wireless input devices, which is probably the best of both worlds.
Though I just stick to entirely wired.
I still want a high-quality numpad, though.
I find the numpads included with full keyboards to be high-quality
Yeah, but full-width keyboards murder my wrists :-(
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I don't know Objective-C either but luckily I was able to google a bit and I had the major benefit of the editor basically admitting they were making the change based on a comment by another user who very clearly explained the suggestion and when it is useful, so I knew from that and from the context of the question saying "I have data of type NSString that I want to compare" that the edit was unnecessary; well-meaning by a new user, but not ideal, ultimately
@RyanM Do you not use a mouse?
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