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@AdrianMole I definitely scoff at red delicious. They taste like wet sandpaper.
4:56 AM
@AdrianMole I always appreciate a bit of humor/levity in a tense Meta discussion. The real contra-indicator here, as always, is the level of noise. As Ryan already mentioned, we try to be very judicious in what we remove on Meta, since we're sensitive to criticisms of censorship (not to mention that we personally feel strongly about the ability of Meta to be used as a platform for free discourse), so having more noise added to a discussion doesn't help things.
5:11 AM
If they want squid recommendations, I'd have to say either the whiplash squid or the Japanese Flying Squid. Although I personally have a soft spot for the Hawaiian bobtail squid, given its synergistic relationship with Vibrio fischeri bacteria.
What about the tropical bottletail squid?
It's awfully small... I'm not sure if it'll solve your problem.
I love all cephalopods, though.
Is the possibility of an anonymous user (<10 rep by def.) to add an image to a post in an edit suggestion a feature?
5:27 AM
I think so, since suggested edits have to be reviewed.
I see, thank you
@CodyGray Do you eat them?
@JeanneDark On occasion.
And did you teste the wet sandpaper?
I have eaten several red delicious apples, yes
5:39 AM
How could I "answer" to my message?
Oops, it is spelled "taste"
You mean reply to yourself? You can find the numeric ID of the message, and then enter it in the chat box with a preceding colon, as it normally would be. There are also various userscripts that add the "reply to" button to your own messages. (They use this same technique.)
@CodyGray The ID is the the permalink?
Yes. You can see how it works by looking at the messages you can reply to with the built-in tools.
Any advice on how to deal with this unclear question and WIP answer? stackoverflow.com/questions/72372420/…
@Vega spelled it "taste"
@CodyGray Thank you, it finally worked :)
there's a userscript which adds a reply arrow to your own messages; I have a copy at gist.github.com/tripleee/20e523a3a4d0b459172ac8a21c97e6ab
@RobbyCornelissen The answer should be handled by a moderator, or perhaps with a NAA or VLQ flag, depending on how adventurous you feel. I've already handled the answer. I think the question should be handled in the normal way: if you think it's unclear, vote to close it accordingly.
retracing my steps, the original appears to have been abandoned by its author
Thanks, @tripleee. I didn't know which specific script to mention. I know I have the feature, but I think it's provided either by one of Makyen's or Sam's scripts, which provides far more than just that, so I would hesitate to recommend it to the uninitiated.
5:46 AM
wait, they actually updated their copy with my suggestion, I had just missed their reply
The feature is in the SOCVR Archiver. I've intended to put it in its own script, but ... time.
I, personally, would rather have fewer scripts with consolidated features than many scripts with one or two features per script. The former is just so much easier to manage.
@tripleee Thank you anyway :) I use none of userscripts, though
pros and cons; one obvious con is that it's then hard to know which script has which goodies
Gotta catch 'em all!
5:49 AM
I can certainly understand that. OTOH, there are times when you want some of the features in the consolidated script, but not others. If there's not a way to switch each one on/off, then you're a bit out of luck, unless you modify the code, which makes updates a pain.
The only real drawback is if there are highly "opinionated" features to a script that a user doesn't want, even though they want some of the other features. If it's properly designed, this is not an issue, but if it creates intrusive UI, then it can be a problem.
6:58 AM
@Vega Might've been a test to see if they could award the bounty to themself?
7:44 AM
@tripleee are we supposed to be answering questions just asking for code? stackoverflow.com/q/72369823/1841839
@DaImTo uh, why are you asking me specifically? Downvoting is definitely warranted, closing not necessarily always
@DaImTo Voted too broad on it. Unclear should also apply. It's a script that should do something and then also something else but there is very little information for what either is.
oops my bad sorry. wrong name
There's nothing wrong with questions that ask for code, as long as the question is clear and reasonably scoped.
A question for "How to get a CSV using <this> and <that>" is probably on-topic.
7:47 AM
@CodyGray i dont know kind of makes me think we are being used as a coding service.
Aren't we?
You ask a clear, precise question about how to accomplish something with code, and we spit back an answer that contains the code to do it. This is how a large number of Stack Overflow questions work, and it is what makes this site the most useful to others.
@CodyGray I will help you all i can, but if you don't want to try and want me to just do it for you then you should be hiring a developer.
I think I've said it before: we do produce code as part of answering. I don't think we're here for that reason. The code is complimentary to an answer. Not the only reason to answer. So I disagree that we're a coding service.
I don't know what that means.
This is a Q&A site. If you ask a question about how to implement something in code, then the answer should explain and/or show how to implement that in code.
@VLAZ I agree we are here to help people learn. By just giving them code they aren't going to learn anything. They are just going to copy it
7:50 AM
attempt to paraphrase: "just code is not an answer, an explanation which includes code is an answer"
Does it suddenly make us "not a coding service" because the answers include an explanation? Is that what you're driving at?
The question in question doesn't ask to be taught how something works. They just want code.
So what?
Good answers still explain how things work.
@CodyGray I document stuff for my clients, and i onboard one of their developers. But i wouldn't say i teach them how i built their system. (I am freelance)
Right, so what you are doing here is actually above and beyond what you would do for your clients.
7:52 AM
@CodyGray true.
I'm still not following the argument.
@CodyGray Fully agree with this. However, there are questions that do not treat the site as such but say "I have the task to implement <whatever>" which is not reasonably scoped. We're not here to develop applications for other people, no matter how small they are. "I want to make a website that shows pictures of cats" is not a problem we should be solving, for example. Even if it's relatively easy to do.
this has been discussed many times before. "Gimmeh codes plz" is not a close reason, though questions with that tone and quality often also have other problems which make them suitable for cv-pls
This is sounding like yet another one of those "effort" whines, and I'm not sympathetic to that at all.
@VLAZ If it's not reasonably scoped, then it's unsuitable for Q&A. We have a close reason for that. No one has yet made any arguments or claims about the scope being too broad. It's all been about "not being a coding service", or needing to hire a developer.
@tripleee Usually it's too broad. As is my example with the cat website above - it requires multiple problems to be solved.
7:55 AM
Did someone ask how to implement an application?
I'd count "fetch CSV, edit it, then upload it" as an application.
A limited one but still it's a multi-step process being automated.
I guess i see both points but the issue is tone. If the author of the question doesn't even want to try. Then they should just hire someone. If they want to learn im happy to help.
We literally do not care about "tone". That doesn't even come close to factoring in to the site's standards for questions and thus does not matter at all when deciding whether or not to close a question.
Please stop focusing on users.
The person who asks the question does not matter at all, and neither does how hard they've worked.
I do this for the users. Without them what would we have? You might as well just go read the docs. Users come here because we are real people explaining how to do things in real language users can understand. I think we are digressing.
We have questions. The users do not matter.
Did I just suddenly fall into a world where no one has taken the tour?
We are the docs!
7:59 AM
I probably did ten years ago
We are writing documentation in the form of answers to questions.
@CodyGray Full agreement again. I still maintain there is no code tax on SO, so "effort" is not needed to get answers. However, the "not a coding service" comes as a pushback from users who want us to implement a full application for them. That is what I count as "asking for code". Although, I'm aware others have different standards. I see a lot of questions that are focused and clear like "How to find item in array" and comments that ask for what the user tried. I tend to flag those as NLN.
That's a pretty confusing way to explain that a question is too broad/unfocused to be answered in a Q&A format.
@DaImTo That's not a good description of SO's purpose. SO is meant to be a library (of programming knowledge), not a school. That's why an attempt by the OP is often not necessary and probably rather harmful to our goal.
I have another question. I have issues with my answer flags. Would this qualify as not an answer? stackoverflow.com/a/72373966/1841839
8:04 AM
@DaImTo No, not NAA flag material
That's definitely an answer to the question.
However, the question is off-topic.
NAA is for something like "Have you found a solution?" "I have a follow-up question" "Has anybody seen my cat?" etc.
So no can be an answer. Interesting.
Of course "no" can be an answer. Why wouldn't it be?
becouse its not a solution to the problem.
8:06 AM
If what they are asking is impossible to achieve, "No" is very much a solution to their problem
It seems to be providing a solution: using mailgun.
I normally anwser questions like that with No you cant do x but you can do y instead and still result will be z
Isn't that what the answer said, just using different words?
Don't use Gmail because Gmail has 2 significant disadvantages. Use mailgun instead.
but op wanted gmail right
8:08 AM
@CodyGray I find the problem is the attitude. These questions are expecting the code for an application. Being a question that might otherwise fit Q&A knowledge base format but ends up being too broad for other reasons. Again, though, I have no problem with questions that expect a solution to a simple focused problem. That can be reasonably explained. The code is supplementary, in those cases, not the focus.
Comments are for requesting clarification and/or suggesting improvements to the question. Comments are not for things which you do not feel are good enough to post in the answer box.
Maybe it's not a good answer, but that's what downvotes are for. It's still not NAA
Many "bad" answers are the result of "bad" questions. They should be reviewed first
as the comment from the author states. they want gmail
If the problem can be solved using a different tool than the asker has in mind, then that's a valid answer.
8:09 AM
Okay thanks for the chat guys you gave me a lot to think about
"I want to open this can using a hammer. Is it possible?" "Yes, but it's better to use a can opener. A can opener has many advantages over using a hammer to open a can..."
You were just talking earlier about teaching people...
Isn't showing a better way to accomplish a task/goal serving the purpose of teaching them?
See Privilege: comment everywhere for what comments are for.
@CodyGray Just want to add: it might not fit the asker's case, however, future visitors might still benefit from it. If I search for "how to integrate with Gmail" while planning, a "use mailgun for this and that reason" answer might be really helpful to me.
@VLAZ I'm concerned about "attitude" mattering at all, as that seems to be putting the focus back in the one place where we don't want the focus: on the user.
Regarding the "not a coding service" close reason, to paste from a mod-message template:
> Stack Overflow is a code-writing service. It is not a debugging helpdesk for askers. Lack of research or problem-solving effort is not a reason to close questions.
> The only type of effort we require is the effort required to ask a clear, focused, non-duplicate question. Including an attempt often adds noise and results in answers that are applicable to just the original asker rather than anyone doing the same thing.
> Of course, Stack Overflow is also not a free application design and development service. Questions may still be closed as too broad (or unclear) if that is the problem. But please do not try to limit the questions asked here to problems with existing code. The goal should be to encourage questions that might help the next person with the same problem.
8:13 AM
I see you still haven't figured out Makyen's "one neat trick" for posting multi-line chat messages with formatting. :-)
@CodyGray OK, to clarify: I'm not considering the attitude when casting a close vote for those questions. They are still too broad or unclear or whatever else might apply. However, it's still and endematic problem with how SO is perceived. I do not want to ignore that.
heh.. using a hammer to open a can... nice
@CodyGray I don't know what you mean, that was totally pasted correctly on the first try (but yeah...in retrospect I should have used that trick)
A large number of the issues with SO's perception stem from users who gate-keep answers based on their subjective perception of "effort".
If I have a problem and come across a relevant, answered question, I want to know if the OP actually had the same problem but I'm mainly interested in the answers (i. e. possible solutions) to my problem. I then don't need an unnecessary "own attempt" by the OP and wade through 100k+ lines of garbage code that adds nothing to the question's clarity but just satisfies some commenters' requests. Not saying code is never necessary, but most often it's not.
8:16 AM
How about paragraphs explaining how they searched for hours and hours on Google and other search engines, but found nothing?
That one I appreciate very much ;)
I've seen off-site discussions of SO that encourage people to dump their entire requirement in the question box and then expect some code as output. I've seen people being mocked for not doing that. Comments to the effect of (slightly paraphrased) "OMG, noob - you should have posted on Stack Overflow"
What is your feeling about a large number of comments below the question telling them that they should have read the documentation and/or used Google?
@CodyGray Good for my "flags handled" stats when I delete them all.
I have, also, seen people mocked for not dumping their entire code into the question box.
8:18 AM
@CodyGray Ugh, I used Google to find how something worked in C#. Found a question exactly about this. With only a single comment: "Why didn't you try it to find out?"
It's probably a misconception shared by askers and some answerers that SO is a helpdesk: Askers will ask broad question having others develop their applications for them, some answerers always want to see the OP's own effort before they help them, no matter if it actually improves the question.
@Adriaan Looks like it's their 3rd self-duplicate :( They might need a guidance about the SO rules?
@JeanneDark Yes, the "code tax".
@Vega handling, thanks
"Effort" tax.
8:19 AM
@RyanM Thank you :)
You need to expend this much effort to ride this ride.
Mixed in with some confusing comments about how we're not a code-writing service because you have to ask just the right way to get this code-writing service to actually write code.
For tasks that involve multiple basic techniques, I like to see a coding attempt BECAUSE it is possible that they only got one piece wrong. This sets up the opportunity to close as a duplicate and offer resolving advice. Showing that the asker knows how to write a loop and a condition often narrows the question enough to hammer. Without the coding attempt, the hammer may not be sufficient whereas as NMF is appropriate but infinitely less helpful to the asker.
It's usually phrased as code. And it's bizarre because even if the asker shows some code, the answers don't need to use it. And they rarely do. So, it's really just "pay code for other code".
perhaps more of a barter.
@VLAZ I'll show you mine if you show me yours?
I guess it's another way to phrase it
8:25 AM
Asking multi-technique questions with no code is a great defense against getting your question hammered. Dharman tested this when he asked a multi-step question with no coding attempt.
@mickmackusa Sounds like such a question may need more focus
Yep. (I should include that Dharman asked with a sockpuppet account to prevent diamond bias)
If you ask a "how to" question for which there is not an adequate duplicate that covers all parts, then I don't see the problem with not being able to hammer it.
Other than showing up wearing your parachute pants and having to actually write out a good answer instead.
If I could legitimately close a no-code question with two or more unrelated dupe targets, then my opinion is that it needs more focus. If you didn't need me to show you how to push an element into an array, then you should have expressed that in your question.
Job one: make your question as narrow as possible to reduce the work that contributors need to do. A narrow/focused question allows more concise answers. Because there may be N answers, but only one question, it is ideal to encourage small answers.
9:08 AM
User defaced their question, that was reverted, then they changed their question (removed some code that was likely useless), then defaced it again. Which revision should I roll back to? The one with more code or with less?
Thanks, Ryan
@VLAZ More code, I think. The less-code one looks partly vandalized.
Yeah, I realised after I asked. The first and last line weren't properly code formatted.
that was some really old vandalism, too
rather inspiring search by the way stackoverflow.com/…
9:13 AM
@tripleee had the same thought but I limited it to just the exact phrase
the ones I looked at turned out to be innocuous but there is probably some vandalism in there too
@tripleee argh, they deleted ...every other question, too. gah.
I only found that question because I was trying to figure out what the heck the is supposed to be.
The question stood out because it was only tagged with it and started with Lorem Ipsum. And it was marked as visited. Must be that it showed in Smokey and it's still in my browser history, I guess.
And I assume I know what POC was used for in that question. It's rather rude. However, doesn't help me with figuring out the other ones.
Wait, is it used as "proof of concept"?
that's what I would understand it as
I don't find that useful at all.
I mean, as a tag
9:20 AM
on the vandalized one, or another one?
Nowhere. I don't see how it brings any useful information to a question.
And for the vandalised one, I assume it was meant to stand for "piece of crap"
ad hocked a tag description
oh, maybe. Or they originally had [bloc] and gibberish-ized it.
the top answerer has (drumroll) two answers
@tripleee That's 13% of the questions.
9:26 AM
@VLAZ yeah, maaaaybe there's a place for something like [exploit-poc] or something, but otherwise...
I closed a bunch of the questions in the tag.
@RyanM proof-of-concept would be better. If it even exists. One question asks for a proof of concept in Selenium. It should really just be tagged Selenium. One used it for something called POCO (you removed it from there). Another used it for some protocol which is called POCT1-A and POC there means "point of care".
@VLAZ I think it would need to be exploit-proof-of-concept, otherwise it's way too vague/meta
For the vulnerability one is at least vaguely descriptive. But I'm not sure it helps much.
I'm not sure it does either, but it's the only case where I could imagine it being at all useful.
9:32 AM
Not mentioned there but probably also relevant: "proof of correctness"
I would plump for "Pha̍k-oa-chhi romanization". :)
"pugs over cats"
10:03 AM
@StephenOstermiller I don't know why, but for some reason the auto-cleanup-on-migration isn't working on your last two comments...
It worked on ADyson's...
@RyanM I can clean them up now that they are migrated
10:18 AM
@tripleee I'm not sure I'm sold. It's not the only answer to get the OS wrong, and the user has other non-spam contributions. If anything, the spammiest thing there is the "If you find this useful, like it so that more people can access it. Thanks."
hmmm, maybe so
dang it Smokey I am trying to edit things here
@RyanM Hand out a suspension?
@AdrianMole Okay, I suspended a spammer. Now what?
Suspend Smokey.
It just clutters up our beautiful chat-room.
10:25 AM
Hmmm...I dunno, I was kinda hoping for Smokey to run for moderator next election.
Would hate to throw a wrench in that.
10:41 AM
@tripleee RO please trash; I think we can conclude that this was just misdirected, not spam
@tripleee → 1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
I don't seem to be able to retract my spam flag ...?
@tripleee I marked them disputed since it wasn't clear either way.
for the longest time I thought "disputed" meant somebody would come back and resolve the dispute one way or another, but I guess not
ah, no; in fact, I don't think it's possible to take a flag out of that state (short of dev intervention, of course)
10:46 AM
Referring to users as "egotistical idiots" in an edit summary is rude, right? Should it be custom flagged?
@AdrianMole Probably, yes. Moderators can edit the summaries, and, of course, we can email the users to tell them to stop being egotistical idiots.
@RetoHöhener you can't request actions on your posts in this room
i've been directed here in the past
maybe, for actions on posts where you are not involved
you have mainly two options: 1) cast a reopen vote on your question, and wait for the reopen reviewers to do their thing — possibly add a comment under your question to explain why it should be reopened, in case your edit isn't self-explanatory 2) post in meta
@CodyGray Flagged .. and "left closed" for good measure. :)
10:52 AM
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, due to rule #15 violation (requested action on own post)
thank you blackgreen. unfortunately 1) has never worked for me. I thought meta was not to be used for reopen requests
On reflection, the close voter was a gold hammer in PHP, so maybe one of those two words is appropriate. ;-P
Just to clarify some additional misconceptions, like the comment you left saying "Please give me a chance to improve the question before closing it. What is missing?"... That's not how Stack Overflow works. No one is ever supposed to wait and give the asker time to clarify before closing. Close votes are supposed to be cast immediately. Preventing answers from coming in until after it's been clarified is the entire purpose of closure. @RetoHöhener
@RetoHöhener you can ask about a specific question in meta, but it's generally better to frame the post as asking for advice and guidance instead of "pls reopen my question"
Asking on Meta to get a specific question reopened is legitimate (use the tags and ), but it's a double-edged sword: if your question isn't truly up to our standards, attracting attention to it in this way (shining a massive spotlight on it, really) is likely going to attract downvotes.
10:57 AM
@CodyGray i understand and respect that you cannot wait for clarification. the first 3 close votes came immediately and rightly so. but #4 and 5 came just now the next day, well after i clarified the question
Also, I very much recommend giving it some time. It's only been 4 hours since you nominated it for reopening. That's not nearly enough time for it to go through the reopen review queue.
@RetoHöhener I didn't look at the specific timing, I was just going off of your comment, which I was deleting from the post, but wanted to respond to since it was wrong.
Sorry for just lobbing information out there. I'm dealing with multiple things at the moment, while also trying to address everything in front of me.
I voted to reopen just now when blackgreen suggested it.
The only time I ever managed to get a question reopened was when i came here.
Should I try to delete and repost?
@RetoHöhener absolutely not, many curators routinely flag this behavior
(including me)
Deleting and reposting would be an abuse of the system.
11:03 AM
@RetoHöhener if it's not obvious how an edit resolves the closure, or if a reopen vote is cast out of the blue without supporting activity on the post, the reopen reviewers may simply leave closed or abstain from taking action. A good way to get a post reopened in the queue is to make it obvious that it should be reopened.
or simply if action on the post does in fact not resolve the closure...
@blackgreen yes thanks. i will do that.
np :)
Can I delete this or is it salvageable? How can I make CircularPogress Countdown in kotlin?
It has what appears may be a useful answer, so I would not delete it immediately. Just close it.
I was about to say the same thing
11:21 AM
But Dharman was elected on an "I shall delete all teh things" manifesto promise. :)
11:33 AM
@Dharman Thanks for editing my question. I thought that was what @blackgreen meant when suggesting to make it obvious to the reviewers what changed and why it should be considered for reopening.
@RetoHöhener meta-commentary like that doesn't belong in posts regardless of the reason. If you think your last edits to the question aren't sufficiently self-explanatory, you might post some additional remark in the comments
That is an example of "content-free communication". At best, it's metadata. It doesn't belong in the comments, either.
also just stating that "the edit resolves the issues" is hardly useful at all. If as a reviewer who isn't familiar with the technology I came across your post, such a remark still wouldn't help me understand why I should click "reopen"
Because the asker said so, duh.
The question looks much better now than it did initially.
I'd say it is obvious now the question is eligible for reopening.
11:38 AM
ok thanks
i will add info for reviewers neither in the question nor in the comments
@RetoHöhener The idea is to demonstrate with your actions. If your actions speak for themselves, then there's no need to say anything more.
got it
@RetoHöhener The other thing you can do to get somebody to take another look is to ping them in the comments on your question. If somebody has commented on your question with constructive criticism, they may be willing to come back and take another look if they get a notification. Something like @StephenOstermiller I edited my question to address your concerns, can you take another look and help reopen it if it looks better to you?
@StephenOstermiller thanks. yes, there were 2 such comments, which have been removed. so unfortunately i don't know their usernames anymore.
Do approved edits on a closed question push it into the reopen queue?
(unrelated to Reto's question)
11:49 AM
@blackgreen Isn't there a checkbox now?
also on suggested edits?
You don't have to suggest edits to your own question.
ok I'm talking about the edit on this question
@blackgreen Yes. But, like Cody said ...
@blackgreen Yes, there is
11:52 AM
beside the fact that that edit introduces a typo, it's not apparent if approving would push the post in the reopen queue
also not sure if I'm supposed to reject edits on closed questions that don't make it reopenable
What a great edit summary that has.
Is that rude? :)
The edit summary or Cody's sarcasm? ;)
11:58 AM
@blackgreen As best I can tell from the announcement, the person who suggested that edit did not indicate that it was a significant edit that they believe makes the question eligible for reopening. If they had, the review actions for the edit itself would be different (see #2, bullet 2).
After that system change was made, there is no reason to be concerned about approving edits that make the post better, even though they are not sufficient to make it eligible for reopening.
Useless edits can still be rejected, though.
I can confirm that, if the suggested edit is made and the editor does indicate that they think it is now fit for reopening, the UI presented in the review is different.
... more buttons.
Which could use yet another button: "Improve edit and nominate question for reopening." It is very frustrating not being able to improve such edits.
Can't remember what they're all called, but things like "Accept and submit for reopen" and "Accept but don't submit."
I linked the announcement not only so people could double-check my facts, but also so that you could refresh your memories of the buttons. :-)
12:02 PM
@StephenOstermiller Don't you get the "submit for reopen" option when you actually make the improvement?
Don't you use the question mark at the end of the sentence when you ask a question.
Is it too early/late for nitpicky, snarky comments?
@CodyGray I misread your link text as "annunciation" and assumed it was religious spam.
Of course. And I just forgot the phone number.
12:12 PM
thank you guys for your help! my question was reopened :)
thanks, I improved the edit
1:25 PM
> I am not able to comment and hence keeping these notes in answer section.
1 hour later…
2:36 PM
Morning all.
Is SOCVR suitable for handling brand new identical cross postings? I read through this Meta post and was curious.
How do you want to see it handled? Posting a cv-pls request in here if the question is off-topic on SO?
Relevant: SOCVR FAQ
@richardec Got 2 upvotes...
2:56 PM
Queue Dharman in 3... 2... 1...
At least allowed them to upvote 7 times themselves
@IanCampbell It's actually suspicious but also gone now. If it was deleted by a mod, they may want to investigate
I agree, suspicious. But it takes a lot for me to distract the scornful gaze of Sauraon.
Is this question on-topic?
@richardec Actually may have been worth a custom flag instead of a del-pls request: VLQ answer, 2 upvotes (-> 20 rep, 15 needed to upvote), Supporter badge, 7 posts upvoted. The puppetmaster is also often involved in the question and it may be worth looking for a matching pattern of received upvotes.
Potentially controversial opinion, but I'll say yes. OP talks about using a programming tool to interact with a database and asks a question about it. Seems like a tool used by programmers.
3:01 PM
@Machavity Is that programming?
but is it a tool used by programmers for programming?
i mean, i occationally use a hammer,
@Machavity I think it would be a better fit on DBA but since it didn't exist back then and can't be migrated now, I'd leave it. Maybe hist-lock if it is causing an issue.
@NathanOliver If it's causing an issue I prefer delete it
I don't
@JeanneDark Yes, thank you. I think the question is on-topic, just identical cross posting. I should just follow the Meta guidance as stated.
3:15 PM
Deleted post don't cause problems, nobody sees them :)
@jmoerdyk it does, but you need to visit your profile on a weekend for it to clear the cache
3:29 PM
3:54 PM
Weird. I just got an email that appears to be from microsoft azure with a link to an e-book for downloading on "Modernizing Your Java Apps"
I definitely did not request such a thing like they claim
maybe someone is trying to encourage me to learn Java...
@TylerH Are both the email address and the link legit?
well the email address appears to be legit when I look at the header. azure@email.microsoft.com
The link is all goobledegook for their tracking but there appears to be a legitimate page online for such a thing: azure.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/modernize-your-java-apps
@SamuelLiew well that explains it, I can probably count the times I've used SO on the weekend on one hand
4:10 PM
The question is "How to solve ...", but that answer doesn't say how to, it just says why.
I vote no.
i mean
if the answer they intend to provide is make the commit size smaller, then saying it happens when it is bigger, does indirectly say make it smaller
4:24 PM
@pppery note that the last request you posted doesn't have recent activity
@Cristik There's a pending suggested edit which IIRC counts as recent activity
Yes FAQ #11 includes suggested edit as recent activity.
Indeed, I saw the question when looking at the suggested edit queue
The number of cv-pls-worthy questions I find that way is kind of ridiculous
Can someone help me with this question please? I guess my english skills are to poor to understand this. Or is that really so confusing?
@richardec But probably not NAA since you need context to know it's not really an answer
4:41 PM
@tacoshy Your English skills aren't poor; the question is completely incomprehensible.
ok thank you @richardec I got a little brain-fart currently so I was doubting myself
Reputation points returned as a result of a downvoted answer getting deleted don't show up in the sidebar of a user's profile, e.g. I've had about the same rep for a while, and yet here it shows that I've lost almost 1k rep: i.stack.imgur.com/GCQDP.png
^^ Everytime I DV an answer that gets lower, but when the answer is deleted it doesn't get higher.
That is an impressive number of downvotes.
@richardec same here, I'm at -651. That counter is borked
4:51 PM
@jmoerdyk I'll write up an MSE post and ping Dan Cormier about it.
Is this likely spam? I can't tell, but it's worded very spam-like: stackoverflow.com/a/71472937/17242583
@richardec Aren't they linking to the official informatica documentation?
@JeanneDark Yes, they are.
Since the question is about , the link doesn't look fishy then, does it?
@richardec to me it is more NAA then spam since the link is offical docs
5:04 PM
@JeanneDark So maybe it's not...but its wording...
not everyone is great at communicating in english
I made it a comment
@Machavity Thank you. That's even better than deleting it.
5:23 PM
Question to mods: In Ryan's screenshot of his mod stats, there's a "Votes" column - what is that? Is it the total votes on all the posts he's deleted?
What the heck is up with the alignment of question authors on StackApps LOL, has it always been like this?
@richardec That's the votes the moderator has cast in that time frame
@Machavity Oh...interesting. I wish there were something like that for normal users... ;)
@richardec There is (scroll to the bottom). Visible for every user. No diamond needed
5:49 PM
It's a good thing everyone can't filter arbitrary users' vote breakdowns by different time periods. Think of the drama.
(Recognizing you can for Up + Down on the Users page, but not specifically for the two)
any drama it'd cause would be short-lived
oh, deleted answers lose their accepted checkmark and also any record of it in the timeline? I didn't think that last part happened too
makes sense
@IanCampbell seems like a vestige of when chat was still getting dev hours. Probably more was planned but then it was dropped
can't have two answers with a checkmark, and you wouldn't want the question to be unable to have a checkmark if it's checkmark'd answer was deleted.
5:58 PM
@TylerH Shog's explaination seems... less than satisfying.
@KevinB Right, I'm just saying it's surprising that any record of it ever having the checkmark is also removed from the timeline
@IanCampbell The mod dashboard rework never happened AFAIK
6:41 PM
@Machavity Yeah, I know about that one, but I thinking of that only for a specific date range.
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