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12:29 AM
Is this question on topic for SO? I don't know enough about the topic to say stackoverflow.com/q/65029175/15497888
Welp, we got another library that uses some weird name that will totally not be misused for anything else
@HenryEcker It's about an API usage. I'd leave it. Docker is on topic so that means a lot of DevOps is as well
@Machavity Will do. I wasn't sure. Thanks :)
@HenryEcker If anything is unclear. If the thing is timing out, we got no info from the api provider about the configuration or the route.
1:08 AM
@HenryEcker you noticed that this question is self-answered, starting by OP asking their... self "what is your question"?!!!
cc @cigien
@desertnaut Yeah, I noticed. It appears to be a misunderstanding of how the Q&A format works, possibly combined with poor English.
1:26 AM
@desertnaut Honestly I couldn't make heads or tails of any of that question. Yes I did notice, although I think it was in response to the comment saying it was unclear.
@HenryEcker no, they are addressing themselves by name! :-0
1:57 AM
@mickmackusa huge fan of double consonants here.
2:27 AM
@CodyGray I've never used/read/heard accorded before. I wonder if would be better to say that "Community moderators are endowed ..." or maybe "Community moderators are well endowed ..." :)
3:29 AM
@Machiavity, Could you move this mistyped request, please? The question was closed since. Thank you
@Vega Are you sure you linked to the right request? That question has never been closed.
4:10 AM
@Makyen I am very sorry @Makyen. No, it wasn't closed, I meant this one
@gparyani I do not agree. For the vast majority of chat rooms, mods and room owners should be treated as equivalent. Only for very special rooms with their own very special rules (like this one) is there (or should there be) a difference. I think the change to the styling of special user names in chat was a very positive change.
@desertnaut Oh no! What did I do??
@Vega np. Done.
@manro Not sure if someone else already replied to this, but... I think your question looks much better now. The biggest problem I see is that you put an answer in the question. Answers don't belong in the question. Even when the question is closed. Please remove that.
@Makyen Thank you
4:32 AM
@mickmackusa Yes, the last phrasing would be my pick. Where's the Meta post so I can vote on it? :-)
how do i gave a vote.
@AmanSharma In the election? On the election page. You'll see a vote widget in the upper-right corner.
5:21 AM
@Dharman does this look suspicious voting-wise? stackoverflow.com/q/69159129 On the fence myself, you're the expert.
@RyanM nah, it's good. Let's not make a habit of hunting voting fraud in this room. If you see something, flag it. It can't be a single up vote though.
@Dharman Fair, thanks for taking a look.
What about this? It doesn't seem to really answer the question. Is it some strange kind of spam?
@JeanneDark Hmmm, there's enough search results that it doesn't look like typical sneaky spammer...it's very strange though, I'd agree, and doesn't seem to answer the question never mind, it does.
@JeanneDark Eh... Although it reads like gibberish, it does appear to be an attempt to answer the question. They're recommending an alternative solution to compile COBOL code, other than what the asker is trying to use.
6:10 AM
Thanks, it's probably indeed an answer, although a very poor one.
also TIL Microsoft COBOL was a thing.
I would either edit it or delete it.
@RyanM What languages has Microsoft not made a compiler for?
Forth is the only one that comes to mind.
Kotlin, Scala...
TIL if a moderator wants to make a post into two comments, they can convert the post to a comment twice...
@RyanM Yeah, although it's a bit fiddly. The auto-convert to comment feature just truncates things that are too long. But you can undelete and convert to comment again, then edit the comments as desired.
I suppose you will learn soon enough that "...although it's a bit fiddly" is true of 90% of the moderator tools. :-)
6:59 AM
@DalijaPrasnikar Branching out into Angular questions these days? :-)
Not really, it was just pretty obvious dupe ;)
@karel Wrong link
@CodyGray Are you saying you're not so fast that you closed the question 26 minutes before the request was posted?
@RyanM I actually assumed that I had, but then I noticed that the titles were different. :-)
7:05 AM
@JeanneDark And the link in that answer is now dead.
Are questions about DFAs on-topic?
@RyanM Maybe, but not that one.
@CodyGray Because of the lack of a specific problem, or because it's CS, not programming?
@RyanM The former. Although I am admittedly uncomfortable with questions on SO that are purely theoretical without any source code.
@CodyGray I tried Angular once. Empty project had about 10.000 files and source folder had more than 200MB. That was enough for me to say goodbye without even looking deeper.
7:08 AM
Oh goodness. I feel you on that!
While we're on the topic of debatably on-topic closed questions, what about this one? On-topic (maybe it could be answered with a suggestion to examine class names?) or ultimately not a practical programming problem and/or inevitably devolving into a resource request?
Leaning toward the latter, personally.
@RyanM That does not seem like a resource request. It definitely seems like something that could be turned into a valid question to me.
In that case, I might reopen it and post this answer on it...
it needed a new home anyway.
Also curious if reposting that generates an autoflag for the duplicate answer ;-)
It it had some answer that is not just service recommendation I would say, it can pass. If not I would close it as recommendation request... so it depends
@RyanM Why not just merge it? :-)
7:13 AM
@CodyGray even better :-)
Although now I can't reopen-pls ;-)
Haha. Oops.
Does it need to be narrowed to "Analytics" SDKs? Does that make sense? Or should it just be generalized to SDKs?
@CodyGray Already on it
Is it only me that thinks there should be more emphasis on checking the Other Answers section when reviewing Late Answers? I stumble too much lately on repeating answers that were "Looks Ok" in the review... For example:
7:50 AM
@CodyGray i have slept. I'll add the answer soon. Guten Tag 🀝🀝
Guys, how long do you sleep? When i went off - you were there, now I'm here, but you have been here already for some hours 🧐
I plead the fifth.
No one told you we are all bots that never sleep?
Why sleep when there's Stack Overflow
Sleep? That sounds like a giant waste of time. You just lay there doing nothing?!
But without sleeping our body can't restore 😟
@RyanM what do you plead????
7:58 AM
nonsense, just supplement it with a regular supply of coffee
I don't know how Cody does it but my sleep schedule is very distorted now. I slept only 5 hours today because my internal clock refused to accept that I have to start work at 7
@manro the fifth amendment
@Dharman That's exactly how I do it: with a very distorted sleep schedule.
@OlegValter is he under investigation?? 😲
[points to your own question about how long do we sleep]
8:03 AM
@OlegValter hah, this is specific IT-humour 😁
I think it is legal humour?
I don't know, joking about sleep schedule should be made a capital punishment
> The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that an individual cannot be compelled by the government to provide incriminating information about herself – the so-called β€œright to remain silent.” (source)
(it is, in fact, a legal joke)
Objection, your honor: the interlocutor does not represent the government.
The joke being that I am invoking my right to not provide incriminating information about my sleep schedule, implying that it is bad :-)
@CodyGray Well, if it's a civil trial, then my refusal to answer can be used against me, and it can be assumed that my sleep schedule is terrible.
8:06 AM
@manro we don't sleep; we are robots (why, you are not??)
@RyanM because you are working for KGB every night and try to keep this information in the secret 😁
@Dharman if($mydatabase) { echo "true"; } I ...what.
It's the pinnacle of programming
@desertnaut I'm not, im a laborer(as i said some days ago) and trying to get into IT-sphere πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ”§
I sleep 8-9 hours, as all people need
You can learn here. First lesson, after assigning a variable always make sure it is assigned. Do $var = 'value'; if($var) echo "perfect"
8:13 AM
@Dharman i don't know this language, but i saw "echo" in R-markdowns
8:38 AM
Guys, i prosecute an inquiry. Someone (when i slept) climbed into my profile and corrected the info Oo
Is this an answer (ignore the null values)? And is it sufficiently different from the accepted answer? The question is about .
@manro what changed?
@RyanM Section "About"
@RyanM there was a petition about my salvation)
@JeanneDark Looks like "I'm having the same issue" to me.
8:48 AM
@manro if you meant the "I was banned by the system, please upvote my posts", then it's rightly removed. Pleading for upvotes is not okay.
@AndrewT. can moderators force the SE.com profile to sync?
@AndrewT. Ha-ha, at the stackexchage it is alive ))
@RyanM AFAIK, no... only all site profiles network-wide, but not the network profile itself.
@manro Bragging about your rules-violating profile not being entirely removed in a room with at least four SE moderators and a CM is probably not the best strategy...
9:36 AM
I almost forgot why I wanted to post here... anyone's familiar with Ionic for Android? As an Android dev, I feel these 2 questions are missing important info; the stack trace from logcat: stackoverflow.com/q/69626608, stackoverflow.com/q/69605318. But I'm not sure if these are enough for Ionic devs.
9:54 AM
@AndrewT. I am not familiar with ngx-mqtt library they are using, however it seems either they are missing some details to debug (like what does it mean it is not working?) either it should be addressed to the library creators (as maybe there is incompatibility issus)
Yeah I don't know anything about Ionic at all, but surely more than "it is working fine in some devices and not woking in some devices" is needed to answer that.
Are our comments a little over the line? stackoverflow.com/q/69628375/1839439
@Dharman IMO yes, "Is it really that hard to go read up on the correct order of function parameters in the manual?" is overly unfriendly
They seem fine to me. But definitely closer to the line than other comment that expresses equivalent information could be.
@RyanM Oh, I missed that comment. Yes, that's around the line, I'd say.
I don't think the other ones cross the line, though they toe it.
10:03 AM
Oh and the Let Me Google This For You link is probably too much.
Oh, I missed that one. Yeah, I thought those were banned. Gone now.
I see it's lmgtfy.app now. Might be new URL that isn't matched by the regex comment evaluation AI.
Used to be .com in the past.
@Vega @RyanM thanks, I also know nothing about Ionic, but anyway I'll ask for more info while voting to close.
10:42 AM
@WaiHaLee Apparently I don't need to raise a custom flag for serial spam suggested edits - source.
11:08 AM
^ the question POB or more focus?
11:41 AM
@Dharman russians are coming 🧐
anyone called a Russian? :)
They have been coming to SO for a long time. There is a dedicated Stack Overflow site in Russian so we can direct them there
But they can still ask questions here as long as they do it in English
@OlegValter You didn't have to rush in just to prove a point ;)
@OlegValter are you a german man from Russia?
@VLAZ I didn't :) But the temptation was too big
11:46 AM
@Dharman Russians and Indians have the biggest communities at SO?
@manro German?
There are versions of Stack Overflow in Japanese, Russian, Portugues and Spanish
Indians often speak English very well so they can use the main Stack Overflow
@OlegValter "Walther"
@manro I think USAicans are also very well represented.
Is this actually an answer (see comment)? "I suspect a bug, I post code w/o data (no MRE), and after the question, I test with random data and I verify that there is no issue, so I post an answer"...
11:50 AM
@manro "Valter", actually. And no, not German
@desertnaut I guess it's one of the cases where not the answer but the question is the problem (like link-only answers to questions asking for links).
@OlegValter hmm
Guys, which laptop do you can advice me?
1k USD
Edit: Never mind, I don't think this is on-topic at hardwarerecs.SE
@RyanM hm, i didn't know about this site
@manro If you do post there, please read through hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic first
12:02 PM
@RyanM i can't be banned everywhere :)
@manro well, this can be arranged :)
@JeanneDark yeah, had posted already a cv-pls request here...
I would say that "I suppose the problem is with my data..." may already be considered an attempt at answering the question, so not NAA. Not sure why it has a score of 2, though.
@OlegValter it is unreal; or i will be the first man in the history, who was banned everywhere at SE because of bad questions 😁
@manro There is, in fact, a network-wide ban function that CMs can use...
12:15 PM
@RyanM it is intended for trolls and spammers, i think?
@manro They are the ones it's most frequently used on, at least. Generally, they don't make a show of banning people, so it's hard to notice who all receives such bans.
I don't know if it's ever been used for bad content across the network.
Interestingly, the answerer at the same time wrote a comment explaining why they voted to close ("unlikely to ever help any future visitors")...
@manro We can (and do) talk to folks about poor quality from time to time. I've never suspended someone for it because the system already handles that part
And moderators cannot add or remove that restriction either
As for network-wide suspensions, they are indeed CM-only and very real
2048. Nice!
12:36 PM
What's Private Trash?
@Machavity "We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? nooo, why have you reminded me :(((( I will rewrite one my question soon
@manro Not sure what you meant by that, but I am going to assume it's a language thing. Let's not talk of murdering folks
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Just a place to move stuff that doesn't need to hang around in dev/null either
There's quite a few "trash" rooms for that purpose around the network
12:38 PM
@Machavity I read not even CMs can remove the quality ban. (By system design, built-in.)
I have to say I kinda like the Python Trash Room name
@bad_coder I've never actually asked them if they can. I've not seen them do so if they have that power
can i undelete this question, delete comments below and rewrite it:
@Machavity someone said it one meta, not even worth using the contact us form.
@manro I'm not sure you can improve that question. It's off-topic
@Dharman I write new
@Dharman fully new
12:42 PM
No, we don't allow completely rewriting questions
@Dharman Maaaaan
@manro If your question was deleted for any reason (beyond you deleting it) you can edit it and mod flag for comment cleanup and undeletion. Just make sure you improved it to where it's on-topic. A lot of folks use those flags to merely complain about the deletion
you have roughly 6 months to come with the best question possible.
in 6 months you can research and come up with a good topic that will be useful for the community
@manro as @Machavity says; please try correcting it first, and then flag for un-deletion
@desertnaut You can't edit deleted post if you are the author
12:44 PM
@Dharman You can. The exception is a self-deleted question.
@Dharman really?? I have done it at least once!!
I have some vague recollection that...yeah, what Jeanne said^
Ohh, it has to be self-deleted?
You can edit self-deleted answers, I think. It's just questions that are an exception.
I smell some science tests brewing
12:45 PM
I can edit it, yee)
@Dharman Yes, to prevent abuse from people who deliberately delete questions to then, while no one can see it, edit them into something malicious.
I've edited a self-deleted answer, but it was in the grace period. So that could be an exception. Science time...
Yeah, I just tested. Jeanne is right
@desertnaut I rewrite and soon give you a link, se ya ;)
to all)
@Dharman did you test if you can edit a self-deleted answer specifically?
12:47 PM
Fun fact: if you undelete your own NAA, it's binding but raises a mod flag as well
This post is hidden. It was automatically deleted 8 days ago by CommunityBot.
@Machavity Yeah, that happens from time to time. Never saw it having been improved into an actual answer though. I then just wait for a mod to handle it.
@RyanM That too. This is the only error I see "You cannot edit your own deleted question. Undelete before editing."
@JeanneDark I've seen it a few times. In fact, anecdotally, I'd say half of them I do see were improved. But more than a few undeleted just because they could
@Machavity How often do people undelete ones the LQA queue gets wrong?
12:50 PM
@RyanM Fairly uncommon to see one mishandled. The most common case there would be folks deleting a code-only answer
@Juraj What close reason would that be?
@Dharman see FAQ How can I undelete one of my posts? While self-deleted answers can be edited by the author without undeleting, self-deleted questions cannot be edited by their authors unless undeleted first for spam prevention reasons.
@Juraj I went with "typo" there (it's not reproducible)
@RyanM I believe the behavior is different because editing of an answer, even while it's deleted, bumps the post (undeleting doesn't). Abuse can then still be detected, which is not the case with deleted questions.
1:00 PM
@JeanneDark Ahhh, that makes sense.
^ I don't think OP understands how to use Stack Overflow
@RyanM sorry, I flagged as not reproducible, but wanted to point out why
1:17 PM
@Juraj The "why" definitely helps (it's encouraged, even), but including the close reason as well is also generally a good practice
and no worries :-)
1:36 PM
I'm starting to rewrite. Before pushing a "flag" i give a link ;)
Why are you telling us that?
boring, i'm alone now in the room ;(
lol I understand
Would you flag this answer or just let the low-quality reviews handle it?
Oops, I guess it's gone anyway.
1:52 PM
@Calculuswhiz NAA works fine there (it already had one)
@manro Please have a look at FAQ rule #15.
@JeanneDark i memorized it, but it is only one way to win xD
@manro There is no "winning" or "losing" here. Please consider that Stack Overflow and its chat rooms require professional behavior in that regard. This room is a for a specific purpose and thus has strict rules compared to what other chat rooms might allow. You can review the expectations for behavior in this room here: socvr.org/faq#general-expectations-for-members
It's worth noting that vote begging in any form in any room will likely get you flagged and possibly suspended from chat
2:04 PM
The joys of gamification
3:00 PM
I found a question that was never in English (it even passed a first post review), but last active was over 6 months ago (besides me). It didn't roomba because it has an upvoted answer (so I can't del-pls the answer). Does the post meet the "really bad" criterion as outlined on the faq for [cv-pls]?
I guess if it has only 1 answer, it may not meet the "low quality magnets" criterion.
@Calculuswhiz I guess you could mod-flag. Unless of course an RO allows it here
Generally, no, it doesn't. Although I would not call you out on this and I would vote myself. The rule about 6 months is that we want to deal with posts that are actually visible. Whether it's activity, used as a duplicate target, or someone referred to it in a post. You finding it accidentally does not mean that it is causing harm. Does it have many views?
@Tomerikoo What would be the reason? They can flag or vote to close without moderator intervention. Maybe the FP review could be a reason to flag for mod.
Nope, ~60 views over 2 years.
3:06 PM
And when you just vote to close and hope the queue handles it?
I guess a mod would accept such flag if you explained politely what you want to be done and why you can't use any of the available methods.
but again, we can treat this as virtually dead post and it probably isn't worth moderator's time and attention
I would definitely flag the review at the very least...
eh, how old is the review?
would rehashing a review from a year or 2 years ago really provide any benefit?
First post review from Nov 4 '19.
not really
3:09 PM
Ok. I guess I can leave it alone.
@Dharman But this is not the case, the 6 months SOCVR rule probably does not count. It can be pushed into the queue with the usual means. I'd expect a mod to decline a flag asking for the question to be closed.
I'm being hot on the trigger today... Just vote to close and hopefully we will get to it in the queue... -_-
If the flag just says "please close it" then yes
also, in the time we are discussing it here, we could have closed and deleted it
but but but that's not proper
@Dharman The only reason I can think of justifying such a flag is a bountied question because you can't vote to close them. But as long as you can cast close votes (or probably even just flags), there's no justification.
3:13 PM
Wouldn't a VLQ flag work in this case? Or is it just sends the question straight to the mods?
I think it's too old for VLQ flag.
IE, it's not on the menu.
Yeah, likely too old. And since it should be closed, VLQ flag is very likely to be declined (unless Cody handles it)
So, i was banned and here... eh... but i prepared a new question and voted for undelete. No links here anymore...
I guess I do have a secondary question. Would you say there is a threshold View Count/View Rate that makes a question highly visible?
well, there's certainly the threshold that pushes it into HNQ
but i suspect that's not what you mean
3:19 PM
Well, for like a cv-pls older than 6mo.
@Calculuswhiz it's not view count or view rate really that affects that, it's its relevance; how often it is presented as a "related" link when people view existing answers
the reason we allow some cv-pls requests for questions without recent (6 months) activity is because sometimes older questions that are very bad or clearly off-topic/low quality are used as reasons that someone should be able to ask a similar question today
If there's a 10 year old question that hasn't been updated in 9 years, you can't post a cv-pls for it, for example. Unless someone else posted a new question that asks the same thing and says "hey I saw this question, but want newer answers!", or worse, if someone tells them their question is off-topic, and they say "well what about this super old same question that isn't closed?!"
I'm skipping through CV queue to find that question, I skipped a bad question so I came back and it turns out it was an audit
Oh yay :-)
I don't think that's technically a 6mo activity exception reason, but I want it to be, personally
Oh, ok. I understand that FAQ point a little better now.
3:34 PM
The point of the closing a question is not just to prevent answers being added; it's also to signal (via the big close banner) to readers "this kind of question is not a good fit for our site"
It's the most direct way we can enforce the strict topic group on Stack Overflow (and other network sites) that has led to it being so successful a Q&A site (among other reasons)
@Calculuswhiz That sounds like an excellent question for just a close-vote and letting the close-vote review queue handle it. Is there something which makes it urgent to close it? Is there some reason to believe that the CV review queue won't handle it? Or, won't handle it in time to prevent other answers?
Nah, it was just an old question with low-visibility. The close-vote was invalidated so, I went to revisit it. I think I was just getting hung up on the FAQ rules and the reasons for them.
@TylerH Considering that closing makes the question eligible for deletion faster than any other method, I don't think the message is for anyone other than the asker, in hopes they can fix it.
3:51 PM
I noticed that answers re-enter the first answers queue after an edit. Is that a feature or a bug?
@Tomerikoo I think that's by design.
@Braiam That would be true if we could only close questions that don't have any answers
But we can close questions that have answers. And users with sufficient reputation can also see deleted questions. So the suggestion that the banner is only for askers doesn't hold much water.
There's no guarantee that the question wouldn't be expediently deleted either.
Askers do see a slightly tailored message within the banner (because they're uniquely positioned to act on the question to affect its closure in many cases), but that's only part of the banner, not the entire thing
Remember, the only reason why we won't delete every closed answered question automatically is in the off chance that there's something of value on the answers.
And such examples are rare and far in between.
3:59 PM
^ received an upvote
someone wants the job
The first upvoter gets it? ;)
I bet this is the case of boss saying "Post the job ad on Stack Overflow"
but instead of using SO jobs, they posted on meta
instructions unclear, got banned from SO
@TylerH Sounds like the correct outcome.
4:08 PM
@Tomerikoo similarly asked, but not answered yet
@AndrewT. Thanks for that. I didn't find a reference for that behavior
The Reopen Votes queue appears to be broken.
That seems the natural state of the queues lately
But completely broken. I think it's been reported for other sites on Meta.SE.
Maybe we should close it...
4:35 PM
^ This question seems to keep popping up...
they made another pointless edit to it
6:04 PM
^ links to further general computing questions which are however too old for cv-pls
all 3 answers are the same
try X tool
is it a coincidence that one of the questions that user answered was asked today as well, and has a very similar, but not the same, avatar
@KevinB I find it more suspicious that OP of one of the questions posted an answer that is VERY similar to the ones above.
way to go SmokeDetector x)
@KevinB that second one is a duplicate question anyway
@AdrianMole This might be status-completed now. Might want to give it another shot to confirm.
@Spevacus I saw that - will try soon.
6:50 PM
@AdrianMole is it broken today? I sent one question to reopen. Should retry?
@manro It's fixed. But I don't think the issue would have affected your submission.
@AdrianMole nobody knows
7:26 PM
@desertnaut Hello :)
@desertnaut Today i was banned here too :)
@desertnaut And i afraid to ask you again that you see my rewritten post because of rule 15
7:43 PM
@manro where is "here"?
@desertnaut in chat(
@manro but you are still here
@desertnaut yes, it was for 30 minutes
@manro oh, I see
@desertnaut but if i will break the rule 15 - i ll achieve a permaban
@desertnaut but i don't want to do anything bad, i still want to demolish the SO ban (without 6 months waiting)
It is so harsh, eh(((
7:50 PM
@manro general remarks on your edited question: I guess you have been through the rules, guidelines etc by now, but still: 1) you ask multiple questions (which can keep the post closed as unfocused) 2) some of your questions are themselves too broad & vague (e.g. "When we should use C++ code in R?") 3) you still include "Thx!" etc, which by now should be obvious that it is useless & irrelevant clutter
@manro "interesting, results are strange" says nothing; you should explain clearly why you think they are strange, and what exactly your question is about
@desertnaut I got used to say thx from childhood, i can't without it, but... ok...
@manro I did, too; that is not a reason to use it here - as multiple Meta posts have already argued, it is actually rude to use it here, as it gives unnecessary load to editors and reviewers
why strange - because results alternated: C++ better than R, further R than C++ and vice versa
there is no "oO" in a SO question; you need to be clear and precise
@manro Your suspension from chat had nothing to do with the rules in SOCVR's FAQ, including rule 15. Based on the 30 minute length of your chat suspension, it would have been because one of your chat messages was deleted by being flagged as spam/offensive. If you repeatedly violated the rules in the SOCVR FAQ and didn't modify how you interacted in this room, then the next step would be that a room owner would kick you (remove you) from the room for a short time.
Being kicked, by a room owner or moderator, results in you being removed from the room and not being permitted to return for 1 minute the first time, 5 minutes the second time, and 30 minutes the third time within 24 hours. Upon the third time, an automatic moderator flag is raised. The moderator may decide to impose a chat suspension.
7:57 PM
@manro do you find it strange that the results alternate? Cool, say so in the question!
@desertnaut Ein moment, i correct some things
@Makyen It was a cause: "It's worth noting that vote begging in any form in any room will likely get you flagged and possibly suspended from chat" )
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