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@RyanM In general :)
I'm certain that if everyone used all their close votes on the same day we could obliterate the CVQ
in much the same way that if everyone in the country gathered (in more peaceful times) they could clean up that 500-km strand of seashore in no time
@AndrasDeak Cooperation is the winning strategy in most interactions :)
it's been a while since I was taught Nash equilibria in prisoners' dilemmas
If I recall correctly it pays to be parasitic as long as most people cooperate :P
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12:54 AM
@AnnZen Happy birthday!
1:35 AM
No cv-pls in 23 minutes? That’s a disgrace.
hey what's up?
@AaronHall The ceiling.
Then the roof.
Then the air.
Then the outer parts of the atmosphere.
Then the stars.
Actually, not much, I think. Seems quiet in here.
8 hours ago, by Andras Deak
Honestly most moderation issues are "I know it when I see it", and the more rules there are the worse it all gets. But people tend to have problems adhering to "just be nice"
It seems to me that the more interaction you have on the site, the better, on average, those interactions need to be. Power users need to be very diplomatic. Most users grock this intuitively...
2:04 AM
@DavidBuck If the OP is deliberately ignoring the comments, that’s their own responsibility. Are you saying we should babysit everybody on SO?
@Andreas You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
I know, I know.
@CodyGray I understand the "not forcing" part and I did read 2 of your answers about this issue before commenting. I just don't think putting a formal sign: " What exactly is wrong with this?" is wrong in any way and is helpful for a content owner, if his content is advertised badly to others. I just don't see the point of doing nothing, when you don't know what's wrong with your content.
2:40 AM
@TheMaster At best, it is totally superfluous. It's like adding a comment, "Please upvote if you find this answer helpful." Yes, everyone knows that's what they're supposed to do. So putting it there seems like begging or just noise. We can all assume that you're open for feedback/suggestions, and even if you're not, well, we're going to provide it anyway if we see fit.
That's actually problematic - lot of users don't want feedback. It's nice to know when somebody does. If somebody comments "how do I improve my post" it might prompt me to respond.
Ugh. No.
It doesn't matter what users want.
The site is designed around the use of comments to provide feedback and criticism for posts. You should use it that way whenever you have something constructive to share, not taking into account the whims of the individual.
even then, some people will always only suggest improvements when asked to
because of people who react poorly to improvement suggestions
The option to suggest improvements anonymously would alleviate that, but that won't fly because of people who would use the box for rude stuff
(noted to not hesitate providing constructive feedback though)
What other people want really isn't your problem
Nor is trying to anticipate how people will react
If they react negatively, get a moderator involved
2:51 AM
@CodyGray I agree "please upvote" is superflous. But if there are a barrage of downvotes without any comments and you really think you did your best and the content is clear, I think asking for feedback is ok. OP is asking for help. He might as well ask for help regarding his content quality if He believes it is clear and good.
It isn't.
I take it "react negatively" includes two mysterious downvotes in rapid succession at the exact moment I have posted a comment suggesting an improvement?
Downvotes are always "mysterious", unless you knowingly post garbage to this site expecting downvotes. If you do, please stop.
The site is very large, with lots of activity. Spurious coincidences are much more common than retribution.
That risk is big enough to discourage many people from providing unsolicited feedback
From what I hear in this room on a daily basis, obsession over votes is literally ruining this site.
I really wish people would get over it.
2:55 AM
how is asking for feedback an obsession with votes?
You are asking for feedback because of an obsession with votes. You are justifying why you need to ask for feedback because of a concern about targeted votes. It all fundamentally goes back to votes.
@CodyGray Take my meta question for example. I really had no idea why people were downvoting it.. until i finally had to ask after -10 each on both q and a. Then, finally 2 people commented and I understood my question was too technical and unclear. I modified it and was able to get some upvotes.
Here's the thing: I will nuke any comment that contains the words "downvote" or "upvote" literally on sight, and if I nuke more than a couple of such comments from you, I'm going to be sending you a moderator message to cease and desist.
What if I'm obsessed with perceived quality because I think it correlates with actual quality?
If I didn't induce a feedback, I might not have gotten any.
2:57 AM
I specifically downvoted your question after seeing that you posted that comment.
And I specifically resolved not to provide you with any feedback or any future engagement, because I don't want to encourage such bad behavior.
@CodyGray Thanks for the feedback now. But, Like I said, I believe asking for feedback isn't wrong in any way. Like the one you gave me now:)
Asking a specific person for feedback, e.g. in chat, is totally fine. Because you're asking a specific person. Leaving a comment is noise.
@CodyGray Why do you think it is noise to post a sign for feedback in your public post, but not to a specific person?
It's not a empty room
It's a public exhibition of your content
It is not what comments are for. Comments are supposed to convey information. Asking for feedback conveys no relevant information whatsoever about the post.
You are, at best, restating the purpose of comments, which is to provide feedback. We already know what comments are for, we already know that we are allowed to provide feedback to you if we want to do so.
The only argument that has been made so far is that some people aren't interested in feedback and might retaliate for it.
That's really not a good assumption, and I'm not going to agree that we should invert the rules, only leaving feedback when someone signals that they are interested in it by leaving a pre-emptive comment.
I'm not saying people should refrain from commenting until asked to, just that they do, and for a valid reason
3:07 AM
I'm really tired of this discussion already.
I have tried to make the site policy clear.
I think it is sufficiently clear.
I don't want to discuss what the policy should be.
Is there a meta post summarizing the argument?
Have I really not made it sufficiently clear that you need another summary?
@CodyGray You already said in your answer. Downvoting+ commenting a reason is bad and there are backlashes. The general trend and recommended trend is "downvote and move on". Thus the content owner needs to make explicit inducement to show others he's just looking for feedback. If not, he's probably not going to get any, because it's the general/recommended trend
I should just stop talking, because I am clearly unable to communicate what I think is a very simple point.
@TheMaster I recommend that anyone who sees a comment asking for feedback downvote the post and flag the comment.
I recommend the same thing for anyone who sees comments containing racial slurs, rants about Windows, or any other irrelevant and inappropriate stuff.
I'm not looking for people to provide justifications for noisy comments. We have plenty of noisy comments. We don't need any more.
@tripleee Is that something that is perhaps a duplicate?
@CodyGray I get that. I got that that is your expert opinion. I still don't see the point. Leaving a comment accompanying a downvote can lead to negative consequences, like revenge downvoting and even off-site harassment.. Isn't that why OP of a question needs to ask/show He is sane, won't backlash and just looking for feedback?
3:18 AM
No, because leaving a comment complaining about downvotes is not an indication that the OP is either sane or is going to respond constructively to feedback. It is often an indication of precisely the opposite.
In almost every case that I have ever seen comments go off the rails, it's because the OP first left a comment asking for "feedback".
That ... is surprising
@CodyGray Not complaining. But just plain old feedback. Like my comment in my meta post. Did I go on a rampage afterwards?
This isn't about you in particular
But you do agree such comments may be useful, just like in my case?
Not at all
They are noise
And they are annoying, because they look like whining
3:22 AM
@CodyGray This is subjective opinion than anything else.
Speaking of noise, can we keep meta conversations in ...meta?
@CodyGray I'm pretty sure it is, but I could not quickly find one which solves this specific problem
4:01 AM
@tripleee Do you think it is the duplicate of: stackoverflow.com/q/32164108/5468463?
@Vega yeah, looks like
@tripleee Thank you, voted as duplicate
I'm divided on providing duplicates for no effort, when hammering it's of course the fastest way to get something closed but here ... IDK
I am often wondering, but didn't find any source yet, if there is a hierarchy in closing reasons?
@Vega how do you mean? they have struggled to define them for sure, there was a lot of overlap between reasons and a lot of jiggle room; now they seem to target reasonably separate categories of phenomena, although "needs more details" and the site-specific "needs debugging details" clearly still overlap
"completely horribly monumentally not about programming" to me ranks higher (should be deleted) than e.g. "needs more details" but then that's what we have delv-pls for
4:11 AM
Sorry, I wasn't arguing about that particular question. I understand your point that if there no efforts, it's better to get it closed as is so Roomba will get it? I was asking more generically
Neither is better or worse, they all shine in their own time
4:24 AM
Here, I hesitate to cv as off-site resource request or to remove the sentence and dup-hummer?
I would almost always prefer to close as a duplicate, whenever you can find an actual duplicate.
But if the question doesn't make any sense, or is too broad, then you won't be able to find a duplicate, so you'll need to close for a different reason.
Not only is closing as a duplicate more expedient (and the goal is to get the questions closed as fast as possible), but it's more helpful to the asker.
@Vega I would just leave in the junk and hammer, at -3 it will roomba anyway
5:03 AM
@tripleee I was reluctant to consider -3 as it was before the post was edited to include the MRE. Thank you for the advice :)
@CodyGray Thank you very much for the guidance, super!
@CodyGray You were right about the merge I ranted about the other day. Sorry I made a fuss about it, my bad. I couldn't wrap my head around it.
@bad_coder I honestly don't have any recollection of which merge that was. But I'm glad to hear it was sorted out to your satisfaction.
I deal with a lot of things, both here and at work, so I really don't tend to remember specific events unless they make a major impact.
@CodyGray I realize you have a lot on your plate. Hope you scheduled a nice vacation for soon.
@bad_coder Haha, no... No vacation in sight. I couldn't possibly take vacation. Too much depending on me that is already behind schedule.
@oguzismail There is nothing wrong with "RTFM Q&A". Please update your delete request to something that actually provides a legitimate reason to delete.
@CodyGray too late, unnecessary duplicate
5:17 AM
@CodyGray I'm sorry to hear that...I've been put in that spot many times.
7:41 AM
Is this answer delete-worthy?
@janw Nah. Answers the question. Could use editing, but ImageMagick really should be in any list of command-line media editors...
Ok, I wondered because it basically only is the name of the tool without any explanation :D
@RyanM Editing videos with ImageMagick? Is that even possible?
@oguzismail Some (very) quick searching suggests it has at least some rudimentary video editing capabilities
I did not put much effort into figuring out how much
> It can do video editing but it is not really designed for it. No sound, and it uses external delegate programs to decode and encode video.
says here
7:47 AM
I'm unsure about this question looks like homework and possibly not even programming at all.
@JeanneDark looks more like computer science, i.e. theoretical/pseudo-code programming with pen and paper
That was also my suspicion
Needs Focus vote from me. Doesn't even say which technology to use. Or if it's none at all. But there is no attempt anyway.
I'm with @VLAZ on that, but went with "needs details", for the same reasoning :)
@janw Eh, same thing. I debated picking it myself.
7:52 AM
That they don't mention any technology made me assume it might likely be off-topic
@RyanM Oh, that one was well-hidden...
@janw Yeah, I noticed the close votes and decided it could use some extra pointing out :-)
@Adriaan I am...not such an expert, but is that even related to the problem?
8:07 AM
@RyanM no clue; other answers speak about setting up a DB connection as well
That answer left me puzzled as well.
@Adriaan Good point. Probably related, then. Seems like a worse version of the other answers.
@RyanM That looks like a question. As in "Why when I put this password, does the laravel.log display this? If you do not believe me, try it and see for yourself."
@Scratte Maybe...perhaps the rare correct usage of the VLQ answer flag?
Heh.. depends on your level of flag statistics obsession ;)
8:13 AM
Sent one, let's see how it goes.
@CodyGray Sorry to bring this up, but I've been thinking. Assuming what you say is right, Is there a acceptable way or place to ask for feedback about the question? I've seen some meta about specific questions. Should everyone interested in feedback just post to meta? Is that the only way?
Yes. It often needs more then 500 chars to properly work-out what is wrong with a post. Anything that takes < 500 chars is covered in the default post notices.
8:33 AM
@rene Seems a bit arbitrary. Sometimes a question is unclear, but I just need to ask the op for how a particular variable is initialized. And good askers usually edit it to clear that up.
^ you may want to cover your eyes
@tripleee Thanks for the trigger warning :D
@TheMaster using a comment to ask for clarification about the content of the post is fine. Comments related to the moderation of the post are not. That is meta commentary and goes on Meta.
@rene ok. Should I make meta-meta post about by meta post where it is downvoted without comments meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/400136/… @CodyGray said He downvoted me for asking the second comment there and that it was bad behavior.
@TheMaster chat would be fine, me thinks
8:46 AM
@TheMaster you could, yes but I assume the meta regulars close it as a dupe of the voting is different on Meta. Comments on meta are a tad different btw. It looks like it is more lax. Or do what John suggests. This room doesn't do meta so you might have to take it to the Meta room
@rene mehhhhhh I kinda disagree. They're only covered in the default post notices if you're experienced in what, exactly, the interpretations of all the rules are (which is on meta and can be hard to find) - it's a bit like saying (in the US) that everything you need to know about the law is in the law itself rather than needing to know the case law.
One example is the "no links to code" rule. The help center article relies on someone interpreting that including the code "in the question itself" does not include a link in the question, without that being explicitly called out.
fine. I leave it to y'all to sort it out then.
@JohnDvorak @rene I came here and saw this comment and left:
Is asking for bugs recommendation, or needs more focus, or opinion-based or fine?
@TheMaster I'm bound to remove that due to its one-box nature, can you make it not like a bare link
8:50 AM
@JeanneDark TIL I just need to ask Stack Overflow to find exploits for me. IMHO needs focus is closest.
Thank you!
@rene time up. Can't edit it
@rene Let's allow chat quotes. They aren't big, and the bare link leads to a page that takes ages to load.
at least I tried
For what it's worth, I find chat quotes useful and not inherently disruptive like other oneboxes. They consist entirely of normal-size text, no images, and are less tedious than trying to reproduce it with a manual quote and a link.
8:52 AM
@JohnDvorak @rene I came here and saw this comment and left: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/41570?m=50163899#50163899
@TheMaster thanks (noted your remarks @JohnDvorak and @RyanM, I'll take those into consideration going forward)
I'm not in total agreement here. One-lines are OK.. but putting very long chat-messages in one-boxes, are no different from other one-boxed messages.
I was always under the impression that chat quotes had already been explicitly deemed OK
(That was the list from the past months, done now)
we're not going to repeat the discussion. nor the star fest that comes with it, obviously. It is on the agenda for the next roommeeting.
8:56 AM
Thanks. When is the meeting?
In 6 to 8 weeks
Excellent, that was going to be my suggested resolution if it wasn't already on the agenda.
We will need at least 37.4 minutes to discuss it :D
more like 6-8 hours :D
9:14 AM
changed their display name to fivehead
^^ That answer is rude or abusive
@CodyGray You dumped a bunch of code and asked for someone to debug it for you. / I see no reason whatsoever why that question would be interesting or useful to others, and therefore no reason why it should be upvoted. I don't think I said I was expecting up-votes. I said I was surprised they got multiple down votes.
@CodyGray Still, dumping some code, with a MCVE and a clear description of the issue is what I consider a good question. I don't see why it would not benefit to anyone else. I now understand there are very different views here about what is a good question. I now got a moderator message warning me that my behavior on SO is unacceptable because I down voted several answers from the same user when IMO none of them were a good fit to the site. But fine. I will refrain myself from voting.
And from close voting. Let's leave the mess growing and support people who are just trying to grow their reputation instead of supporting those who try to keep it clean.
10:15 AM
What Roomba conditions apply to Q's closed as duplicates?
@bad_coder stackoverflow.com/help/roomba TL;DR the 9 day romba doesn't, the 30 and 365 do
@Adriaan just to make sure: 30 and 365 still applies normally to closed duplicates? Only the 9 day doesn't apply to closed duplicates?
That's what the help page I linked says
@Adriaan I read that page several times over but was still left unsure regarding the precise conditions for duplicates.
@MrUpsidown best way to keep things clean ATM is keeping organized on SOCVR...
Well, the 30 and 365 mention nothing relating to dupes, so everything in there applies to dupes just as well. Problem with the 30 and 365 roomba though, is that they don't catch much. A few comments, views let alone a stray upvote and dupes (or any other non-closed question for that matter) remain forever
10:23 AM
10:37 AM
@Adriaan my confusion stems from the 30 and 365 criteria stating: "not locked" which is confusing with "closed".
Is it possible to see if there’s been a reopen review of this question? I tried pasting the QID to the end of an SO/reopen/ link, but that didn’t work.
@Andreas I believe there has not, due to the lack of an edit to the post body after it was closed.
@RyanM There’s been 2 edits after it was closed.
@Andreas Yep: one to the title, one to the tags. None to the body.
@Andreas wouldn't the timeline reveal that?
10:45 AM
@RyanM Oh. The tags were the most important to get fixed. Not sure if the question is as complete as it needs to be.
@tripleee Closed recently, could be in-progress and it wouldn't show. I checked the queue, though, and it's not there.
@tripleee Didn’t think about that. Thanks. :)
@IslamElshobokshy Shouldn’t that one be able to attract answers comparing the different methods to each other, discussing good and bad sides? The end result is that, yes, it’ll be somewhat opinion-based what each person chooses to use, but the answers themselves don’t need to take a stand on that; just compare them. I though innerHTML was generally discouraged?
Oh, fun. Yet another answer that starts with «It's a good question.»
What’s happened here? The linked question was an unneeded duplicate of the current one?
11:05 AM
@Andreas deleted 6 years ago as a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/1846930/…
predictably the first one is deleted too
@tripleee Thanks. I can’t see that either. mhm... I should make a feature request to let Marshal badge holders see deleted posts.
I nominated as a duplicate of the other one
@Andreas I've checked what is currently active in the queue and couldn't find that post.
@Andreas nah, 27 more years at your current pace
@tripleee Good. My first thought as well when I saw the question you kinked to.
11:07 AM
(assuming it's a 10k priv?)
@tripleee Yep...
@rene ?
@Andreas I didn't know people had THAT sort of relationship with questions.
11:14 AM
@Andreas I tried to point out a typo but the edit grace window expired so you couldn't edit it anymore. So I waffled my own message
Always nice to kink a question or two.
I bet you do :D
my Tampermonkey scripts stopped working a few days ago, browser restart doesn't seem to help, is it just me? Iridium (basically Chrome--) on Mac
all scripts?
11:17 AM
not exactly, FIRE is still working but Roomba predictor, cv-pls etc
Is your script manager enabled? Is the addon itself enabled? It might be needing new permissions or something.
@tripleee that is strange
@tripleee Maybe the @include got screwed. Can you try doing an explict @include https://stackoverflow.com/* in the script?
hmmmm, I see syntax warnings when I open the script source, I guess maybe the browser turned off things it thinks are dubious? but those are more like linter warnings, it complains about lack if { after if (condition) and too many spaces before a comment ec
FIRE has one of those warnings too so no (remarkably AIM is clean)
I get loads of errors and warning on usersripts in TamperMonkey even when the scripts are working fine. Like parsing errors and warnings with anything jQuery.
11:45 AM
What are the odds that I will be banned from review if I pick "Requires editing" on this css Question?
@Scratte What needs editing?
@Scratte 101% also what Dharman says
@Scratte needs editing is such a bad button. I never use it, just skip if I'm in doubt.
The html! It's one long line. And the "Please open this image" should be edited.
@tripleee Tampermonkey has specific settings it uses for ESLint. It's possible to include most/all settings used in the userscript in the userscript text, but that semi-conflicts, or at least is a DRY issue, for the config that's kept at the project level. It's also possible to change the general settings in Tampermonkey, but many projects have incompatible settings.
11:47 AM
@Scratte Done
@tripleee I'm not experiencing any notable problems. Have you tried reinstalling individual scripts?
@Dharman Thanks. But.. I'm still wondering if anyone will look at this Question with the html being in that one very very long line :)
@bad_coder "locked" is the true moderator lock, closed is what we mortals can do
@Scratte I am not formatting HTML, it's not so easy. Spaces matter
@Dharman Yes, I figured that wouldn't be a small task.
11:52 AM
I would now click Looks OK. Before my edit it would make sense to press Need Editing
I'm too scared :D I know at least one picked "Requires Editing", so there's noway to hide this review from extra eyes :)
@Steve What details are required?
For example what is the duplicate data. All rows cells? A single cell?. In any case, question has a total lack of effort.
I thought the downvote was for lack of research, not close votes.
@Adriaan well spotted...
12:00 PM
@Nick rather eloquent English with a grammatically shoddy sentence with a bold-face link at the end? Always plug the first couple of sentences in a search engine and presto, source found.
@Adriaan You still made the effort...
@Adriaan technically it is not on the blocklist. It reports because the link text looks like a domain and that doesn't match with the domain found in the href.
Those pesky ROs that move the chat message while you're replying to it. Morning to you as well @NathanOliver ....
Anyone got any thoughts on this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/63251869/…. I'd have thought it should be closed as really suitable for SU or SF. It was, then it was re-opened by a bunch of fairly high-rep users that look like they're possible doing azure support. What should happen to it? Close again, leave it open, post it on meta to argue about?
12:12 PM
@DavidW that doesn't open for me
@rene sure, but this domain is caught often (same as mozilla docs iirc). I presume the effort to somehow prevent those from being report does not outweigh the low effort of simply ignoring reports in here?
@rene Edited now, sorry
@Adriaan I haven't looked at the actual implementation. I did stumble into a conversation y'day in CHQ that makes me believe touching how these lists work is high risk and much effort. You could file an issue on their repo so that your concern is at least documented.
@DavidW that question is off-topic in my book. Closing again
@DavidW Both and state in their usage guidance that only programming questions are on topic ( doesn't have one) and the question doesn't seem to be about programming -> off-topic (general hardware software likely).
@JeanneDark That was kind of my though - I was more wondering whether it really should get confirmation from meta if it had already been closed and reopened by separate people
12:21 PM
@Makyen reinstalling the Roomba forecaster seems to have fixed it, thanks
I'm guessing there might be a conflict between that and ... maybe the tracker because tracker started working when other stuff stopped working
but it's probably more complex than this
@tripleee Which tracker?
@Makyen it adds a "track" link next to share edit flag etc, IIRC it's connected to Natty or Generic Bot
probably the latter because that pings me in Sobotics when something I had close voted gets edited
pardon my general ignorance here, too many bots and too many userscripts ...
@tripleee Hmmm... I guess it's possible, but it doesn't sound like something where I'd expect a conflict. I thought other people had, in passing, mentioned that they have used both.
Sometimes Tampermonkey just gets messed up. I'm not aware of how the random issues happen. Reinstalling scripts has appeared to resolve it in at least a few cases.
let's go with that, thanks (-:
12:40 PM
@DavidW If this behaviour is a repeated action (reopening off-topic questions), that should be flagged. I see several answers to off-topic questions from these. However, user moderation is off-topic for this room, so we shouldn’t discuss that further in here.
@tripleee If you're using TM, I've found TM sometimes corrupts the JS files. I'm not sure how it happens, but reinstalling the offending script always fixes it
Is this Azure question also off-topic?
what's the one which colors the cv-pls:es I have already visited and shows the number of close votes here in the chat room?
a lot of the ones I have installed seem to have weird obsolete links to home page and/or Github
@tripleee That's the URRS
12:52 PM
it links to github.com/Tiny-Giant who has a myuserscripts repo but I don't see it there (could be I'm blind though)
oh but the Github link works, thanks
though the README.md doesn't have a link to install it
@tripleee The main SOCVR scripts are linked from the tools page.
@Makyen thanks, would be nice if it was more obvious how to reinstall -- I added a Github issue, maybe I can do a PR
@Andreas Can one see it as scripting?
@Scratte Don’t know. A scripting question could still be off-topic here, and on-topic on SF.
1:07 PM
Has it been considered that all these strange upvotes may be coming from users registering for SO with the 100 affiliate points from other SE sites, that haven’t read the rules on here, thinking that any well written question (not all strange upvotes are on well written ones) deserves an upvote here?
@Andreas Are you targetting that answerers profile? You seem to be requesting an awful lot of questions they answered
@Adriaan As far as I’m concerned, there’s no issue in checking questions a user has answered.
@Andreas There is, especially in this room, specifically FAQ point 9 cc@rene @Makyen
@Adriaan That’s regarding questions on a specific user.
1:17 PM
@Andreas Targeting a user is not permitted.
@rene @Makyen I’m not targeting the answerer.
@Andreas yes you are, you just admitted checking their profile page for questions they answered
Also; I’m done now.
@Andreas user .. are you targeting a user
I think we have some different views on what it means to target a user, then. I’ve understood your points.
Remove my requests.
1:19 PM
@rene Not that.
too bad. If youi're going to give me a hard time I'm not going to cherry pick
@rene this
this, though context of the next messages will be gone.
1:22 PM
@IslamElshobokshy that is pretty old. What was the activity that got it here? Dont see new answer..
@SurajRao we don't close old topics?
@SurajRao Reminds me I should make a suggestion for the next room meeting; that question has a lot of upvotes, so it sets an example of what kind of questions are ok to ask.
@IslamElshobokshy socvr.org/faq#GEfM-cv-pls-not-a-habit needs a recent activity
@Andreas let me make this clear for you and maybe others. The targeting of users is off limits, specially in this room. If there are rules that you are able to interpret / explain / argue about that targeting would be allowed under certain conditions then the rule do not target a user still holds. If all fails use common sense which is: Do not target a user. I hope that clarifies any ambiguity.
1:28 PM
@SurajRao thanks for the info
For those uninformed, hot meta posts has been re-enabled on SO with some changes
Meta rep \o/
@rene I’m perfectly aware that targeting users is not allowed in here, it’s just that I didn’t see this as targeting a user. There is a Meta post or two about this, stating that this is not user targeting. I now understand your view on this, Makyen’s view on this, Adriaan’s view on this, and probably many others’ view on this. I’ll respect that.
@Andreas thanks and sorry that we are a bit more strict here.
1:32 PM
@rene :)
@Machavity Pfft, stealing my thunder
@Nick \o/
@Nick you give them a diamond ...
ikr!, so ungrateful :p
@Andreas To briefly add to what @rene said, which is a good explanation of user targeting, #20 in the FAQ explicitly lists "Posting multiple moderation requests for questions which a specific user has answered" as an example of user targeting. I should also point out that this is an issue that has bee explicitly discussed in a room meeting.
1:34 PM
@Nick Here's a star for your troubles :)
Is there a policy when one suspects that a Question asker is trolling? Like pretending they have an issue, but they don't.
@Scratte close as no-repro?
@Scratte uggh, no. You need more then one case, so keep track and build a case. That is hard. Try one of the default options, close as unclear / needs details.
@Nick I guess that could work, but I suspect others will not see it and my flag will just get ignored.
@Makyen So many, long rules. I keep on forgetting parts of them. Sorry about that. Now, the room meetings are something I haven’t read. I’m probably gonna have to read that later. ;)
1:51 PM
@Scratte unless of course it's obvious
Does SD have a list of questions/answers it finds and marks, per user?
@rene I think it's a throw-away account though. And I have nothing other than my intuition really :( There's something "not right". I don't want to paste it here though.
@Andreas Yes.
@Andreas Yes.
Then if this user has been caught by SD in the past, you can easily find their previous (now deleted on SO) posts there, @Scratte
1:54 PM
@Scratte I see, that is unfortunate.
@Scratte There's a custom close reason: "The question feels intuitively 'not right'." :|
@Andreas I thought only registered users could search metasmoke.
@Scratte Unregistered have restrictions, like they can't use LIKE
@Scratte That, I didn’t consider.
@Nick Yes. I seem to have been mistaken. But they are not spamming, just a little unfortunate in their Question asking, so I wouldn't expect anything on metasmoke anyway.
2:07 PM
Wow, hold the press! I have a "Hot meta posts" sidebar :O Is this unannounced, or does my casing lag 6 months?
@Nick I like your use of like there ...
@Adriaan See starred post by Machavity & Nick :)
@Adriaan your casing is fine
@Scratte It seems as trolling to me as well, but it could just be a result of the asker not being so good at English, and also being clueless at programming. «Not reproducible» is a valid close reason. (Yes, because you left a comment. Please tell me if I shouldn’t do this).
@Andreas Thanks. I went with that.. since, it's actually also not reproducible :)
2:11 PM
I have no issue with you going through my actions due to curiosity. I don't think I conduct myself in a wrong way on the site.
Oki. :)
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4:00 PM
Send kittens plz, I'm sad.
@E_net4staysawayfromMeta What makes you sad?
@E_net4staysawayfromMeta There you go: i.imgur.com/KEBo3Wy.mp4
@Dharman For a second, I wasn't sure if that was a cute video or a terrible reenactment of Alien
@JeanneDark Curation has taken a toll on me. I can't even take anything towards me seriously anymore.
@Dharman <3
4:12 PM
@E_net4staysawayfromMeta Take a break. This isn't a job and if it's dragging you down stepping away never hurts
@Machavity True, that I ought.
@Dharman That is very cute :)
Yep, if I don't step back now, I'll post 3 meta questions in a row. And I have better ways to invest my time.
So see you folks later. :)
Go pet some kittens
@E_net4staysawayfromMeta he's a bold one! enjoy the break :-)
5:02 PM
@Scratte if you have a recent MS report you don't need to search at all, just click on the user name on that metasmoke report page
you can start at metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/posts, the accounts of recently reported posts are down the right margin
of course not all of them are on Stack Overflow, you do need search if you want to narrow down to just SO (but even unregistered users can search per site)
see for instance this user with two (non-spam) posts reported over the last 8 months metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/spammers/182987
(which is depressing for a user with three posts total ...)
@Machavity dare'n'st I say it? huzzah!
@tripleee But that was just false positives :)
2753 pages?!?.. That's a lot. I like the emoji for NAAs :D
yeah, the index is simply a running number, latest post as of right now 258433
5:20 PM
Oops.. :)
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6:44 PM
Can this be edited by "us" or should it be closed?
@Scratte I don't think it can be edited
I did get that feeling. It would very short, I suppose. "How to put text in front of a dropdown?"
@Scratte I have the feeling that the question is more about sorting...but that is an educated guess, as I don't understand what they are asking about. I voted to close as "needs clarity".
I think I inferred it from the Answer.. which is tainting my perception.
6:59 PM
Those NAA flags are really getting handled fast, huh? :)
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