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6:07 PM
@tink \o Were you just, um, possing by?
@halfer possing? :)
Not sure ..
Brief moments of time between waking up (having coffee) and taking off to work.
@tink I was following up on what I thought was an 'Allo 'Allo reference
Though I made a minor amendment so as not to trigger "rude" flags in this room ;-)
@halfer heh ... I see. I have actually never watched that series. Until I heard others making reference to it I thought the "morning/moaning" thing was my own creation ;)
Heh .. I see =D
@halfer with René from the Café ...
Maybe I need to watch it someday ;D
6:15 PM
@tink Sadly no - it is the opening catchphrase of Officer Crabtree every time he makes a screen appearance: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
@halfer ah well ... =}
I've never heard of that program. I feel like that's fair since it started before I was born.
@IanCampbell It's very silly British comedy, a little bit non-PC by today's tastes maybe, and yet another example of Brits going on about the war. But, all that aside, the slap-stick and farce is excellent. I've not seen it for years, but I really should refresh. I wonder if it's on Netflix...
Apparently it's available on prime video in the US. I might give it a try.
6:25 PM
Hey guys, I just got hit with my first review queue ban. Curious when it expires, hope this isn't a bad place to ask about it.
Definitely do. Like Monty Python or Fawlty Towers, it can supply an endless series of silly gags to pop into conversation
@Christian would that be Triage by chance?
I'm off to combat some spam spam spam spam Lobster Thermidor with a Mornay Sauce and spam on top.
@IanCampbell tfw I actually cannot view any of the queues lol
i saw a post on meta that said it would only last an hour or so, but it's been like 12 - i must've really slipped up
@Christian Yup triage... and it's until the 23rd... Generally though, if you read through the advice and posts you get from the message you can see and acknowledge you understand it, a mod can lift it early...
6:31 PM
@JonClements Jeeze, 14 days seems like a lot, I understand the need to have a disincentive for being lazy, but I might have no choice but to spitefully neglect the queues if my first strike is a 2 wk ban
TY for explanations!
it's not expected to actually last that duration @Christian - just enough to ensure you see it and can read about why and then it gets lifted... previously, the short 1/2 day bans meant someone never knew they did something wrong if they didn't try and review for a bit, so meant they weren't aware and kept making the same mistakes... If you want to take 5/10 minutes reading up and that and if it makes sense, then the suspension can be removed promptly.
@JonClements OK, thank you very much Jon. I actually enjoy busting those queues out, it feels good when I help empty one. Will try to be more diligent in the future. Any idea which mod I should bug? I'm pretty new to SO =]
You can tell Jon is a mod because of the the fancy color of his name.
@Christian You should be able to see details of your suspension if you view stackoverflow.com/review
@IanCampbell one of those things is a userscript you're running :-)
Oh, haha, sorry
6:38 PM
Oh thank you very much @RyanM - the only UI feedback I had was "There are no review queues available to you" onhover
the fancy color is global though :-) the diamond is from the URRS
@Christian Happy to help. Yeah, the UX on it is terrible. I somehow discovered the trick a while ago the one time (that I'm aware of) that I got suspended from reviewing.
@Christian I've sent you an invite to another room for discussing this stuff if you'd like to
6:55 PM
@tripleee pending edit needs another rejection
Both done now
7:22 PM
hmmm, I guess we can't do either of those because it's locked
@tripleee you could custom-flag it as having no reason to be kept around and should be deleted
@tripleee weird... wonder what caused that from being deleted when it had 6 spam flags... community locked it but didn't actually unilaterally delete it... anyway - it's gone now
and deleting it has shown Community as having the first delete vote... must have been a glitch in the matrix
8:06 PM
I'm never going to help new users. stackoverflow.com/q/62782740/12708583
@10Rep in fairness to their response, "Then learn about databases." comes off as relatively condescending.
... yup.
@RyanM Ya, you're right. I'll edit my comment
also, I think stackoverflow.com/questions/42790735/… would be a better dupe (and frankly, I think it should be reopened...)
There. Gave him the best adivce I could, lets see...
8:09 PM
@RyanM Yeah, I'm not sure why it was closed.
It's interesting that the close vote review was so controversial but the reopen review was all leave closed.
@SmokeDetector I'm pretty sure that doesn't matter
8:45 PM
Is the the room that spawns new moderators? :)
@Machavity do you still feel that this question should be closed, especially given the built-in way now included in the answer?
I'd like to reopen-pls it, but wanted your opinion as you'd voted to close
@JonClements I am in a review ban for approving a badly-transcribed screenshot - so I understand the ban, now. Will try not to make that mistake again. But it took me a while to figure out what happened. Eventually I saw the details at this "review" URL.
9:00 PM
@andrewjames You can go to Bad Stack Overflow Reviews
9:33 PM
I came across this suggested edit: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/26611503 It states to revert an edit, which was actually a comment. I was surprised this first edit has been approved after all. Maybe someone with more experience can have a look at this. I mean, it seems good, that it is reverted... I'm confused :)
@rkta I would reject this one and manually revert the previous edit. Ideally a mod should revert it back, but I don't think it is worth flagging if it happened one time only.
@rkta Yeah, that comment should be removed. I've voted to approve that edit removing it. I need to look into the people that approved the edit that added it to see if I should mod flag them for bad review
@Dharman Why reject a good edit?
@NathanOliver You want to give 4 reputation points to user for fixing their own mistake?
@Dharman At least we are not the ones doing the work.
Of fixing his mistake I mean.
@NathanOliver thanks.
9:37 PM
I have rejected it. Let them keep the 2 reputation points.
@Dharman meh. At least they figured it out and tried to fix it. Can't be upset with behavior like that
I try not to look who is doing the good, just the good they are doing.
Now, to a more important topic. What about the reviewers?
There's the author.
For such a mistake I would want to see them banned from review for a couple days.
9:39 PM
I've look at the last 10 reviews of the first approver and i agree with them. checking the second reviewer.
It takes less than 5 seconds to see that this edit should not be approved
I don't jump to punishments unless other methods were already explored.
The stick alone doesn't work without the carrot.
Perhaps the review-ban is not about punishment, but about telling them they need to touch up on how to review.
@Scratte The term "ban" doesn't inspire many other possible reasons other than punishment.
9:42 PM
@Braiam Banning from review is a soft form a punishment. It serves mostly to protect the content while instructing the users how to review properly.
@Dharman I'm going to have to bin this. Looks too much like targeting to me.
@Braiam Some users call them reviews-suspensions. I think of them as a timeout to read meta..
I looked at the reviews, and it appears they aren't just robo-reviewing. Some choices I disagree with but that's bound to happen.
Fair enough. Should we bin the whole conversation?
9:50 PM
Copying marketing fluff into tag excerpts is one of my pet peeves.
10:06 PM
@RyanM I'm not sure I care enough about it either way. I guess it could be reopened. On second look, it does seem on-topic
Does this Q seem like an off-site resource request?
@Machavity No, but it needs focus
10:26 PM
I flagged this as "needs more focus", and my flag is disputed. I still stand by my original flag. Please let me submit it to you vigilantes: stackoverflow.com/questions/62772558/…
@blackgreen It seems like a request for offsite resources to me. "any reference material?"
I think it's both though :)
@IanCampbell yes, that was my second choice. they also ask "how to implement swagger for this?" so, two broad questions in one = "needs focus" (in my view)
does a "needs focus" flag become disputed if someone else flags as "requesting material"?
I'm under the impression that when the flag is disputed the Question doesn't go into the close vote queue.
@blackgreen Triage review outcome was 3 x Looks OK + 2 x Unsalvageable + 1 x Required Idioting. That's a "disputed" result.
10:32 PM
3 x Looks OK???
I'm just reporting ... don't melt the messenger.
@AdrianMole It is, yes. But it shouldn't have had those 3 "Looks OK". So what's a reviewer to do? :)
There's a special room to report such egregious reviews...
@blackgreen You can see the result of the review if you go to the timeline and then click on the triage link.
@AdrianMole Well played, I laughed outloud.
10:35 PM
@AdrianMole The room doesn't do anything unless there's a close vote on it.
@Scratte thanks, how do I do that?
^ Will that help?
I would have voted to close already, but I'm out
@blackgreen Go to the Question. Click on the little clock under votes and other icons to go to the timeline :)
@Scratte ah I see! neat
10:39 PM
@blackgreen Official documentation requests are on-topic
When the Question is closed, you can get the Triage review link. If you think the review is bad (meaning that you think the reviewers need a timeout to refresh on their reviewing skills), you can post that link in the Bad Stack Overflow Reviews chat room.
@Machavity right, in that specific case, do you think that passed the bar?
@blackgreen It's hard to tell. I'm fine with it being closed, but wanted to make sure it didn't meet the standard
thanks. meta is really hard to navigate. I see why Scratte's location is "Abyss of meta"
10:56 PM
Atta Boy, @Dharman! Let's delete everything!
@blackgreen :) Every post there links to some other post(s).. there's no getting out.
Am I correct that it's not possible for a user without a gold badge to update the duplicate targets?
You are correct
Methinks you are.
I guess I better answer more questions then.
11:02 PM
Unless they have the elusive blue ♦ badge.
You can also run for moderator. This will get you an all-powerful dupe hammer
No thanks
Also, I'm ineligible.
@Dharman We can just come here and use yours by proxy.
quick, I need seven more things to complain post about on meta. Let's see, the existence of the [android-mvvm] tag, the way the entire reputation system works...need five more.
Haha 🤣
11:05 PM
Why always complain. Post something nice for once.
The nuke button does sound very attractive. I wonder if anyone will update their post to include "I will nuke everything"
In all seriousness, meta is kind of a bit of a downer.
It's a funny place, indeed, and takes some 'getting used to'.
@RyanM Are you looking to do it in less than 6 days? :)
The best part is the burniation request titles.
11:07 PM
"On second thought, let’s not go to Meta. ‘Tis a silly place."
@Dharman /me goes to leave a "thanks!" answer on one of Dharman's posts...
"It's only a model"
@Scratte really if I were looking for much more responsibility at the moment I'd probably sooner look at getting a cat :-)
I like cats :) Not sure it they're better than moderators.
11:10 PM
Cats are great.
@Scratte As pets or in curries?
I think I could moderate, and I've done it in smaller communities before when I was younger, but there's a lot of baggage that comes along with SO, and it's not something I'm looking to take on at the moment in addition to the rest of my life. Plus, I'd want more experience with the community first. I'd rather help out from behind the scenes :-)
@AdrianMole Not a curry fan, I'm afraid. I also prefer cats alive, happy and purring :)
@AdrianMole I've seen how cats react when you put them in water. I must advise against putting them in curry.
Hehe. A former colleague of mine had two pet chinchillas; as a crude joke, I asked her, "Do they make good curries?" She replied, without hesitation or emotion, "I don't know, I've never asked them to cook for me!" Respect earned!
11:12 PM
Some cats like water.. I've seen one get in a baby bath and have fun in it :) I knew one that always came in the shower when it was running too.
Van cats like swimming.
I've heard of cats that their owners wish liked water a bit less, because they tend to chill in sinks...
That's a hint to the owner to get a box that about the size of the cat. They like to cuddle up in small spaces and if there's nothing else, the sink fits.
what on earth is that mess ^
The "such as click here" is not helping the post, I'd say.
11:18 PM
As you know, spammers are contractually required to mark their spam links with a preceding ➠
"i have a problem and i want change position related box in posts" - refers to the related questions box on Stack
the rest of the text looks like it's copied out of a markdown guide
Yes.. which would make it a candidate for meta.. until the last line.
except it's tagged wordpress
It's the ask a question HTML formatting tips
I flagged as R/A because this is either a failed attempt at spam (the link at the end), or an attempt to evade text limits by copy+pasting the contents of the Stack Overflow HTML formatting help
Where does that text come from?
11:21 PM
@Zoe I went to the link. It's very jumpy
When using the mouse-scroll.. not when using page up and page down
@RyanM I think your comment on the post nailed it.
Their profile pic is copy-pasta
@Zoe it's from here in the post UI
11:33 PM
@Dharman Urgh, and it got an upvote too
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